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The behind-the-scenes Dolphins soap opera

Like the sands through the hour glass these are the last days of Joey Porter's Dolphins career.

The countdown clock is winding to Porter's certain release from the Miami Dolphins. If that isn't clear to you by now after it's been written on this blog time and again, then you certainly must be getting the drift as Porter continues to slime the team in radio and television interviews the past three weeks.

I must say the best of those interviews came Tuesday and was done by the fine folks over at 560-AM (WQAM in Miami). It was the best because Channing Crowder, paid by the station, convinced Porter to come on for nearly 15 minutes and simply unload.

And by the time the segment was over, Porter had pulled back the curtain on exactly how dysfunctional the Dolphins really were in 2009. As he and Crowder talked you understood players don't really love coach Tony Sparano. You understood how Sparano's penchant for putting a happy face on everything is truly just propaganda. And you recognized how utterly, undeniably delusional Porter really is.

At one point in the interview, Porter actually let these divergent thoughts stream from his mouth as if they could ever belong together: "I got no problem being here," he said. "I think we're headed in the right direction. But I can honestly say I don't want to be back."

Anyway, forget the stuff about Porter being unhappy with being platooned. I've covered that in previous posts. Porter wasn't happy with that at all. But the guy has no grasp on the fact he was authoring a terrible season much of the year when Sparano instilled the platoon system. He doesn't recognize that Cameron Wake was increasingly looking like a sack waiting to happen every time he came in the game.

And Porter apparently doesn't recognize Jason Taylor was simply a more complete player -- defending the run and the pass as well as rushing the passer.

Porter? Regardless of what Sparano wanted you to believe, the next time Porter set the edge of the defense would have been the first time he did that.

And yet Porter apparently sees himself as vastly superior to his teammates.

"If you let us fight for the job, it's not even an argument," he said. "No shots at nobody (really?), but it's not even an argument. All them guys in my room, love them to death, but the outside linebackers, I'm the best one we got. Period. There's nothing to talk about. That's period. Who am I switching with? Why should I be switching with any of them guys."

Later in the interview Porter showed the disdain for which he held the guy about to replace him.

"If you want to play Cameron Wake and them in the game, go ahead," Porter said. "Good luck to you."

I told you yesterday Porter really only had one advocate at Dolphins camp and that was Tony Sparano. And then I told you he had lost Sparano. Apparently the relations went sour well before the end of the season.

"Last seven weeks of the season after missing the Tampa Bay game was no fun for me ...," Porter said. "Going in and being a captain, I went from talking to the coach every day to not talking to the coach no more. Only time I talked to him was on game day. Not talking to nobody. Seeing Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and them and nobody saying nothing to you no more. It made me feel like an outcast. The writing's on the wall for me."

Porter was apparently hurt that Sparano lost trust in him and cast him aside like a three-button jacket. And he apparently was somewhat envious that Sparano continued to see Taylor as the team's leader.

"I'm your captain but I'm not in no meetings no more," Porter complained. "Nobody's talking to the captain no more.We lost [Jason] Ferguson. We lost Chad Pennington. We had four. We lost two to injury. So now it's just me and Jason, but Jason't the only one that's meeting with the head coach.

"And he's relaying a message to me: 'Yeah, coach said this because he said you don't want to talk.' Why I don't want to talk? Usually when we call a meeting, you say, 'Joey, Jason come up.' Not just, 'Jason come up.' So everybody don't know everything I went through. That last seven weeks was no fun for me."

BLOG PAUSE HERE. ALTOGETHER FOR JOEY: Aaaahhhh. Joey wasn't having the proper amount of fun as he was making about $5 million last year. Three million people lost their jobs in 2009 but Joey wasn't loving life every second he lived it. Makes me really sad.

Anyway, as I reported to you on January 26th, one of the things that got Porter truly torqued off at Sparano was his suspension for the Tampa Bay game.

And in talking about that episode Porter and Crowder painted the picture of a team on which players don't agree with the head coach and assistants aren't agreeing with the head coach about a player's suspension -- one Sparano was absolutely correct about, by the way.

Team unity was apparently not so united.

"It was an uncomfortable situation amongst the team," Crowder said. "And I know I'm not the only player that thinks that. I know a lot of the guys were too."

