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Kindle: A look beyond stats and 40 times

So now you know that Mike Mayock believes the Dolphins will draft outside linebacker candidate Sergio Kindle because he is rated No. 7 among the draft analyst's best players, and Miami needs a defensive playmaker, and all those great football reasons.

And that is dandy for an analyst looking purely at a player's skill set and matching them to a team's needs. But drafting for an NFL team is more than purely projecting whether a player can play a position or adjust to a scheme or has the physical prowess to perform.

NFL drafting is also about knowing the person, his habits, his character. And Mayock doesn't measure any of that which the Dolphins must absolutely measure before taking a gamble on anyone such as Kindle.

You see, Kindle, by all accounts a fine athlete, has had some off-field issues during his 22 years on the planet. And the Dolphins must and will collect data on those issues and include them in their evaluation of Kindle.

This isn't new. Every team does this. But for some reason, unless the issues are obvious, guys such as Mayock and Mel Kiper rarely account for them. They loved Rey Maualuga last year, but didn't say anything about the drinking problem that most teams were aware of. Not surprisingly, Maualuga, supremely talented, had a drunk driving incident in January and then reportedly checked himself into a alcohol rebabilitation center.

Now you understand why he didn't go higher in the 2009 draft?

Kindle's current state of mind and character is for NFL teams to judge now. But I can tell you he's had trouble before that Mayock didnt mention in speaking about him Tuesday on a national conference call.

In July of 2007, when Kindle was a sophomore, he was arrested for DWI. He was suspended for the first three games of the season and had to perform community service.

In June of 2009, just prior to Kindle's final season at Texas, he was involved in a car accident in which he drove his car into an apartment building at 2:50 in the morning on a Wednesday. Kindle then got the help of some friends, pulled the car out of the wrecked apartment, and put it on the street.

Then Kindle fled the scene. Having suffered a concussion, his story is he was very tired and simply went home to sleep. Kindle claims there was no alcohol involved in this accident and that he was simply texting a coach when it happened.

(Um, show of hands in the comments section for anyone who totally buys this story.)

Kindle's car, by the way, was registered to his father: Johnny Walker.

I kid you not.

Anyway, even if you are a believer, you must wonder how Kindle would handle playing in a town like mine because we got a couple of places to party down here. Fact is, even people close to Kindle wonder if he should be playing in a town like Miami.

Kindle's high school coach Bobby Estes told the New York Times in January that he and his wife "cringe" at the idea of Kindle ending up in a city like Miami and are hopeful, instead, he ends up "in a cold-weather city so he would stay inside more."

“Is he Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow citing Scripture? No,” Estes said. “But I do know that he knows right from wrong. I hope he’s making mature choices."

Kindle told the newspaper stories about his reputation as a drinker and a partier don't worry him. He told the newspaper he's "not the Sergio of '06-'07," and is now "walking a straight line."

Well, it's up to NFL teams to find out if that "straight line" is one drawn by a cop during a field sobriety test.


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parcells and the boys should start bending a little when it comes to their rules whatever they are about diva recievers and size requirements for players etc why not use the whole pool of talent to try to find players out there instead of limiting yourself and in case they havent noticed theres plenty of loudmouth diva recievers out there wearing super bowl rings so lose the excuse of disruption

As I have narrowed down my top5 to top 2, this Dansby rumor is huge for me. Say what you want about McClain, he would have been a starter opening day, hard to say any other ILB in the draft could do it and be successful. Being that I think E Thomas and D Williams are the 2 best fits who could realistically be there at 12, I still need an ILB. Dansby solves that problem. I worry about the contract, as we will most likely again have a cap at some point. But it's hard to envision getting our first 4 draft picks to fit all positions of need, and even harder to expect them all to start day one. It would be nice to have at least 1 need filled with a proven player.


It seems hard to quantify terms like "diva" and "distraction".

Some of the stunts that T.O. has pulled have derailed teams at least to some extent.

With Marshall it is so hard to tell as he has pulled diva stunts in training camp and yet they came out of the gate smoking. Marshall even ended up playing a key role is several of Denver's wins only to fall back out of favor at the end of the year.

Chad Ocho Cinco is a diva, headline grabber type but his seem more playful than full blown distracting but, I'm sure it depends on who you ask.

A guy like Michael Irvin was a diva like, proud player but he seemed ALL business on the football field and he got rings that you spoke of.

Texans WR Andre Johnson is one of the super blue chip studs that breaks that diva, big headed, me 1st WR mold.

The loud mouth, potential distraction player is always hard to contain 100% of the time. That strong personality type is not always reserved for WR (See Joey Porter, DeAngelo Hall, and Deon Sanders could all be lumped in).

It would seem to end up being a case by case basis and to what extreme the player(s) act out.


Im with you february but if a real talent is there staring the TRIFECTA in the face, it wont matter how much of a DIVA anyone is...if were only drafting model citizens then no one gets drafted...

Corocodile DUNGdee....your the frikkin dill...youve got nothing constructive to say except "your a dill'....at least say something..FFS.

