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Kiper: Dolphins will debate McClain and Bryant

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper has the Dolphins picking Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain with their No. 12 overall pick of the first round in the upcoming draft.

But Kiper believes the Dolphins will have a healthy and perhaps heated discussion whether to go with McClain or Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant if the wide receiver is on the board when Miami selects.

"Dez Bryant, I think he'll be in the discussion, but you look at him and he could go higher," Kiper said today on a nationwide conference call. "I have him going at No. 10 to Denver still ... [The Dolphins] certainly need wide receiver help and you got to get it at some point and I think they will try get in this draft.

"But at that point, I think McClain would be the best option if Bryant's gone. And even if Bryant's there it's going to be a heck of a discussion, I would think, even if Bryant is still on the board."

Yeah, I could see that discussion going something like this:

Jeff Ireland: Bill, we've got a wide receiver and a linebacker on the board and ...

Bill Parcells: I'm Bill freakin' Parcells and I love linebackers.

Ireland: Linebacker it is.

Seriously, the Parcells penchant for drafting linebackers is well-known. And picking McClain, whom Kiper says has "a Ray Lewis-type enthusiasm and Bill Parcells will see that in McClain," seems logical.

"You look at Parcells when he was with the Giants and at other places, he loves linebackers that have that type of ability, especially guys with his kind of size too, with LT and Carl Banks and those type of guys," Kiper said. "This is an inside linebacker that looks like an outside linebacker."

And that is where Kiper and I disagree. I believe the Dolphins have a greater need at OLB than ILB. But Kiper doesn't see any OLB as worthy of the No. 12 selection.

I believe Michigan's Brandon Graham is more than worthy of that pick, talk of his short arms be damned. I love Graham! I have put in adoption papers for Graham because I want that guy in my family if he's not going to be on the Dolphins!

And here's the kicker, despite saying Graham rates around No. 20-32, Kiper also seems to love Graham.

"I've liked him all along, that's the one guy I've been consistent with all the way through," Kiper said. "He's got that great work ethic, he comes hard every play. He took advantage of some offensive tackles that were very suspect, obviously, and in the NFL that's not the case."

Kiper believes Graham will somehow wind up chasing Dolphins quarterbacks someday, either for a Miami division foe, or a team the Dolphins must eventually beat to become great.

"I actually have him going to New England in the latest projection I did from the standpoint of being a 3-4 outside backer," Kiper said. "As a 4-3 defensive end situational guy if Indianapolis looks at him in that rotation with [Dwight] Freeney and Robert Mathis it makes sense. I think his character and every game bringing it, the way he did production-wise is the reason why he's a pick to go now between 20 and 32."

I think that's precisely the reason the Dolphins should take him at No. 12. The kid brings it every play. Every single play. And he brings it with speed and explosion and good instinct and discipline.

Why isn't he rated higher?

Anyway, if the Dolphins decide to address their 3-4 OLB need later in the draft, Kiper has a handful of guys rated after the first round. They are:

Jerry Hughes of TCU, Ricky Sapp from Clemson, Antonio Coleman at Auburn, Cameron Sheffield at Troy, Eric Norwood at South Carolina. Kiper had Wisconsin's O'Brian Schofield rated as a first-rounder until he blew out his knee at the Senior Bowl in January.

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M in T,

Do you see a trade down or McClain?


Something else.

Mark in Toronto,

Bill Parcells made Demarcus Ware's money? I think he saw the athlete and Demarcus made it happen on the field.

I think Ware is much more of a quick twitch athlete than Morgan to me.

Does Morgan look like a Ware clone to you Mark? Is that why you want him as you feel he will post Ware type numbers? I'm not being a smartass, it's a fair question.


Trade the Cowboys Austin for a swap of picks and get Spikes? Don’t hate pure conjecture.


Don't see it happening but I never say never in deal land. Austin is their new found star WR and doesn't give Romo migraines as T.O. used to.

I say the Cowboys find a way to keep him locked up.

Just my opinion.




That's a whole pile of players bud. Most have got some good game.

I would say:

1. CJ Spiller
2. Dan Williams
3. D. Morgan
4. Dez Bryant

Those are the ones I could stomach and make a case for me choosing at #12 based on talent and helping the Fins. The others I would have to trade back to grab.


ALoco Dont forget Jason Allen.



I would even take Kindle over McClain if I had too.

I am not knocking your opinion in the least I am trying to show you how strongly I feel about McClain's abilities.

I respect your opinion bud.


