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The behind-the-scenes Dolphins soap opera

Like the sands through the hour glass these are the last days of Joey Porter's Dolphins career.

The countdown clock is winding to Porter's certain release from the Miami Dolphins. If that isn't clear to you by now after it's been written on this blog time and again, then you certainly must be getting the drift as Porter continues to slime the team in radio and television interviews the past three weeks.

I must say the best of those interviews came Tuesday and was done by the fine folks over at 560-AM (WQAM in Miami). It was the best because Channing Crowder, paid by the station, convinced Porter to come on for nearly 15 minutes and simply unload.

And by the time the segment was over, Porter had pulled back the curtain on exactly how dysfunctional the Dolphins really were in 2009. As he and Crowder talked you understood players don't really love coach Tony Sparano. You understood how Sparano's penchant for putting a happy face on everything is truly just propaganda. And you recognized how utterly, undeniably delusional Porter really is.

At one point in the interview, Porter actually let these divergent thoughts stream from his mouth as if they could ever belong together: "I got no problem being here," he said. "I think we're headed in the right direction. But I can honestly say I don't want to be back."

Anyway, forget the stuff about Porter being unhappy with being platooned. I've covered that in previous posts. Porter wasn't happy with that at all. But the guy has no grasp on the fact he was authoring a terrible season much of the year when Sparano instilled the platoon system. He doesn't recognize that Cameron Wake was increasingly looking like a sack waiting to happen every time he came in the game.

And Porter apparently doesn't recognize Jason Taylor was simply a more complete player -- defending the run and the pass as well as rushing the passer.

Porter? Regardless of what Sparano wanted you to believe, the next time Porter set the edge of the defense would have been the first time he did that.

And yet Porter apparently sees himself as vastly superior to his teammates.

"If you let us fight for the job, it's not even an argument," he said. "No shots at nobody (really?), but it's not even an argument. All them guys in my room, love them to death, but the outside linebackers, I'm the best one we got. Period. There's nothing to talk about. That's period. Who am I switching with? Why should I be switching with any of them guys."

Later in the interview Porter showed the disdain for which he held the guy about to replace him.

"If you want to play Cameron Wake and them in the game, go ahead," Porter said. "Good luck to you."

I told you yesterday Porter really only had one advocate at Dolphins camp and that was Tony Sparano. And then I told you he had lost Sparano. Apparently the relations went sour well before the end of the season.

"Last seven weeks of the season after missing the Tampa Bay game was no fun for me ...," Porter said. "Going in and being a captain, I went from talking to the coach every day to not talking to the coach no more. Only time I talked to him was on game day. Not talking to nobody. Seeing Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and them and nobody saying nothing to you no more. It made me feel like an outcast. The writing's on the wall for me."

Porter was apparently hurt that Sparano lost trust in him and cast him aside like a three-button jacket. And he apparently was somewhat envious that Sparano continued to see Taylor as the team's leader.

"I'm your captain but I'm not in no meetings no more," Porter complained. "Nobody's talking to the captain no more.We lost [Jason] Ferguson. We lost Chad Pennington. We had four. We lost two to injury. So now it's just me and Jason, but Jason't the only one that's meeting with the head coach.

"And he's relaying a message to me: 'Yeah, coach said this because he said you don't want to talk.' Why I don't want to talk? Usually when we call a meeting, you say, 'Joey, Jason come up.' Not just, 'Jason come up.' So everybody don't know everything I went through. That last seven weeks was no fun for me."

BLOG PAUSE HERE. ALTOGETHER FOR JOEY: Aaaahhhh. Joey wasn't having the proper amount of fun as he was making about $5 million last year. Three million people lost their jobs in 2009 but Joey wasn't loving life every second he lived it. Makes me really sad.

Anyway, as I reported to you on January 26th, one of the things that got Porter truly torqued off at Sparano was his suspension for the Tampa Bay game.

And in talking about that episode Porter and Crowder painted the picture of a team on which players don't agree with the head coach and assistants aren't agreeing with the head coach about a player's suspension -- one Sparano was absolutely correct about, by the way.

Team unity was apparently not so united.

"It was an uncomfortable situation amongst the team," Crowder said. "And I know I'm not the only player that thinks that. I know a lot of the guys were too."

