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The choice on Porter: Cut him or, well, cut him

The Miami Dolphins have two choices with Joey Porter.

They can cut him the first weeks of March before a $1 million roster bonus he is scheduled to receive comes due. Or they can lose all credibility with the rest of the players in their locker room, the media, and their fans.

It's that simple.

Last week I reported to you exclusively that Porter went on a hometown radio show and said he didn't want to return to the Dolphins. That same report also included details of a meeting Porter had with Tony Sparano in which the enigmatic linebacker told the coach how unhappy he was with the Dolphins.

Despite other media questioning the validity of my report, it was confirmed Monday -- by Porter himself. He went on the Jim Rome show and basically repeated most everything he told his hometown radio station, including the idea that the best thing to happen now is that he's traded.

"I mean, it would just kind of be the smart thing do," Porter said of a trade out of Miami.

Porter also confirmed the meeting with Sparano.

I have also confirmed that Monday's nationally telecast call for a trade didn't take the Dolphins by surprise. Porter, a league source told me, has told the Dolphins he would like to be traded. 

But in going public with his desire in this and the Bakersfield, California radio interview, Porter has all but sealed his fate. Even though the Dolphins last week had not made up their collective minds that Porter had played his last game for Miami, that is changing.

Until only recently, Porter had two advocates at Dolphins camp. While football czar Bill Parcells recognized Porter as a potential trouble-maker and distraction, he accepted his presence because Sparano was a fan and appreciated Porter. Porter's 17.5 sacks in 2008 also played a big role, no doubt.

Other players also liked and even looked up to Porter so that helped the linebacker.

But I am told that while the players remain Porter advocates, Sparano has soured on his weakside linebacker. The coach now sees Porter as a declining role player who is coming off a down year and isn't, at age 33, likely to improve substantially going forward.

In a phrase popular to the Dolphins, Porter is being viewed as a "progress stopper," because the team wants and expects to have younger players coming in that they want to play more than Porter.

The Dolphins, of course, could walk back from all this because they haven't made any public statement about Porter other than to say his future is still not decided. But is that really true?

The last time a Dolphins player requested a trade -- Jason Taylor in 2008 -- it got done.

Does anyone see the Dolphins hearing Porter's now nationally telecast complaints and saying, "OK, Joey, you're right and we're wrong. We're sorry. Please come back, and to make you see we really mean it, here's $1 million?"

That would send the young and impressionable players in the Miami locker room the message that management can be bullied.

And can anyone see Sparano bowing to Porter's demands to play all three downs every game no matter what after Porter basically called him out on national TV?

Where would that leave Sparano's reputation?

And would you, the Dolfan, have a higher or lower level of respect for the organization if it puts up with this kind of bovine manure?

This issue would ordinarily threaten to carry over for quite some time if Porter's delusional thinking was accurate and he actually had trade value. Then, 2010 likely being an uncapped year, the Dolphins might decide to pay Porter $1 million for the sake of salvaging a third- or fourth-round draft pick -- sort of like they did with Jason Taylor in 2008.

But Porter's trade value is zero. Zilch. Nada.

There is no team insane enough to pay a draft pick for a declining, undisciplined, headache. The market for such players is generally small anyway. In a year when the draft is promising lots of good talent even into the late middle rounds, the market for Porter practically disappears.

So, while the choice whether to keep or cut Porter remains a topic in the public realm -- largely because Porter has kept it there. The truth is the Dolphins have very little choice in this matter.

Porter's days with Miami are numbered.


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Cam camaroon playas.. J Peezy, l booker, tedd ginn, john beck, the samoan juggernaut FB, oh my god this list sux.. Somebody do tbe Joey Porter signature kick... Get Outta Here!!!

I understand that Porter doesn't have any trade value, but if there is any way to make it happen, I say trade him to the Raiders if he wants out so bad... teach him a lesson.

