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Kiper: Dolphins will debate McClain and Bryant

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper has the Dolphins picking Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain with their No. 12 overall pick of the first round in the upcoming draft.

But Kiper believes the Dolphins will have a healthy and perhaps heated discussion whether to go with McClain or Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant if the wide receiver is on the board when Miami selects.

"Dez Bryant, I think he'll be in the discussion, but you look at him and he could go higher," Kiper said today on a nationwide conference call. "I have him going at No. 10 to Denver still ... [The Dolphins] certainly need wide receiver help and you got to get it at some point and I think they will try get in this draft.

"But at that point, I think McClain would be the best option if Bryant's gone. And even if Bryant's there it's going to be a heck of a discussion, I would think, even if Bryant is still on the board."

Yeah, I could see that discussion going something like this:

Jeff Ireland: Bill, we've got a wide receiver and a linebacker on the board and ...

Bill Parcells: I'm Bill freakin' Parcells and I love linebackers.

Ireland: Linebacker it is.

Seriously, the Parcells penchant for drafting linebackers is well-known. And picking McClain, whom Kiper says has "a Ray Lewis-type enthusiasm and Bill Parcells will see that in McClain," seems logical.

"You look at Parcells when he was with the Giants and at other places, he loves linebackers that have that type of ability, especially guys with his kind of size too, with LT and Carl Banks and those type of guys," Kiper said. "This is an inside linebacker that looks like an outside linebacker."

And that is where Kiper and I disagree. I believe the Dolphins have a greater need at OLB than ILB. But Kiper doesn't see any OLB as worthy of the No. 12 selection.

I believe Michigan's Brandon Graham is more than worthy of that pick, talk of his short arms be damned. I love Graham! I have put in adoption papers for Graham because I want that guy in my family if he's not going to be on the Dolphins!

And here's the kicker, despite saying Graham rates around No. 20-32, Kiper also seems to love Graham.

"I've liked him all along, that's the one guy I've been consistent with all the way through," Kiper said. "He's got that great work ethic, he comes hard every play. He took advantage of some offensive tackles that were very suspect, obviously, and in the NFL that's not the case."

Kiper believes Graham will somehow wind up chasing Dolphins quarterbacks someday, either for a Miami division foe, or a team the Dolphins must eventually beat to become great.

"I actually have him going to New England in the latest projection I did from the standpoint of being a 3-4 outside backer," Kiper said. "As a 4-3 defensive end situational guy if Indianapolis looks at him in that rotation with [Dwight] Freeney and Robert Mathis it makes sense. I think his character and every game bringing it, the way he did production-wise is the reason why he's a pick to go now between 20 and 32."

I think that's precisely the reason the Dolphins should take him at No. 12. The kid brings it every play. Every single play. And he brings it with speed and explosion and good instinct and discipline.

Why isn't he rated higher?

Anyway, if the Dolphins decide to address their 3-4 OLB need later in the draft, Kiper has a handful of guys rated after the first round. They are:

Jerry Hughes of TCU, Ricky Sapp from Clemson, Antonio Coleman at Auburn, Cameron Sheffield at Troy, Eric Norwood at South Carolina. Kiper had Wisconsin's O'Brian Schofield rated as a first-rounder until he blew out his knee at the Senior Bowl in January.

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Who else is on the potential chopping block? This team is filled with marginal talent. Produce or perish!

For the first time in the history of The Miami Herald I go first.

I have a suggestion:
How comw these writers that cover S.FL teams dont report the beefs or disaggrements or scandals that players have.

Its like they know its been going on but they dont report till after some othe r news source. This sucks monkey scrotum.

Much better than the Porter story Armando! Good information!!

Tony - think again jackazzzzzzz LOL

So the Kiper is a draft genius now? Didn't he say we should have drafted Brady Quinn? If so, then why do you guys think Brady Quinn sucks?


Change your picture. You look like a child molester.

Chris Hansen

Armando, I read your article where you tried to persuade me that OLB is a bigger need and I just dont see it. You said Channing Crowder and Reggie Torbor were serviceable - what games were you watching? There is a reason why the phins top tacklers were Safeties! I don't think either of those two would start anywhere else in the NFL.

I dont like McClain i get a very bad feeling thinking about him in Miami... I do not think he is a sure thing to lock up our ILB needs. I just have heard to much bad about him.......

" I've sad all along that that we should be able to get something for porter " posted by indiana dolphan at 10"32 am tis morning.

