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Indianapolis Combine update: Golden Tate interviewing with Dolphins Friday evening

More in the latest-breaking updates from the Indianapolis Combine:

Aspiring scout Chris Cordero reports Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate will be interviewing with the Dolphins Friday night. He also has other nuggets.

From Cordero:

Tate mentioned that he will be speaking with the Dolphins tonight. Looks small but with a solid build -- reminds of Steve Smith and if he runs well will go in 1st round. Tate expects to run sub-4.5. If he were to fall to 2nd round would be a steal there.

He doesn't fit the mold of the big physical receiver the Dolphins supposedly want but is a playmaker as 
evidenced by outstanding stats in a pro-style offense.

Another receiver, underclassmen wideout Dezmon Briscoe from Kansas measured 6-2 and change and 
weighed in at 207. He expects to run in the 4.5 range. He says he has spoken to "many" of the WR-needy teams but wouldn't name them. He could be a nice 3rd-round pick for the Dolphins - but if he runs well he could go in the 2nd round.

Briscoe says he is friends and looks up to Dez Bryant and tries to take as much from him as possible since he is a great player.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn of Illinois is meeting with Ravens. He is possibily their No. 1 pick. He says he's a good blocker.  If the Ravens take him, it knocks one possible Dolphins 2nd-rounder off the board. If he runs well, though, he's a 1st round lock.

Benn said he talks a lot to former teammate Vontae Davis.

Update 2:30:

Dez Bryant, who has 9 3/4 inch hands, talked the media and apologized for misleading the NCAA about going to Deion Sanders house during offseason training. The visit itself was not a violation, but the lie was and he was suspended for the entire season.

"I'm back on track and ready to go," he said.

Bryant said he didn't think the suspension would affect his draft status but added, "That's not my call. My biggest regret during that situation? My biggest regret is just not telling the truth."

Obviously, Bryant has been "coached" to say these things. But at least he followed the game plan.

Update 4:30:

Bryant has a hamstring injury and will not work out at the Combine.

Check back often for the latest news and rumors relating to the Dolphins.


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My wish of wishes as far as D goes. Round 1 E Thomas round 2 Cam Thomas Round 3 Micah Johnson Round 4 Cameron Sheffield.
Hard to predict everything falls that way, but I'd take that.

I barely made it here. This snow shyt blows !! just like finheaven.


I feel that even though they re-upped him....due to his injury and just not being dynamic enough that Camarillo gets squeezed out of any WR rotation if the draft one highly, get a Bolden type in trade or Turner's light turns on from flicker.


WVAF, i like Dickerson but he seems to be shrinking into a WR vs being a TE.

Bobby, I think the only 2 WRs who's jobs are safe next year are Bess and Hartline. Camarillo would be the first with his foot out the door I think even though I do like him.

Yup was for westvafins and berry.

But see dickerson puts me in the mindset of that athletic type TE thats not the prototype 6'5 250 because i believe he is only 6'2 about 220 which makes him very interesting for the type of TE we need.

Just updated this blog post with Dez Bryant info. Check it out.



Anybody who believes anything the GMs and Coaches say about potential draft pick likes dislikes is a fool. Why would the fins telegraph if they wanted Berry by getting rid of the Gerbil now. If anything they would be building up Gerbil as a smoke screen. Hhhmmm.


Can I say that for hockey???

USA USA USA USA. that was a gift !!!

Armando, Dez also said he would continue to hang with Deion, good thing, bad thing or makes no difference in ur mind? V

Berry also played as a corner in high school and was converted to safety in college...

WVAF, I shake my head at Dickerson because I stood up for him a lot during the college football year as that late round pick that could be useful on the inside in the receiving game even though he couldn't block a CB.

But during the Senior Bowl, he couldn't even get in there at HB, he was strictly a WR. I have serious doubts.

Ed Hickson is 6'3 244 and has drawn similar comparisons to Jermichael Finley who I think will be known as the best passing catching TE in the league at one point during his career. Especially when it looks like he can be had for a 4th pick. Check him out.

10-4 Bootang...got it... Not too sure on the Thomas pick as I would prefer more lead in his pencil but dig your 2nd and 3rd rounders for sure!

Thomas can go after the ball when it;s in the air though.


Carlito, NJ, the real hockey team plays later ;)

I think with the exception of his focus on contracts and $$$$, Deion Sanders is a good influence for young football players.

1. FS Eric Berry or Earl Thomas
2. CB Perrish Cox
3. TE Jimmy Graham
4. WR Mike Williams

i dont know but those wisconsin te's rocked us up this yeat at the bowl game



Mark in Toronto...

