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The behind-the-scenes Dolphins soap opera

Like the sands through the hour glass these are the last days of Joey Porter's Dolphins career.

The countdown clock is winding to Porter's certain release from the Miami Dolphins. If that isn't clear to you by now after it's been written on this blog time and again, then you certainly must be getting the drift as Porter continues to slime the team in radio and television interviews the past three weeks.

I must say the best of those interviews came Tuesday and was done by the fine folks over at 560-AM (WQAM in Miami). It was the best because Channing Crowder, paid by the station, convinced Porter to come on for nearly 15 minutes and simply unload.

And by the time the segment was over, Porter had pulled back the curtain on exactly how dysfunctional the Dolphins really were in 2009. As he and Crowder talked you understood players don't really love coach Tony Sparano. You understood how Sparano's penchant for putting a happy face on everything is truly just propaganda. And you recognized how utterly, undeniably delusional Porter really is.

At one point in the interview, Porter actually let these divergent thoughts stream from his mouth as if they could ever belong together: "I got no problem being here," he said. "I think we're headed in the right direction. But I can honestly say I don't want to be back."

Anyway, forget the stuff about Porter being unhappy with being platooned. I've covered that in previous posts. Porter wasn't happy with that at all. But the guy has no grasp on the fact he was authoring a terrible season much of the year when Sparano instilled the platoon system. He doesn't recognize that Cameron Wake was increasingly looking like a sack waiting to happen every time he came in the game.

And Porter apparently doesn't recognize Jason Taylor was simply a more complete player -- defending the run and the pass as well as rushing the passer.

Porter? Regardless of what Sparano wanted you to believe, the next time Porter set the edge of the defense would have been the first time he did that.

And yet Porter apparently sees himself as vastly superior to his teammates.

"If you let us fight for the job, it's not even an argument," he said. "No shots at nobody (really?), but it's not even an argument. All them guys in my room, love them to death, but the outside linebackers, I'm the best one we got. Period. There's nothing to talk about. That's period. Who am I switching with? Why should I be switching with any of them guys."

Later in the interview Porter showed the disdain for which he held the guy about to replace him.

"If you want to play Cameron Wake and them in the game, go ahead," Porter said. "Good luck to you."

I told you yesterday Porter really only had one advocate at Dolphins camp and that was Tony Sparano. And then I told you he had lost Sparano. Apparently the relations went sour well before the end of the season.

"Last seven weeks of the season after missing the Tampa Bay game was no fun for me ...," Porter said. "Going in and being a captain, I went from talking to the coach every day to not talking to the coach no more. Only time I talked to him was on game day. Not talking to nobody. Seeing Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and them and nobody saying nothing to you no more. It made me feel like an outcast. The writing's on the wall for me."

Porter was apparently hurt that Sparano lost trust in him and cast him aside like a three-button jacket. And he apparently was somewhat envious that Sparano continued to see Taylor as the team's leader.

"I'm your captain but I'm not in no meetings no more," Porter complained. "Nobody's talking to the captain no more.We lost [Jason] Ferguson. We lost Chad Pennington. We had four. We lost two to injury. So now it's just me and Jason, but Jason't the only one that's meeting with the head coach.

"And he's relaying a message to me: 'Yeah, coach said this because he said you don't want to talk.' Why I don't want to talk? Usually when we call a meeting, you say, 'Joey, Jason come up.' Not just, 'Jason come up.' So everybody don't know everything I went through. That last seven weeks was no fun for me."

BLOG PAUSE HERE. ALTOGETHER FOR JOEY: Aaaahhhh. Joey wasn't having the proper amount of fun as he was making about $5 million last year. Three million people lost their jobs in 2009 but Joey wasn't loving life every second he lived it. Makes me really sad.

Anyway, as I reported to you on January 26th, one of the things that got Porter truly torqued off at Sparano was his suspension for the Tampa Bay game.

And in talking about that episode Porter and Crowder painted the picture of a team on which players don't agree with the head coach and assistants aren't agreeing with the head coach about a player's suspension -- one Sparano was absolutely correct about, by the way.

Team unity was apparently not so united.

"It was an uncomfortable situation amongst the team," Crowder said. "And I know I'm not the only player that thinks that. I know a lot of the guys were too."

Said Porter: "I put it this way, it wasn't a situation to where when [Sparano] sent me home, everybody was on board with that decision. Coaches and players. I got phone calls from coaches telling me, 'Just keep your head up. Fight through it, man. You'll be alright.' Now why you telling me this? 'Cause you know in your heart the deal was just wrong. It was just wrong."