" I never said we can STILL get something for porter" posted by indiana dolphan at 12:32 pm this afternoon.

" I've said all along that we should be able to get something for porter " poated by indiana dolphan at 10:32 am this morning.

"I never sais we can STILL get something for porter " posted by indiana dolphan at 12:32 pm this afternoon.

what's the knock on McClain? Anyone?

I Rest my case.

of course we should be able to get something for Porter, because he is a NFL talent. Just because we should be able to get something for him does not mean i think we will

winner for the day --> NJ

On the JP issue if every team in the league knows we are going to cut him especially now that we completely showed our hand and messed up his release then why would they give us a draft pick if they know he is going up for grabs. And secondly the front office clearly knows they cannot get anything out of him that is why they already tried to release him.....

Seer to be honest i dont really know i just have never been comfortable with the idea that he is the one that is supposed to sure up our LB core. Just not the guy for me i guess. If we take him i hope im wrong...

When did I say we will get something for Porter? If the front office would of handled thigns right we might of got something for Porter. They screwed up so we will highly unlikely NOT get something for him because of it. With that said even though we are highly unlikely not getting something for him does not mean he has no trade value.

winner, winner, winner



Mando , i've been saying this all along. Ray lewis enthusiasm with mclain size and ability is just what miami NEEDS. Kiper is obviousy is ignoring parcells history on wr's. Bryant won't be the picke there. I also love graham buy he will go in the 20-32 area. Graham will be an option if miami trade down,

Two equal truths that do not contradict one another:

(1) The front office screwed up the Porter Release.

(2) Porter had & has no trade value.

The screw up was and is an embarrassment.

But it did not lower or damage a non-existent trade value.

The front office MIGHT have gotten something for Porter.

I MIGHT bang Megan Fox tonight.


mccalain is the only one worth picking at 12 his instincts you cant teach and not to mention his size and speed are a plus

graham is an awesome athlete so is e. griffon from usc.. plain sick! but theyre not projected 12 area so we shoould consider dropping into the later 1st round for them and pick up some more draft picks from some desperate teams trying to trade down

aint that the truth lol

Indiana, don't cry. You've embarrassed yourself enough. You obviously have no idea what your talkig about . You're a liitle confused but that's ok. You're the winner of day. congrats and be happy. To twist things . it's no big deal.

So sureshock was that a pro-mcclain or not..... kind of confusing?????????????

again, NJ or whoever...I am not saying what don't YOU like about McClain...I'm trying to get a grip on what those who don't say is the problem?

A little help, here, please: what do the McClain detractors see as his "flaws"? I thought he was purty darn good.

definitely down for mcclain he attacks the ball is all over the field and would be an upgrade at the position and he has alot of upside if coached well which i think nolan can do

From what i have been told in here is that he doesnt strike ball carriers he is more of a drag them to the ground tackler. A inside backer that dont like to punish running backs is not the kind i want on my team. I want someone to crack some heads and drive the ball carrier into the dirt...

SEER. ? . me ?

I do like the idea that he will be coached by Nolan which would be a positive for anyone we pick on D...

NJ, I am not crying nor embarrassed or confused at all. Just by me saying every NFL player has trade value and yes Joey Porter is an NFL player, so yes he does have trade value. With that said it does not mean that I think we will get any trade value out of him. WHEN DID I SAY MIAMI WILL GET TRADE VALUE OUT OF PORTER LIKE YOU SAID I POSTED?

snow is flyin here in WV how about anywhere else???????

Westva, the ONLY person saying that is rob in oc. scouts and I beg to differ. I don'y know where he gets that stuff. Mcclain is 6-4 258 pounds. How is it you don't strike ball carriers or punish rb's ??? LMFAO !! Totally untrue.

I guess I need to remember that NJ is never wrong or NEVER says the wrong thing....darn!! I should of remembered that. Should we bow down to you NJ since you think you are the amazing God on this blog?? LOL

BTW, when have you ever said McClain was Ray Lewis enthusiasm? I don't recall you mentioning that. Not saying you didn't though, just don't recall it

To me it felt like Jonathan Vilma had more big plays in the Super Bowl than either of our ILBs had all of last year.

ILB is a huge, huge priority for us. That and NT.

Oh, and OLB. Umm, we should get a WR too.

And FS - can't forget about FS.

Thanks for clearing that up NJ i never went and watched that video everyone was talking about in here about him... So in you opinion is he the right pick in the first if he is there?????

