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The behind-the-scenes Dolphins soap opera

Like the sands through the hour glass these are the last days of Joey Porter's Dolphins career.

The countdown clock is winding to Porter's certain release from the Miami Dolphins. If that isn't clear to you by now after it's been written on this blog time and again, then you certainly must be getting the drift as Porter continues to slime the team in radio and television interviews the past three weeks.

I must say the best of those interviews came Tuesday and was done by the fine folks over at 560-AM (WQAM in Miami). It was the best because Channing Crowder, paid by the station, convinced Porter to come on for nearly 15 minutes and simply unload.

And by the time the segment was over, Porter had pulled back the curtain on exactly how dysfunctional the Dolphins really were in 2009. As he and Crowder talked you understood players don't really love coach Tony Sparano. You understood how Sparano's penchant for putting a happy face on everything is truly just propaganda. And you recognized how utterly, undeniably delusional Porter really is.

At one point in the interview, Porter actually let these divergent thoughts stream from his mouth as if they could ever belong together: "I got no problem being here," he said. "I think we're headed in the right direction. But I can honestly say I don't want to be back."

Anyway, forget the stuff about Porter being unhappy with being platooned. I've covered that in previous posts. Porter wasn't happy with that at all. But the guy has no grasp on the fact he was authoring a terrible season much of the year when Sparano instilled the platoon system. He doesn't recognize that Cameron Wake was increasingly looking like a sack waiting to happen every time he came in the game.

And Porter apparently doesn't recognize Jason Taylor was simply a more complete player -- defending the run and the pass as well as rushing the passer.

Porter? Regardless of what Sparano wanted you to believe, the next time Porter set the edge of the defense would have been the first time he did that.

And yet Porter apparently sees himself as vastly superior to his teammates.

"If you let us fight for the job, it's not even an argument," he said. "No shots at nobody (really?), but it's not even an argument. All them guys in my room, love them to death, but the outside linebackers, I'm the best one we got. Period. There's nothing to talk about. That's period. Who am I switching with? Why should I be switching with any of them guys."

Later in the interview Porter showed the disdain for which he held the guy about to replace him.

"If you want to play Cameron Wake and them in the game, go ahead," Porter said. "Good luck to you."

I told you yesterday Porter really only had one advocate at Dolphins camp and that was Tony Sparano. And then I told you he had lost Sparano. Apparently the relations went sour well before the end of the season.

"Last seven weeks of the season after missing the Tampa Bay game was no fun for me ...," Porter said. "Going in and being a captain, I went from talking to the coach every day to not talking to the coach no more. Only time I talked to him was on game day. Not talking to nobody. Seeing Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and them and nobody saying nothing to you no more. It made me feel like an outcast. The writing's on the wall for me."

Porter was apparently hurt that Sparano lost trust in him and cast him aside like a three-button jacket. And he apparently was somewhat envious that Sparano continued to see Taylor as the team's leader.

"I'm your captain but I'm not in no meetings no more," Porter complained. "Nobody's talking to the captain no more.We lost [Jason] Ferguson. We lost Chad Pennington. We had four. We lost two to injury. So now it's just me and Jason, but Jason't the only one that's meeting with the head coach.

"And he's relaying a message to me: 'Yeah, coach said this because he said you don't want to talk.' Why I don't want to talk? Usually when we call a meeting, you say, 'Joey, Jason come up.' Not just, 'Jason come up.' So everybody don't know everything I went through. That last seven weeks was no fun for me."

BLOG PAUSE HERE. ALTOGETHER FOR JOEY: Aaaahhhh. Joey wasn't having the proper amount of fun as he was making about $5 million last year. Three million people lost their jobs in 2009 but Joey wasn't loving life every second he lived it. Makes me really sad.

Anyway, as I reported to you on January 26th, one of the things that got Porter truly torqued off at Sparano was his suspension for the Tampa Bay game.

And in talking about that episode Porter and Crowder painted the picture of a team on which players don't agree with the head coach and assistants aren't agreeing with the head coach about a player's suspension -- one Sparano was absolutely correct about, by the way.

Team unity was apparently not so united.

"It was an uncomfortable situation amongst the team," Crowder said. "And I know I'm not the only player that thinks that. I know a lot of the guys were too."

Said Porter: "I put it this way, it wasn't a situation to where when [Sparano] sent me home, everybody was on board with that decision. Coaches and players. I got phone calls from coaches telling me, 'Just keep your head up. Fight through it, man. You'll be alright.' Now why you telling me this? 'Cause you know in your heart the deal was just wrong. It was just wrong."

