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Karlos Dansby has an eye on the Dolphins

The linebacker position has been a hub of activity for the Dolphins this offseason.

Joey Porter talked trash about his own team, including coaches and teammates, Channing Crowder went on radio and supported Porter, Bill Parcells declined to commit to Jason Taylor for another year during an online chat, Porter's contract was terminated, Porter's termination was overturned, eventually Porter will get cut again (or traded if the Dolphins get lucky), the Dolphins got a great look at possible new LBs at the Senior Bowl, and now Karlos Dansby speaks out.

Let's handle the Dansby business here.

According to Adam Schein's twitter, Dansby went on Sirius Radio and said he'd like to join the Giants when free agency begins, but added that other teams interest him as well. The Dolphins were among the teams that interest him, along with San Diego and Washington.

Dansby, scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March 5 regardless of the cap situation, is perhaps the most well-known inside linebacker possibility about to hit free agency. I suppose he could remain with the Cardinals if they franchise him, but that would be the third time they do that and pundits don't believe it will happen this time for financial reasons.

Dansby is known to Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells. The story goes that when Parcells coached Dallas and the Cowboys played Arizona, Parcells told Dansby he liked how he played following a game. (No, that is not tampering.)

Dansby is a very good player. He's fills holes with explosion and he likes to punish ballcarriers. He's 6-4 and 250 pounds so he has the size to do it. And he's all over the field as his 555 tackles in six seasons suggest.

At 28 years old, he's obviously a solid investment because he can sign a four-year deal and still be a relatively young player of 32 by the deal's end.

The problem is Dansby will want major dollars. He made $9.6 million last year as Arizona's franchise player. He'll probably ask for a hefty bonus and about $10-$12 million a year on average.

Do the Dolphins need him? They definitely can use an upgrade at inside linebacker. Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele combined for only 12 more tackles than Dansby had by himself all of last season. 

Adding Dansby could also let the Dolphins concentrate their draft picks on improving the OLBs rather than the ILBs.

Keep an eye on this one because the Dolphins have recently proven they like Arizona players -- having signed Eric Green last year and attempted to sign Calvin Pace the year before.

But this won't be an easy move. Remember, Dansby mentioned the Giants as the team he'd most like to play for and added the Dolphins as part of a second tier of teams. And he is likely to draw interest from other teams as well.

So stay tuned.

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yes, the cuban is nj

Hands down we sign Zach back for a day so he can retire a Dolphin.

**I have tried to use the disclaimer** about long posts. It's pretty easy to use the wheel and scroll up and down the blog looking for content or posters that may or may not have points to make regarding football. Sometime's Cuban and NJ PHIN have posted to shorten it up but, it's difficult for me to make a million short posts as well. There are so many muti-named posters it's hard to tell when you are really getting answered or not? Anyone can feel free to skip my posts due to length, I have no problem with that.

Some readers don't feel the mono syllable posts always convey the breadth of info they are looking for. Thanks for the kind words Arche!

Carry on Fins chatters!


Keep it up Rob, Like ur Fire.

Rob you also don't need to babble on incoherently every time...

Donkey,Donkey,Donkey, The Cuban has been called a lot of things E.G The Rafter,The enlighten one,The chosen one,The rafter of disaster,The 5th beatle,the shadow on the grassy knoll But the Cuban has never AND THE CUBAN MEANS NEVER been called NJ FIN FAN... To borrow a line from my Nemesis NJ, Thanks for coming by....

thank you Rob , this guy from mexico carlito act like a gang leader w/ nj phin .they both like to bully people .

Stopping by....

The rafter of disaster! LOL

thanks Rob .

Donkey = another PUS"Y who is afraid to post under one name

you need to be creative to come w.the cuban is nj .


Babble on incoherently may speak to your comprehension bud? You may read very slowly which is why the longer posts bother you?

The zippy zap of two line posts don't get much done.

I'll try it out...


PS Thanks for the shout Po!

Thanks Rob

RB Spiller is good!


carlito the gang leader........nice

Thanks Rob

Anyone have odds on dolphins picking up so many FA? I think they do like last year. I think they go after 1 big FA then marginal players to compete.