Quite frankly , i'm getting tired reading about porter and this SH*T !! Get rid of the F'n headache like yesterday. I don't care , dump him now and let the team move on. Miami needs to focus on the Free agency period and the draft. GET HIM OUTTA HERE !!!!

Gibril an Peezy can take a nice cruise together and Ayodele and Torbor can keep them good company

I think we should try to trade him to the pats i know there in the same division but Pezzy stand no chance against Jake Long on the field and billicheat needs a vet at linebacker cuz they suck a** and billicheat is dumb enough to do it. Try to get a 4th for him.

and i don't want porter wearing his army fatigue either , he's f'n embarrassment to the uniform.

porter is the example of whats wrong with todays pro athletes.
show some class after a big play. act like been there before be back soon .hope jp gets cut while im typing this.

Both JT and Peezy need to be replaced.McClain and Weatherspoon obviously can fit the bill.....We need to trade for another 2nd round pick for a gun WR...especially if BM wont come via FA......can anyone name a good WR at 2nd round???...Golden Tate???

Thats why I would trade Ginn....we need another 2nd rounder....urgently

J. Porter, G. Wilson, A. Ayodele, and probably R. Torbor and C. Anderson all gone by March 1st.

This no salary thing might actually work for one year to allow teams to clean up their mistakes (but also to let them make new ones - can anyone say REDSKINS and OVERSPENDING?)

Linebacking corps in desperate need of rebuilding even if/before the above are discarded - expect 2 to 3 linebackers in the draft and at at least 1 or 2 in Free Agency

Several players that fit your description of Porter seem to keep landing on teams around the league...

I think he could have some value, but I am not sure it is worth a million dollars to find out.

Just because . you rambling on and on . go to bed.

Bye Bye Joey. Just one more hole to fill in a boat full of leaks.

Why would you EVER trade or cut a good player? Keep Porter. Period. Let him mouth off as always, but keep him on the team. You know damn well New England would sign him within 8 hours after we cut him.

The problem is that nobody would want ginn for that high of a pick.mAybe like 3-7 round but he's a bust no doubt bout that

Good for the team, let's move ahead and find a young player to develop

Porter is a BUM!!!!!

If you look carefully at his sack total, you will see that the numbers were skewed by I believe the Buffalo game where he went against a TE since Buffalo was short of OL. Take aways those sacks and he was pretty average NOT to mentin a liability against the run and in coverage. He is no longer starting material.

Even when he had the 17.5 sack two years ago, he eventually disapeard towards the end of the season bringing specualtion that he was already wearing down.

There is little to no trade value for a disruptive player with declining talent.

DUMP his worthless ass.

He was on the 1-15 team and did diddly. The 17.5 sack was a joke. Not to mention he did nothing against Baltimore in the playoffs. Where were his sacks then? And then this season. If he isn't playing against a very weak line there simply is no pressure.

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually had players other teams would want & trade for? Another boyle from Cam about to be removed.

Here's a trade scenerio for Ginn that might actually work. Trade Ginn & 3rd rounder for Bolden. If Arizona in anxious enough to drop his potential astronomical salary and avoid lengthy contract negotiations next year they might bite. Ginn's deep speed would actually help Fitzgerald & Breaston & Deucet, etc..

There's always a market for a guy who can get to the passer. JP's not what he used to be, but he's obviously going to be playing in the NFL for the next few years.

Reaqlly...how many players do we have on THIS team that would bring in some reasonable draft currency....very few....You gotta let RB go at his point of MOST value...same as GINN....I dont think Hilliard is good enough as well...trade him...there are many holes that need filling....Id go WR then Spiller then linebackers....the rest via FA...I guess id go for DEZ BRYANT...although most say Parcells wont draft a WR that high...why the fkk NOT??...Its not like Turner is lighting it up...neither is Pat White...add Murphy, Nailbone etc and you see that these guys DO make mistakes a plenty....I think he needs to nail the No1 receiver issue either via BRYANT or Brandon Marshall....no more 3rd round guessing games......alfy from Ozzzzzz

And Porter...?????....He was history 2 months ago.......