Porter claims he was suspended because after missing two days of practice Wednesday and Thursday, he left his crib Friday night to get dinner. "I went out to get something to eat from 9 to 10:30," he said.

The Dolphins have a different version although they continue to hide behind their veil of silence that frankly has become sort of transparent now. The team believes Porter abused the privilege of being off Wednesday and Thursday by going out Friday night.

"[Sparano] wasn't happy about that, and I've never heard of that before," Porter said. "You know what I mean? Telling a grown man what to do on a Friday. It wasn't Saturday night curfew. I'm talking to him, looking at him and I'm like, "I'm not in here leaking alcohol, getting in the steam room trying to get it out of me. I'm here bright eyed and bushy tailed.' I went to sleep at 10:30. That's good for me. That's great for me."

"Amazing," Crowder chimed in agreement.

Amazing indeed. But not for the reasons these two think.


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Wait until your bosses bring in some young person and tell you to train them for your job or tell you they are going to put you on part-time work to give someone else some of your time...

Then you can feel what Joey feels!

Tony needs to go!

Armando can go too....

You are just wrong in so many ways Armando!

I hope your boss bring in a young reporter and ask you to work part time and oh by the way train him to do your job!

You are a drama queen! Let's see how you would respond....

I give Joey credit for at least waiting until the season was over BEFORE airing things out!


If we can mix a little Rex in him and him in Rex, Miami and the Jets would have two very good young HC's.

See Eric Mangenius, and how the Jets players were able to tell after he was gone how difficult it was to work for him...


markeyh = Joey Porter's online name

Porter is a cancer and like any business when you identify people like that you must get rid of them. Like it or not he was a team leader, and as the idiot Crowder showed there were other players who followed.

Don't be worried about it though because when they get rid of him those follower personalities will fall in line with whomever the next team captain is. Just have to make sure to make it's someone with a positive attitude. I guarantee you that crap with Porter wouldn't have happened if CP and Fergy were in the locker room. They wouldn't have allowed it. Never underestimate the importance of leadership on a team.

What I find strange is many here believe that B. Marshall is a cancer....yet each year he produces...now look at Porter and Crowder...yea...Marshall is sure a cancer, the Dolphins need.

Porter reminds me of an old fighter that does not realize his youth has passed him by. But Crowder, does he think he is an elite linebacker? Our whole entire row at (What Ever Name Stadium) keeps laughing at him time after time when the plays goes one way and he goes the other.

He is no more than a backup, how many Pro-bowls has he been in? When your safeties lead everyone in tackles what does that tells you?

Porter is has been and Crowder is a never was.

Channing Crowder should keep his big mouth shut,maybe he can't remember Matt Light kicking his butt and him running like a scared little girl embarrassing the whole Dolphins franchise. Get rid of him he continuously gets run over time and time again. Send him to the Jets and let him and fatboy kiss and make up and run off to sissyville where they belong.

Markehy, what a stupid fuc"in statement to make!!! Joey Porter has made MILLIONS of dollars playing a GAME..the average football players career last 5 or 6 years...we are talking about a guy who shouldn't ever have to work again..instead of being a class act and team player by helping the young guys and doing what it takes to make the Fins winners, he is being a distraction...tell you what Markey Mark, if my boss was paying me 5 million next year and told me to train my replacement, I would do it with a big smile..comparing what one of us makes to what an NFL player makes is ridiculous...here is your "Markey Mark" jersey, now go away

Fisheypete, we all know u want Brandon Marshall in ur mancave, everyday u tell us the same thing like a broken record BUT he is not coming to play for the Dolphins so let's please move on to something relevant that might actually happen

Boy the Sun Sentinel is going to go out of business if they don't get their blog fixed.

Well, it's not like Crowder is part of the brains trust, is it? He's always spoken before engaging his brain, and this interview is just part of the pattern. As for Porter, he obviously spoke to another team, and thinks he has a deal arranged. That's why he's suddenly gone psycho and is trying to get out of town. Pay his bonus, fine him brutally, and trade him to the worst team you can find that will pony up a draft pick. The Lions? The Browns? The Raiders? Peezy can enjoy his twilight years in suitable obscurity.

