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Kindle: A look beyond stats and 40 times

So now you know that Mike Mayock believes the Dolphins will draft outside linebacker candidate Sergio Kindle because he is rated No. 7 among the draft analyst's best players, and Miami needs a defensive playmaker, and all those great football reasons.

And that is dandy for an analyst looking purely at a player's skill set and matching them to a team's needs. But drafting for an NFL team is more than purely projecting whether a player can play a position or adjust to a scheme or has the physical prowess to perform.

NFL drafting is also about knowing the person, his habits, his character. And Mayock doesn't measure any of that which the Dolphins must absolutely measure before taking a gamble on anyone such as Kindle.

You see, Kindle, by all accounts a fine athlete, has had some off-field issues during his 22 years on the planet. And the Dolphins must and will collect data on those issues and include them in their evaluation of Kindle.

This isn't new. Every team does this. But for some reason, unless the issues are obvious, guys such as Mayock and Mel Kiper rarely account for them. They loved Rey Maualuga last year, but didn't say anything about the drinking problem that most teams were aware of. Not surprisingly, Maualuga, supremely talented, had a drunk driving incident in January and then reportedly checked himself into a alcohol rebabilitation center.

Now you understand why he didn't go higher in the 2009 draft?

Kindle's current state of mind and character is for NFL teams to judge now. But I can tell you he's had trouble before that Mayock didnt mention in speaking about him Tuesday on a national conference call.

In July of 2007, when Kindle was a sophomore, he was arrested for DWI. He was suspended for the first three games of the season and had to perform community service.

In June of 2009, just prior to Kindle's final season at Texas, he was involved in a car accident in which he drove his car into an apartment building at 2:50 in the morning on a Wednesday. Kindle then got the help of some friends, pulled the car out of the wrecked apartment, and put it on the street.

Then Kindle fled the scene. Having suffered a concussion, his story is he was very tired and simply went home to sleep. Kindle claims there was no alcohol involved in this accident and that he was simply texting a coach when it happened.

(Um, show of hands in the comments section for anyone who totally buys this story.)

Kindle's car, by the way, was registered to his father: Johnny Walker.

I kid you not.

Anyway, even if you are a believer, you must wonder how Kindle would handle playing in a town like mine because we got a couple of places to party down here. Fact is, even people close to Kindle wonder if he should be playing in a town like Miami.

Kindle's high school coach Bobby Estes told the New York Times in January that he and his wife "cringe" at the idea of Kindle ending up in a city like Miami and are hopeful, instead, he ends up "in a cold-weather city so he would stay inside more."

“Is he Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow citing Scripture? No,” Estes said. “But I do know that he knows right from wrong. I hope he’s making mature choices."

Kindle told the newspaper stories about his reputation as a drinker and a partier don't worry him. He told the newspaper he's "not the Sergio of '06-'07," and is now "walking a straight line."

Well, it's up to NFL teams to find out if that "straight line" is one drawn by a cop during a field sobriety test.


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He had better mature quickly if we're to take a look at him come draft time. These prima donnas can easily find trouble in South Florida if they don't have their head screwed on straight

Julius Peppers has been released by Panthers. Whaddaya know, another option has come into existence. Hey Ireland what do you guys think about "jumbo" acorns?


Ohhh Mando, your man crush for Graham has gotten the best of you...

You think all 32 teams won't know what Kindel did and won't wake him up in the mid of night to ask him character revealing questions. Specifically about those incidents you just mentioned...
You think Parcells didn't know about the type of character Lawerence Taylor had?...Com'on now, though Taylor was no thug he had drinking and drug problems.

Now I'm not advocating Sergio Kindel's pick, but there is a diffence between thug and having a drinking problem. And Kindel is a good player no doubt, bit on the light side but he is a good one.

Regarding Rolando McClain you are dead wrong...about his ability and you said it best you are no expert, far from it and you know you would think that covering football, eventually something would stick in terms of learning the difference between an average football player and a good one....the only two game that you should have up there on your previous post regarding McClain are his two biggest games of his college career: The SEC champioship and the National Championship. There you would see the natural instinks McCalin has and his ability to read and snuff out a screen passes or plug a hole in the backfield, just on those two games alone, or his ability to go sideline to sideline, those type of things were evident, and for a player his caliber his upside is still high. Now he is also a game film fanatic and that to me speaks of accountabilty. I have said it before, I like Graham and I like McCalin I think we could not go wrong with either and if, if we do not sign a player like Karlos Dansby, it would be evident that a player of McClain's caliber would be paramount in replacing or begin to replace our horrible ILB'n core.
But what Parcells will do no one knows, I have my huntches but will wait till draft day comes to make my predictions. But we could not go wrong with any of the above mentioned players.
One thing I'm hoping for is that we add a few more picks in rounds 2-5 because we still have alot of holes to fill and there are some quality picks to be had in those rounds.