Porter claims he was suspended because after missing two days of practice Wednesday and Thursday, he left his crib Friday night to get dinner. "I went out to get something to eat from 9 to 10:30," he said.

The Dolphins have a different version although they continue to hide behind their veil of silence that frankly has become sort of transparent now. The team believes Porter abused the privilege of being off Wednesday and Thursday by going out Friday night.

"[Sparano] wasn't happy about that, and I've never heard of that before," Porter said. "You know what I mean? Telling a grown man what to do on a Friday. It wasn't Saturday night curfew. I'm talking to him, looking at him and I'm like, "I'm not in here leaking alcohol, getting in the steam room trying to get it out of me. I'm here bright eyed and bushy tailed.' I went to sleep at 10:30. That's good for me. That's great for me."

"Amazing," Crowder chimed in agreement.

Amazing indeed. But not for the reasons these two think.


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On another note....


He is one WR I would never want on my team

I say cut Porter right now. Forget the bonus or March first. Also, cut Crowder too, he is the most over rated guy on the team and he acts like the team needs him. Good riddance to both of them. Good riddance! Sign an OLB and draft RM. I find myself more ticked with Crowder because we know Porters days are numbered but Crowder has done nothing for 2 years and he is disagreeing with the team. If I was TS, bye bye.

It's a bit surprising anyone could take the player's side in this. You can't run the team like a dictator, umm, there's a guy named Belickek who although I hate his team has managed to do a pretty good job of it for about 10 years. And there used to be some dude named Parcells. He was ok too.

No the truth is Porter is the epitomy of what is wrong with pro sports. You would expect more from a grade schooler. In fact if my kid showed that me first attitude he, or she, would be off the team in a heartbeat. The problem with big name players with big egos is they have more influence in dividing a team. I didn't hear the interview but maybe Crowder felt he had to go along with Porter? I hope so and if not that means there are two problems instead of one.

Porter will get his wish and be cut but I say let him twist in the wind until the last minute. Hell, keep the guy until after the draft then release him once many of his potential suitors no longer need or want him. Sorry Joey, every action has consequences and that's something else you should have learned in grade school.

But Chris @8:56 & others--

any concerns re the Sporano-has-lost-the-team aspect of this story?

Well he may have lost some of the guys who want to do their own thing and their cliques but they needed to be weeded out anyway. Don't forget Crowder is the guy who wrecked and left his sports car after being out drinking, allegedly, so he's not the sharpest tool in the shed either.

Everything I've heard, read and watched regarding the regime gives me confidence that we're on the right track. I think Sparano had a few time management blunders last year but hopefully time will get that worked out. At the highest level the records speak for themselves and Sparano's 18-15 so far after taking over a team in shambles.

Joey must have been having fun somewhere when Ryan Fitzpatrick (yeah! Ryan Friggin Fitzpatrick) was streaking down the sidelines to crush the dolphins playoff hopes, because he certainly wasn't working...

The most troubling thing on this post is when Crowder says players didn't agree with the coaches. That shows a disconnect between the players and the coaches and that the players weren't sold or didn't buy in to what Sparano was selling.

I'm not saying Sparano was wrong. I'm just selling, it's hard to win when you don't believe the coaches aren't getting it right.

I wish the media would give Porter the silent treatment like Coach Sparano

Crowder only speaks for himself...

This team has a stable of young players that will be the foundation for years (Henne, Long, Garner, Hartline, Bess, Davis, Smith, Langford, Merling, and Wake) that will be the foundation of this team for years to come. By the end of the season when all of these vets were whining, not having fun, and crying themselves rivers, these young guys were making names for themselves and earning spots on the Mighty Miami Dolphins.

Joey Porter, Kick Rocks chump!


please address the more important, current question: what's up w/ Sparano & the team?

F Porter--he's history.
It's the overall locker room issue that troubles me.

@Chris--I hope you are right---only time will tell, I suppose.

@Chirino: my concern precisely!

We need to dump crowder too. He's a loudmouth who doesn't really produce. Not that much to like about him and when Joey isn't producing well there ain't too much to like about him either.

If coaches were actually calling Joey after his suspension behind Sparano's back like he said that worries me.

