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Mike Mayock: Dolphins should pick Kindle

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is a big fan of Sergio Kindle -- so much so, he rates the Texas outside linebacker prospect ahead of Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain and believes the Dolphins should pick him with the No. 12 overall pick of the draft.

"I think if you're trying to look, and I hear a lot of people talking about McClain versus an outside linebacker, to me in that 3-4 the outside linebacker is more important," Mayock said, thus agreeing with what Dolphins In Depth wrote about three weeks ago. "If Sergio Kindle is there at No. 12, I'd pull the trigger. I think he's an explosive edge rusher and I think he would instantly upgrade that team.

"They probably need a nose tackle. I think you can get one a little bit later in the draft and obviously the same thing at wide receiver. I really believe that depending on who's sitting there at 12, that's what they're also looking at: 'Kindle is an explosive playmaker on defense. Is there anybody at 12 that can help us on offense?' I don't think there's any way in the world [Oklahoma State wide receiver] Dez Bryant gets there. So if he's gone, does another wide receiver warrant consideration at 12? And I think that's some of the discussion that's going on right now."

Mayock says he has Mclain rated as the No. 17-best player in the country. He has Kindle at No. 7.

"I think Kindle's a better player," Mayock said. "And I think he's a fit for that team."

Kindle is 6-4 and 255 pounds. He obviously has prototype size, or rather, size Bill Parcells likes for his OLBs. Brandon Graham, whom I believe will be a better player? Not so much.

Graham is 6-1 and 263 and Mayock said his 30 1/2-inch arms were, "really short," and "teams would knock him down for that."

Mayock said he believes Graham will go in the 23ish range of the first round. Salguero says if the New England Patriots get him at No. 22, the Dolphins will rue the day. He will haunt Miami for years, in my opinion.

Kindle wears No. 2 in the video below.

This is what Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay and Kevin Weidl wrote on ESPN.com's site today about Graham:

"A productive player who led the nation in tackles for loss (26) last season, Graham has developed into an impressive overall player. Although his lack of ideal height (6-foot-1) is an issue for some, Graham is technically sound, and he is explosive and shows good bend as a pass-rusher.

He is also an instinctive run-defender who uses strength and leverage to hold the edge, and Graham uses his hands well to control and disengage from blockers both against the run and the pass. He played with his hand in the dirt in college, but we feel he is best-suited as a pass-rushing 3-4 outside linebacker, similar to fellow former Wolverine LaMarr Woodley."

Mayock agrees that Graham reminds him of Woodley and added Graham has "one of the best motors in the draft," meaning he's relentless.

Let the debate continue ...


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Interesting on his point...I don't know enough about Kindle, but if it is OLB I think Graham is the better pick, but like I said I don't know much about Kindle to debate them 2...

Say Yes to Earl Thomas

Which running back has more left in the tank?

LaDainian Tomlinson or Brian Westbrook...


Waterboy - You are losing a littl ebit of credibility for that last post IMO...

If McClain and Kindle are both there (and even say Graham is gone), Miami cannot pass on both players

The best thing that Kindle has going for him is that he has played Linebacker and has dropped into coverage whereas Graham hasn't. Graham is the better pass rusher; but overall Kindle might be the better player in some peoples eyes. (I think Graham is the better player)

What?!?!?!? I would much rather have Pierre-Paul or Graham than Kindle any day!

From NFL.com live blog --> Who do you see the Dolphins getting at no 12?

Vic Carucci, Senior Columnist, NFL.com
At that spot, it seems as if they'd be able to land one of the better wide receivers in this year's crop. Two of the better ones who figure to be in that range are Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech and Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State.

I REALLY disagree with Vic


Graham gone at 12? Not gonna happen...

How good is he against the run?

Mclain will go to Denver
Kindle will probably go to the Skins

I am liking Earl Thomas as a replacement for Gebril in the 2nd round.

I am not moving on Drafting NT at 12 baring any free agency moves

Westbrook can catch better.
But if we needed an ol timer back, it would be chester taylor who will be released

carlito from golfito - just using that as a scenario. i could of said all 3, but Waterboy only referred to Kindle and McClain.

Here is a question for the college guru guys: Who knows much about Jeff Owens of Georgia? He is the Bulldogs NT...

Untested against the run. The only pass in that conference


Did we not learn our lesson in 2009 about drafting players so the Pats wont get them?

Prediction: Sharper will land at the JETS

How old is that Vic Carucci comment. D Thomas just broke his leg during workouts and will be gone for months.

How come Tuna and Ireland dont address the media??
I am always reading reports about other teams GM talking etc

I dont see any "victories" associated with being silent to the PAYING fans

Dolphins not picking Thomas at No. 12. He broke his foot last week during pre-Combine workout and isn't working out or running for 6-8 weeks, which possibly means not before the draft.

He ran a 4.3 prior to the break. He must be heading to Oakland right now

Earl Thomas from Texas will be picked in the first round. He won't be there for Miami in the second round.

Damn it!

Does this hurt or help the Chargers?


Also, I believe LT has more worth than BW, because WB has had concussion issues and that is a bigger concern for other NFL tems IMO...

As much as I'm not a fan of Kindle at 12, after watching that video, I was pleasantly surprised by his play against the run.

I reported on my twitter earlier today that Jeff Ireland will address the media as a group for the first time in a year at the Indy Combine.

Probably happen thursday.

Here is a good story for Miami I guess:


NJ - The Vic comment was just today, go check out all his comments on the live blog he did earlier...kind of bizzare comments IMO

Mando , beat you to the d thomas injury.

