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Indianapolis Combine update: Golden Tate interviewing with Dolphins Friday evening

More in the latest-breaking updates from the Indianapolis Combine:

Aspiring scout Chris Cordero reports Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate will be interviewing with the Dolphins Friday night. He also has other nuggets.

From Cordero:

Tate mentioned that he will be speaking with the Dolphins tonight. Looks small but with a solid build -- reminds of Steve Smith and if he runs well will go in 1st round. Tate expects to run sub-4.5. If he were to fall to 2nd round would be a steal there.

He doesn't fit the mold of the big physical receiver the Dolphins supposedly want but is a playmaker as 
evidenced by outstanding stats in a pro-style offense.

Another receiver, underclassmen wideout Dezmon Briscoe from Kansas measured 6-2 and change and 
weighed in at 207. He expects to run in the 4.5 range. He says he has spoken to "many" of the WR-needy teams but wouldn't name them. He could be a nice 3rd-round pick for the Dolphins - but if he runs well he could go in the 2nd round.

Briscoe says he is friends and looks up to Dez Bryant and tries to take as much from him as possible since he is a great player.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn of Illinois is meeting with Ravens. He is possibily their No. 1 pick. He says he's a good blocker.  If the Ravens take him, it knocks one possible Dolphins 2nd-rounder off the board. If he runs well, though, he's a 1st round lock.

Benn said he talks a lot to former teammate Vontae Davis.

Update 2:30:

Dez Bryant, who has 9 3/4 inch hands, talked the media and apologized for misleading the NCAA about going to Deion Sanders house during offseason training. The visit itself was not a violation, but the lie was and he was suspended for the entire season.

"I'm back on track and ready to go," he said.

Bryant said he didn't think the suspension would affect his draft status but added, "That's not my call. My biggest regret during that situation? My biggest regret is just not telling the truth."

Obviously, Bryant has been "coached" to say these things. But at least he followed the game plan.

Update 4:30:

Bryant has a hamstring injury and will not work out at the Combine.

Check back often for the latest news and rumors relating to the Dolphins.


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Every "analysis" you give is Googled isn't it NJ? You wouldn't accuse me of using Google if you were doing it yourself jackazzzzzz

Indiana even use google for find this blog

Thk u Armando,

one thing indiana know real good is jackazzzz

Indiana even use google for find this blog

Posted by: cobra kai | February 26, 2010 at 03:37 PM


It is interesting that every slander cobra makes is when NJ is on the blog? hhhmmmm

Thank you for compliment indiana. I will never argue your knowledge of jackazzz.

Thank you cobra or NJ or whoever you are. I appreciate the thank you comments

I am out! Have fun Googling your combine "analysis" NJ!!! LMFAO!!

What say you to this NJ?

Google indiana GOOOOOOOOOGLE !!!

NJ and I both post at 3:41 we can no possible be same guy

Sureshock, we have enough smallish type receivers, adding another midget doesn't help us, that's why Turner, Boldin, Benn our all better options, Tate will be a good fit for some team but not ours

GOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOOGLE !!! you even admitted to googling because you don't know to much about the draft and tell others to do so . GOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOGLE !!!


I put GT and DeSean "Action" Jackson in two seperate categories.

I have always looked at DeSean as what Cam wanted Ginn to be. They are both built rather fraily and are speed merchants. DeSean has the great side to side and accel/decel that Ginn doesn't. Because Ginn is a straightline, long strider type that is why he will Never put up the numbers DeSean will.

Golden Tate has more a RB frame and a toughness to him like Steve Smith. He is a good player but where he would go I would have other positions/players ranked higher.

That is why Tate would not be drafted by me... not that he can't play.


Does the mercy rule apply in Olympic hockey???

Cobra do you have to try to speak english as poorly as you do???? There is no way you really speak that poor of english....

Indiana Dolfan,

I didn't Google anything on Roth! He had his "issues" as to why he couldn't do drills waaaaaay back in camp. When he couldn't do certain things the premise was it was hamstring related.

The reason I even posted it was a follow up to my jestful comment that if Dez has Hammy Issues, then like Roth it will not be a good fit so lets bypass him.



cobra kai you're correct. it's impossible for me to post in blue with my typepad account then switch off and post as you at the same excat time. waht to you expect from a jackA$$ ???? Indiana should google that fact LMFAO !!! GOOOOOOOOOOGLE !!

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For sure we agree on this guy. Not with the Fins having so much riding on the picks.

He has soft hands and can get vertical well but just that is nit enough for #12. His seperation is questionable and the old hammy so I can't run trick is great.

No thanks!


Where you think I come from you racist fool? I no use chopsticks! Rice patty? This real funny for me to imagine stupid person in overall with 2 teeth try to use computer.

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Release J-lo and Mark Anthony now.

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Indiana said I had to stop and Google to post something as common knowledge as Matt Roth supposedly had "mysterious Hammy issues".

I beleive that was what started the Google thang.

No big whoop.


* NJ PHIN... sorry typo

Ok you right I am all for the rights of the toothless. Can you make vote for president with only 2 teeth or require more?

What's the latest on Nathan jones hear he stopped contract talks with the fins.

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You cannot make vote for no one. First you do not make vote. Secondly im sure you would have to be a citizen which my guess you fall short in that category as well. And finally you would have to hope that your buffet is closed on that Tuesday to allow you to make it to the polls.

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Sproles to the Fins...


Do you have any update on how Yao Ming is doing in his recovery?

I didn't ask if I can make vote. I ask if someone with only 2 teeth can or they require more?


"Chinese food no have to be clean..." Hop Sing

I believe the google thing started because NJ ripped into Indiana about using google as a source to find information???? Does everyone not do that. When you want to make an argument stronger you search for references???? Makes sense to me. Not sure why the guy was crucified for the same things everyone does on here.

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I am sooo jealous of your football knowledge cobra. cant you tell... please goo through the blogs and read my post and yours. when i take time out of talkign about football to insult you would be the only time that good football knowledge or questions are not brought. Please indulge us all with your football knowledge... Please... Remember no google though.

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Ron In OC, honestly, their is only two TE s in this draft that are worth taking, Gresham and Gronkowski, after that there is a huge fallout in talent

There just be "crying" in hockey when it's all said and done eh cuban?


"I Google, Therefore I Am" Socrates

Here is a simple question for WVA and Cobra. Best answer proves superior knowledge.

3rd and 13 on our own 6 yard line. What is the call?

poor cobra kai will never learn:
about american sports
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West va, Do they allow "Happy endings"????? at the Rub and Tug??

Cuban, in my experiences at Rub n Tug, they're called 'wax-offs'

I will answer that and take a beating from everyone that disagrees with me but ill play along Bootang.
I am running quick slant or out to get that ball to the outside and out of my QB hands.


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