Porter wasn't suspended for going out on Friday night. That was the last nail in the coffin he put himself in. Refusing to come off the field when a replacement is sent in, is similar to disobeying a direct order from a superior officer. We all know that isn't going to be tolerated. Now, for the sake of argument, let's say one of his injuries was faked in response to having been dressed down by the coach. Yeah, it's feasible. See Matt Roth. Now, "team player" no longer wants to be traded. Yep, mr."me" wants to be released. Why? He doesn't want to land in Cleveland, Detroit, etc.
Solution to the problem? Yep. Give him his bonus and force him to come to camp. Don't play him. Wait for another team to get desperate. Similar to what they did with Taylor. Get maximum value. Maybe the Bears would be interested.

The Tuna is not happy somewhere...

Or is is very happy somewhere and doesnt give a shyt

Porter is making excuses cause he knows that the Phins will either keep him or JT and not both, and he realises that JT is winning that battle. JT actually loves Miami, and /i know he's not strapped for cash, but played for a very minimal contract compared to the two idiots running round and sounding off like they have pair. And when things went wrong last year, did he sulk on the sidelines and go off crying to whoever would listen...No, he done what a captain should do, and tore a strip of his defensive colleagues that weren't doing their jobs and trying to fire them up. I hope Peezey (stupid name) and his wife Crowder both get the hell out of tow

if anybody is not happy about playing for the team then leave. Porter you're not that good. PERIOD. You can leave and take tackle missing crowder with you.

Even if we take everything Porter says a given (and that's a huge "if" there), I don't really see it as a sign that the team is dsyfunctional.

I might if it was anyone other than Porter talking and the person nodding his head in a greement wasn't Crowder.

What it is is further confirmation that when this managing crew gets fed up with someone for behavioral reasons, he gets axed out of the loop (or at least they just see no reason to deal with you anymore).

It's like being sent to your room. Happened to Roth too.

But it is apparently possible to work your way back from that non grata status. Taylor did it when he came hat in hand to ask back in (and he also took one heck of a pay cut).

until this franchise gets some real players and join the rest of the nfl just stay quiet delusional dolphin fans. when you have 2 white guys as your best recievers and no playmakers on either side of the ball just stay quiet please!!!!!!

kris - What's wrong with Ochocinco? Has he disrespected his team? He likes to have fun doing what he does. I don't have a problem with him at all and wouldn't mind him in a Dolphins uniform. His family is from South Florida, so if he came here he would want to shine with greatness. I am not saying it would happen, but if it did he would be great!

Crowder is an idiot as well as Porter, how about Miami just drop the both of them, if they are not happy let them go, i am sure there are plenty of people that would love to take their place and work hard. I feel like Peezy is too comfortable, he is not what he was before, he can talk all he wants, but in the end of the day he will soon realize, especially when he plays for a team like Oakland Raiders.

I hope Cam Wake starts and have a monster year

Hey mase, Camarillo is Latino. Maybe the name should tip u off buddy. Get ur stuff straight.

this team is a damn joke and you people act like you've won 10 super bowls. no talent on either side of the ball to speak of overrate your players who nobody in the nfl cares about. parcells has done nothing but draft mediocre faceless players at best. a coach who looks more like mario bros than a real nfl head coach and acts like a fool on the sidelines. other than the k p qb's and j.long and hartline this team like b.scott says really blows. this is clearly 1 of the 5 least talented teams in the entire nfl period !!!!!

Channing and Crowder can go. Neither make plays.

JT seems to like the coach and that is enough for me.

Not sure Tony is the best coach ever, but he does shoot straight.

Pretty sure not every player liked Shula either, but the still won.

I already knew Porter was an idiot. If he had produced, he wouldn't have been rotated. There wasn't a rotation for the first half of the year. he didn't do his job, so he was subbed. For him to go around blaming the coach is like a student blaming his teacher for a C grade or a boss for getting fired. No gratitude for the Dolphins organization making him a rich man either. Can't wait for the Super Bowl to be over so they can cut him.

Channing Crowder really dug himself into a hole with this interview. I don't think the coaches are going to like his actions. So Porter says players and coaches didn't agree with his benching and he only went to dinner from 9-1030, but was sleeping at 1030. If he was out til 1030, it would be hard to be sleeping at 1030. Was he able to fly through the air and get home that quick?

I'm thinking this BUM is making a few false aquisitions. If the coaches and players come out to say they thought it was wrong and he didn't do anything wrong then I will believe him. I just don't feel a player would get suspended from a game from any organization for really doing "nothing wrong"...