Damn, now Pickett is being franchised. Thats the guy I really wanted as a UFA NT, and who I thought we'd be able to afford, in the thinking of the trifecta's ways.

Oh well, now looks like for sure NT just became a must have somewhere in the draft.
I'm thinking Thomas or Troupe.

Y'all are dang fools. Miami is goin' Oakland and draftin' a kicka of some sorts in the first rounds. Like Sebastian J, y'all!

OOOOOOOOHHHH childs! I's a likin' the wayz youz a thinkin'!!!!!!

That's not a good sign, when the kid's high school coach doesn't think he should play in a big city. His high school coach knows him better than anyone.

Carlito is a fool! I punch him, his cousin, his bro, his ho, his sis, even when I miss, it's a kiss to you momma! YOU RAISE A PUNK! HO!
But you are right about the kicker thing. At least you're smarter than your fool-ash son!

At #12, I would be happy if they took R. Mclain, D. Williams, or S. Weatherspoon.
It will be fascinating to see what happens if D. Bryant is still on the board when the phins pick.

If they take CJ Spiller at #12, I wont be a very happy camper.

By the way, my prediction for Joey Porter is that he will be a pass rush specialist for someone next year. He is not good enough to be an every down player for any team in the NFL. He will be eating some crow when he realizes that.

Oooooooooooooh, chitlins! I just knews it! I just KNEWS it! I knews my boys be findin intelligentzes guys like you on these here boardz, Mr Shuddup! Youz my newsest pride and joy! PLEASE teachin my youngest the way! Please be teachin my lid'l CArlito how to be a MAN! Lord be knowin aint nobody else every teachin him nothin abouts bein a man after his daddys left him in 1983! I respect you Mr SHUDDUP! I respects you!!!!

YOU BEST be sayin that Carlitos MOMMA! Every single person on this board only know that Carlito not from Golfito... the boy be from stupido... or loserito... or smoke-some-crack-to-the-ito! I am glad to be the man called to show him the way!
But only a mans momma can set him on his way! Thank you Miss Carlitos Momma!

That is not the greatest of news. A kid with too much testosterone and an irresponsible drinking habit. Do a urinalysis on the day of the draft. If he passes then sign him. If not move on.









your write-up about sergion kindle and the associated links within the story, if these don't show RED FLAGS, I don't know what does. the kid seems to be very immature, lazy and prone to veering of course, especially in the a town like Miami where this can happen nightly.

McLain is the pick at 12. kid will be a Pro Bowl player by his 2nd-3rd year. write it down. you want Def players that have good intincts, got a head on their shoulders and make plays, not someone pulling wrecked cars out of Apt bldgs at 1:30 in the morning.

I read those reports too Armando; however, I tend to let the administration do their homework on the players, and make thier own decisions. For example (can't remember where you stood on this player) Vontae Davis last year was either the #1 or #2 (according to most evaluations)db in last years draft and should have been picked higher. His stock fell because multiple sources said he didn't respect his coaches, and he only worked hard when he felt like it.

There were also reports about his character/ attitude as well as NFLDraftBible.com saying he tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine.

Now what you reported can be verified and isn't so much rumor as with Vontae, but still the job of Parcell's, Ireland, and the dolphin scout team is to evaluate the player; so if after doing their jobs they decide to draft kindle or anyone else I can live with it. I am not advocating drafting him I'm just saying that people change and the administration gets paid the big money to consider all the issues.

Bunch of bull. Kindle deserves to go to Chicago or another NFC no where town

Dear Justin,

I don't remember saying anywhere that I am perfect. And I am not the issue. The Dolphins aren't looking at me as a possible No. 12 overall pick to invest $20-$25 million on.

If, however, they would consider giving me that much money, I'd happily submit my life to any scrutiny they'd like to put on it.

The worst they'd come up with is my lack of patience for clods such as yourself.

Good one Armando.I loved the part about the car being registered to Johnny Walker.

dont mess with armando...
with the trifecta and their secrecy anything is possible ,got v davis last year worked out great.
agree with beerdrums.whats next insured by mary wanna ??

Trade back!!

I am not a college football fan, so on this one I will defer to the best "TV" scout there is in Mayock, who is right much more then anyone else, including the clown Mel.

Also, we get you like Graham but really, putting up multiple posts trying to tear down others, while at the same time saying you don't know anything about scouting players? Sounds like someone is getting paid off in this love fest of yours (yes I know you aren't....or are you? :)

hey Armando good points to mr. credible! kindle played football his whole life to make it to the nfl. once he got to texas the national spotlight hit him and he should have known to start minding his p's and q's. And justin who are you to call anyone two face? you hate a certain people and are married to someone of said certain people!