McClain is not as good as most people think...Mmmkay!


Thanks Rob

thanks nj

No prob Fred, your welcome.


Thanks Rob

thanks cuban

LMAO @ Carlito . Rob . Oye vey !


I think the market and whom is available will dictate chasing only one or maybe 2 FA's.


Zippy zap, zippity do dah, jimmie crack corn and we don't care.

thanks nj

stopping by NOT coming by. do it right.


Lol, Oye Vey!


Wow!! I am REALLY getting the hang of this miniscule posts. So light and airy, so little football content. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!



by the way...

Many of us (Here in the U.S.) do like the Olympics.

We enjoy watching all of our athletes participate.

There's something about a woman (with great legs) skating past you in a Spread-eagle pose :)

CRAP! It's the post length police!


PS Before one of the many mutiple personalities posts I will do it for them :

Hehe, he said "post length" Bwhahaha.


Put some juvenile content in it Rob and you are cooking with gas.

NJ, I stand corrected...


You’re still all right in my book CM.

if arizona franchised danbry they would have to pay him the average of the top 5 highest paid players in the nfl.

Are you gonna stand for that NJ?

That dude called you Poor white trash...

Rob , are you ok ?? did you forge to take your meds today ????

I would take offense but I am what I am.

WOW! I can't do it!!! I'll admit, I'll pop.

I just like to write a few sentences and string them together to get a few thoughts at once. Sorry in advance to any that start reading one of my takes only to be duped into thinking it's a short post.

Seems as though the sarcastic side came through but, it's really not my agenda on a football blog. I love a great one liner with the best of 'em but every post can't be a max of 2 sentences imho.

Cheers and again, sorry in advance if you favor the skinny post... lol. Can't hep myself sometimes.


Willy Wonka is none other then Price master aka back door man, I know your writing my Friend.....

Rob I talk alot of football on here bud, the thing is, it doesn't take a 5000 word essay to get your points across... Especially when you take a page to say the same thing every time... I posted a 2 paragraph comment on what I thought about Dansby on page 1 and you had nothing to say about that... Im starting to get the feeling you are just the kind of guy that likes to hear himself talk... errrr uuuhhh... read himself type.

Then you're a DRUG ADDICT.

Does anyone know who Dansby's agent is?

Dansby is not worth the 10 - 12 mil it would take. Doubt the Phins put out that kind of money.
Whereas McClain is rated high by some, what I would like to see is a trade down and go for Dan Williams. Even though Williams is climbing up some draft boards, 12th imho would be reaching to high for him

Fear not Cuban...no snub meant. I simply missed it. I will go back and read it not a prob. I hated essays in school and am not in this to see myself type rest assured.

I am a relative newcomer to posting on this blog. You may be awesome at the mini post along with NJ and many others. It's just not my style... sorry. All I can say is that I try to focus on the task at hand which is Fins chat.

I try to voice my concerns, share my plan to better the Fins and compare notes with other Fin fans on the best means to get that done.

I am shocked that the "reading part" bothers some on a blog. I rarely do the monolithic block post without breaks and break mine into mostly legible paragraphs for sanitys sake. I don't do the all cap thing which can get bothersome. In the end the idea that people don't like reading a 3-5 paragraph post on a blog about a topic that is very important to them seems like an oxy moron... like full grown midget or government worker... lol, I had to slide in some humor.

Cheers CM,


What do you think the chances are of a trade back happening?


Chemtrail Guy...

There's nothing We can about it....
They decided a long time ago that there were too many people on the planet.

If you're afraid then START DIGGING A TUNNEL!

Rob, I dont mind the long posts, gives me time to drink my beer..... Cheers....

At this time not looking good. I've been checking online to see if any pundits are reporting anything. It could change after FA starts and teams start readjusting their needs.
Your take?

Carlito @ 8:45am pg 1.,

I found and read your post. I agree that 10-12 million is overpayment but I can't decide if that is my personal bias or not? I mean 10-12 million is crazy money for any human being in my book whether it be a rockstar, football player, book writer, actor, teacher or oil driller... it's simply a huge gob of money!

