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Karlos Dansby has an eye on the Dolphins

The linebacker position has been a hub of activity for the Dolphins this offseason.

Joey Porter talked trash about his own team, including coaches and teammates, Channing Crowder went on radio and supported Porter, Bill Parcells declined to commit to Jason Taylor for another year during an online chat, Porter's contract was terminated, Porter's termination was overturned, eventually Porter will get cut again (or traded if the Dolphins get lucky), the Dolphins got a great look at possible new LBs at the Senior Bowl, and now Karlos Dansby speaks out.

Let's handle the Dansby business here.

According to Adam Schein's twitter, Dansby went on Sirius Radio and said he'd like to join the Giants when free agency begins, but added that other teams interest him as well. The Dolphins were among the teams that interest him, along with San Diego and Washington.

Dansby, scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March 5 regardless of the cap situation, is perhaps the most well-known inside linebacker possibility about to hit free agency. I suppose he could remain with the Cardinals if they franchise him, but that would be the third time they do that and pundits don't believe it will happen this time for financial reasons.

Dansby is known to Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells. The story goes that when Parcells coached Dallas and the Cowboys played Arizona, Parcells told Dansby he liked how he played following a game. (No, that is not tampering.)

Dansby is a very good player. He's fills holes with explosion and he likes to punish ballcarriers. He's 6-4 and 250 pounds so he has the size to do it. And he's all over the field as his 555 tackles in six seasons suggest.

At 28 years old, he's obviously a solid investment because he can sign a four-year deal and still be a relatively young player of 32 by the deal's end.

The problem is Dansby will want major dollars. He made $9.6 million last year as Arizona's franchise player. He'll probably ask for a hefty bonus and about $10-$12 million a year on average.

Do the Dolphins need him? They definitely can use an upgrade at inside linebacker. Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele combined for only 12 more tackles than Dansby had by himself all of last season. 

Adding Dansby could also let the Dolphins concentrate their draft picks on improving the OLBs rather than the ILBs.

Keep an eye on this one because the Dolphins have recently proven they like Arizona players -- having signed Eric Green last year and attempted to sign Calvin Pace the year before.

But this won't be an easy move. Remember, Dansby mentioned the Giants as the team he'd most like to play for and added the Dolphins as part of a second tier of teams. And he is likely to draw interest from other teams as well.

So stay tuned.

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Cuban 8:35pm,

Right on Cuban! Pop a chilly, sit back, read and relax. (last years Fins Def mantra it seemed at times, lol)

DC Nolan should employ a much more aggressive style that I am anxious to see. I am really a blitz freak. I enjoy watching the opposing QB getting smashed, the who's coming who's not games in a zone blitz scheme, the overloaded sides of the OL collapsing, Our defenders running free due to scheme and confusion....great stuff!

I prefer the Jim Johnson Phili blitz and the aggresive Blitzburg style of Def. I hope Wake has enough improvement that he can hold up against the run. He has already shown the explosion and shoulder dip to get to the QB. I want to see what he can do if he gets way more live game reps. Could be some juicy stats...

If the Fins end up with Brandon Graham that's one hell of a pincher action! DUCK SENOR~ SANCHEZ! Haha.

Cheers CM,

I'll give you a name I'd love to sign in FA who I think will be available, and at a decent rate. Ben Watson. He got lost in the shuffle with Moss and Welker, is still young, would compliment Fasano very well. I would not mind seeing us sign him one bit.

Agree O.C, Should be fun to watch...

Dear Mr. Rob in OC

"RB Spiller is good!"

Good start with the shortening of your posts

Now if you can just widdle this down to a couple of vowels and a consonant....we can guess which player you like "Wheel of fortune" style.

Soiled :)


First how do you know what it will cost to get Dansby...no one knows that. The fact that he's 28 and most likely looking for that last contract...helps in a long term deal, second when you look at the money the Dolphins save by cutting porter and other current players, money isn't the issue. A team doesn't mind paying a little more IF the player fits the system and is worth it...and which would you rather pay for a proven player or a draft pick?
As I wrote, in a un-capped season, money isn't the issue...choosing the right players as always is...and as I see it, the Dolphins are a couple players away from being a true contender..the third year in the rebuilding of a team is the year you can take a few chances.


Your post is true. The hype and glitz go to round 1 but players usually are chosen in every round. Too many examples to name. Most football fans don't have the stomach or the time to follow college football and pro football much less go deep with knowledge on many players. That is why I feel most talk about the 1st or second rounds only. It also gets to be more and more of an impossible guess as to who any team would value much less their own team.

There never is a perfect draft or infoulable organization. They all make mistakes, miss and have bad years in the draft. You have to keep those to a minimum as the Colts seem to have done a lot lately. I can still remember Bill Polian getting it a heated debate with Mel Kiper about a LB the Colts drafted way back named Trev Alberts. It was funny and you can probably still find it on youtube. Basically Polian said that "Kiper knows as much as his neighbor the mailman". Funny stuff. I think Kiper won that round as Trev Albert never made much impact. All these years later Polian and Kiper are still at it. The Colts seem to have a good evaluation team as they have restocked well from the late draft positions recently.