Said Porter: "I put it this way, it wasn't a situation to where when [Sparano] sent me home, everybody was on board with that decision. Coaches and players. I got phone calls from coaches telling me, 'Just keep your head up. Fight through it, man. You'll be alright.' Now why you telling me this? 'Cause you know in your heart the deal was just wrong. It was just wrong."

Porter claims he was suspended because after missing two days of practice Wednesday and Thursday, he left his crib Friday night to get dinner. "I went out to get something to eat from 9 to 10:30," he said.

The Dolphins have a different version although they continue to hide behind their veil of silence that frankly has become sort of transparent now. The team believes Porter abused the privilege of being off Wednesday and Thursday by going out Friday night.

"[Sparano] wasn't happy about that, and I've never heard of that before," Porter said. "You know what I mean? Telling a grown man what to do on a Friday. It wasn't Saturday night curfew. I'm talking to him, looking at him and I'm like, "I'm not in here leaking alcohol, getting in the steam room trying to get it out of me. I'm here bright eyed and bushy tailed.' I went to sleep at 10:30. That's good for me. That's great for me."

"Amazing," Crowder chimed in agreement.

Amazing indeed. But not for the reasons these two think.


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Wilford was Parcell's second choice he tried to induce Keyshawn out of retirement to come to the phins

Jessica Biel, no doubt

Wilford was Parcell's second choice he tried to get Keyshawn to come out retirement to the phins

I remember reading in one of Mando's blog in the Fall. I could be wrong. Do we know what Turner scored on the wonderlick?

Guys, Lets be honest here, The mighty air breathers have more holes in them then my prom date had,, Going to the play-offs this year doesnt look very good my friends....But then again you never know...

I agree they have a lot of holes and after this year they will have another with running back ricky is retiring, and although i like ronnie he is always injured so you can't rely on him

The mistake with Wilford was signing him in the first place, not that he wasn't used properly. Granted it was a big whiff in FA and so far this regime has been very iffy in FA signings. Wilson was another big FA mistake.

Jessica Biel all day long.

TN, That's funny you should mention that. my prom date scored great on it but unfortunately she did'nt perform up to her score... if you know what I mean.... and I think you do...

Always, Like Stuart Scott would say "BOOOOOYAAAAA"

Hell yeah CM

Dear Mr. Salguero

Apon re reading my previous post I found some errors.

"Cameron Wake strikes down the ageing dark sith lord Joey Porter"

Should read Jedi Cameron Wake.


"Young Jedi Channing Crowder runs to his dying"
Should read Young dark sith lord Channing Crowder.

Sorry for the mistake I just didnt want any Star Wars nerds commin down on me.

Soiled :)

P.S. For a giggle or a smirk do a you tube search for "Sparky the Parret"
Warning: Strong language with a scottish ascent.

Cuban... By what ever do you mean?

TN, She scored high, but her performance was below average.......:)

Much like Joey I am sure she had at least one good one in there somewhere

The only soap opera is Joey porter... He is the person talking trash.. Think any teams want him... Did the same thing at Pitt when they released his butt there because they knew they didn't need him... He gets upset and he is all like a baby.. He is the reason why he didn't perform... Only is happy when "Joey" gets what he wants

OK guys the menace must go to work, You guys have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite.....

So Porter blabs a bunch of s**t and then Crowder sits next to him kissing his butt staying in line with Porters B.S. and we're now supposed to believe that Sparano lost the team?! Those two clowns have lost ALL CREDIBILITY with anyone who knows them! How could Crowder say that stuff after the team just gave him a new contract eventhough he hasn't even proven himself yet!? I bet we could find a rookie in the draft that could outplay Porter. Remember Zach Thomas?! Where did we draft him and how did that work out? And the comparison is that I actually remember Zachs first game and what a HUGE impact he made! Whens Crowders first game? We've been waiting for quite some time now and all I hear is talk from him but he can't back it up!

CUT CROWDER RIGHT ALONG WITH PORTER!!! I don't care who we play at the position. Start over with players who will respect the team and coaches. How in the hell does Crowder expect to face his teammates and coaches after siding with Porter on a RIDICULOUS complaint like that! They didn't play you because you weren't producing jackass!!!!! You admited yourself to being hurt but you should play every down? Do you think no one can see the definciencies in your game? And now you attack our team?! How long have you been here a**hole because I've been here for 35 years! Go to hell, which is a lot like Oakland, so better yet go to Oakland and rot!!

