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Mike Mayock: Dolphins should pick Kindle

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is a big fan of Sergio Kindle -- so much so, he rates the Texas outside linebacker prospect ahead of Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain and believes the Dolphins should pick him with the No. 12 overall pick of the draft.

"I think if you're trying to look, and I hear a lot of people talking about McClain versus an outside linebacker, to me in that 3-4 the outside linebacker is more important," Mayock said, thus agreeing with what Dolphins In Depth wrote about three weeks ago. "If Sergio Kindle is there at No. 12, I'd pull the trigger. I think he's an explosive edge rusher and I think he would instantly upgrade that team.

"They probably need a nose tackle. I think you can get one a little bit later in the draft and obviously the same thing at wide receiver. I really believe that depending on who's sitting there at 12, that's what they're also looking at: 'Kindle is an explosive playmaker on defense. Is there anybody at 12 that can help us on offense?' I don't think there's any way in the world [Oklahoma State wide receiver] Dez Bryant gets there. So if he's gone, does another wide receiver warrant consideration at 12? And I think that's some of the discussion that's going on right now."

Mayock says he has Mclain rated as the No. 17-best player in the country. He has Kindle at No. 7.

"I think Kindle's a better player," Mayock said. "And I think he's a fit for that team."

Kindle is 6-4 and 255 pounds. He obviously has prototype size, or rather, size Bill Parcells likes for his OLBs. Brandon Graham, whom I believe will be a better player? Not so much.

Graham is 6-1 and 263 and Mayock said his 30 1/2-inch arms were, "really short," and "teams would knock him down for that."

Mayock said he believes Graham will go in the 23ish range of the first round. Salguero says if the New England Patriots get him at No. 22, the Dolphins will rue the day. He will haunt Miami for years, in my opinion.

Kindle wears No. 2 in the video below.

This is what Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay and Kevin Weidl wrote on ESPN.com's site today about Graham:

"A productive player who led the nation in tackles for loss (26) last season, Graham has developed into an impressive overall player. Although his lack of ideal height (6-foot-1) is an issue for some, Graham is technically sound, and he is explosive and shows good bend as a pass-rusher.

He is also an instinctive run-defender who uses strength and leverage to hold the edge, and Graham uses his hands well to control and disengage from blockers both against the run and the pass. He played with his hand in the dirt in college, but we feel he is best-suited as a pass-rushing 3-4 outside linebacker, similar to fellow former Wolverine LaMarr Woodley."

Mayock agrees that Graham reminds him of Woodley and added Graham has "one of the best motors in the draft," meaning he's relentless.

Let the debate continue ...


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NJ, Lots of candidate's for the coveted"BUFFOON OF THE DAY QOUTE" who has the edge NJ??????

Am I in the runnin?

I've never won anything....

I think the guy who wants Jimmy Graham at #12 is the winner, but the night is long. i'll read about the winner when i wake up at 4:30

po, shut up .

Thats not nice, I like you.

Will you be my friend.


Thanks Buddy!

menace , shut up .

Hey Mark, Kindle had a down year sack wise but he was asked to drop into coverage more this year and he did have 6 tackles and 2 and a half sacks in the biggest college game of the year... What does it say about this player to have an excellent year last year (10 sacks) and then slump a little in the middle of the year and finish strong... Also, did you see how many pressures he had this year? Was he applying pressure in his games? Texas was very good... I am sure Kindle had a big part in that... Joey Porter had nine sacks this year but he was not applying pressure consistently and definitely not as consistently as Cameron Wake.

Tarazan..... OK.....

Good answer CM. 8>)

If we traded down to the Lower to mid 20s in the 1st round what compensation do ya’ll think we could get?

Also, how far up could we move up with our 2nd round pick trading a couple of our 6ths for that move up. Would this be a good Idea or am I just talkin to myself?

And yes.....

Be nice.

OK guy's, the cuban must go out to work, You guy's have a FINTASTIC nite, And NJ please tell us Who wins the "BUFFOON POST OF THE NITE"....