Jets signed Kicker Folk

Feely says "I'd love to get back there," Feely said from his home in Plantation, Fla.
"They're being prudent," Feely said.

I wasn't plugging my twitter thing. I got the 3,000 followers so I've calmed down about that. LOL


just seen earl thomas rated as the best safety in the draft. don't look like he's going to be around in the 2nd round.

Please ask him if we need to sign a petition to cut Gebril Wilson

Armando - Can I meet Ireland at the combine since I live in Indy to talk to him? LOL Are you going to be at the combine by the way or you not fortunate enough to attend?

Kindle at 12 would be one of the worst picks the Dolphins could make. Is Mayock tripping? I like about 4 olb prospects alone more than Kindle let alone players. Hype machine rolling on high for Texas!

Profile on Wilson


Sergio "Amazon" Kindle.

'Nuff Said!

what would it cost to trade up a few places and have a shot a getting des bryant?

Vincent Jackson pleaded guilty to DUI---3 days jail time
probably suspended couple of games

It would cost valuable draft pics that we need to plug money holes

You kicked my butt, NJ!

Indiana, I will not be at the combine. Been there and done that years ago. Herald beat writer Jeff Darlington will cover the event.

I will be blogging live, however, and I will offer updates from both Jeff and aspiring scout Chris Cordero on this blog.

There is a lot of speculation on here about the draft, but the fact is, if Parcells and co feel strongly enough about an LB to pick them at 12 I will trust their judgement completely, even if its a guy I don't really want personally... These guys (especially Tuna) know what they are doing in evaluating LB talent...

LOL, Armando I was just telling you in your previous blog that Kindle is the LB to get and then I see this blog afterwards.

Kindle is a tackling machine and a playmaker. Homerun at #12 if we go defense.


Who says Dez going that early?

I want Dan Henning out still



I liked Cordero's opinions last time.

Kindle looks like a smart football player, he seems to be able to read Bootlegs, end arounds etc... good speed, good tackling... He looks slightly better the McClain

Mclain and Kindle play diff position.
That being said, I doubt they be there at 12

ps-Mayock is my favorite of the so called draft guru's out there on the national tv circuit. He rarely misses.

Although he did say Pat White is a starting QB in a few years after we drafted him. Lol, should be interesting.

Pat White is 1-1 on 2pt conversions and 0-5 in passing.
Also his helmet is slightly bigger than his body.
Look for improvement in year 2.

Flipper, I smiled when I saw that comment on the other blog -- asking me to check out videos of Kindle -- because I already had a video of Kindle up on this one.

It seems like the talent at O-Line in the Big 12 is much higher then that of the Big 10. Over the last two years Kindle has played against more pro's or pro prospects then Graham, so he should be prepared to produce right away.

all of the draft boards iv'e seen have bryant going between 10 and 12 but his stock seems to be rising, does anyone know what other teams have given up to rise from 12 to 6ish? i dont know but if it was a 4th rounder wouldn't it be worth it? he could be the keys to our offense...

if henne was in charge of draft who would he pick first ???

Someone should check out how Sergio Kindle was being burned at the stake on Texas talk radio for disappearing for about a 4 week period during the year. His motor is not what Parcells wants in a player.

I would like for Armando to do a test. I think he should post an article about how the Dolphins should take a player at 12 that is projected much lower, say Tim Tebow or jimmy Graham for arguments sake. I want to see how many posters say things like:

"I've been saying they should take him at 12 for months."

"I always knew this guy would be the pick."

"First round material all the way."

"This guy is a lock at 12, for sure. I knew it all along"

etc, etc

Kindle, 3 sacks in 2009 in college being drafted as a pass rusher at #12???? Mayock is high, anyone writing that he's a 1st rd pick is high!!!

just answered my own question,
according to espn's value chart trading from 12 to 6 would cost a mid second round pick. (400 points), dont think we'll be doing that...


Pierre Paul is a one season wonder in SF that has Bust written all over him. Williams has a "lazy" tag on him and is 20 something material... not #12. I believe if we were running a 4-3 and wanted to put a 6'2" LB in... it would be Okay... But Graham is too short for a 3-4. He would be towered over by Tight Ends and get smoked with regularity by the short pass inside an screen passes. His arms are not even proportionate to his own height... they are shorter then they should be, he would be a great pass rusher and perhaps run stopper. But get Killed in coverage. I love the one comment above..."Why does Parcells not do a Media interview?"...And tell us what??? Do you want our GM to go on National TV and tell everyone and their brother his plans for the Draft? Do you see anyone else doing anything so stupid? Snap out of it... If you buy tickets to a game... you get you dimes worth at the game... The Dolphins do not owe you a thing, particularly telling you their Draft strategy... God that's freekin dumb.

no way. sergio kindle is nowhere near good enough to be drafted at #12.

if miami was to trade up in the draft it would be a miracle and if it were miracles they trading up for a dez bryant ... yes miami needs game changer but they still need game changr on offensive side first ... they need to put up more points...and there is brandon spikes which i do believe will be 2nd rounder

1) McClain- In the video I saw alot of arm tackling. That won't work in the NFL.

2) Kindle- Although I do like his size and build, he crashed his car while texting. Have to question his smarts.

3) Graham- Love his motor, but I have to question his build and his ability to make the trnsition to OLB. Pass coverage could be an issue.

The trifecta may surprise us all, and go in a different direction, if they have spotted some talent in later rounds that will fill our needs.

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