Bootang....YES Im saying we need more picks and YES im sayin one should go towards Boldin as our no1 WR....wots the problem...???...why is that hard for your little brain to digest?

Also, many guys have said they like Miami as a potential landing spot. Well, I for one think that says something as for how we are perceived by players around the league. I know money and location play a role, but we haven't been a desirable place to play for a long time now.

Bootang...give me your synopsis of what should be done...both FA...and draft

Bigalfy, I did not insult you. I didn't say anything negative about you. I just thought it was a tough statement to read. Are you saying trade down like 3 times, pick up an extra 5 picks, then use one to trade for Boldin? Or are you wanting us to trade a player we already have?maybe R Brown, or G Camarillo? I think offering more than let's get extra picks would be helpful. Heck, we'd all like 13 picks in this draft.

Bootang...i said trade down and get ONE extra pick...that pick for Boldin plus some trimmings...that would allow us to draft GRAHAM at say 15 or 20....and still leave us the opportunity to draft what I beielve is essential...a good young NOSE tackle...CAM THOMAS may be there for us with our 2nd pick I beleive....no problems Bootang...all good...i misread your post i guess........

No bigafly , you're a DILL !!!!


Hypothetical ? for you.

Would you rather have a 5 x Pro Bowl player that plays for 10 years and doesn't start the first year and 4 games?

Or, would you rather have a player that comes in and starts right away and never goes to the Pro Bowl or maybe sneaks in 1x as an alternate?

Curious as to which you choose and why?


PS You got my later round player comments right?

bootang , don't bother with bigafly. He's freaking DILL !!!!!

Crocodile DUNGheeeeep...ha ha

FA I am not super high on getting Boldin, more out of fear of the amount of money he'd want. If I could have everything I wanted to happen, these are some of the moves I'd make. Sign Ben Watson. Sign Dwan Edwards. If the right price sign K Dansby. Resign JT and big Ferg. Keep G Wilson (I'll get killed but I don't want him as a starter, just veteran depth) In round 1 pick E Thomas. Round 2 Cam Thomas. Round 3 Alex Carrington or Dexter McCluster. Round 4 Cameron Sheffield or Micah Johnson

And I meant Dansby at the beginning of the last post, my apologies.

Crocodile is not crocodile....hes an imposter...is that you Carlito?....Aloco

Pretty good summary and I agree....but what if we get NO FA signatures Bootang...how do we fill the many holes we need to fill..??...( I love filling holes btw...female ones unlike Crocopheile Bunghole..).

Rob in OC

I would rather have the multiple time Pro Bowler who took me a year or two to develop, than the guy who played right away but was just a good starter. I always go back to Tony and "the right 53, not the best 53" Having 9 or 10 Pro Bowlers will mean you probably have a pretty good team, but not guaranteed anything championship wise.


If we got no legitimate starters in FA, only role players, it would be quite simple. Best player available, regardless of position. That may sound crazy, as one would think that should be the way to draft anyway. BUT, you can not start to reach for a player you have rated at 28 with the 12th pick, or 63 with the 44th pick. Getting legitimate starters at position of need means there is not so much pressure to hit on EVERY draft pick. Going into the draft with only 3 positions of need to fill, as opposed to 5, gives you flexibility. If we already have an ILB before the draft, we would be able to take a B Graham at 12, and if no legitimate NT was there at 44, turn around and take a Jerry Hughes. The more depth we have, especially with an aggressive defense, the more we can the offense with.

Good points Bootang except we dont have 3 positions of need..or 5...actually we have at least 6....and if nothing real comes via FA...then were going to need more picks for exactly your point...so that your not so pressured to get a bullseye on each pick....


Sup mate! How's everything down under?

If the Fins snag Dansby (part 1 of the master plan)

If they can trade back and get that draft pick and still nail down Brandon Graham 1st.

Grab Weatherspoon, ILB Spikes, S Jones in the 2nd.

Then grab Cam Thomas or Cody for a much needed NT boost in the 3rd. May have to be bumped to 2nd to ensure getting the player they want.

G John Jerry, RB Ben Tate, S Morgan Burnett if they don't grab Jones.

Then use that extra pick they aquired in the 1st round trade back and get Anquan Bolden as part of a trade.

That would be quite a haul and would advance us forward as a team.

That would be the joey's bounce right there!!

I would be all over that plan.

Cheers mate,

No it's really me . dundee. now that's a knife. You're still a freaking DILL !!!

Bigalfy, agreed. Here is my positions of need, starting with most important, as I see them

OLine depth

I mean would you trade your 12th (potentially MClain ), for 2 early second rounders and possibly pick up the SPOON and GRAHAM...

so McClain or SPOON and GRAHAM..

Id trade down in a flash....

How are ya Rob...glad your well mate...GO CANADA..!!...ha ha

Your synopsis is EXACTLY what im trying to say except youve said it better....lets trade down..

In other words lets FUKK all the cows ( said the bull)...

I dont think were gonna get Dansby

Not only is bigafly a freaking dill but he's also a Freaking SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE !!! Good day mate


OLB as the 4rth biggest need?