"As he and Crowder talked you understood players don't really love coach Tony Sparano".
1. YEAH, two players, Porter and Crowder. Unless the rest of the team has concede to let Porter and Crowder talk for them. Did other players say this or just the two dopes who just lost thousands of fans?
"You understood how Sparano's penchant for putting a happy face on everything is truly just propaganda".
2. For the love of God Mando are you kidding? How does one not know that coaches do this and have been doing this for decades? It took two morons to make you realize this?
"And you recognized how utterly, undeniably delusional Porter really is".
Amen, but why not add Crowder into that equation? They're both delusional considering Tony Sparano has been all class when it comes to defending his players. Never calls them out to the media or even talks about their struggles and this is how he gets repaid??!!! He takes a team from 1-15 to the playoffs, a 1-15 team to 18 wins and 14 losses under his watch with mediocre players and this is the respect he gets from the very same players he's protected to the point of making HIMSELF look bad?! Oh man I'm steamed.

This is what you call a package deal. Buy one get one free, Joey and Channing, all the whining you could ever want, from two of the most overpaid and overrated players on the team. Hopefully we draft an OLB and ILB with the first 2 picks and deal them both off to move up.

Mando it's only a "Dolphins soap opera" because you wrote that it was. This is all created and fabricated by one person JOEY PORTER! So why doesn't the blog read "the behind the scenes Joey Porter soap opera"? Oh because they said OTHERRRRRRRR players were unhappy? And eventhough you point out how ridiculously retarded the two of them are you choose to believe their assertions about other players who weren't even allowed to speak for themselves?! This is why I can't take your crap seriously. I have serious questions about your seeming lack of ability to connect the dots.

What's interesting to me is that the two guys with huge holes in their games make the biggest noise and blame it on coaching. Both of them were inherited by this regime. Sparano has been a true coach by keeping this distraction in the locker room. The truth of the matter is that Porter and Crowder see the writing on the wall. They know they are on their way out. Porter's attitude and selfishness was the reason the Steelers, to their credit, got rid of him. Our team will grow and be better by parting ways with these non-team players.

Don’t know bout ya’ll but I’m hearing a common theme; Send Porter down the road and Crowder better STFU or follow Porter Out the Door.

Jessica Alba

I can no longer speak on this subject. Please fire Joey and the Gerbil...

Screw you Chowder for taking part in this conversation as you are now truly guilty by association.

I would not be surprised to hear Parcells and Sparano call both into their offices tomorrow and cut both of them.

Both are a disgrace to their teammates.

I for one NEVER liked Porter, I dislike all players who preform with their mouth. I love fiery and passionate players but silent i.e Troy Polamalu. I'm still perplex, why WE resigned Crowder? We really need LB, time for a youth movement in that department.

These have to be two of the biggest idiots in the NFL. How much longer until Miami sends both of them packing. Crowder can't stay healthy and doesn't make plays when he's in there. I don't want either of these morons on this team next year. Show some toughness, cut them both and remind the players who is boss.

Bye bye crowder. Lol. Shoulda never Been a dolphin

Hey, what's wrong with a three button jacket?

LMFAO @ always right. You first came on here criticizing me a little for the way i lash out some posters and thinking i'm always right yet the last few days you've been doing the same thing. What was the address you gave a earlier poster again?? LOL !!:)

Jake Long is on Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel right now... lol

Hey NJ, if you can't beat em, join em. lmao

Seriously though, I'm just having a good time. But just think, now you can use the pot meet kettle line on me :)

Oh, I still can admit when I'm wrong though which is something I am not sure I will ever see you do. lol

That was of course a fake address except for the Sacramento part. I do hail from Sactown.

Both porter and crowder have got to go obviously, but, there is a problem with sparano as well. He is not the coach we all thought he was, and it could get worse before it gets better, as in, a new coach.

Yeah you right Carlito, The show is at Shula's for Man vs Food.

Porter needs to go. Get rid of that dysfunctional dildo.

LOL @ Always right , you see , it's isn't it ??? Join the club. By the way , POT MEET KETTLE !!!. thanks for stopping by :)

typo . It's FUN !!, isn't is ??

