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The choice on Porter: Cut him or, well, cut him

The Miami Dolphins have two choices with Joey Porter.

They can cut him the first weeks of March before a $1 million roster bonus he is scheduled to receive comes due. Or they can lose all credibility with the rest of the players in their locker room, the media, and their fans.

It's that simple.

Last week I reported to you exclusively that Porter went on a hometown radio show and said he didn't want to return to the Dolphins. That same report also included details of a meeting Porter had with Tony Sparano in which the enigmatic linebacker told the coach how unhappy he was with the Dolphins.

Despite other media questioning the validity of my report, it was confirmed Monday -- by Porter himself. He went on the Jim Rome show and basically repeated most everything he told his hometown radio station, including the idea that the best thing to happen now is that he's traded.

"I mean, it would just kind of be the smart thing do," Porter said of a trade out of Miami.

Porter also confirmed the meeting with Sparano.

I have also confirmed that Monday's nationally telecast call for a trade didn't take the Dolphins by surprise. Porter, a league source told me, has told the Dolphins he would like to be traded. 

But in going public with his desire in this and the Bakersfield, California radio interview, Porter has all but sealed his fate. Even though the Dolphins last week had not made up their collective minds that Porter had played his last game for Miami, that is changing.

Until only recently, Porter had two advocates at Dolphins camp. While football czar Bill Parcells recognized Porter as a potential trouble-maker and distraction, he accepted his presence because Sparano was a fan and appreciated Porter. Porter's 17.5 sacks in 2008 also played a big role, no doubt.

Other players also liked and even looked up to Porter so that helped the linebacker.

But I am told that while the players remain Porter advocates, Sparano has soured on his weakside linebacker. The coach now sees Porter as a declining role player who is coming off a down year and isn't, at age 33, likely to improve substantially going forward.

In a phrase popular to the Dolphins, Porter is being viewed as a "progress stopper," because the team wants and expects to have younger players coming in that they want to play more than Porter.

The Dolphins, of course, could walk back from all this because they haven't made any public statement about Porter other than to say his future is still not decided. But is that really true?

The last time a Dolphins player requested a trade -- Jason Taylor in 2008 -- it got done.

Does anyone see the Dolphins hearing Porter's now nationally telecast complaints and saying, "OK, Joey, you're right and we're wrong. We're sorry. Please come back, and to make you see we really mean it, here's $1 million?"

That would send the young and impressionable players in the Miami locker room the message that management can be bullied.

And can anyone see Sparano bowing to Porter's demands to play all three downs every game no matter what after Porter basically called him out on national TV?

Where would that leave Sparano's reputation?

And would you, the Dolfan, have a higher or lower level of respect for the organization if it puts up with this kind of bovine manure?

This issue would ordinarily threaten to carry over for quite some time if Porter's delusional thinking was accurate and he actually had trade value. Then, 2010 likely being an uncapped year, the Dolphins might decide to pay Porter $1 million for the sake of salvaging a third- or fourth-round draft pick -- sort of like they did with Jason Taylor in 2008.

But Porter's trade value is zero. Zilch. Nada.

There is no team insane enough to pay a draft pick for a declining, undisciplined, headache. The market for such players is generally small anyway. In a year when the draft is promising lots of good talent even into the late middle rounds, the market for Porter practically disappears.

So, while the choice whether to keep or cut Porter remains a topic in the public realm -- largely because Porter has kept it there. The truth is the Dolphins have very little choice in this matter.

Porter's days with Miami are numbered.


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kris, good to hear from you. What FA do u think will be available?

Fake kris at 12:31 pm. i'm the real hairy balz lovin kris.

sparano lol i still cant believe this guy jumps around and fist pumps like a 12 year old over lousy field goals when we should be getting touchdowns. act like a real coach for god sakes, sure be glad you got the 3 but be a little dissapointed you didnt get the 7 hahaha

greg z. - Washed up really??? When he got 17.5 sacks a season ago...your statement is false

Did anyone watch the senior bowl? looked painfully like the Dolphins 2009 season.