With Pasq out and Nolan in we all know that a defensive overhaul was about to take place. You gotta figure that Porter and Crowder know this as well. Package them for a 2nd or 3rd, take linebackers with first two picks... then start filling holes and build depth with FA. When we solve some linebacker problems, Vontae and Smith will be viewed as rising stars (cuz this is a team game). Joey loved last year because he didn't have to share. I'm a Dolphin fan, not a fan of the guy renting the helmet the last three years.

you said it.there are like what 5 posts a day.too bad .
anyways jpeezlille or whatever he calls himself seeya ..
a bit surprised with crowder.no loyalty ..

channing please go with joey you have no business being a full time starter either go play somewhere else and rot on the bench where you belong. crowder shoulda been gone last year the second he peeked his head into the jets locker room before the biggest game in 10 years for this franchise and said yall got room for an inside linebacker in here cause he was worried about his contract they shoulda left him right in that swampy shithole.

at least i can say porter has done something in this league and has made alot of plays for the fins but channing crowder just shut up and look in the mirror youve been here like 5 years and nfl films cant even make a defensive highlight reel for you. pathetic

It's peezy clear right now, finally after all this time I finally have my answers! Has anyone ever wonder why Crowder never really developed into a good LB? Well I did, and now I know why...He was apparently being mentored by J-Sleezy himself! Damn I really had high hopes for Porter here in Miami, but this proves that all they ended up being were just that, HOPES.

End this mess. Cut Porter and Crowder. Both idiots. Who needs uneducated drama, lacking skill and professionalism with unrealistic veiws on their own abilities?

"Package them for a 2nd or 3rd"


I don't want to criticize because your post made sense otherwise, and you mean well, BUT THERE IS NO ONE STUPID ENOUGH TO GIVE US A 2d or 3rd for these two dopes separately or together.

Please--everyone--stop the Fantasy League trading nonsense.

Cut one or both? Probable.

Trade one or both for a decent pick? Much less probable.

No one wants our trash.

Wonderful week for the NFL honchos for Superbowl week...Mangula arrested, Eagles talking about Vick, Porter and Crowder mouthing off, Plaxico Burress and his jailhouse interview, Warner announcing his retirement and Feeny's injury...

They couldn't have scripted it any worse

I was surprised when the Dolphins re-signed Crowder last season.I'll be even more surprised if he's in a Dolphins uniform next season.

The Seer: 9 sacks on some teams would be a big improvement. There are a lot of teams out there worse off than us on Defense and they need to fill holes. How about our 6th and Porter for Oakland's 3rd. I'm just saying...we had these discussions about Roth and he's starting for Cleveland (and yes, Cleveland sucked on D anyway but he was better than what they had).

If we cut before March 2 we get nothing. Give the front office one month to shop for best deal. If no takers then March 2nd we reevaluate the strategy. But cutting before March 2nd only eliminates the potential of return value.

@the Seer, so true, everyone thinks are garbage is worth so much and they will give us whatever we want, Porter has no trade value and the rest other people talk so much about, Ginn, akin etc, we would be lucky to get a 6th round pick for

I agree...Crowder can hit the road as well.

But if Porter is delusional, why should we believe what they say about Sparano?

Regarding our trash: remember the two offensive lineman in our trashcan, we got a 5th for the two of them instead of flat out cutting them. one started for KC cuz he was better than what they had. Maybe because it was midseason, but I thought we dropped the ball with Roth for not getting anything. Porter and Crowder have worn out their welcome on a team that IS going in the right direction (record aside, they were in the midst of all but the second Buffalo game). Porter and Crowder may not fit our team, but the DO have value in the league somewhere. We've got one month to find out. McClain at 12 is looking better and better all the time. Porter and Crowder will start for someone, just not for a team with our aspirations.

JWE, we would have to be crazy not to do a deal like that. Problem is, the other team would have to be crazy to do it. At this point if another team offered us a half full bottle of Chipotle-away for Porter we would be crazy not to take it because between his contract, his mouth and his lack of onfield production he ain't worth squat!! Everybody knows we're going to cut him and why take on that contract when he will be had for less.

I'm still trying to understand Crowder. The only explanation I find is that he was innocently participating in the radio show and was not smart enogh to distance himself form JP and JP's comments (meaning he did not see it coming). If you listen to the interview, he did not say himself this or that about Sparano. All he did was agreening to JP's comments and maybe adding a bit.