That said he has not signed a contract with anyone that I have heard of yet so it may be that he doesn't get that figure... that's the amount you proposed.

I think the Trifecta will be mindful enough with Mr. Ross's money, maybe to a fault. If the bidding war gets too high then they will bow out just as with DE Calvin Pace last year.

I do think that the designed raise is there in free agency if you have put in a body of work. If a player doesn't have broken wheels, has the size quotient that most are looking for and plays a position in demand, he will get a raise more often than not.

Fair or unfair that's not for me to judge.

As for comparing Dansby to Ernie Wil or Gibril I think that is bizarre logic? You mean to say that if one, two or five FA's have not come on like gang busters you simply stop going into the market altogether? It would stand to reason that logic would work for trades and drafting too right? Well, all teams have to draft I suppose...damn NFL forces it on 'em...I kid, I kid.

As for going after Bolden instead of Dansby, its a tough call. Trifecta loves them some draft picks. Maybe they can squeeze a deal if they win a stare down long enough with AZ... time will tell. For the record I am on board with getting Bolden but not at the expense of Dansby.

The grab of Dansby helps my Best Player Available draft and happens before the draft so its a known quantity...you either got Dansby and now need less help at LB or didn't.

Since it's no secret I think Spiller is the most talented football player at #12 if I ALREADY have addressed the Def with Dansby I can have less needs and more flexiblity.

SON OF SAM! I did it again... sorry Cuban. I am not trying to make a long post I am trying t

o give you a strong, valid opinion with substance regarding your post.


<3 Zach Thomas <3 Would love nothing more than to have him retire a dolphin!!!

LMAO @ CARLITO . WOOOOOOW !! You asked for it and you got it. after that last post , i'm going to have to go with he likes to hear himself talk-read himself type thing. :)


I have seen fewer and fewer teams able to move back due to ever rising rookie salaries...at least early in round 1. I would say the Fins are on the cusp of the really bloated salaries in the top 10.

They may be able to trade back but it will strictly come down to what the other team will give up in return. If any team were infatuated enough with Spiller and just kept upping the ante I would pull the trigger if the were gonna give us decent return for the pick at 12.

What's a decent return is very ambiguous and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

I thought the Chargers raped the Giants for the Eli Manning deal with a 2 firsts a 3rd and two ok players to simply switch QBs when the Chargers wanted Rivers anyways. I know the Herschel Walker deal to Minn was an infamous price and Wanny and Co got fooled into giving up a 4rth for basically no reason to flop picks and get Vernon Carrey when Minn wanted Udeze anyways.

I remember thinking the Jets DID NOT pay as much as prior years to jump up so many spots for QB Sanchez last year. They also traded up for Shonn Greene and I was bummed as I thought he had lots of talent. Cursed Gang Green!

Maybe the old Jimmy Johnson draft chart with all the trade values is falling by the wayside moreso nowadays. If teams don't have to give up as much to trade up they might make more trades.

That would not help the Fins as much as I hope they get a premium if they trade back in the 1st.



He asked for an answer to his post and I read and responded. No big deal. It's mostly my sweat equity.

The shrimpy posts still abound for you to dig into bud.



A lot is being made of what we do in round 1, and while I think it is key, I don't think it's as big a deal as you guys make it out to be. If we trade back, great. If we take a stud D player great. An offensive player, I would think that would be a shock, but would probably be made after FA signings, and with an eye for what will be around when we pick next. I do think we have some misses, but when you think of Langford, Merling, D Thomas, Bess, Carpenter, Hilliard, Hartline, these are all great depth picks, by no means big names. The jury is still out on White, Turner, and Clemons. And we hit home runs with Long, Henne, Smith and Davis. I look just as forward to rounds 2-7 and the undrafted free agent signings as I do what we do at 12.

Randy Starks has been a beast, we got Caneron Wake, in essence traded Lorenzo Booker for Fasano and Ayodele. I mean, I think all of this shows these guys know what they are doing, you can't expect EVERY decision to work out.

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