I want BrandonMarshall. He single handely won about 6 games for denver last year. I know he is a risk because of his attitude, but i believe denevr should have re-negotiated his contract. He cleary out perfomed his orginal signing.

He is just entering his prime and will be one of the elite recievers for the next 5-7 years

I agree. I think the current staff can control him, at least for a few years. Then we can concentrate on DL, LB and TE in the draft. I still think we could use FA LB and DL and pay the money. I would love Vince Wifoke, but, think that would not materialize.

I'll be glad to see him go. Goodbye Harry potter. Oops i mean Jerry porter.

agree 100% marshall would not only make the passing game better but would also make the running game better besides all the garbage people talk about bad attitudes and guys being problems its all b.s. these guys are football players not choir boys theres some bad guys on every team but someone still wins the super bowl every year with them

We must fill holes with veterans, so, the young guys can mature. These veterans must be able to fill the voids for 2 to three years while the youngsters develop. If the young players develop, then, the vets become trade-bait.

The right coaches can guide and motivate these guys...Look at how NE handled the Bad attitude of the Bengals Former running back and he got a ring...No ring for Moss...but not a peep out of him either

Coaches coach..Players play!

We can trade Porter & a no. 6 pick for Marshall, Dumervil, Carlos Dansby, Anquan Boldin & Antrell Rolle.

Then draft McClain, Spiller, McCluster, Dez Bryant, & Suh.

Why can't the front office see how easy this is?

Do you mean the same coaching staff that couldn't control porter can control marshall. LOL !! Marshall won't be a dolphin. Bet on it.


opinions are like harry butts to kris (whoever he/she is), everyone must have one!

LOL @ TNphin fan.

Thanks---"they" are driving me nutz today.

And I forget to mention drafting BOTH Brandon AND Jimmy Graham with one pick, under the League's little-known "same last name" rule.

trading him because he demanded it would be the wrong message to send to the other players.

there is no salary cap so who cares what he makes.

fine him and suspend him for his comments detrimental to the team.

he is clearly one of our best 53 players and will be even after free agency and the draft.

make him our sixth linebacker and put him on special teams! that will show our younger players that you have no leverage ever and you must perform and conform or you will be relegated down the depth chart.

the owner and management is in charge. they run the team not the players. its a business and its their responsibility to the team and the league and to the players to field the best 11 defenders, the best 11 offensive players and the best special teams and this punk can help the dolphins be the best they can be.

Hey SEER....

It can happen... anything is possible in the Goodle NFL.

TNphinfan. How long does one know parcell's and his history ??? How many times does one have to read quotes by henning , sparano . the tuna and story after story NO DIVA WR's to get it through ones head. Marshall has gotten into trouble numerous times not just once. Both on and off the field. Things ranging from domestic violence to kicking balls on the sideline and pouting while also getting into shoving mtaches on the sideline with teamates ( Knowshon moreno ). Miami does ant that kindof shyt on the team. Case in point joey porter.

does not need. typo

LOL @ seer . and the same last name rule. Maybe miami gets awarded antrell and myron rolle. LOL !!

we did hear a peep . I remember moss doing some pouting this past year.


I agree it is not likely the Marshall trade would happen, but, I would take a chance on Him at the right price. JP is a headache, but, while he produced the coaches put up with it. Perhaps JP was the off field issues this past year as I think JT was the previous year.

I would still take a chance on BM (lol his initials should be a warning sign, huh?)


I demand to be traded to another blog. I am not being used to my full ability here, an I am not going to do it no more. I'm not a role player on this blog, I am a starter. That stuff you said to me about stopping the progress of Po White Trash, Bobbyd12, and Mark in Toronto is BS.

By the way has anyone heard is the super bowl still the colts and saints or did roger godell put his patriots in the game so espn the nfl network and godell himself would be happy. just checking

Hey NJ, day after day, it's not worth banging ur head on the wall...you know, I know and anyone who knows even a little Parcells history know that he ain't drafting a WR with a high pick or trading for a WR with a history of attitude.... In fact I don't even know if Parcells feels there is a HUGE problem with receiver...so let the few rant about Marshall and Boldin and Moss and Dez because none of them will be in a Dolphins uniform...Parcells isn't going to change his style after 30 years of being successful...