Sorry Officer, I never saw that Apt Building while I was texting and then I thought it was best to leave, I mean why bother u guys???

This post was hilarious Mando. Johnny Walker! Ha!

Well, I guess you know where I fall on this one. Anyone that gets caught DWI probably has been drinking and driving 10 times before he actually got caught. Those are the stats.

So unless he went into some alcohol rehab that we don't know about, I would be very careful with him.

I am a terrific turd!

Mando, why do you think these analyst types don't include off the field issues? Certainly trouble like this will affect ranking, making their analysis worthless.

I agree that Brian Miller is a buttwipe. Everyone, Brian Miller is a buttwipe!

I think either Kindle or McClain would be a good pick for the Dolphins.

My choices for the dolphins first couple round would be:
1st- McClain or Kindle or Bryant
1st- Trade with a team around pick 20, give them next years first round pick and use this pick to select Taylor Mays, FS, USC.
2nd- WR such as Lafell, LSU
3rd- NT best available
4th- Andrew Quarless, TE, PSU
6th- OG, LB, RB
7th- CB, NT

Yes officer, I just happened to be driving along and texting and this building popped up out of nowhere.

And after fixing the problem, I just decided to go home because my head hurt and I had a concussion, even though everyone knows you don't go to sleep right away when you have a concussion.

Yeah, that's the ticket.


PFT reporting 5 of the top 10 teams are looking to trade DOWN out of their picks, not looking good for us to trade down if this report is true...

Let's remember that in professional sports he application of team rules is diametrically opposite to prouction. Lawrence Taylor being the most appropriate, but not only example due to position and Dolphin hierarchy. In addition, Jimmy Johnson was famous for admitting that he applied the rules differently to his stars.

It is not a nceeality, but it is the world we live in.

Let's remember that in professional sports the application of team rules is diametrically opposite to production. Lawrence Taylor being the most appropriate, but not only example due to position and Dolphin hierarchy. In addition, Jimmy Johnson was famous for admitting that he applied the rules differently to his stars.

It is not a nice reality, but it is the world we live in.

Ohhh Mando, your man crush for Graham has gotten the best of you...

dolphins4life lmao aint that the truth

why does every blog start with one player and end with graham

seriously its like every other option we have to pick at twleve is not good enough

stop drinking the hate juice or is this just an attempt to get more hits

mando i just hope you refer back to all this when we dont draft graham
there i said it!
its not going to happen!!!

and even new england takes him jake longs arms will be all up in his face

enderesate un poquito brode

your supposed to be setting the example

pass on him

Mando, is there any truth to the rumor that Sergio also was roommates with Jim Beam? Maybe you could try and confirm this?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"NFL drafting is also about knowing the person, his habits, his character

My Dolphin draft based on the talking heads.

Rd 1 - Mel Kiper, some consider Kiper the best talking head available, the rap on kiper is he wears a cheap fake hair piece. Upside is he can be coached into getting plugs.

Rd 2 - Mike Mayock, got busted for fudgeing his time cards at work back in 07 (claiming a 40 hr work week when he only worked 32 hrs)

Rd 3 - Vic Carruchi, although he talks for major sports network NFL.com, the rap on carruchi is he's an office cancer.(doesn't make fresh coffee after takeing the last cup and always takes 2 donuts when the limit is 1)

How do you choose your players ?

Soiled :)

We should draft both Kindle and Cody and roommate them...every player will know which room has booze and food

I know most of us have said they don't want this particular FA or that particular FA due to whatever reason, but Miami really needs to decide on which FA (no matter the cost) to gamble on. They are not going to find every need in the draft and will have to get at least 2 big name FA guys on the market this season to have the potential to take it to the next level. Thay will not be able to take it to that next level with what they have and the draft. If they don't make a gamble move on 2-3 FA's we will still be a step behind the elite teams. JUST MAKE THE MOVE!!

LOL @ Soiled and bobbyd12

Listen, the kids had problems but that's not my major concern...can he help this team win without puliing a Plaxico Burress (who got a raw deal) or Jayson Williams..If we worry about issues like this we draft Tim Tebow..

Yeah, whatever rules application said.

What did he say?

Kindle no no no no no no !!!

Um, sureshock, this blog didn't mention Brandon Graham -- until you mentioned him in the comments.

I think Armando is on to something - GRAHAM but JIMMY GRAHAM then we come back and get Sharpton in the second. Another Cane in the NFL!

Go Canes!