NJ--I need coffee cuz i'm not making sense---wasn't swiping at you or WVA or anyone really--

-just that it seems that Mando & some others must be knocking or devaluing McClain, and I was curious as to why---again, he looked (& looks) pretty darn good at no. 12 to me!

With the #12 pick in the 2010 draft the Miami Dolphins select Tim Ginn (younger brother of Ted Ginn Jr.) and the entire Ginn fammily again... LMAO j/k

Indiana is still crying that he got embarrassed . LMFAO !!!! i gave you your own quote about porter. You choose to ignore because you got busted. Now go cry me a river somewhere else. :( LOL !!!

I am really undecided about McClain...

thass cool, wva---we've got time to study up on this thing before april

we need to trade down to 20 -25 for graham that would be ideal i agree w you Armando on needs but passing up a player that could be as good as patrick willis again would sting even more I don't know but it'd ease my mind if we got the sure hit at WR first either draft or trade b4 we go D

Westva. you're welcome. You can't take everything from a 5 minute youtube video. LOL ! The man is 6-4 258 pounds !!! have you ever gotten tackled or hit by somebody that big ??? it's not soft .

I didn't get busted jackazzzz nor am I crying

Just because I say we should be able to get something does not mean I said I can unless those are the same words to you...

Should vs Can???? hhhmmmmm don't seem like the same words do they?

Personally I don't think there's anyway that McClain is available at 12. He'll be gone before then. His draft stock has been rising and will continue to do so. Most people think Denver will take Dez Bryant because they will trade Marshall. That's a pretty big IF. They need a linebacker will surely take Bryant if he's there. Realistically speaking, I think the Phins will take Dan Williams with the pick. NT is a bigger need than ILB. Hell, even OLB is a bigger need. ILB is not a must have position. Neither is WR. If you look at most of the games we lost, it was our defense that sucked, not our offense. We need to fix our defense. NT, OLB and Free safety (in that order) are much bigger needs than any other position. Fix the defense this year and then all you have the luxury of picking up a WR and a TE in next year's draft. Face it, we have more needs than we can fill in one offseason. Remember the cliche that's so true: Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. If you don't believe it, ask Trent Dilfer.....

NJ, can you ever admit when you are wrong?

I meant to say Denver will take McClain if he's there, not Bryant. :)

When I left for lunch there were no comments on here. Now there are 44. Very good.

I have some comments that will follow this one.

I like Graham a lot too but I think he's a reach at 12. I think there are other impact guys like him that can be had in the second round. I also fear that he will be another Mike Mamula. I would not gamble the 12th pick on Graham. It's McClain or Bryant at 12, or a trade down to take a guy like Graham.

And McClain doesn't bring it Armando??? Sorry, no way u pick Graham over McClain IMO, and the discussion on Dez Bryant will be even shorter...Ireland, Dez Bryant Parcells, no Fu"Ken way...discussion over

Chwwis Hansen: The idea is to read my words and not spend so much time checking out my picture.

Yeah maybe ill stop being lazy and look for myself sometime instead of reading about it all in here .../..

Westva and seer , Mclain would be a great pick. He has all the abilty and size in the world. Another important attribute he has is enthusiasm and leadership abilities. These are qualities that the miami dophins team really missed and need, This team had very little leadership and enthusiasm. How many game games were you screaming at the TV for this defense to show some life and pump thing up ???

I know it's food for thought, but if these guys were any good at scouting they'd have jobs in the NFL.

If McClain is available at #12, I do not think they are passing on him since we have such a need at LB. Even though some of us would like to get a offensive weapon, 2010 first pick will more than likely be defensive

That was our biggest issue last season, so no matter the position it will still be Defense probably...

Nobody is answering my question from my blog. I don't want to hear you say Graham isnt worth the No. 12 pick.

I want to hear WHY you believe he's not worth the No. 12 pick?

Give me solid, logical reasons.

They might debate it, but there is no debate:

If Brandon Graham is there you take him.


If McClain and Williams is available at #12 who do the Dolphins take with the players we currently have on our roster today (minus Porter)? LB or NT position? Tough choice as they both are glaring needs...

"I love Graham! I have put in adoption papers for Graham because I want that guy in my family if he's not going to be on the Dolphins!"

Armando, you don't know how awesome you are.

Mando - Is Graham better sutied for the 3-4 defense or 4-3 defense?

Dan Williams is a reach at 12. If Bryant and McClain are gone and we can't trade back I would rather have Spiller. There are Dan Williams types to be had in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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