IT !!! i'm f'n to tired to type. LOL

too tired he says, like the maggot works for real


Hey guapo , you're wrong . Didn't you see that i work at taco bell ??? :)

trade both for vernon davis or brandon marshall don't need players acting like they are above the team Ego kills


me quiero!

when can we cut Porter? when will this madness end?

I can't wait for the combine... or at least a non peezy blog so we can talk about anything.. I would even welcome a 100 entry list from Nathaniel..(actually, I quite enjoy those random thoughts but 100 item list would be tough to sustain through to the end..)

I'll trade you my bike for your 300K house?

How about a shovel for your new car?

Now, let's take this to football - I'll trade you Joey porter for anybody... another team making that trade would be just as surprising as getting a car for my shovel or a house for my bike.. sure, I can say it and make it sound like I mean it, but come on - let's be realistic!

beerphin, that was sarcasm right? Vernon Davis and Brandon Marshall are both divas just like "J-Peezy"

"Put up or shut up"?

What about Shut up AND Put up!

Crowder, I know you were being paid to be on the show but I think you forget who pays you your REAL salary!

Even if the locker room was divided, why on Earth would you get involved in the mess that Joey "The Mouth" Porter is getting himself into?

Porter can talk all he wants because he knows he is already a goner. You were lucky to get a big contract last year. This is how you repay the franchise that invested on what you COULD be, instead of what you ACTUALLY ARE?

P.S. Maybe it's time for Porter to leave the NFL and go back to Elementary School and retake some English classes!

i wouldn't be surprised if crowder get traded as well in a package.. i can't stand the guy.. how the heck did he go to UF. he's an idiot without a brain.. he should visit the wizard of oz..

agree with you LipsinToronto. Can't wait for the combines myself. All this peezy krap is getting old. Hey I noticed you mentioned the "madness" in your previous post. As long as you don't say "Stop the"

Get rid of Joey "Cavern Mouth" Porter, Channing "Punching Bag" Crowder and Gerbil Wilson. Joey can wear his half-shirt for another team, if they'll have him. I've been waiting for them to get rid of these cretins.

I will say that Joey did have the best picture at the end of last year. He was pointing at Bret Favrah and laughing after he threw a pick.

Jessica Alba

Lol Ace, that was me posting in black - and I am absolutely NOT "stop the madness" - although with all the insane yet harmless identity theft going on around here, I can see why you would be on alert for the use of such a word.

How about "When will this annoying drama end?"

I wish we could trade Joey for a case of beer - I mean seriously - it would be so much better if instead of cutting him, we value him at $20.00

Excuse me I misquoted - after watching Chuck and Larry - Jessica Biel
no doubt; Jessica Alba would be a nice consolation prize

Lipsin, I wish we could get value for Peezy. I dont think it will happen at this point.

New blog up!

I would love to get adraft pick out of a porter trade but I think he will end up being cut.

White, Turner, Nalbone, Gardner, Folsom,Murphy,parmalee....some of the picks that have been made recently......ALL DUDS so far...!!!!

So far the Trifecta have been AVERAGE at picking talent.....theyd better suit up and get better PRONTO...!!

And make some serious moves in FA.....all this garbage about building slowly will do is keep us AVERAGE.....make some moves PARCELLS....fkk I can sit there and do little for a cheaper price...!!!!

lets try to put one of these comments into perspective...

Porter said..."I got phone calls from coaches telling me, 'Just keep your head up. Fight through it, man. You'll be alright.' Now why you telling me this? 'Cause you know in your heart the deal was just wrong. It was just wrong."

No Porter...not "cause" they thought you were wronged...but Because they knew you needed to have your spoiled rear-end "powdered" so you wouldn't sulk...its time to Grow-up and be a man...playing football doesn't make you a man...your embarrassing yourself acting like a petulant child.

Have Porter explain the first New England game, he laid an Egg on tackles, sacks and hurries! All this while talking his usual mess before the game. How many times did we see that happen this year? Being a non factor in football games. Kick Rocks 55! Your jersey his being packed up and being shipped to Marshalls and Ross. What have you done for us lately?that's what I thought! Trade his loud mouth to Detroit for some kicking nets! I'm sure he might love that.






Good ridence....and Get rid of Crowder and his sorry UF behind too...second fiddle LB when great ones are next to him....by himself, nada!

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