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Mike Mayock: Dolphins should pick Kindle

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is a big fan of Sergio Kindle -- so much so, he rates the Texas outside linebacker prospect ahead of Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain and believes the Dolphins should pick him with the No. 12 overall pick of the draft.

"I think if you're trying to look, and I hear a lot of people talking about McClain versus an outside linebacker, to me in that 3-4 the outside linebacker is more important," Mayock said, thus agreeing with what Dolphins In Depth wrote about three weeks ago. "If Sergio Kindle is there at No. 12, I'd pull the trigger. I think he's an explosive edge rusher and I think he would instantly upgrade that team.

"They probably need a nose tackle. I think you can get one a little bit later in the draft and obviously the same thing at wide receiver. I really believe that depending on who's sitting there at 12, that's what they're also looking at: 'Kindle is an explosive playmaker on defense. Is there anybody at 12 that can help us on offense?' I don't think there's any way in the world [Oklahoma State wide receiver] Dez Bryant gets there. So if he's gone, does another wide receiver warrant consideration at 12? And I think that's some of the discussion that's going on right now."

Mayock says he has Mclain rated as the No. 17-best player in the country. He has Kindle at No. 7.

"I think Kindle's a better player," Mayock said. "And I think he's a fit for that team."

Kindle is 6-4 and 255 pounds. He obviously has prototype size, or rather, size Bill Parcells likes for his OLBs. Brandon Graham, whom I believe will be a better player? Not so much.

Graham is 6-1 and 263 and Mayock said his 30 1/2-inch arms were, "really short," and "teams would knock him down for that."

Mayock said he believes Graham will go in the 23ish range of the first round. Salguero says if the New England Patriots get him at No. 22, the Dolphins will rue the day. He will haunt Miami for years, in my opinion.

Kindle wears No. 2 in the video below.

This is what Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay and Kevin Weidl wrote on ESPN.com's site today about Graham:

"A productive player who led the nation in tackles for loss (26) last season, Graham has developed into an impressive overall player. Although his lack of ideal height (6-foot-1) is an issue for some, Graham is technically sound, and he is explosive and shows good bend as a pass-rusher.

He is also an instinctive run-defender who uses strength and leverage to hold the edge, and Graham uses his hands well to control and disengage from blockers both against the run and the pass. He played with his hand in the dirt in college, but we feel he is best-suited as a pass-rushing 3-4 outside linebacker, similar to fellow former Wolverine LaMarr Woodley."

Mayock agrees that Graham reminds him of Woodley and added Graham has "one of the best motors in the draft," meaning he's relentless.

Let the debate continue ...


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greg, when are you going to sleep ?

Aloco thing of many names: nanu,alfy, spovro, Captain Ace and devil

I think we should get Dansby, but I doubt it'll happen because of the cost. I heard on ESPN insider about the Phins and Ravens talking to Denver about Marshall, for a 2nd rounder. That I would love to see, Marshall for a first, no way, but for our second round pick, of course. Nobody can come up with a sure fire great pick at #12, try and tade back and still get Graham or Williams a bit further down in the first while possibly getting a second rounder in return.

Kindle will be a much better pro than Brandon Graham. Mando you need to quit the Graham man-crush. You know it and I know it, Parcells doesn't take smallish LBs. He does love some guys from Michigan, see Long, Jake and Henne, Chad. But this team DESPERATELY needs to upgrade across the board at LB. and if you think McClain isn't special you need to compare him to Channing overpaid and overrated Crwoder or Akin Ayodele.

How bad do the Dolphins need a stud MLB? Didn't FOUR DBs have more tackles last year than Crowder? Even Nate Jones had more tackles! It's time to stop fishing in the later rounds for LBs and do something that Miami hasn't done in TWENTY FIVE YEARS, since they took Jackie Shipp, and take a LB in the first round.

Is it possible that we trade away our 1st rounder for a later 1st rounder & later round picks? We have a lot of holes that need to be filled & the word is this draft is the deepest in talent in years.