I'm tryin to get to...

Trading down to get value with Williams and trading up in the second to get Value with Spikes.

We would take care of two of our major Needs.

Po White, compensation is gonna be based on how bad a team wants the pick and the player...I mean if the Giants want McClain at 12 and they will do whatever it takes, we could get their first round pick at 15 and maybe pick ip their second or third...all depends how bad they want something, and that won't happen till draft day more then likely...as far as trading up, Parcells loves those lower round picks so I doubt it happens

I am also in it to win it NJ......

How am i doin?

Thanks for the reply B12,just kickin sh*t around.

Umm with kindle and grahm they both play weakside lb meaning that wake will be in the same position as last year so either you draft a strong side lb because jt won't play that side again or not draft for the weakside because it's gonna be way to many bodys

Gotta believe Wake is gonna be better this year.


I gotta say I remember every one screaming for Wake to get snaps and now we are going after a pass rushing OLB in the draft?

Thank you but at the same time if Bryant is their at twelve maybe take him because we could go spikes with the second pick

Po, Clemons, Turner, Wake, Moses, We need at least a couple of them to step up and fill a couple holes to make us a better team...

Our offense is one of the worst in the league. Predictable run first team with no ability to pass the football. Aging rb's and garbage wide outs. Will we be winning games 13-10 with another defensive draft?? GTFOH we need playmakers on offense and some lb's an a nose in the middle of this draft.

Your all stupid...especially you Bobby...move outta your moms house at 40 you shouldnt be there anymore..
Looked at the Kindle tapes...He is fast, seems to have good hip movement, and has size at 6'4"..but he doesnt tackle all that well and I hear his tackle numbers are average at best.That means he goes missing for extended periods of time....MClain...a great leader for sure...seems to put up reasonable,not great numbers, but there is a doubt about his speed..I think that is why he has few WOW moments..I think he is solid, but at 12 we need better than solid and great leader...Graham...great player but would he get monstered by the bigger TE's???...all reasonable points...Then we have the SPOON and others...
My guess is that there is not A LOT between all these guys although they play different positions, they are all realistic options...I think if a DIFFERENCE maker is not on the boards at 12, a REAL GAME CHANGER, they will trade down if they can....they can get similar talent just a bit lower down and pick a another 4th or 5th which they desperatly need.Mando is right...there are so so many holes in this team even after 2 years of the TRIFECTA....its a worry that we are in this position...so TUNA will want 10 picks maybe more...Tuna knows this draft will make or break his reign and I think he will go OLB,NT,ILB then fill other holes....all our needs can be filled just as well lower down...
I really beleive that the Blodin trade needs to happen and i think it will...a 3rd at best is GREAT value for a reputable No1 receiver...
Im not sure theyl do the Rolle deal...but the Dansby deal seems logical although expensive....but they showed via Gerbil that they will spend money if they want the player...

What would I do....I would do the BM deal with a 2nd and conditional for next year in a heartbeat..to me its a no brainer...
Then trade down this year and my pick is the SPOON and Jimmy Graham much later on...Cam Thomas as well....

Im reading ALL the posts guys...i think DATA is on the money somewhat and I wish Rob was still posting..he is a decent dude and not a arude prick like half the other dedshytes that post here....all good...cheers boys and GO PHINS,...

Alfy from Ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What part of we must have a NT do some of u have a problem getting???? Tony Sprano, "Nose tackle is the QB of the defense". Mike Nolan, "A quality Mose tackle is the MOST IMPORTANT player in the 3-4...We WILL take a NT in round 1 or 2, there will not be a quality NT beyond that...sorry it's not a "flashy" position but it is an absolute MUST...listen too your coaches

Or we can sign Ryan Pickett to play NT......

Bigafly, Mr. Original now ending his posts with "cheers boys"...Sounds like someones favorite song is "Its Raining Men" isn't it BigaFly???

