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The choice on Porter: Cut him or, well, cut him

The Miami Dolphins have two choices with Joey Porter.

They can cut him the first weeks of March before a $1 million roster bonus he is scheduled to receive comes due. Or they can lose all credibility with the rest of the players in their locker room, the media, and their fans.

It's that simple.

Last week I reported to you exclusively that Porter went on a hometown radio show and said he didn't want to return to the Dolphins. That same report also included details of a meeting Porter had with Tony Sparano in which the enigmatic linebacker told the coach how unhappy he was with the Dolphins.

Despite other media questioning the validity of my report, it was confirmed Monday -- by Porter himself. He went on the Jim Rome show and basically repeated most everything he told his hometown radio station, including the idea that the best thing to happen now is that he's traded.

"I mean, it would just kind of be the smart thing do," Porter said of a trade out of Miami.

Porter also confirmed the meeting with Sparano.

I have also confirmed that Monday's nationally telecast call for a trade didn't take the Dolphins by surprise. Porter, a league source told me, has told the Dolphins he would like to be traded. 

But in going public with his desire in this and the Bakersfield, California radio interview, Porter has all but sealed his fate. Even though the Dolphins last week had not made up their collective minds that Porter had played his last game for Miami, that is changing.

Until only recently, Porter had two advocates at Dolphins camp. While football czar Bill Parcells recognized Porter as a potential trouble-maker and distraction, he accepted his presence because Sparano was a fan and appreciated Porter. Porter's 17.5 sacks in 2008 also played a big role, no doubt.

Other players also liked and even looked up to Porter so that helped the linebacker.

But I am told that while the players remain Porter advocates, Sparano has soured on his weakside linebacker. The coach now sees Porter as a declining role player who is coming off a down year and isn't, at age 33, likely to improve substantially going forward.

In a phrase popular to the Dolphins, Porter is being viewed as a "progress stopper," because the team wants and expects to have younger players coming in that they want to play more than Porter.

The Dolphins, of course, could walk back from all this because they haven't made any public statement about Porter other than to say his future is still not decided. But is that really true?

The last time a Dolphins player requested a trade -- Jason Taylor in 2008 -- it got done.

Does anyone see the Dolphins hearing Porter's now nationally telecast complaints and saying, "OK, Joey, you're right and we're wrong. We're sorry. Please come back, and to make you see we really mean it, here's $1 million?"

That would send the young and impressionable players in the Miami locker room the message that management can be bullied.

And can anyone see Sparano bowing to Porter's demands to play all three downs every game no matter what after Porter basically called him out on national TV?

Where would that leave Sparano's reputation?

And would you, the Dolfan, have a higher or lower level of respect for the organization if it puts up with this kind of bovine manure?

This issue would ordinarily threaten to carry over for quite some time if Porter's delusional thinking was accurate and he actually had trade value. Then, 2010 likely being an uncapped year, the Dolphins might decide to pay Porter $1 million for the sake of salvaging a third- or fourth-round draft pick -- sort of like they did with Jason Taylor in 2008.

But Porter's trade value is zero. Zilch. Nada.

There is no team insane enough to pay a draft pick for a declining, undisciplined, headache. The market for such players is generally small anyway. In a year when the draft is promising lots of good talent even into the late middle rounds, the market for Porter practically disappears.

So, while the choice whether to keep or cut Porter remains a topic in the public realm -- largely because Porter has kept it there. The truth is the Dolphins have very little choice in this matter.

Porter's days with Miami are numbered.


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bobby, i think you're right. in terms of talent acquisition and retainment, you have to work as if there is a cap. in terms of disposal, it's a golden opportunity to correct one's mistakes (we all make them) and cut bloated and underperforming contracts without penalty. start with a clean slate you can say.

Porter's departure is a foregone conclussion. Hope they at least try to get something for him. It won't hurt to try, it's just good buisness. Not to be confused with a certain LB we didn't get anything for.