Someone asked, "How comw these writers that cover S.FL teams dont report the beefs or disaggrements or scandals that players have"? and my answer is,,,your friggin kidding right? You must not read a lot of south florida news and why do you care about "scandals" and "beefs" more than you care about,,,ummmm I don't know,,,,,actual football news? Dude, turn on Jerry Springer or buy the Star if you want to watch or read that crap. Also Mando asked why Graham isn't rated higher and I believe it's because he hasn't faced too many NFL quality tackles. At least that's what I've heard and Kiper also eludes to it in the quote. But Kiper has proved time and again that he is clueless about a teams needs as is evident when he says the Dolphins should take an ILB when they're obviously in need of an OLB.

Lol Aloco



I really don’t have much of an opinion to be truthful; you don’t have to worry about any harsh retorts from me.
I’m here to learn.


I feel ya, I'm not a Kindle fan, personally I think he is too much of a project... but he could be a possibility at 12 ( I hope he isn't though)


Glad you're here NYscott.

Diversity is the spice of life!


Why do you keep calling me Cuban?

Kindle over McClain, sorry Rob, but that is pure bias and stubbornness on your part... a blind man could see that Kindle is not the player McClain is


Have a seat. Would you like some cookies? I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC. I have the transcripts of what you said right here. I didn't know you were a Pro Scout. What are you seeing in Graham that no one else is? And what are you missing when watching the the Miami Dolphins ILB. Probably alot of stuff. Just like them. Akin just isn't starting material. Sure it was great to pick up him and Fasano for a 4th. That was a steal but he is not a starter. And while Crowder is a starter and a leader or at least a hype guy he is mush more suited to be a complimentary player to a big, fast, playmaking type ILB i.e. McLain.

That is all.

Check out Dateline NBC: How to catch a Predator. My mom's episode will be airing next week.

Chris Hansen

Mando the only reason I would be scared about Graham at 12 is that I'm sick of the Dolphins reaching for players that don't work out. Most draft boards have him in the 20 to 30 range. If they take him at 12 and he only becomes a mediocre OLB we will have to hear for the next ten years that the Dolphins reached and made a huge mistake. Why can't we just take the safe pick for once. Also, ofcourse no one is answering your question, half of the people in here probably don't even read your articles and only use this blog as their personal chat room. They start their own conversations as if you and your articles don't even exist. I've been complaining about this for over a year now! Surely you've seen my rants? :)

Rob in OC, ur getting ridiculous with ur anti-McClain posts, the best u can come up with is "he don't hit hard enough" so u don't like him??? The kid is a Dick Butkus Award Winner which isn't given to pus"ies...His statistics are outstanding in his college career, his awareness to see where a play is going is incredible, he has the size, speed and natural athletic ability to play this game with the best..5 mins of You Tube video doesn't change this fact...Rolando McClain is what a ILB should be


I can dig it! We all can learn a thing or two...cept NJ PHIN. LOL... just jking Jersey style.

In all actuality it is pretty nebulous and silly how passionate most get arguing points that NO ONE can truly know and NONE of us have one iota of control over. I fall prey to it as well being a big Fin fan.

Truth is I can't know for sure if McClain is the next ILB Robo Cop or will play more like John McCain?? Neither can anyone else though so it's ok.

I can ONLY go by what my own eyes tell me and that's steer clear of ILB McClain, especially in the 1st round. Wetherspoon is much more of a player than McClain at ILB imho.


Ouch Scott, The truth does hurt..

I do read his posts but...

Usually the conversation turns.

LOL Rob, You're alright in my book.

Sorry Carlito!

I am very sorry man! I was chatting with cuban earlier and cont posting his name. Won't happen again.

Maybe been on too long and eyes are punchy.


Chris Mando made an excellent point when talking about the OLB over an ILB and he is dead on accurate. Allthough the ILBs for our Phins aren't the best they are still experienced and serviceable. But who are you going to rely on at OLB? If we lose Taylor which one of these guys do you feel comfortable with anchoring the OLB spot. Anderson, Wake, or Moses? IMO none of those guys make me feel comfortable. Wake is the only one of the three with potential to start and he's not even ready yet. We BADLY need OLB support but I would still be scared of taking one at 12 because none of them project that high.

A mock I read recently had Berry available at 12- what about that?

Its cool Rob, you were calling me Cuban the other day too... lol... just wondering...

Chris Hanson, 100% correct..Rolando McClain will make Crowder a much better player... We pick up a solid NT, add in McClain and Cameron Wake doing his thing, u become a solid defense

Good point NY, any value at OLB @ 12 though?

Po I said half of the people so just put yourself in the other half that DO read his posts. :) There are plenty of people that stay on topic but if 8 pages in no one has answered Armandos question it has to say something right? I don't know, maybe we all just have ADHD.


You and NYScott should Talk...



I would definitely not take Kindle at #12 heck no!