I'm with you Po. Trade up, down or sideways but get Williams. And please don't tell me it's so hard to do. That's what these guys get paid to do, make deals.

Or maybe no Pickett - Packers expected to tag (your it!) him. Definitely going to need to draft a NT even if we do bring back Jason Ferguson.

Thanks for the Props Joe, just brain stormin, and that’s hard ta do with what I’m workin with; more like a brain drizzle…

i must be one of the idiots here wanting a true number 1 reciever ..... your right on the defense losing some of those games for miami but if they had the points on the board isnt it possible they would have won those games ...mm we will never know.... but i will say it again miami needs points on the board to help make up for the short comings on defense ... and the defense was doing fine through most of the games until the forth quarters and that sounds more like either they gave up or they were not conditioned enough .... unlike miamis WRs they might not even know what Y.A.C is... this is the most needed offensive position ... and we can get defensive help in the second round and i dont want miami to trade for boldin he is old and on the downside of his career....maybe they give marshall a poke or two everyone knows that he and the coach dont get along in denver they will take a second rounder for him maybe with a conditional pick if certain things are achieved

And yeah, we can use Ferg if he is Physically able.

So Armando says " There are so many holes to fill" and everyone echos it...like I said, if just a couple guys step up and are ready, such as Clemons, then all of a sudden there is no FS hole to fill...Neither Armando nor anyone here knows for sure what "holes" we really have for sure, it's all speculation

No Po, it's just all this talk about LBs and it's like a NT is a afterthought. And it ain't that way.

Cocoa and Po, we can draft all the quality LBs in the world and it's gonna still be the same, our LBs will be tackling guys four or five yards down the field if we don't get a NT, and a quality one at that, thank u

boobyd12 you are a hole. bwhahahahahahahah

bigafly..... I am in agreement concerning Graham. Bigger TE's will push his butt around like a shopping cart. That, and guys will catch screen passes over his ridiculously short arms. At 6'2"... he is NOT Parcells Material. I agree with you on Kindle, I saw a post where someone tried making a point about Texas players, same point could be made about plenty of schools if ya took the time. Tennessee is a Miami draft pick Bust machine. I do like Kindle. He is FAST off the edge, and against good Left Tackles that is your best asset. He is Tall at 6'4" and has thickness to push back. However, all that shyt being said... again I will say the entire front end of this draft is dependent on what happens with Karlos Dansby. I can see Miami taking a serious shot at him, not a "Kick the tires" kinda thing... but a $30 Million 10 to 14 Million a year sort of thing. Why?... He is the ONE guy... the ONLY Free Agent out there who opens up the front of this draft for Miami to address a Offensive skill position in the first pick. Unless Miami addresses either the LB or DT position in FA... they will have to take a ILB or OLB in the draft at #12. There is no getting around it. If they don't and we get pounded on Defense like last years in 2010... there will be hell to pay. With Dansby... you can go after Dez... or even CJ Spiller and then pack on Defensive weight after addressing a ILB in the 2nd or 3rd. Miami needs a SS, OG, TE but can likely get through another season without killing themselves on those spots.

True True B12, you are right bout a few folk needin ta step up... B12 Think you and Joe are saying the same thing.

Please GOD!

Joe, I was hoping to make it to next year and use our 1st on a NT. Then WR all the way.

Hoping Ferg could go one more year.

I absolutlry would not be shocked if that 12 pick is Dan Williams, no matter who's on the board

Please God some folks step up that is.

Bobby...im not like that anymore...you know that....lol

Miami...I think your right and Matty on the Phinsider says it well...for too long this team has missed an elite game changing WR... a player that helps Henne fulfill his potential...Henne is 26...so is Brandon Marshall...can you imagine the IMPACT...!!!!!
Hartline goes too No2 and 3's are BESS and Cam with Turner as the project...Ginn returns punts ala Cribbs...no more than that because until his FEAR leaves him he is of no use to this team....

This move would sloidify our PASS chunk yards for 8 years or more....