Said Porter: "I put it this way, it wasn't a situation to where when [Sparano] sent me home, everybody was on board with that decision. Coaches and players. I got phone calls from coaches telling me, 'Just keep your head up. Fight through it, man. You'll be alright.' Now why you telling me this? 'Cause you know in your heart the deal was just wrong. It was just wrong."

Porter claims he was suspended because after missing two days of practice Wednesday and Thursday, he left his crib Friday night to get dinner. "I went out to get something to eat from 9 to 10:30," he said.

The Dolphins have a different version although they continue to hide behind their veil of silence that frankly has become sort of transparent now. The team believes Porter abused the privilege of being off Wednesday and Thursday by going out Friday night.

"[Sparano] wasn't happy about that, and I've never heard of that before," Porter said. "You know what I mean? Telling a grown man what to do on a Friday. It wasn't Saturday night curfew. I'm talking to him, looking at him and I'm like, "I'm not in here leaking alcohol, getting in the steam room trying to get it out of me. I'm here bright eyed and bushy tailed.' I went to sleep at 10:30. That's good for me. That's great for me."

"Amazing," Crowder chimed in agreement.

Amazing indeed. But not for the reasons these two think.


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fasano should of been cut after fumbles in atlanta. that started decline of dolphins this yr

This story is all part of the same smokescreen. Why don't you write about what the smokescreen is covering and that is blowing $16 million of the owner's money and never being held accountable. And then turning the whole team, and all of it's fans into h0m0's in the yes of the world.
The facts: 1. Parcells signs Wilford, a deep threat, to a $6mil contract. Wilford consistently averaged 15yds/rec for 5 years and he's only 29.
2. Parcells drafts Chad Henne the most prolific, big time college, 4 year starter since Peyton Manning. According to your column Armando Chad Henne won the starting job in the summer of 2008.
3. The Jets sign Favre prior to preseason game 4 and release Pennington the same day, didn't even try to trade him. Parcells gives Penne a $10mil 2 year contract the same day without making him throw 1 pass.

Parcells paid $16mil combined for a deep threat receiver and QB that can't throw deep (anymore). He'd already had 3 surgeries on his throwing shoulder before we signed him.

After 3 games in the 08 season we were 0-3. Wilford was vocal about Penne's inability to throw the ball so Wilford gets deactivated. But Penne still can't throw deep so the coaches resort to BACKDOOR football: The Wildcat and make everyone on the team and all of it's fans look like h0m0's until Henne finally gets the call and restores manliness to the team. But the team can't play Wilford or Turner because when they do it becomes obvious that we had deep threat capability the past 2 seasons if we simply never signed Penne and let Henne start the job he won in camp as a rookie.

Think I'm crazy about all this? After Wilford was released he resigned with Jags and his avg increased by 50%. He'll put up 1300 yards next season. And so will Turner.

Yes Wilford caught passes against us this season in Jax game.

Fasano is also responsible for global warming. Hes a damn cancer in the locker and to humanity. Lol.

Dude, Wilford had 123 yards recieving last year. His "average went up 50%" is almost true, from 8.3ypc in 2008 to 11.2ypc in 2009, but his total catches is laughable. He had 3 catches with Miami in 2008 and a whopping 11 in 2009.

Congrats EW on your 50% improvement! (EW did catch ONE TD pass this year so props for that)

He put up 123 yards this year, and you say he's gonna put up 1400 next year? Turner? HSB is this you?

Jahndoh, live strong my friend!

If anyone actually thinks Porter's suspension had to do with him going out for dinner, you're wrong. If he was performing, it would have been brushed under the rug. It was an excuse to bench his lame butt. Pure and simple.

Jahndoh, Wilford also increased his catch output by almost 400%. It is quite obvious we made a horrible mistake by not keeping this guy. Luckily the Porter smokescreen is keeping all the fans from coming to this realization.

I just read an interesting comment from Tinshaker which made me reread the blog. Crowder really didn't say anything inflammatory at all. Reread it and just read what's in quotations and you realize he was actually just trying to be a good journalist lol!

That said, he DID give JP a forum and he had to KNOW that this was what it would be about, so that can't sit well w/ the trifecta...I bet they let this slide and maybe at the most shop him for a fair trade predraft.