I still get a kick out of hearing how Scott Pioli the ex-NE Pats draft guru keeps a picture on his desk of the nobody they drafted the round before Brady. It's simply to remind him that it's a process and mistakes are made. Also to remind him not to get too full of himself as if he really was that smart he would of drafted Brady in the prior round.


SoiledBottom @ 9:52,

Cracked me up..thanks!


I already have my killer line all cooked up for late in the 2010 season.

As CJ Spiller is doing work and wrecking Def no matter what team he goes to...

"I told you his name was Chris Johnson Spiller!"

Took me all day to coin that gem, ah cha cha cha ;)


Im off like Rex's buttons! (like a shot)

Those that fear Cap'n Longpost can come out again. LOL

Cheers all,

Somebody talking to himself again . cha cha cha ??? son , please get help.

You not funny too

Angerer is barly 6 foot tall. That's more of the problem than his 233 pounds. i don't care what juice you take , you can't grow in height. if you want angerer playing olb , than it would have to be in the 4-3. He won't fit in miami 3-4. PS ray lewis is about 6-1 or 6-2. big difference. MY GOD!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 15, 2010 at 03:58 PM

hey NJ, ever hear of a dude named Zach Thomas?? Not saying Angerer is comparable but you can't say a guy won't be successful because of height. If you were the football guru you think you are, you'd probably know that.

Ron Burgundy, not to stick up for NJ, but his point is the guy wouldn't fit in a 3-4 defense. Thomas was great in a 4-3 where he had mammoth tackles to occupy blockers. LB responsibilities vary from scheme to scheme. Stay classy Ron.

Dansby is a good player, but I dont think the Doplhins will give him 10/12 million dollars a year that he will command. The Gibril/Ernest Wilford debacle will make them gun shy.

Burganndy , read bootang25's post. next time get a clue , If you knew anything about football , you'd probably know that . just like bootang25 did. Nice try and thanks for stopping by :)

Bootang25, I know exactly what his point is and I understand but you can't place too much emphasis on a guy's size. I believe Larry Foote was a big contributor on the Steelers 3-4 D for many years and won a SB with them and he's about 6-1 235 pounds. That's a 1 inch difference.

And I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Angerer's got much better speed than Foote.

Thanks bootang25 for having a clue and knowing what the hell i'm talking about.

Ace are you kidding you think teams get gun shy because they miss on free agents wow dumb post

NJ PHIN FAN, I don't know you so I won't judge you, but if I had to guess, I would say you're pretty short. Like, maybe in the 5-3 range. That would explain your Napoleon complex. You know, how you feel inferior so you act superior? It's all good, but you know it's OK for people to disagree with you.

ace , excellent post. remember jason brown last year ??? same thing.

And I knew exactly what you were talking about and even agree with you to an extent. My point is, if a dude can play, he can play. You can't just say this guy will automatically fail in a system because of height.

BP and Ireland need to get Dansby in here ASAP. Our ILB's are average at best! This move would give us a proven playmaker and allow use our 1RD pick on a pass rusher.

hell yes! our #1 option should be to get dansby in here asap i love him he fits a bigtime need armando!

Ron , it's one thing to disagree but to take a cheap shot about me knowing football is another thing. You stated that you knew what i was talking about but you still decided to throw a insult. give me a break . You're the one that sounds like you a inferiority complez after a BS post like your First one, Yeah . i'm 5'3 > LMFAO !!! It just stated facts about his size and how he would fit in maimi's system. You took to it the wrong way . maybe you're yhe one that's 5-3 and got insulted ??


Some teams do hesistate when they miss often on free agents. It just happens. Think about...use a brain.

NJ, no I'm not insulted. But you jump on every poster's back who doesn't agree with you and try to make them look stupid. I really could care less, I just don't understand why ? That's the only reason I took that cheap shot, as you are obviously knowledgable, but I don't think you give other posters enough credit. That's the point I was trying to make when I made the "guru" statement.

NJ who is the bozo who is posting in blue as you? I have been busy with work the last 2 weeks, and had barely enough time to post let alone read.

Where did i make rob in oc look stupid or not give him credit with the angerer issue. we had a good debate and stated some facts about angerer 's size and how he fits in the 4-3 and not the 3-4. rob in oc didn't take issues with me , why did you ???

Ace , just another jacka$$ buffoon with no life.