Linebackers can be found in later rounds and we have all established that they are all quite close in talent..from McClain to Spikes to the SPOON.....we can do better...!!!

Miami...your spot on...TUNA...time to move this team out of MEDIOCRE to a REAL THREAT for a BOWL....its the PASSING GAME STUPID..!

Spravo (Paul) thank u, I take that as a compliment, better an a hole that's right then a BigaFly that's always wrong

Players who will never wear a Dolohins uniform, 1. Dez Bryant 2. Brandon Marshall 3. CJ Spiller 4. Karlos Dansby

bobby12, you know....hell, we all know we need NT and LBs (plural). It just comes down to numbers. There's more LBs than NTs in the draft. Parcells is supposed to be good at this and now is the time to show us how good.

Dan Williams will be the best pick at #12

Bobby...what planet are you on??...you know squat about this game...continuosly contradict yourself...get a line and stick to it...

I repeat...

1 Do the Brandon Marshall deal at a 2nd with an extra next year...This is a complete NO BRAINER for mine...6 to 8 years of passing eliteness with a young up and coming QB in Henne...Parcells would win 2 Bowls with this move....If not BM then at least Boldin short term.

2 Trade down this draft for Linebackers as they are all more or less similar in talent.

3 A Nose tackle is a MUST....no argument.

4 Remove Wilson, Ayodele, Porter gone and JT situational ONLY....Wake in.

5 Sign Dansby as a priority...a must

Now Bobby.....lets have your take....gimp.!

Everybody Forgets there will be a lot of salaries dump in march, Let's see what happens in free agency first , I believed there will be a lot of good players looking for work comes march, for me I'll take Spiller or Bryant those are Playmakers you don't see every year in the draft , I hope they fix the in and outside linebacker in free agency and go another direction with the first pick

Anyone Like Spike? Gator Country.

Nose Tackle upgrade is definitely going to have to come via the draft - be it Dan Williams in the 1st or possibly Fat Man Scoop Cody or Cam Thomas in the 3rd or any of the other prospects with the potential to play the nose.

Remeber how good Ted Ginn Jr. looked on his college highlight reel?

BigaFly, where do I contradict myself there numnuts?? 1. Dansby not worth 30 million, always said that 2. Dez Bryant will not be drafted by Parcells, always said that 3. Have Ronnie, Ricky, Hilliard, Polte and Cobbs all signed, no CJ Spiller, always said that..4. Either McClain at 12 if there, much younger and cheaper then Dansby or take Dan Williams, always said that 5. Brandon Marshall is a diva and Parcells will not trade a 1st 2nd or 3rd for him always said that 6. Changed my mind on Boldin, for the right price a 4th, a third of we get an extra pick... I've never changed from my first day on this blog except for my thoughts on Boldin

Po-Black, For a 2ND rounder Yes.

Oh add on I said cut Porter and don't resign Jason Taylor the day the season ended..Porter is a goner and I'll be suprised if Jason is re-signed...u better go back over the blogs there BigaFly and re-read

The phins should have never drafted GINN in the first round.This guy really stinks up the joint.It has set this team back for years.

All the dolphins offensive needs is a right guard and a true number 1 , we have hartline as a great 2 bess as a 3


Spike is a beast man.

(Mayock after talking about Kindle) " They probably need a nose tackle". Ya think?

Hard to believe these guys get paid for this 'incisive' knowledge.

Hey someone tell Sarasota the canes SUCK.

I have a confession to make Dolphins fans.

Even though I am all about defense in this draft and can't wait to see who we get at ILB, OLB, and NT and even though I am all about Rolando McClain and even knowing the teams needs and even though I know alot depends on what happens in free agency and even though I know Parcells draft history and even though I don't expect or even really want it to happen:

there is a small part of me in the back of my mind that will go absolutely bonkers and rejoice if the Dolphins draft Dez Bryant.

whew! ok, I feel a little better after I got that off my chest! I know some of you feel the same deep down inside, but don't want to admit.

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