I would still take him over McClain not due to spite or stuborness. I see the upside in Kindle. McClain played on a Nat Champ type squad with tons of players that made him look better than he really will be.

Call me crazy but If I would have said way back when that Tom Brady would be the best in his draft at QB you would have laughed at me. Fast forward and it's not such a bad call.

I think McClain can be that off but the other way. Lot's think he is awesome, my eyes say different and I am willing to let time reveal if I am right.

Cheers bud,

Just sayin NY...

Oh man Po, you would have to ask someone like Jersey that question. I'm not great at evaluating college players because I don't watch a lot of college ball. I usually rely on the draft boards for my info because those guys spend countless ours analyzing players.

Goodnight fellow fans.

Berry won't last till 12 if he is the dolphins should draft him in a heart beat but he won't be there

Mark....there's nothing saying that the Dolphins are either interested or would select any of those players you mentioned.
Any time you can acquire a receiver like Austin for nothing more than a trade of picks in the first round...you jump on it...Parcells would cream if he could work out that trade. At 27 the Dolphins still could acquire a very decent OLB or NT...and still have the 43rd pick. Let me remind everyone that Ferguson was a 7th round pick and has played for what 13 years...so sometimes you're better off not to use a first round pick for players...we Dolphin fans should know that already..AKA..J. Allen, Ginn.


The other Alabama defenders made McClain look so good? I would argue that McClain made the other Alabama defenders look much better than they are. That is what elite players do, as a matter of fact, he was the vocal leader and heart of that defense.

Good answer NY...

You and me both.

NYscott got it right, there is no OLB worth taking at 12...and servicable ILB are not good enough IMO...Again, if McClain not there, Dan Williams becomes my pick


I can make mistakes when I was feverishly trying to answer all the takes that were exact opposite my opinion and or trying to bash mine. I meant no slight and will pay extra close attention to make sure I seperate the two of you.


Williams & Spikes?

& then Spikes...

Thinking out loud...

Spikes in 2nd

Samworth, Berry down to 12 is a pipe dream I don't care who mocked it. He's top imho.

NYScott, OLB should be addressed and fear not there is talent. If you don't choose Graham (My Fav) at #12 then the can take Hughes or Kindle later and get a Dan Williams or CJ Spiller with #12. They both have great talent @ 12.


We could trade up for a 6th or two to get a better 2nd and grab Spikes. After Williams in the 1st?

Could be a worse draft, Aka Pat White.

NY Scott,

Thanks for coming by. Never mind the many topics, you can't have any open style forum with human beins and not have them wander.

I would say that the ONLY things I heard on why not Brandon Graham today are...

1. Not long enough arms
2. Not tall enough
3. They think "X" would be better at #12
4. He wasn't on a great team at Michigan
5. The OT's he faced were not good enough

That's about it. I say look at the actual stat sheet and watch the kid play more if one of the reasons above make sense. I see him getting things accomplished in the NFL when I watch him play... at #12 or wherever.


Well F*ck, Never mind! I'll have a beer instead.

I think OLB has the best value in the 2nd round with guys like Ricky Sapp and Eric Norwood who are very good pass rushers



Have you gone to youtube and typed in Universal draft and seen McClain's 2 part series there?

Thats a lot of actual game footage!! About 15 mins worth vs multiple opponents.

I am not saying that is ALL you go by but i am saying that it raises Waaaaaaay more red flags than high fives about his abilities as they translate into the NFL.

Do you have any links of websites of actual game footage that can help me get a better picture of his true ability? I would be interested as this concerns the Fins #12 overall pick.


LMFAO @ bobbyd12 post at 9:11 pm post . I've been saying the same thing for days. It's totally ridiculous !!!


I'm not going to search the internet for you to find some link so you can continue to be bias and stubborn. I don't have to watch the you tube clips because I watched the game. McClain is the absolute prototype of an ILB. He is an incredibly smart football player, natural leader, high motor guy, tough versus the run, good against the pass, sure tackler, what more could you ask flor?

" Weatherspoon is much more of a player than mcclain at IlB. " . Really ?? , weatherspoon didn't make nearly enough big plays as mcclain and almost everybody is projecting weatherspoon a OLB be it in the 4-3 or 3-4. I also believe weatherspoon will be a better olb that ilb.


It's a possibility but would not think the trade up is tougher pill for the Trifecta to swallow.

I think they would be saying you are potentially giving away a G Donald Thomas with that 6th round pick.

I think the Picks are Black Gold, Texas Tea to the Trifecta. Ha ha.

I like Spikes at ILB in round 2. Maybe he falls to our 2nd pick?



(Aloco starving for attention)

Aloco , are you ok ?? maybe you haven't eaten in ahile . the huger might be getting to you.

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