Bye bye Porter. Not worth putting up with and don't need that sh*t rubbing off on younger players!

Porter is gone. He has forced the issue and the top 3 won't deal with it anymore. They won't trade him, just cut him. Ginn will probably be here next year. They will address receiver in the draft, but only in the later rounds.
They will wait to move on JT until later in the year. he doesn't want to do OTA's anyway so they will wait to see what the draft brings them first.

Porter can talk all he wants about sacks but a real look at his stats compared to the impact players at his position shows that Joey is more of a liability and should be shown the door based purely on his play. His trade value is next to nothing and even given the opportunity to shop for a team himself, he will find few takers. His refusal to be a role player and do what is right for his team puts him on an island and for an aging player with attitude problems, it is more like no man’s land. Here’s the breakdown. Joey is ranked 22 out of 28 players. Jason Taylor is ranked 8th for comparison.

Lamarr Woodley – 14
Demarcus Ware – 12
James Harrison – 10
Clay Matthews – 10
Joey Porter – 9

QB Hits
Lamarr Woodley – 15
Demarcus Ware – 17
James Harrison – 13
Clay Matthews – 14
Joey Porter – 5

QB Pressures
Lamarr Woodley – 31
Demarcus Ware – 56
James Harrison – 34
Clay Matthews – 25
Joey Porter – 11

Lamarr Woodley – 39
Demarcus Ware – 34
James Harrison – 52
Clay Matthews – 28
Joey Porter – 26

Lamarr Woodley – 6
Demarcus Ware – 11
James Harrison – 9
Clay Matthews – 7
Joey Porter – 3

Porter is gone, PERIOD... 33 yr old, past his prime attitude problem...he has ZERO value and there is no team gonna trade for him so he will be cut and gone very shortly...BYE BYE

Just cut him already. I am so sick of this gasbag. Porter should go play for the Jets. Research will show that all the hot air from Rex Ryan and company is the real cause of "global warming". Joey Porter has been overpaid - he gave the Dolphins one good season. He acts stupid and talks stupid. Let's move on. Give Cameron Wake and his "young knees" a chance to make more of an impact next year.

THIS JUST IN.....OAKLAND LANDS PORTER FOR A 5th.RD. PICK. I know......it sounds to good to be true, but where else does he have a chance to start and tell the coach what to do? I mean...Tom Cable vs. Joey Porter? C'MON MAN !!Cutting him and seeing him land with the jets would actually give me a legitimate reason to say that's " BOVINE MANURE " !!!

This is why coaches coach and players play!

JP is not the first player in history to ask for a trade, and he won't be the last. Hell, he is barely a blip on the NFL radar. He is only important (or not) to us Dolphin fans. As many of you have said he has LITTLE OR NO TRADE VALUE. that means advantage Dolphins.

Sometimes coaches just have to step up and coach. Discipline Porter when he steps out of line (and he will) and be conmsistent. Like the makjority of people in this world JP motivated by money. If you hit him in the pocket enough you can use him as anexample to the young players and he will staighhnten up after the 3rd fine.

Management makes decisions...Players play. You can't let your orginization be held hostage because a player wants a trade...SO WHAT? He is under contract and i believe the Tuna and company will tell him to SHUT UP and PLAY!

Trade Joey Porter for Matt Roth.

Unless...they can send him to Arizona for Boldin. 2 aging players in thier 30's both upset with thier team. We need a play making WR they need an impact Defensive player, imagined or not.

Could be a match made in heaven

I'm an embarassment to the human race!

I'm an embarassment to the human race! It was a busy shift at the Taco Bell last night guys...whew!

I was wondering when you were going to come to that conclusion NJ...

"he is gonna end up with the Jets" "he is gonna end up with the Patriots" are NOT legitimate reasons to keep or cut someone!!! SO WHAT, he ends up with the Pats or Jests, he is past his prime and they may not even want him... The Dolphins would be paralyzed and the up and coming players of the future would never get a chance if ur worried about where a player is going to end up...Cameron Wake or Joey Porter is the question here...I pick Wake

Nando...uncapped year and RFA means Porter does have trade value...