Who do you have starting?

Charlie Anderson and Wake?

Taylor and Wake?

That's pretty big faith in what already didnt work last year don't you think?


Bootang...also agree with you..although i have linebackers a smidge before the Nose tackle....i feel safety is also a concern ...but your list is correct...

How about that? In 06 and 07, we drafted 15 players. 4 are still on the roster. The 4? Jason Allen, Ted Ginn, Paul Soliai, Brandon Fields. And yet people STILL complain about the Trifecta.

CrocoDILL...can you talk football..????


You are afraid of what Dansby would ask for? Wouldn't you difer to the Trifecta to worry about the cost of ANY player on or possible FA coming in?

I think they will do the right thing and not over spend. If the bidding got too high then I feel they would back out imho.


Your right Bootang...and all those 4 are average at best...infernal waste of drafts year after year

I will hold out hope for Danby as a new arrival until he signs elsewhere...



I have no doubt in my mind we will not overspend for Dansby. My previous post about the 06 and 07 draft is enough reason for me to appreciate what the Trifecta has done. I have posted this before Rob, much of the way I feel a team should be built, is the way the Trifecta runs it. I felt this way before they came, and there are obvious areas where I would differ a little bit.


Those players are a quartet of pure dynomite eh? LOL

I am wondering how much longer Jason Allen can hang on? He is essentially a ST guy. Back duty is fairly sparse for that 16th overall paycheck.



Who are your starting OLBs if you have OLB as your 4rth need overall?


Late to the party here, but props to Mando for:
"The worst they'd come up with is my lack of patience for clods such as yourself."

Posted by: Armando Salguero | February 24, 2010 at 07:34 AM

CLOD!! Funny, I thought only us nearly "old-timers" called anyone a clod.
Still chuckling, the same as i do every time I think of the player Parcell signed briefly in 2008-2009, the spectacularly untalented Junior Glymph, (ex Cowboy, of course.
What all this brings to this blog....NOTHING, which, during the off season seems to be the norm around here.

Rob in OC,

The reasoning behind my having OLB as 4 on position of need, is we still had 47 sacks last year. I think with an increased role for Wake, and Taylor playing on his more natural side, that helps. If we added a legit FS, one who could help cover TEs (who killed us) it opens up Mike Nolan to be really creative with blitzes. To me, defense starts up the middle. A good NT, ILBs, and a FS to play centerfield. Looking at last year, FS was our worst position on the field, when Ferg went down we really started getting gashed in the running game, and our ILB's really got exposed, especially once Crowder got hurt. This is a DEEP draft for hybrid pass rusher types, there will be very good quality still around in the later rounds.

IMA Writer,

Sometimes one teams trash is another teams treasure. WR Welker? RB Benson? Roth? C. Carter?

You have to bring guys in and see if they fit your system, pick things up, have desire etc.

We talk about what we can and it gives you something to write about... speculation.



We HAD 47 sacks. Taylor and Wake would be best while playing opposite the TE on the weakside. Essentially Taylor played out of position and way more than originally slated as Roth pulled the no show.

So the most important 2 pressure aspects in both OLB's of last years 3-4 would be changing from last year?

Again, Taylor and Wake want to play the same position. If Taylor plays over the TE it would ONLY be from lack of planing while aquiring players.

I am not saying to let the middle go as I am REALLY pushing for Dansby. I'm allowing for drafting NT either Cam Thomas or Cody. The FS position could be FA Clark from Pitt, Clemons or Wilson with different duties in the new Nolan scheme.

You HAVE to have that pincher action heat on the QB and set the edge vs the run with DE's and OLB's or the DEF will fail faster than with Crowder and Akin both changed.

That is why Dansby is key as I could live with Crowder and Dansby from the ILB spots.


New Blog up!


All points agreed.I just feel pressure can be manufactured, especially with a scheme like Mike Nolan's. Does not necessarily have to come from the OLB. My first concern is stopping the run, much easier to play defense when an offense is one dimensional. When playing the great QB's, they'd rather you bring pressure, and can run draws and screens underneath the OLB. And good QB's will eat terrible Safeties alive, we saw that ALL year. If it were a terrible hybrid pass rusher draft, I would move OLB up on my position of needs, maybe ahead of S. But it is DEEP, so that is why it is #4 to me.

Also, I have been working on a very interesting piece concerning the top 5 TD scoring teams, I hope to post it in the next few days. Hopefully will show people that having a stud #1 WR and pass happy offense is not the only way to score points. You will enjoy it.


Thanks for the answer... continue the convo on the newer blog please.


It's obvious that this was written because you don't want to see Kindle drafted. You are sold on Graham and any other player would be a disappointment to you. LOL!!!!!

This reminds me of the year that the Cowboys were looking for an OLB and had to decide between Merriman and Ware. I think that Merriman's troubled past had a lot to do with why the Cowboys didn't select him. Looks like this may be the same situation.

If we get Dansby we have to go Jimmy Graham and I am serious.

Go 'canes!

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