Ran into this on an ESPN blog:

"ProFootballFocus.com credited Wake with 20 pressures, six hits and 5.5 actual sacks on only 134 rushes.

Porter tallied 11 pressures, five hits and nine sacks on 354 rushes."

According to the statistical formula ProFootballFocus uses, Porter was the Dolphin's most innneffective pass rusher on a per rush basis (running and coverage plays excluded).

But of course, they couldn't put a value on what Joey's leadership, mentorship, and inspiration bring to the team.

The guy that really has me disappointed in this scenario is Channing Crowder though. Why go on the air and try to undermine the coach - not that anyone is taking the comments as true but WHY?!?!?!?!??

I always defended this guy but if he doesn't straighten up he will be out the door too. It just might be McClain/Witherspoon and Ayodele as the ILBs next year instead. You know Akin has got to be at home laughing at this idiot for possibly saving his job.

I'm not the biggest defender of Cam Cameron, but do we see a pattern here? Joey Porter put the final nail in Cam's coffin in a tirade in front of the team. He stirs up discontent at all times, even back in Pittsburgh. He's like T.O., a cancer on any team. I believe they will cut him the second they can and rightfully so! As for he and Channing Crowder constantly talking trash, it's finny when Butkus or L.T. do it, but you better be backing it up. They don't.

Those are interesting stats jon. That's kind of what my eyes told me but hadn't seen it statistically. And it's not like Porter was a tackling machine either. Hell, he's lucky he was only platooned and not benched outright.

If Porter was a "true" leader he would have made Wake his guy and mentored him, not bashed him on the radio. That says it all for me.

It's such a shame. Porter has always been pure class. For him to dump on the team like this comes as a big surprise. Next your going to tell me that he can't take Levi Jones without 6 or 7 of his closest sycophants!!

Can we please just get rid of the greatest OLB in the history of the world, Joey Porter, so we don't have to listen to him continually toss his own salad? Please?

Channing who? His best coverage was during his lovers quarrel with Coach Ryan.

perspective, a day or two ago, I would have agreed with you: Get something for Porter. I'm so tired of the Dolphins blowing millions and getting squat in return.

But there maybe something to players "don't love coach Tony Sparano". And I suspect Porter was a big part of it. How does that saying go? One bad apple?

Sometimes it's better to cut your loses.

If Porter is so called "the best" outside linebacker on the team why didn't that clown show it. What was he again 22 out of 28 at his position in the entire league. Yeah Joey SHUT THE F**K UP

Time to get rid of
Porter, Gibril wilson, and the oft injured little producing Crowder. Bring Jason Ferguson back, draft Dan Williams NT out of Tenn. And find a wlb and ilb in the draft. And Pat White better come back next year with 15 pounds of muscle! And let the kid wear a glove on his throwing hand! Have you ever seen a good Highlight where he's wearing a glove-No cuz there's not any!!!!!!!!!!

This coming from two players that under performed every time they managed to get on the field .... Blah blah blah
Release them both I say ,crowder is no Zack Thomas he's another over paid cry baby

Crowder gets a new contract and now feels he can mouth off!! Same reason he's always hurt; he already had his pay day!! Joey is Joey - no surprises - but Crowder is a piece of Pelosi!!!!!

"If Porter was a "true" leader he would have made Wake his guy and mentored him, not bashed him on the radio. That says it all for me."

Right with you on that Chris. He should have been a star wideout.

Although its hard not to talk about him, Porter is history.

My question going forward is whether or not Wake can be a three-down player. No doubt he can put his hand in the dirt when it is time to bring the heat, but his potential otherwise is still unknown.

Sure would be nice if we could pen him in as the full-time WLB for the next three or more years.

I would rather trade Crowder and let go of Porter then let them hit the field in a Dolphin uni again. Neither did much last season.

I still can't believe that Crowder said when the game is on the line he wants he pro bowlers coming off the edges...

The Irony

Wakes pressure on Tom Brady in the last seconds of a win against the Pats allowed Crowder to make the only play of his career!!!!!!

I am a Crowder fan, and have supported him because he is a good run stopper, and when he is out of the game, he is sorely missed by this d... he value is evident when he is gone... But this is ridiculous, why go against the team that recently rewarded you with a great contract to fluff porter's ego on some radio show.