I have it on good word you will never be traded... cut yes... traded never... NO VALUE

LMAO @ Carlito. I like

TNphinfan, what the right price for you. ??

Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery? I always thought imitation was the sincerest form of flattery????

Why are we still talking about Porter the clown? There isn't even a debate on whether he should be on this team.

I heard some people say he should be on the team regardless of salary because of no cap. In this day and age where money is so scarce, it wouldn't bother you one bit that a guy who makes 9 plays a year gets paid a million dollar bonus? Seriously, it's only about 9 plays a year - no exaggeration. He makes about 30 tackles, 9 of them sacks (a mjaoruty of them coverage sacks). Figure it out, for a guy who plays the majority of downs that's only about 2 tackles a game. There are guys on special teams with more than that.


But haven't you seen my cool leg kick after I make a good post? Thats gotta be worth something...

I also don't come off the blog when Mando tell me to, because Im doin it for the team...


Straight up for Ginn and next year 4th round.

bobbyd12. I know but when one claims she knows so much about football/dolphins , one needs to respond. The rest of them ignore.


I hear it is much like your golf swing

LMFAO @ Tnphinfan. Are you kidding me. denver would laugh you out of the building. :)


I don't play golf... my golf swing is non existent... Unless Rex Ryan is around and the first thing I happen to pick up is a golf club.

If they would bench their most effective playmaker in the last game when they needed a win to make the playoffs...I can see them doing most anything.

you asked?

Porter plus Ginn plus the first round pick can get us a decent WR from Dallas.

Hey everyone, what's the subject? I hope it is not J. Porter. Let's talk FOOTBALL!


r u the one that confronted sexy rexy and got him to finally admit the Dolphins are number 1?

Please, Lordy, Please make the WR/trade talk stop!! I beseech you!

I heard where the "Bellagio" in Vegas wants Peezy for security at the Black Jack tables.
Any truth to that rumor? :)

Bar Trek,

I'm sure we could also squeeze our second rounder as part of your deal. Are you Cam Cameron's assistant or something? I mean, c'mon man! What kind of shyt is that? You must be trying to sabotage this team.

Mark in Toronto, amen bro...so easy to throw other peoples money around plus what happens to teams that spend big in an uncapped year and a new CBA comes onto effect with new caps??? Gonna be a huge problem for teams that go crazy with FA big money and then find themselves boxed in later...Personally if I was an owner I would tell the GM to act like the cap never disappeared and go from there


What would you wish to talk about? This is a fair and balanced blog.


Nope, if Rex Ryan flipped me off he be reaching back with a bloody nub instead of that bratwurst he calls a finger

Seer , i don't what's worse , the wr/trade talk or drafting a RB with the 12 pick ??

Lmao @ The Seer

We are going to draft a long snapper with the first pick and trade Gibril Wilson for Anquan Bolding and get McClain in the 4th round... there its settled

I would expect most owners would be conservative in FA due to all the uncertainty.

I hope the Jets morgage the future like the Titans did earlier in the decade.

Porter security at the bellagio ??? you mean his 6 friends that jumped levi jones as security guards. porter didn't do shyt !!

All this WR trade talk is actually getting motivated enough to work.

Be easy J-Peezy, don't let the door hit you on your way out. The sooner the Trifecta kicks Joey's behind to the curb, the better off the Dolphins will be. All bark and no bite, that's you Joey Porter.

Enrique1085, lucky u going to work, whatever u do has to be better then reading about WR on this blog

Mark sanchez had surgery to strengthen a ligament on his 1 knee while rehapping the other. This only after 1 year !! He'll be walking around like Joe Namath in no time. LFMAO !!!! :)

Looks like freeney might be out for the SB. torn ligaments in his ankle.

I'd rather pay Porter 1 million and trade him for a 5th or a 6th rounder than pay 2,5 million for Charlie Anderson's services next season....

no no no ..........must resist urge to repeat self.........

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