I don't see him getting cut for this, Armando just kinda fooled me with his editorial comments.

The Cuban has arrived and we ARE STILL talking joey (6th grade education)Porter???? What the deuce????

Wilford is a beast

Jethro Porter needs to head back to Bugtussel and he needs to take Ellie-May Crowder with him....

I like how Crowder thinks he can trash Miami but nothin will happen to him. Just goin along with Porter is gonna look bad on him. I say package those two overpaid, overrated lbs and get whatever you can...picks...depth at any position. Better off without either of them.

Neither Crowder or Porter need to be talkin sh*t when neither are anything special, as a matter of fact the two are responsible for much of the team's woes in 2009. And BTW, the media attention right now is about and for super players, not for mediocre, questionable players airing the dirty laundry of a team that didn't even have a winning season. The rest of the league, media and fans have to be thinking you are whiney losers. Both are pretty much already gone from the team now, you got your wish. And as for Sparano, he may very well be a big part of the FINS' woes also, it is not easy to like this guy and he made plenty of errors, some that cost us games. Lastly, I still say we are not benefiting properly from having Parcells on our staff because he needs to be the head coach, not sitting up in a booth on game day, this will become more of an issue as time passes, Sparano is far from being the head coach we need.

Porter's dedication and passion is missing this season. A true professional like Jason Taylor gives his best everytime he plays; and he doesn't whine like others. I say keep Taylor, put him back where he is best, and dump the little girlie men who like to air their dirty laundry.

Porter tried to burn his bridges this week, couldn't light the match, so blew the whole fking thing up! He knows it. For those who think Joey's slow, what about "where is London" Crowder and his 3rd grade education. dummies are hard to coach up. I enjoyed some of Porter's games but never trusted consistency. Same for Crowder. I was glad they resigned him last year to save picks for dealing with other areas .... but his time is also up. Joey blew up the bridge ... Crowder wasn't smart enough to get off the bridge.

Well, hearing that the players may not be on board with Tony is not what I wanted to hear. I am sure every club has stuff like this going on a lot though. As for Porter if I am paying you millions & millions of dollars unless you're injured or have viable reasons for being out your butt better be there when it's suppose to be. Some of these players just live in an alternate reality where they believe the world revovles around themselves for other reasons than they have their own gravatational pull. As a long time fan this is crap I don't want to hear about I just want another SB championship trophy back in Moami where it belongs. I have long enough %#&$@!!!!

Crowder going to U.F doesn't Bode well with there education system does it????

Just Get Porter of the team NOW!!! TODAY!!!!

Joey is a cancer, and tell Crowder to STFU; he is not good enough to run his mouth.

Crowder is all we got on the Inside, but not game changer, STFU Crowder.....

He is no Zach thats for sure.

What i think the phins should do with porter is keep him since his talking ruined any trade value he may have had, however; they should tell him we will play you how we want and the first time he doesn't come off the field or throws a tantrum they should do him like philly did with T.O. and send him home with no pay.

If you keep Porter the cancer will spread..

Plain and simple.

KY, Yeah pay him a million bucks march 5 .... lmfao.... like NJ would say get a fu@kin clue and thanks for stopping by....:)

You got Wake and Taylor, Porter is Totally and completely expendable.

To be Politically correct(No reference to any type of cancer) Joey(Jethro bodine)Porter is a wart on the end of your nose, not a small one but a huge one, he needs to be out off.... thanks for stopping by though.....:)

What you say is undoubtly true, but we all know J.P. has said he doesn't/won't play so he will very quickly give the F.O. a reason to send him home. Unlike the philly and T.O. incident Porter is 32 and a season or 2 (he is under contract for 2) sitting will kill any career he has left and send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated

KY, Ya got a point but....

Think of the damage he can do in the locker room.

Young players will look to him and that would be bad news.

You are cutting your nose of to spite your face

KY, Yeah but to give this buttwad a million bounus and then 5 mill. for the year is crazy, Which makes me wonder about YOUR mental state.....LOL:)

You're right of course i just hate to see him get away with holding a gun to the phins and get what he wants released instead of traded by going on air like he has; would love to just see him black balled like jeff george was

what do you care about the money; it isn't yours and it is an uncapped year won't count for anything to ruining his career except like PWT said it would ruin the lockerroom

both porter and clam crowder can get lost. they both are garbage. let's sign some real players.

didn't finish the rest and the 5 mil wouldn't be paid if he is sent home for conduct detrimental to the team like philly did with T.O.

