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The choice on Porter: Cut him or, well, cut him

The Miami Dolphins have two choices with Joey Porter.

They can cut him the first weeks of March before a $1 million roster bonus he is scheduled to receive comes due. Or they can lose all credibility with the rest of the players in their locker room, the media, and their fans.

It's that simple.

Last week I reported to you exclusively that Porter went on a hometown radio show and said he didn't want to return to the Dolphins. That same report also included details of a meeting Porter had with Tony Sparano in which the enigmatic linebacker told the coach how unhappy he was with the Dolphins.

Despite other media questioning the validity of my report, it was confirmed Monday -- by Porter himself. He went on the Jim Rome show and basically repeated most everything he told his hometown radio station, including the idea that the best thing to happen now is that he's traded.

"I mean, it would just kind of be the smart thing do," Porter said of a trade out of Miami.

Porter also confirmed the meeting with Sparano.

I have also confirmed that Monday's nationally telecast call for a trade didn't take the Dolphins by surprise. Porter, a league source told me, has told the Dolphins he would like to be traded. 

But in going public with his desire in this and the Bakersfield, California radio interview, Porter has all but sealed his fate. Even though the Dolphins last week had not made up their collective minds that Porter had played his last game for Miami, that is changing.

Until only recently, Porter had two advocates at Dolphins camp. While football czar Bill Parcells recognized Porter as a potential trouble-maker and distraction, he accepted his presence because Sparano was a fan and appreciated Porter. Porter's 17.5 sacks in 2008 also played a big role, no doubt.

Other players also liked and even looked up to Porter so that helped the linebacker.

But I am told that while the players remain Porter advocates, Sparano has soured on his weakside linebacker. The coach now sees Porter as a declining role player who is coming off a down year and isn't, at age 33, likely to improve substantially going forward.

In a phrase popular to the Dolphins, Porter is being viewed as a "progress stopper," because the team wants and expects to have younger players coming in that they want to play more than Porter.

The Dolphins, of course, could walk back from all this because they haven't made any public statement about Porter other than to say his future is still not decided. But is that really true?

The last time a Dolphins player requested a trade -- Jason Taylor in 2008 -- it got done.

Does anyone see the Dolphins hearing Porter's now nationally telecast complaints and saying, "OK, Joey, you're right and we're wrong. We're sorry. Please come back, and to make you see we really mean it, here's $1 million?"

That would send the young and impressionable players in the Miami locker room the message that management can be bullied.

And can anyone see Sparano bowing to Porter's demands to play all three downs every game no matter what after Porter basically called him out on national TV?

Where would that leave Sparano's reputation?

And would you, the Dolfan, have a higher or lower level of respect for the organization if it puts up with this kind of bovine manure?

This issue would ordinarily threaten to carry over for quite some time if Porter's delusional thinking was accurate and he actually had trade value. Then, 2010 likely being an uncapped year, the Dolphins might decide to pay Porter $1 million for the sake of salvaging a third- or fourth-round draft pick -- sort of like they did with Jason Taylor in 2008.

But Porter's trade value is zero. Zilch. Nada.

There is no team insane enough to pay a draft pick for a declining, undisciplined, headache. The market for such players is generally small anyway. In a year when the draft is promising lots of good talent even into the late middle rounds, the market for Porter practically disappears.

So, while the choice whether to keep or cut Porter remains a topic in the public realm -- largely because Porter has kept it there. The truth is the Dolphins have very little choice in this matter.

Porter's days with Miami are numbered.


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Crowder needs to go also.

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From ESPN:
"You also have to wonder about inside linebacker Channing Crowder's future with the Dolphins. Crowder was serving as a guest co-host on the show(WQAM)and openly questioned head coach Tony Sparano's decision to reduce Porter's playing time."

Both Porter and Crowder have talked themselves out of Miami. Good riddance.

Certified funds only!

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Can´t believe the nerve of this Crowder guy.

Son, first work on finding the right lanes and then you can publicly second-guess your coach (specially after he signed you to a contract you didn't deserve).

Geeeee!!!! Un-fugging-believable!!!!


We need a new topic

Tim Graham has a new post up on ESPN titled

"Joey Porter resents losing snaps to Cameron Wake..."


This guy has been talking shyt about his team and coaches for almost a week straight now... The article says Porter couldn't fathom why the Dolphins would want to put Wake in the game instead of him!!!! Is he kidding??????? Is he blind???? Or just stupid? Oh yeah, we already know that one!

carlito, today is a day off .talk to po .

This is what Crowder said:

"If the game's on the line, I want my two Pro Bowlers coming off the edges, Crowder said. "That's my mind as an inside linebacker."

WHAT?!?!?!?!? Cameron Wake's pressure on Tom Brady allowed Channing Crowder make the only impact play of his career... WHEN THE GAME WAS ON THE LINE!!!!!!

Yeah TNPhin...he's wierd...but i love him anyway. He's like my little puppet

Slow night....later to all those that love Phins Football!