Crowder is the bozo who's so overrated its foolish! Let the two motor mouths head to other teams. Release Porter outright and trade Channing for someone who can actually play a full season for a change.

Sounds like Crowder needs to take his non-playmaking ass to some other city as well.

Lovely, our own T.O. and #85. Don't let the door hit you clowns on the way out. Better yet Ireland should have one of those elevators like Dr. No had in the Bond movies. Except that intead of the floor dropping out into a shark tank, they should fall into the real world and actually have to get a job.

Cameron Wake is not a small guy, so I am thinking maybe he should find Porter, drag him to Ocean Drive and beat the living crap out of Joey...

Anybody that has played football or just works for a living knows not everyone "loves" their boss...one person loves em, next guy might hate him/her...the most important thing is results. Porter says "we are moving in the right direction".. Nothing else matters to Dolphin Fans, we want a winner and results...by Porter being suspended and waving guys out of the game ie: Wake he created discontent and produced NEGATIVE results for this team...like Mando said, "he is delusional"

And I've stuck up for Crowder on this blog...I still think he is of value but Parcells is gonna be pis"ed so he may go to...but either way Porter is definitley GONE....Channing either joins him, or stays but guaranteed it won't be easy on Mr. Crowder in camp and I have a feeling his radio show is about to become extinct either way...

I also used the word delusionsl in yesterday's blog when Porter described himself to be a team player on the Jim Rome show.

I think it fits.

Bobby, i have the same feeling. There may be anti radio show clauses in the upcoming contracts. This coming from a team that hardly allows it's co-ordinators to talk to the media. This is definitely on Parcells' list of no nos.

Get my SHYT posts outta this blog! I don't know what I'm talking about! Yo quiero taco bell!

Someone needs to teach Joey what a double negative is.

Never like Joey. I always thought he was overrated. 17 sacks came against nobodies. Hopefully he ends up in KC or Buffalo. 6 middle of the winter games.
As for Crowder, he is another tool I have never liked. Weak butt MLB who lets himself get beatched slapped agains NE.
If Sparano is having trouble with the cohesion in this team he only has to look at these two tools. Oops tools are useful. Turds.

Get my SHYT posts outta this blog! I don't know what I'm talking about! Yo quiero taco bell!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 03, 2010 at 11:21 AM

Seriously we know that you are not the real NJ PHIN FAN and the post has nothing to do with football. Whoever who are get the non football garbage out of here and post a little more relevant information please

Joey Porter, shot in his A"S, jumps a guy in Vegas, let's his dogs kill a neighbors horse and can't speak the English language... If it wasn't for football he would be a la Mikey Tyson an "inmate", when his career is over he still may be living next to OJ Simpson...I wouldn't bet against it

bobbyd12 - NICE!!! love it!!

Damn , it's time to get my fat butt to my afternoon shift at krispy kreme. Time to make the dougnouts. YUM YUM ! jelly !!

It's time to cleam the septic tanks ,see ya guys.

OK Joey, there was a reason Cam Wake was in there for you. CLUE, he played better every time he had the chance. He consistantly got pressure and made plays...unlike mr million dollar man. Joey was wothless this year, its ashame his brain is not functioning good enought to realize this. He is washed up and needs to come to terms with that. He should find himself retired, before tarnishing the few good years he had with his brain dead thoughts.
As for Channing..he has not proven anything to anybody, so maybe he should not feed into this crap until he proves he is a player. He is another one who should be shown the door, he has not shown us anything and consistantly does not impress on the field.

Where's my eric green ??? OH eric ! , oh eric ! , can you stick something else up my butt ?? It feels soooo good.

Even more concerning than a brain dead , washed up player and a wanna be good player
( channing )is the fact that we need alot of work on this team. The pats , even on the decline, are still better than us. And the jets , dispite the fact that we beat them twice , are on the up swing in a fast way and have already passed us with our 10 year plan to rebuild. At least it seems like we have been building that long, with excuse after excuse.
I see thrid place next year if we dont make some big, big moves in the off season...starting with porter and channing cut.

F em both!

The first time Crowder makes a sack, pick or dislodges a ball from a runner will be a miracle. Oh sorry got his first pick this season. How about him in coverage or playing a full season? Oh but he is good at getting Personal Foul penalties with his big mouth. Porter? Washed up! Pittsburgh didn't miss him.

F' off M'efers!

I back Sparano and Parcells. They will get players in here that are in it for the team not for the selfish stat bull!@T.

Go Phins!


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