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The choice on Porter: Cut him or, well, cut him

The Miami Dolphins have two choices with Joey Porter.

They can cut him the first weeks of March before a $1 million roster bonus he is scheduled to receive comes due. Or they can lose all credibility with the rest of the players in their locker room, the media, and their fans.

It's that simple.

Last week I reported to you exclusively that Porter went on a hometown radio show and said he didn't want to return to the Dolphins. That same report also included details of a meeting Porter had with Tony Sparano in which the enigmatic linebacker told the coach how unhappy he was with the Dolphins.

Despite other media questioning the validity of my report, it was confirmed Monday -- by Porter himself. He went on the Jim Rome show and basically repeated most everything he told his hometown radio station, including the idea that the best thing to happen now is that he's traded.

"I mean, it would just kind of be the smart thing do," Porter said of a trade out of Miami.

Porter also confirmed the meeting with Sparano.

I have also confirmed that Monday's nationally telecast call for a trade didn't take the Dolphins by surprise. Porter, a league source told me, has told the Dolphins he would like to be traded. 

But in going public with his desire in this and the Bakersfield, California radio interview, Porter has all but sealed his fate. Even though the Dolphins last week had not made up their collective minds that Porter had played his last game for Miami, that is changing.

Until only recently, Porter had two advocates at Dolphins camp. While football czar Bill Parcells recognized Porter as a potential trouble-maker and distraction, he accepted his presence because Sparano was a fan and appreciated Porter. Porter's 17.5 sacks in 2008 also played a big role, no doubt.

Other players also liked and even looked up to Porter so that helped the linebacker.

But I am told that while the players remain Porter advocates, Sparano has soured on his weakside linebacker. The coach now sees Porter as a declining role player who is coming off a down year and isn't, at age 33, likely to improve substantially going forward.

In a phrase popular to the Dolphins, Porter is being viewed as a "progress stopper," because the team wants and expects to have younger players coming in that they want to play more than Porter.

The Dolphins, of course, could walk back from all this because they haven't made any public statement about Porter other than to say his future is still not decided. But is that really true?

The last time a Dolphins player requested a trade -- Jason Taylor in 2008 -- it got done.

Does anyone see the Dolphins hearing Porter's now nationally telecast complaints and saying, "OK, Joey, you're right and we're wrong. We're sorry. Please come back, and to make you see we really mean it, here's $1 million?"

That would send the young and impressionable players in the Miami locker room the message that management can be bullied.

And can anyone see Sparano bowing to Porter's demands to play all three downs every game no matter what after Porter basically called him out on national TV?

Where would that leave Sparano's reputation?

And would you, the Dolfan, have a higher or lower level of respect for the organization if it puts up with this kind of bovine manure?

This issue would ordinarily threaten to carry over for quite some time if Porter's delusional thinking was accurate and he actually had trade value. Then, 2010 likely being an uncapped year, the Dolphins might decide to pay Porter $1 million for the sake of salvaging a third- or fourth-round draft pick -- sort of like they did with Jason Taylor in 2008.

But Porter's trade value is zero. Zilch. Nada.

There is no team insane enough to pay a draft pick for a declining, undisciplined, headache. The market for such players is generally small anyway. In a year when the draft is promising lots of good talent even into the late middle rounds, the market for Porter practically disappears.

So, while the choice whether to keep or cut Porter remains a topic in the public realm -- largely because Porter has kept it there. The truth is the Dolphins have very little choice in this matter.

Porter's days with Miami are numbered.


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John i like it "Bubba Ginn" Shrimp.....

It cracks me up people think other teams will throw draft picks at us for players we don't want.

No one is going to give something for Porter.

Who would give us a second rounder for Ginn?/ No one.

Please get a clue.

Posted by: Jeff | February 02, 2010 at 09:23 AM

I don't know about that I still think we can get a 4th to 7th rounder for Porter mainly because of his name(Cowboys?).As for Ginn he does have talent and is worth a 2nd round pick(Which is where he should've been drafted) he just a scared of contact.Plus some teams could fall in love with his speed(Al Davis?).

LMAO @ Bobbyd12

Heat, if you call rolling into a fetal position,running out of balance, tripping over his own feet talent then ted(Hands of stone)Ginn is to be enshrined into the hall of fame....

Florio from PFT writes:

"But the highlight of the day was the graffiti I spotted on the wall of the men's room at the Media Center. It says, "Peyton sits when he pee's."

And, yes, the apostrophe was included. So Rex Ryan remains the top suspect."

I love how Ryan is regularly bashed as being classless, dumb or fat - or better yet all three at once. Lol

lol like I said he has talent he's just a little girl.

``I won't accept it no more, you know what I mean?'' Porter said while speaking to Jim Rome on ESPN. ``I accepted it last year because I'm a team guy. I just want to play, have fun and win football games.

Team player? This guy is friggin delusional to boot. LATER!

Calling Joey(DUHHH)Porter stupid is being insulting to All stupid people.....

So now that we know that J-Peezy is now J-GONE! A few questions remain.