FA List

Ben Watson - TE
A. Rolle - Safety
Dansby - ILB
Bryant - Wide Receiver

Dan the Man Williams - NT
Mclain - ILB
TE from Miami Hurricanes

Dump for Donut.com
Jason Allen
Ted Gin Sr

Cobbs for 4th Rounder

Best Regards,

oliver rubber...Tim Tebow, seriously? Get a life and get some brains!! If we draft him with first round pick I would stop all loyalty to this organization and would never gain a #1 die hard team again in the NFL!!

Waterboy - Do you really think you are going to get Williams and McClain in the draft? Be a little realistic. It would be nice to get any player we wanted, but that just doesn't happen...

Counselor troi or Dr. Crusher?????

Sorry guys, Star Trek marathon on Sci-Fi channel....

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Indiana Dolfan.
As you notice, I have 3 picks in the draft.
Use 1st round on mclain, use other picks to move up in the 2nd round for Williams... it can be done

Porter has never been a team player. Joey is all about him 1st, 2nd and third. Then, and only then (maybe), the rest. As far as I'm concerned, he has betrayed Sparano's trust not to mention the franchise. I say good riddance! And and if you come back to play us, I hope Jake Long pancakes your ass!

Na na na goodbye!

When his words speaks louder than his action in a Dolphins uniform - TIME TO GO!! I think Porter is a 'wannabe' - respect for his ability years ago ........
If the organization wants respect from Fin Fans and build on strength and youth - RID of Porter & Ted Ginn for starters!!!!!!
Come on Big Tuna ... make this team a respected franchise before you decide to leave Miami !!! Go Fins!

Amen Danfan........

Nj and other draft junkies,

I saw Micah Johnson training at the gym again today... this dude is an absolute beast of a person and will be a good ILB... I hope the Dolphins get him in the 3rd

Geico insurance so easy even Joey(DUHHH) Porter can do it.

"Last week I reported to you exclusively that Porter went on a hometown radio show and said he didn't want to return to the Dolphins."

How can you claim to report anything exclusively "after" it was already broadcast over the radio by someone else?

Nice exclusive. Perhaps next week you can give us another exclusive on how to tie a pair of tennis shoes.

Parcells has known for quite a bit he was going to cut porter.. Fact is his performance is low.. Age is high.. And potential is declining rapidly.. None of these have To do with his krappy and whinning attitude that pretty much sealed the deal!

carlito from golfito commented on 'The choice on Porter: Cut him or, well, cut him'

2010-02-02 14:41:45 -0500

We are going to draft a long snapper with the first pick and trade Gibril Wilson for Anquan Bolding and get McClain in the 4th round... there its settled

Lmfao haha nice touch on the long snapper lol

Lets do a "How stupid is Joey(DUHHH) Porter blog....

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Hahaha Adam fr NFL tweeted:

Jets fined HC Rex Ryan 50G for flipping the bird at Dolphins fans in Miami. Good thing he didn't go double bird -- might have been 100G.

Lips, Maybe Joey(DUH)Porter would be a good fit with the other "Special"People of the jets...

Oh well.....

Whats the next issue for the Phins?

Check out ESPN AFC East blogger Tim Graham on Joey and Channing talking all sorts of smack about the Phins


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"The gloves is off," Porter said.


Porter needs to be gone NOW! It seems not only is he disgruntled (and stupid), he is trying to bring other Dolphins to his side...

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If we keep Porter and go 13-3 next year and Porter gets 15-18 sacks again, I think Sparano credibility would be ok.....Its all comes down to the wins and losses.....now the media and fans will make a big deal out of it up until the real games start but wins and loses will dictate....

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Joey Big Mouth Porter = another has been player for the Dolphins.. The Steelers didn't want him anymore because they used him up !!!! Cut HIM ASAP !! Another slow LB. who doesn't make big plays.. We cut our best LB. who lead the Browns in tackles as soon as he started playing for them .. That was about the time they started winning games....

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