Rob in Oc , TODD McSAY ???? really ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? Since when is todd mcshay ( LMFAO !! ) the guru, end of all scouts , great talant evaluater ? Since when does his word mean it's right and accurate ? Since when does everything end with his evaluation, He's horrible and has never played the game. Read Mike mayock's scouting report on mcclain or other great NFL scouting reports on mcclain , who's are 100 times better than mcchay. Mcshay is nobody but a glorified fan making his own evaluations, You think the NFL listens to todd mcshay ??? LMFAO !!! are you kidding me ?? bwawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawaaw !!!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 15, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Like I said, I really don't care lol I just don't see the point of carrying on like that.

BTW, do you think the NFL listens to Mike MAyock?!?!??!!?!?! LMAOOOOOOOOO LMFAOOOOO BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

-see my point ?

Oh I forgot thanks for stopping by ego maniac

Ron BurgundV is not me btw....

Cut and paste me the post where rob in oc got mad at me . That's right , you can't. where is pat angerer in that post. That what you brought up. I wasn't addresing you was i ??? Rob is a big boy , he would've said somthing insteadof you. I don't see where this was any of your concern. if i was taking to you fine otherwise just don't say anthing. nobody else did.

LOL @ ron. i know that wasn't you.

Listen pal, watch your tone. I am not one of your stooges. You are FULL of yourself

NJ you are such an idiot, you dont know when I am insulting you. wbabbababababababa

Hey man, I already said I don't care, I'm just curious...I'm not trying to stick up for Rob or defend him, I know he doesn't need me to do that, I just wanna know why you feel the need to respond to people like that. Again, I'm not trying to attack you, and I'm certainly not offended, I'm just curious....

NJ glad you know the fake one that is not me. I still dont understand why you jump on every poster's back who doesn't agree with you and try to make them look stupid. I really could care less, why carry on. It is childish.

Ron , i'm from the new york / NJ area. That's just the way we talk around here, I'm not trying to offend anyone unless somebody comes up with a jackA$$ post or comment that's stupid or off the wall. ask po about me . he'll tell you. I hope that clears things up.

NJ glad you know the fake one that is not me. I still dont understand why you jump on every poster's back who doesn't agree with you and try to make them look stupid. I really could care less, why carry on. It is childish.

Posted by: Ron Burgundy | February 15, 2010 at 11:24 PM

Thats not me either. This guy's pretty funny though lol

OK NJ I still see no need to belittle people. You are better than that. You seem to have problems with someone here everynight it seems. Work on your anger,please. I am done

One last thing...the only reason I brought up ROb's debate was because YOU asked me to = D

Oh come on man..I'm a Bergen County-ite myself bro. I don't talk to peoople like that.

Thats not me either. This guy's pretty funny though lol

Posted by: Ron Burgundy | February 15, 2010 at 11:27 PM

NJ come on. This is getting crazy, this one is not me either. Get a life people.

OK NJ I still see no need to belittle people. You are better than that. You seem to have problems with someone here everynight it seems. Work on your anger,please. I am done

Posted by: Ron Burgundy | February 15, 2010 at 11:29 PM

Again, not me...But he sounds like me lol very amusing

And what was off the wall about Rob's post before?? You have poor excuses for acting like a jerk. No offense.

Again, not me...But he sounds like me lol very amusing

Posted by: Ron Burgundy | February 15, 2010 at 11:32 PM

Of course m'fker.... because I am you.

Again, not me...But he sounds like me lol very amusing

Posted by: Ron Burgundy | February 15, 2010 at 11:32 PM

Of course m'fker.... because I am you.

Posted by: Ron Burgundy | February 15, 2010 at 11:34 PM

Identity theft is not a joke man!!!

Ron or I should say me. I am your inner you. I say the things you are afraid to say to NJ. I will speak it for you...just watch!

While I may agree with what you say, the reason I'm not saying it is not because I'm afraid. Good looks though my dude....

NJ Being from NY/NJ area does not give you a free pass to insult people. You demean and belittle people everynight on here. If I were to cut and paste every insult you have posted in the last year, it would strecth around the earth twice. Please stop the insults with those that disagree with you. Apologize to Rob in OC. This is childish, school yard behavior.

NJ I know I was wrong to say you ar 5'3". Bad manners on my part. I know you played high school football, but never made to college. This is not a reason to insult you, but it may be the reason you have anger inside of you.

Hey Fake Ron Burgundy, what are your thoughts on the Phins drafting Toby Gerhart if he falls to the 3rd round? I know we are loaded at RB right now, but I believe he will be a very good back in the NFL, maybe better than Ronnie even, if he stays healthy...

One more thing, WHO THE F'UCK is Po ?!?!

Who are you calling fake? I am that voice inside your head.....weasel. I say the things you dont say out loud. We know how wrong NJ is in his behavior toward other innocent posters on here. We know the truth, accept me and will be fine. BTW Po is a retard who loves to get insulted by NJ.

You notice how NJ backed off and left. Most cowards do this when confronted. Bullies like NJ will not be tolerated.

OK but you still havent answered my question about Gerhart...

Grasshopper search your mind, for you know the answer liesin ......Ronnie Brown. Accept me.

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