I just think that we need to address both OLB and ILB. The bigger impact in the Phins D is made by a n OlB with athleticism. If Kindle is there, take him. Although another year of both crowder and Ayodele may put me over the edge. Talk about a guy that tackles high and in the second and third levels, that's been Crowders MO from his rookie year. Way overrated. He's just lucky we aren't that deep because he'd be next to go.

Kindle has explosiveness. can disrupt plays..what we need.

When u watch kindle play u see first round talent/ impact player where as u see Mcclain play and hea always by the ball but never tackles for a loss... I'd be much happier seeing kindle and wake play on the same field... That would be nasty!!!

I don't get it, are you saying we should take Graham over Kindle AND McClain, just so New England doesn't take him?

I think Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech breaking his foot could be a blessing for Miami and he may slip into the 2nd rd for the Fins.

I agree with most of you in that LB and NT should be addressed in round 1 although i like David Price of UCLA as a 2nd or 3rd rd option if he is still there. I would take Demaryius Thomas over him though if Miami is considering Price as a 2nd rd pick.

Dan Williams makes sense to me only if Miami trades down in rd 1 into the late teens or early 20's. If they stay put i want a LB preferably a pass rusher\cover type backer instead of a inside backer like Mcclain.

lmao @ sergio "amazon" kindle...too funny.

i'd really like to see how mayock responds to questions about his productivity last year (only 3 sacks). Graham was much more productive.

Having said that, I still think Kindle is the pick here over Graham. Just because Graham can produce against college linemen doesn't mean he can produce against NFL linemen...his size could be a serious limiting factor which would allow Kindle to surpass him with a bit of coaching. The raw material Kindle brings to the table is just flat out better in terms of measurables...the Fins could really mold him into a beast. Big upside.

But at the end of the day, the more important question is what does the Tuna think? As much as Mando might push Graham, Parcells has proven time and again that he strongly prefers size, and Graham just doesn't have it. Parcells will choose Kindle over Graham any day. Remember, it's not like Kindle's some slouch who has the size and not the talent...they're BOTH mid to late first round talents. To me it's a no-brainer.

Armando, Graham is the better player by far. Just watching highlights of kindle and graham on youtube, I see that graham is more explosive and aggressive than kindle. I can see Graham playing strong side linebacker due to his aggressive nature. His strength and explosiveness off the snap is superior to sergio kindle. the dolphins would be stupid not to pick graham at the 12 spot. Look at the stats between the two of them. Graham has a much better stat line in a conference that plays with mostly pro style offenses.

who's to say what they are going to pick. They might choose a OL player maybe guard.what about the kid who made a big impression in the senior bowl who manhandled everyone.He can play all the positions on the line. Having our OL man going through a 16 game schedule with the physical way we play is hard.To keep our lineman from getting injured is even harder.Time to bring in some young blood that can challenge right away for starting time and fill in for injuries better. Smash mouth football with players that can pass protect also.

Kindle will definitely be in any conversations the Fin's have as an OLB.

Comparing Kindle to Graham much of the discussion will be Kindle's upside and tangible traingle numbers VS Graham's strength and great overall production. The trouble in Kindle's past just might be what tip the scales.

The kid has talent, is very young and flashes nice athleticism and burst at times.

Clock is ticking and the draft lurches towards us.


Thanks for the link, Indiana

how good is kindle in the pass coverage? That is what they also need. he is good of the line and going to the QB but how is he when he covers a player?

How can anyone not like Kindle? He really jumps off the tape! That kind of athletic ability at 6'4" and 255 is rare. I believe if the Tuna does go LB at 12 Kindle will be the guy. After comparing him closely with McClain, I feel he'll have more impact in the pro game. You absolutely must have that edge pass rusher in the 3-4. Kindle seems much more active to me, he's all over the field and has a motor that just doesn't stop. McClain will be a nice player, but Kindle has the potential to be a dominant one. We can get a decent ILB later on, but a talent like Kindle just won't be there later. The commodity just isn't the same.

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