He may or may not think Sparano is not a good leader, but certainly he was not very smart picking his words. I truly do not believe he intended to make Sparano look bad, but more to back up Porter. If he did, he's just very stupid cause he got himself into a lot of trouble for free.

Then again that's just my opinion.

JWE, Porter has NO trade value, why would ANY team knowingly trade for him when everyone knows the Dolphins are not gonna pay him a million dollar roster bonus on March 5th and cut him? And they wouldn't have to pay him his contract, they could negotiate a salary that is ALOT lower then what he is owed...Think, he has no value till he gets cut...

Just saw this...Rex Ryan did get fined:


I am surprised the league did not fine him more money....Titans owner got fined 250,000 for the bird, but Ryan only gets 50K??

Can we at least agree on waiting until early March before swinging the axe? Cutting right NOW is impetuous.

First of all , the 2 OL traded to KC got miami a 6th rounder, Those 2 OL were young OL in their 20's and didn't have a F'n attitude problem. By Porter opening his big mouth in public he ruined a trade value for miami. teams know miami will cut him , why trade for him. Please get a clue !!

"Now we know why the Dolphins played so poorly and lost their last 3 games. Their locker room was divided and there was no real trust in Sparano."

Let's see. Two coaching regimes, two divided locker rooms, one captain in common.

Cya Peezy. I'm sick of you pointing to your sack totals when you know damn well you got those sacks at the expense of your run responsibilities. Crowder says Wake can't cover? Well I'd rather have that then a guy who can't play the run. Crowder can go too. I defended him this year, but he's turnin' into joey jr. without the production.

I'd rather have 1 Ayodele with marginal skills and a good attitude than 10 Joeys or CCs.

Players that can't fall into line are NOT TEAM PLAYERS. Football is a TEAM SPORT.

The HC is the LEADER OF THE TEAM, and Joey has proven for 2 consecutive HCs he can't deal with authority.

Time for Chemo...kill the cancers.

JWE, no team in their right mins is gonna give up a draft pick and pay Porter 5 Million when they can give up nothing and pay him a lower salary...and don't be so sure on Crowder being gone, I bet he stays

"Let me caution Sparano as well. This will be year 3 of his project. He has to make the playoffs, nothing less."

Whatever. Hollow threats from a person Sparano doesn't even know exists.

The only 2 guys complaining about the team or sparano just happen to be the 2 biggest mouths on the team. Coincidence ?? I think not. I don't here a peep from the jake longs , camarillo's , smiley's , groves , fergies , williams and browns of the team.

Please, can we stop with this cancer anology? Cancer is life threatening and brings hardships to many families. It has nothing to do with idiots, ingrates, and subpar football players.

Let's be sensitive to what some people are going through in real life.

Jahn , what's up buddy. Welcome aboard. LOL !! :)

" gotta admit that Crowder's comments have made me think Sporano has "lost" the team."

I'm tired of even reading this. The HC is the freakin' boss. I don't care if it's Cameron, Kiffin, Fontes, or BB, Bill Walsh, or Don Shula.

He's the boss and the players are the employees.

The concept of a HC "losing" the team means the players who can't set their overpaid egos aside need to find new job. 'nuff said.

Jahn , excellent point on 2 regimes divided yet one common captain. F'n Porter !!

NJ, what's wrong with u??? Don't u realize 31 other teams don't realize how VALUABLE our players are?? AND they need to let the Dolphins draft Spiller, McClain, Dez. Dan Williams, Berry etc because the Dolphins have needs?? How selfish of those other NFL teams!!!

Crowder and pissy - or is peezy - dump them both.

two turds in a punch bowl!

" time for chemo ... to kill the cancers" . Exactly !!! before this shyt spreads to the younger players on the team

I've been a Dolphin fan for 35 years, and all our great teams were built on Defensive side of the ball. That's why The Dolphin (Marino) never went back. 82 and 84 were great defensive teams. My gut tells me we got the offense going in the right direction (a little depth wouldn't hurt) but we need to make the leap on the defensive side. Texans have multiple pro bowlers on defense that they have drafted over the last few years. The overhaul on defense started with the picks of V Davis and Smith and will continue this year. Not a big fan of FA contracts plus Parcells has not been so good in FA since his arrival. More busts than hits. Perhaps Dansby would be worth a FA contract. I have no faith in our LB corp so let's make the leap, quit playing safe, and finishing building a defense that can play together for 5-6 years.