Who already in the roster will step up?
What if anything can the trifecta get for him?
Does this affect the draft? Or does it confirm what we already knew?

The next few months ought to be real interesting!

Our needs our the same i think everyone new porter was on his way out of town. When you are 33 and put up very sub par numbers anywhere then you have overstayed your welcome,. HE GONE!!

This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I think they should get rid of him and thought so as the season ended before all this came up. I want JT here instead of JP. I just think he's the better player right now.

On the other hand, it's kinda hard to give a player his wish when you're the team. It's one thing when it's a player like Perter who's on the decline and older; I just wonder if other players are going to see this and think it's starting a trend.

Jay Cutler cried and whined himself out of Denver. That made Brandon Marshall think he could do the same. Denver stood pat on him, but not there are rumblings he could go.

What are the Dolphins going to do if Vontae Davis, Chad Henne, Sean Smith, or a player of that ilk sees JP pull this off and they try the same thing?

As a fan, get rid of him. I prefer Jason Taylor and think he has a season or two left and will be a productive player and mentor.

Porter and Taylor can get the boot and i think we will so much better for it.


I appreciate your concern but this is a very different situation to Cutler's. JP was on his way out anyway. Cutler was a cornerstone player for Denver.

In any case, people should have learned from Cutler's case anyway that the grass is not always greener. How did that trade work for him? he's closer to being out of the league than being a franchise QB at this point.

I think we definately could get soemthing for him. I forget who said something about the Raiders, but that would be a perfect fit for Porter. He is from California and would fit good with the Raiders. I think we could get 2nd-5th for him or package him up in a deal for a player at a position we need.

If our brain trust is good, which they are, we will get something. Taylor wanted traded and he got his wish and we got him back for free the following year. It was like leasing a player for a draft pick and getting him back for free!! We got a 2nd (i think) for Taylor and he was the same age as Porter when we traded him (i think)...

I bet the Cardinals may consider bringing him in...

They too have a troubled player coming off an injured unproductive season. A. Boldin....

How about we ship a 4th and a Porter, for that #1 receiver we've always wanted...

An idea,...

Does anyone have an explanation as to why the Dolphins AND Browns put out a press release yesterday announcing they have swapped front office staff??? I belive we got Dawn Aponte from Clevland and I can't remember the guy we sent to Cleveland...Not being sarcastic but was it really that big of a deal??? Is it that important to have a major effect on both teams??? Just asking cause I have no clue why this was such a big deal to both teams

I would lose all respect for the trifecta if Porter stays. I thought they should have cut him last year to send a message about underperforming your own mouth. Porter wouldn't bring a clean jock strap on the trade market, cut him yesterday.

Here is my disposal list for the 2010 season:

1. Joey (I can't Hack it) Porter
2. Gibril (I can't cover or tackle) Wilson
3. Reggie (Over payed) Torbor
4. Akin (I don't know my assignment) Ayodele

There would be other names on here, but their age/salaries saved them. I believe there are a lot of young/underpaid guys that are eager to get out there and make a name for themselves.(e.i.- Cam Wake)

I'm gonna give Channing Crowder the benefit of the doubt, because in my opinion he has been playing out of position since Z. Thomas left.

Joey porter knows that Camron wake is better than him! Bottom line. Trade him to the cards or broncos for boldin or Marshall, with a draft pick a first if necessary! Peace out, never really like his ugly ass anyway, just had no choice! He is a bigger problem in the locker room than TO when he is not happy! Trade him, cut him move on.

smh at everyone saying dump Porter. Send him to the Raiders? okay. Remember sending Daunte Culpepper to the Raiders and him coming back the very next season to light us on fire with 5 TD's? wtf he put up 9 sacks which is a solid season AND he missed games too. In 08 he had the 17.5 sack season-you guys confuse me.

Porter is washed up. He is a big mouth with small results. I appreciate his career year he had in 08 with 17.5 sacks but he is done. He faded two years in row at the end. The funniest thing is he wants to be traded. Does he realize as Mando said he has no value at all. Porter and Crowder are both embarrassing and hard to justify as a Dolphin fan. Both are loud mouths who are invisible. I actually like players with swagger and players who talk trash but play the way you talk. Back it up!

I keep reading Rolando McClain to Miami in many mock drafts. I guess as fans we can all hope they are right. If they do draft McClain they need to cut Crowder so we can have a lead by example player not trash talker and do nothing to back it up except miss tackles, and be out of position all game and run around O linemen to make takles 5 yards later.

Andy, If he's making a tackle 5 yards past the line of scrimmage, that means the d-line is'nt doing there job bro.....

Id be happy if he got them "Only" 5 yds past the line of scrimmage, but unfortunately the running back is 10 to 15 and sometimes 20 yds down the field before Ole Iron legs gets to them.....

Cuban Menace whats up dude? It also means he isn't filling holes and meeting O linemen head on. The bottom line to my point is Crowder is a so so player with a big mouth. I am not a fan of his at all. I miss the days of Zach Thomas bro! Different system but still played with tenacity and was a play maker.