Porter has ZERO trade value, uncapped year or not...teams know the Dolphins are not going to pay him a million dollar bonus on March 5th just to trade him for a draft pick, which is all he is worth..if u want him then all u have to do is wait till March 5th and u don't have to take on his contract either, u can negotiate a new deal, which will be much less money...so he has ZERO trade value

cut porter. he will sign with the raiders or rams and he will disappear. start wake in place of jp. everyone says wake can't defend the run but how is he going to learn if he isn't on the field on a regular basis. anyone think graham is worth the 12th pick?


You might have some credibility to your rant if you didn't suggest we replace porter and taylor(olbs) with weatherspoon and McClain(ILBs that will both be first rounders earlier...

does anybody wear No. 55 on the Raiders?

Porter's a douche---he had next to no trade value had he stayed silent.

Now he has none.


The day he is scheduled to receive his bonus is not D-DAY... He can always agree to receive it 5 days later so they can get a trade completed.

Porter sucks. He is a headache.

peace out porter!!!

he is costing us way too much money for hi production

the draft has too much depth to keep him i'll even take a fifth rounder for him it better than nothing

hes not letting our young gunz come up wake will have great year

Oh yeah....he's going to agree to defer a bonus to help the team. That sounds just like Porter to me.

It cracks me up people think other teams will throw draft picks at us for players we don't want.

No one is going to give something for Porter.

Who would give us a second rounder for Ginn?/ No one.

Please get a clue.

I would be cutting him even if he was a model team player and kept his mouth shut. He's declining and was a major reason why this defense sucked last year. It's one of the problem areas that need to be addressed.

Cut joey(Duh)Porter and improve the phins collective I.Q by 30 points.....

Joey Porter is an old loud mouth diva that is going to get a dose of reality when he is starting for the Raiders. This isn't even a question, cut him and lets move on. We already established some young promising CBs now lets add more youth to the LBs and eventually the entire D-line. Our time is coming no doubt!

Jeff I agree, chances are good we'd have to give up a draft pick to someone to take Ted(No jock strap required)Ginn and his family.....

Rex, What does "FUPA" stand for????

Carlito, you might as well talk to ur pet fish instead of Bigafly, it's the same thing everyday with this moron, everyday it is explained to him why Parcells won't use a high pick for a WR, everyday people on here explain to him about the defense, and what happens??? Next day he's back talking about Dez Bryant and the offense...just let him rant on because he just don't get it and ur wasting ur time...he says Turner and Hilliard suk even though Turner hasn't played a down and only the coaching staff has seen him in paractice...he wants to throw rookies under the bus because he must have came out of high school and became a CEO the next day..pls don't encourage his crack pipe fantasys

Porter will be gone. And as it usually happens to ex Dolphins, he will flourish with another team.

Trade Bill-no comments- Parcells, keep Joey.

Porter demanding a trade is like leaving a break-up message for a girl who hasn't taken your calls in weeks.

Bobby, I hear that Bigafly was the head of Enron... Mando, can your confirm this????.

LOL @ Jon.....

I say let's just be rid of him. His mouth is about the thing about him that produces anything these days. Teddy Bruschi didn't talk as much garbage as Porter, and the guy has been to 4 Super Bowls...
I think Pittsburgh knew what they were doing when they dumped Joey Porter. Now it's our turn to get rid of this problem.
Maybe he and Ted Ginn can go into the shrimp boat business, just as long as they're not wearing orange and teal next season!

I have always been a porter fan but he has been part of two really bad dolphin defenses. He is clearly not the player he was in Pburg, there is certainly a reason they got rid of him after he helped on a great defense there that had won a superbowl, because he is a pain in the arse, and he obviously is very replaceable because that same team led by a great defense without him won it again. PORTER IS A JOKE. Send him anywhere but MIA.

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