Akin, Ginn, Wilson and Porter for for Manning, Garcon, Feeney and Indys second...sounds fair

"If coaches were actually calling Joey after his suspension behind Sparano's back like he said that worries me. "

You ever heard of good cop bad cop?

"Keep your head up" is hardly a vote against the actions of the HC, it's a position coach trying to prevent a mental midget from jumping off the ledge.

Seer, STFU saying Sparano and the "overall team" thing. You've heard from two players TWO PLAYERS THAT ARE KNOWN TO HAVE NO BRAIN MOUTH FILTER. You can get into bed with 'em too if you're so convinced Sparanos lost the team. Hop on the CHEMO CART, CANCER KILLS.

Bobbyd12 , don't forget the 31 other teams are going to give miami , marshall , austin , wilfork , dansby , boldin etc because the dolphins have needs and all of them love miami and want to play there and nowhere else.

Jwe@ now u made senseand that's exactly what ur gonna see this draft and offseason, a big young defense coming to Miami

For all this crap I read about Wake and not being able to cover, that's not his primary responsibility. His job is to get the QB. Anyone watch the Pro Bowl, and see the 3-4 OLB try to cover the TE when they had to play in the 4-3? They were HORRIBLE. Woodley and Harrison were getting killed. We don't run a 4-3. Now granted, there will be times when we do ask Wake to drop into coverage. But that won't be a staple of our defense. I liked the stats comparing pure pass rush situations, if given the same oppurtunities as Porter, he would have had close to 15 sacks. Wake will get better with coaching. Mike Nolan is going to not just try and get pressure with the usual pieces. Wake got his sacks when it was dead obvious he was coming, now combine that with overloads or a S showing blitz, where t causes confusion for the blockers, and Wake will be even better. Watch out with him and how Mike Nolan uses him.

Pretty sure it was Jets organization that fined Ryan.....prolly to cut the NFL off at the pass....don't know if or when NFL will add to the total.

"Wait until your bosses bring in some young person and tell you to train them for your job or tell you they are going to put you on part-time work to give someone else some of your time...

Allow me to rephrase this. "Wait until your bosses offer to pay you 5 million a year to train someone else to do your job"...fortune 500 companies are founded on this kind of opportunity. If what you say is true, Joey shuts up, teaches wake what he can and mentally notes that his next potential boss is watching him right now.

Greetings NJ, I couldn't sign in over there and thought I'd come here to get my fix, but I wonder if 90% of these posters are even dolphins' fans to start with. Nothing but complainers siding with an overpaid crybaby.

Armando's trying to be inflammatory too, but I'm pretty sure he thinks that's his job.

Actually the overhaul of the defense did NOT start with the drafting of davis and smith. it started the year before with the drafting of Merling and Langford to help build the foundation of the DL.

Asked & answered: per PFT, NFL will not add its own fine on top of fine imposed by Jets:


Jandoh, I said the same thing earlier, if my boss gives me 5 million tommorow and train ur replacement starting Monday my response would be " Why can't we start training tonight?"

LOL @ Jahn. Yeah the SS sign-in is still not working. It's open season for the trolls. God luck on here trying to explain to some of these clueless posters.

Jahn welcome and great point about Porter and him auditioning for his next boss. He says about wanting to go to SF, he might have had a legitimate shot before all this crap this week. Singletary will never stand for this crap. I don't understand Joeys thinking, I understand he wants to be the man, but that is unlikely no matter where he ends up. He will have to sooner or later accept the fact he just isn't what he was 5 years ago. For his sanity, I hope sooner. I may be in the minority, but I appreciate everything he has done for us. My only knock was his resistance to working with the younger guys.

NJ, don't forget about L. Fitzgerald! I heard he twittered that he plans on spending some time in south FL in the offseason.

This year is important for Sparano,if this team doesn't perform then he outta here.

Bobbyd12, well at least we know you're smarter than JP! (though I apologize, that doesn't sound like much of a compliment :-) )

NJ, yeah, I'm probably out of here. As you can see I'm a little more polite on the other blog. At least I know who to ignore there.

I cannot believe people on here talking trash about Sparano. The Trifecta is solid and we are definatly on the right track. Anyone that would jump on these big mouths (Porter & Crowder) wagon is a complete idiot. Porter is washed and Crowder is nothing special. Definatly not worth his contract. These idiots spitting on the spoon that feeds them are classless. Paid millions of dollars to play a game and still complain. Be men and team players or leave the Dolphins organization.

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