Porter will be cut. Due to his lack of flexibilty in a rotation type system he may not find another team. Who wants a non flexible, you can't take me out of games, 33 year old LB with declining stats?? His loomimg 1 million dollar bonus should be the final straw for the Fins to give Joey his own patented kick out of here move.

I doubt even the Raiders, Rams or any other team would even give a 6-7 round pick for him. They see he is acting out and going to be hard to please. According to Joey, not winning aparently activates his non team player mode as he says he merely tolerated some of the rotations last year.

The cutting Porter fan debate seems about 75-85% "For" in releasing JP from the fan clips I read. I think the Fins will try and trade him but, most teams will wait untill after he gets cut. Then the vultures will try to pick over the carcass to see if there is enough meat to sign him.

GL JP... Thanks for the 17.5 sacks and for being part of the 11-5 year two years ago.

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A loud mouthed Peezy, tryin to front. What Porter realizes is a monster behind him named Wake. He knows he won't get much time in 10' so instead of being a leader in the mold of JT, he chooses to rip the club. This regime DID NOT give Peezy that ridiculous signing bonus. Scram Cameron did, and he got run after 1 year. Rolando Mcclain from Bama has more skills, is younger and less of a headache. So Peezy: Pack yo grip and take a trip!

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I have mixed feelings about Crowder, so don't take this the wrong way. But I heard a lot of the QAM show this evening (not all), and Channing's tone was more rah-rah than negative or genuinely "critical" of Sparano.

It was more along the lines of him WISHING that both Porter & Taylor could be at top form every play, and that he wants teammates who want to play every play.

Morever, at the end of the show, when asked if he thought Porter would be back, Channing said he thought he would NOT be back based on his recent coments & attitude.

You may want Crowder gone, but the QAM show tonight doesn't give anyone - - fans or coaches - - the grounds for deeming him a "negative, critical" type of player or calling him gone.

Writings on the wall Joey - he just trying to act out and make it seem like he a player when he knows that Wake and Anderson deserved more time than him.

Crowder might be digging his grave as well - keep up this pace we will have 4 new starting linebackers next year.

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did you wear gloves?

Screw Porter...no one player is or ever will be the Dolphins. If you want a potential young receiver that will shock the draft, be sure to watch the Texas VS the Nation game...and watch for Kelton Tindal...6'3" 197 runs 4.2's...and alot faster so I have read...in fact he could break D. Sanders 40 time...he's been timed at 4.16. He played for Newberry..a small school in S.C.



Congrats to PO and Bobbyd12. You guys have your very own fan club and stalkers. I wish you the best . This is a very exclusive club. i'm gald to have you .

Carlito Leather

Fellas: hate to keep this fire burning, but go see PFT's new lead story:


Key quote from the genius: "The gloves is off," Porter said.

PFT links both to broadcast & a partial transcript.

Crowder is really causing problems. I don't see him getting moved, but Porter should get let go. He stunk last year and they talked about him setting the edge, but not enough pressure.

If he could be traded, send him to the team with Levi Brown.

So he is not traded to Detroit yet?

Porter and Crowder are just trying to keep the fire burning during the off-season.Porter must realize that younger players bring more to the table and he won't be able to keep up and that's just part of life.JP is still good enough to play but it won't be with the Dolphins.

Just heard the interview. I'm not as critical of JP as others here, cause I do believe hes still has something left in the tank, but give me a break, the guy is unbelievable; he is acting as if he was the boss (not Springsteen). My guess is he won't be cut, or traded (might be if a counterpart is found, but that will be difficult), and Sparano will keep using him sporadically and if he keeps acting as a jerk, will be heavily fined. There's still the issue of paying $6M to a guy who will be sitting half the plays. I'd rather had him cut, but I don't see that happenning.

Regarding the Crowder issue, Seer is right, the guys in ESPN make it sound bad, but Crowder in not really that bad. He still can't pick a lane though.

You're Delusional if you think porter is coming back.

Trade Porter, Camarillo, Ayodele, Wilson, Ginn, Crowder AND A 6TH, for a mid 2nd round a low 3rd.

FA: Pick up Karlos Dansby ILB, Antrel Rolle FS, Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin WR.

1RD 12PK- Rolando McClain ILB
2RD 43PK- Dan Williams NT
2RD ?PK(TRADE)- Sergio Kindle or Jerry Hughes OLB
3rd ?pk- Eric Norwood OLB
3RD ?PK(TRADE)- Darryl Sharpton ILB
4RD ?PK- Jimmy Graham TE
5RD ?PK- Denario Alexander WR
6RD ?PK- Jarvis James RB
6RD ?PK- John Jerry G/T

Speakin of Delusional , there's this buffoon dolfan88. MY GOD !!!!! LMFAO !!!

When the time comes, after exhausting all possibility of getting trade value (two chances, slim & none, and Slim is leaving town), it's time to show JPeezy the door and make sure the door doesn't hit his butt. I prefer that he got a literal boot in the butt for being a major pain in the butt. Besides, I find it annoying to hear a guy run smack without the ability to back it up.


OK Aloco in caps . Whatever you say. LMFAO !!

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