There is no way Channing Crowder goes...he played with various injuries all season with no help... Channing gonna be fine with new coach and some draft help

Marques, no confusion, Porter 33, he waved off players coming in for him which means Wake played less and the team suffered...He's at best a part time player, if he wants to play full time it will be with KC, Raiders or some team that has no options... He's taking up space

Andy, I agree too, But Zach made those plays, even when he was injured, you may be right Channing(Ole iron legs) Crowder's days might be numbered...

Cuban, what up bro?? Ur right, D line wasn't doing job, unless we get that NT to stuff that up, great linebackers are not gonna be so great...

Dwight Freeney comes to mind when I think of a great D-Lineman, Also one guy that is familiar with Miami, one Vince Wilfork.....

OK guys. The Joey Porter thing is getting old. Who is suspected to be available in Free Agency?
OL- Guard RT

I say we need to purge and replenish through Free Agency and pay 2 or 3 if necessary, especially, if it is an Uncapped year.

Porter might have something left in the tank but trade him for a half or full tank. I agree, he is a progress stopper right now. Thanx porter and goodbye!

I love hairy butts and sweaty balz , fat ones too . oh , i also have no idea about what i'm talking about in football or the dolphins

I'll be back after i finish my shift cleaning septic tanks. please call for a goot time at 1-800-krissy loves hairy rumps

This guy is hilarious. He's in no position to demand anything. Personally, Parcells should not cut him or trade him and let him stew like a child in the locker room. These guys are professionals, they can handle Big Baby Porter for 1 more year.

Shut up and play, Joey. Otherwise you may really find yourself traded to the Raiders (aka football purgatory).

I hope ur a she and not a he. cause i ur a he the harry butts thing is just wrong. yuck.

tnphinfan , i'm a embarrassment to dolphin fans and have no idea about football. i think we can get boldin for porter who has no trade value . you see ?? no clue. buy i like hairy . sweaty balz.

repeat after me:

no trade value
no trade value
no trade value

PLEASE get the idea of a trade out of your heads, for your own mental health.

This is not a Fantasy League.

i believe the tuna will tell him to shut and play and i actually think he will listen, see no clue. please call me

the embarrassment is the harry butts. Man or Woman. Anyway, I do not think Boldin is our answer. He is a beast, but, oft injured. I would like to get Brandon Marshall much to the sh-grin of most posters and Demiko Ryans from Houston and Dumerville from Denver. Then Draft LB, NT, TE, OL, DL.

To The Seer; Thank you

Joey is a pain in the arse and no one is goign to take him til we cut him. Just another bad pickup and contract that we are going to have to deal with and eat so we can move forward.

Pay the guy 1 million, then trade him for a 5th or a 6th rounder, then draft his replacement

Kris- I know of a guy that happens to like guys who like sweaty balls, if you're interested. His name is Joey Porter.

I love eating doughnuts and i'm fat as hell. You cn always find me at krispy creme or any other local doughnut shop. I'll be the one with the 5 layers of fat hanging over my belt and my butt crack showing out my pants.

Please remind me to wipe the jelly off my face because i'm an embarrassment to the community.

When can these guys post back in the Sun Sentinal???? This is getting old........

What do mean Cuban?

do you mean

i am sad that Porter took this avenue. Very disappointed in him. I guess that is the last chapter written with him. He is ready to retire anyway so I guess he has a hard time seeing that. Patriots are dumb enough to trade for him so I say trade away. He won't be able to make an impact against us like Jason would or Welker, etc. It makes me sad that Joey wanted to go out this way. He had a huge fan base here for a player we haven't had long

To prove a point to Porter I think they should keep him on the team and see if he indeeds holds out. This way we wouldn't have to pay him any money and he couldn't play for anyone else. That would be a big FU Joey and don't mess with this orginization...

We will also be a better team with Porter because Jason is clearly better on that side. The game that he replaced Porter, Jason was on fire

no way Porter holds out. He wants to play and knows his only way to play the number of snaps is with another team. Porter sees the writing on the wall.

TNPhinFan - Porter is the one that said if they don't trade him he will not play. As I do not think it would be right to have that distraction happening on the team, I would think it would be quite comical to see the Phins do it just to see if Porter's actions are as big as his words...??

Indiana, not worth it to expend time and energy on this when we have so much going on..


we'll see, I think it is a ploy to the rest of the league to see what kind of interest is out there.

Take Peezy out on a car ride stop and take the cannolies.

Let porter swim with the fishes like me.

porter was washed up before he got to miami! mike tomlin saw it; how come we sign these idiots??????? for big money too! porter should have been released; not matt roth.

TriPhin...get real man. obviously somebody is posting in my name. They have been doing it for days now. Its cool. Mockery isthe sincerest form of flattery. I have been gone for hours and i have a stalker (most likely a gay one) on here talking bout hairy butts. and he has been talking about them for days. If you want some real entertainment go back a few blogs and check out they gay jokes. Some were pretty funny.

Now back to football

we are sooo lucky we hired a coach like mike nolan who can flat out coach! sparano better up his game! no one should get a pass; player or coaches.

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