Wilford had no production because Penne couldn't get him the ball and Wilford was vocal about it so they deactivated him.
After 5 years of 1200-1400 yards/season he all of a sudden couldn't catch?
He looked good in preseason with Henne throwing to him.
And Patrick Turner caught so many passes at USC that he made Sanchez the number 5 overall pick.
He really can't catch either?
But Penne had 3 surgeries on his throwing shoulder before he got $10mil without even taking a physical and people in this blog call him 'noodle arm'.
Guys like Armando and Greg Cote are telling us we have no deep threat for 2 years because we did not have the receivers.
The truth is we did have the receivers and we had the QB (Henne) but the Tuna spent $10 million on Penne which actually cost $16mil because Wilford could not produce without a big arm QB.
That is the point. Parcells has not been held accountable for that.

KY, Id rather the fins pay his remaining contract and ship him to the lions then.... what are your thoughts on this?????

lol; i lived in detroit for 9 years it would serve them right to have him

menace, How does a dolphin LB change a light bulb?

yeah that would be great free up the roster spot and ship him where he doesn't want to be
that is a very good idea

That I Get, Just Keep our eyes on the prize.

We need a team of young players growing and "Drinking the Dolphin Koolade"

Price, Iam getting hold of Oliver Stone to check out this Possible conspiracy you just mentioned.....

Dont know Tenn, How????

I'am sorry to hear about your EXILE to detriot KY.....Must have been brutal.....

i was born in Tampa, but was following the dolphins before they ever had a team; detroit was terrible but you go where the money is; last year the wife got a job with the company that makes jack daniels so we moved here

Here's a good subject, Jessica Biel or Jessica Simpson?????

Put Porter on top of a ladder (pedestal) holdin the bulb and Crowder will turn the ladder (probably counterclockwise).

Don't worry I will not quit my day job.


Crowder get's "paid" to do radio? I hope he does a better job for them than he does the Dolphins. Both of these P.O.S. linebackers need to go!

i like Jessica Biel

at least we have 2 good college basketball teams here Louisville, and KY

Biel all day long, I can get Pork at Win Dixie.

biel's more the girl next door.....

Dear Mr. Salguero

If "Star Wars" had Joey Porter, Cameron Wake and Channing Crowder.

Scene: Cameron Wake strikes down the ageing dark sith lord Joey Porter with his youth, enthusiasm and clear ability to produce in 3rd down situations.

Young Jedi Channing Crowder runs to his dying(Well his feelings are hurt) mentors side.

Crowder: Don't leave me teacher I still have much to learn.

Porter: I have taught you much and most proud of your use of the dark side of trash talk.

You have mastered the art of mistackling and have a fine understanding of how NOT to make a game changeing play.

You are now comming into your own with minor injuries and the ability to take plays off.

My last lesson for you young Jedi is how an ageing veteran like myself often hurt,Veteran salery,not always a team player that sometimes doe'snt listen to the coaches can milk some unsuppecting team for another contract.

End scene.

Soiled :)

ky, Vols and Commode-doors a'int bad either, besides, the Lady Vols have proven year in and out that bball is a girls sport.

lol soiled

Thank you Soiled.....

SB, you're Nutz but....

I like!

"(Wilford) looked good in preseason with Henne throwing to him.

No...not so much. You don't address his meager numbers w/ Jax this year. Wilford lost a step and he didn't have one to spare.

Nobody said Turner can't catch. The only thing I've heard is he can't digest the playbook.

Damian Williams led the Trojans in recieving that year, not turner.

Pricemaster, please send some of what you are smoking to:
Care of “I AM ALWAYS…”
P O box 257, Sacramento, CA 95841

Wilford’s best year as a pro came in 2005. He had 41 catches and 681 yards. Not exactly an allpro. He had a whopping 11 catches for 123 yards last year with big armed Garrard.


My understanding with Turner is he cannot get off the line and has issues with running routes

TN, That sounds like Ted(Opps I fall down)Ginn, are you sure about this????

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