I like Jimmy Graham TE as my 1st choice in the 4rth for a TE but Dickson is my 2nd favorite TE.

He is big enough and like all young college athletes should grow some and add weight to handle the rigors of the NFL.



What was that Mark in Toronto? Are you getting worried yet?

The Fins are finished

I'd like to see if Parcells can do a trade with his son-in-law for one of the Chiefs two 2nd round picks (36 or 50). I saw a mock draft that has the Chiefs taking Kindle at #36.

I can see the Fins trading down to get extra picks if they don't see anyone they like at #12 and they'll find plenty of takers. I could even see them trading down two times in the 1st round. Seahawks (pick 6 & 14)and 49ers (pick 13 & 16) have two 1st round picks. This scenario would have the Fins trading down to #14 or #16. If the Fins see who they want slipping, then the second trade happens.

The combination of these two things would give the Fins the opportunity to stock up on quality defensive AND offensive players.

rob i really like dickson dude is horse!!

Well nice blogging today peeps. I am out to hopefully not kill myself on a snowboard toorrow!! :)

Wow, Miami is talking to players at the combine ! Biggest news since man breaths air.

Dez Bryant wont workout at the combine????

*typo* tomorrow


5 guys who are no bigger than 5'11 and weigh no more than 205.

Jairus Byrd
Ed Reed
OJ Atogwe
Louis Delmas
Brandon Meriweather

They play pretty darn good. Granted none went as high as 12, but as I've stated before, in a draft deep at NT and OLB, the dropoff after Thomas and Berry is HUGE.

I dont think we should take any wr's. There is enough of em that we can either usea 7th round, or undrafted one. spend the good picks on the TUFF positions, NT, OLB, ILB, S.

Good job indiana with the google on berry . LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

One last post:


3-0, well just looked and make that 4-0!!

Sleeper TE, great hands, H-Back type. Clay Harbor, Missouri St. Look him up. Possible good pick in round 4 or 5. Was good during east-west and Texas vs the nation.

i dont think safteis or db's should be overly tall

it hard for them to get a low center of gravity and back peddle and their hips dont flip as quick for the most part

they just have to have great instincts know where the ball is at all times

NJ PHIN FAN - The Google on Berry huh? Get your facts straight buddy. If you read earlier I mentioned how I have a buddy who is a die hard Tenn fan and I was talking to him about him the past day-day and a half.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL 4-0 USA USA USA !!! what was that mark ???????



I am with you on the no Golden Tate pick. He is smallish and seems too similar to others on the roster already.

Even if he was an upgrade it would not be big enough to go for considering other players / positions.


5-0 USA.

What does everybody think about Dez Bryant making the surprise announcement that he will not be working out at the combine? I think he has a hamstring issue!

5-0!!!! Can we use the mercy rule?


6-0 GOOOOOOOOAL !!!!!! mark oh mark ????

The stray ! in my last post was because the goal happened when I was typing. should say: "...hamstring issue."


6-0!!!! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!U.S.A.!

Carlito, I am HIGHLY disappointed in Bryant. The hamstring thing is the oldest excuse in the book. He is now outta my #12 pick. Sounds harsh, but I just don't like that.

I know we need a WR, OLB and NT but I am finding myself really wanting the Fins to draft CJ Spiller at #12 if he is available. Ronnie is coming off of his 2nd injury and will be in the last year of his contract. Ricky is going into his last year as well. Would be nice to have a Chris Johnson type back for the next 10 years. Would be a great face of the fanchise as well.



Agreed, he will make someone a really good player. Graham has a certain it factor to go along with the NON teachable height 6'8', weight 260+lbs, speed 4.65 or so.

I wouldn't mind seeing either in Fins get up!


if golden tate is there in the second he should still be considered a steal

so would you guys pass up desean jackson because he didnt fit the mold or look like the rest of the roster

tate can play special teams and get yards after the catch (used to play running back)more aggressive which we need

and he has "great hands" and vert!!

i wouldnt be upset if we picked him up at all

Rob, Graham was 6'6 today. Gronkowski was the same size, actually 4 lbs heavier.

Wait NJ knows EVERYTHING in the world!! He can create his opinion and it is a fact no matter what. Just because I talk to a huge Tenn fan and Eric Berry fan he thinks I Googled Eric Berry. You are a freaking genius!! LMFAO --> LMFAO


make sure you guys don't post anything you may know about a player, cause all you did was google it according to Mr. Know It All (a.k.a. NJ)

Hammy? Hammy?...No longer for Miami!!!!


Roth had "Hammy" issues too!

Here you go NJ:





Rob in OC - Quit Googling hammy issues on Roth. You didn't know that. You had to use Google...

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