It's not the character issues that bother me necessarily. First off, these are football players which can behave just half a notch above silverback gorillas on the evolutionary scale at times off and on the field. Football players SHOULD be a little nuts, you just want them to channel it a little more properly.

I just don't think he's a 1st pick because you don't spend 1st picks on talent alone. 1st rounders are the creme of the crop and should have married talent and production. Subsequent rounds are for small school standouts or overproducing mavens or underproducing specimens.

Sergio Kindles "problem" can be fixed with maturity and being with the right people...on the other hand the Dolphins can't make Brandon Graham's arms grow any longer or grow him beyond 6:1 can we Armando???

Um, sureshock, this blog didn't mention Brandon Graham -- until you mentioned him in the comments.

Posted by: Finheavenblows! | February 24, 2010 at 09:41 AM

scroll up buddy and regardless look back at all the other blogs about our 12th pick prospects..check the track record

"NFL drafting is also about knowing the person, his habits, his character". So true and the same can be said for signing free agents. I wish people would realize this before getting mad about Parcells and Ireland passing certain guys up in free agency. Some players can do damage to a team from within and it's something the fans would never know about. Sometimes you have to put faith in the guys who do this for a living. Hit or miss, they are following a plan and when I heard the plan was to build a team that will have character, pride, and toughness I was the first to sign up. It's how Pioli built the Patriots and I've always loved teams that have a bunch of TEAM players who don't care about individual stats. Lastly, having lived right outside of Miami in my college days and knowing that it's such a beautiful city with so much to offer it's really sad to me that every time someone talks about it, they talk about the clubs and bars. It seems to most outsiders that it is only a party town and allthough there are a lot of fun places to hang out that doesn't tell the whole story of the city.

finheavenblows, keep up would ya? Allthough Mando didn't say anything about Graham we all know that A. The Dolphins are most likely drafting an OLB with their #1 so that all but rules out McClain. B. Mando has stated numerous times he wants Graham. C. Mando is writing an article about the only other OLB that could be taken before Graham being a drunken idiot. (which is true). Now if you put two and two together and then look at the big picture you will see a little mini Graham-paign starting right in front of your eyes.

Sarasota 'cane - Why would you want the entire canes team when they were not that good this year or in previous years. Miami will not be drafting a TE with the 1st pick, so get over it already please!!! or as some would STFU!!!

Can Adewale Ogunleye play in the 3-4 as a DL. it would provide depth and I do not think would cost that much. Parcells loves competition and we could use depth on our DL.

The most telling evidence from Mando was the high school coach saying "he and his wife "cringe" at the idea of Kindle ending up in a city like Miami."

Normally former coaches discount reputation issues. This one threw a full gas can into the fire.

So all told, you gotta factor the problems in. I'd say he wouldn't be worth the risk at #12 unless the staff decide he has like #5 pick value based on skills alone.

Nothing I've seen indicates that is true. But he could be one of the possibles if we trade down.

Good point, NYscott, but is it a graham-paign when Mando wrote yesterday what Mayock said about Graham: That he is too short and has short arms?

I know Mando loves the guy because he said he loves the guy. But I don't think anything he's written is unfair to the other guys based on that love for Graham.

And now that I think about, let's be honest. Mando doesn't "LOVE" any of these guys. He likes the way one guy or another plays, but if Graham got arrested tomorrow, I'm sure he'd post it here right away.

Don't draft Kindle and it has nothing to do with his "off the field issues". Kindle is a one dimensional player, he rushes the passer only. We already have a guy who is ready to assume that role on the roster with Cameron Wake and he will probably do it better than Kindle will. We need a complete LB who can play in space and cover a TE or a back. That is why I think ILB is a bigger need than OLB and we should go for McClain. If we go for an OLB I agree with Armando that Graham is a more complete player than Kindle arm length be damned. Forget about the measurables, just look at what kind of player the prospect is and I think when you do that Graham is better than Kindle.

Forget Kindle and get Graham. Watch the videos of both of them playing on YouTube. Kindle is good but Graham is great! Graham in one corner Wake and/or JT on the other corner. That's why I would do. But I'm just a regular.

You guys get all hot and bothered because Armando is onto B. Graham. Who cares?

I know the guy has pull and sources and talks to people but it's not like the Dolphins are going to pick a guy simply because Armando says so.

Get over it. Take this for what it is -- information, entertainment, a good time had by all.

Mando, Any idea if we are considering Jason Fox in the 3rd round - that would be a coup de grace

having Youtube'd graham, maclain, and kindle it appears your right Mando.

graham looks great. His tackling skills look outstanding, he's everywhere.

Kindle is too small and Maclain deosn't look like he can tackle properly at all.

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