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Indianapolis Combine update: Golden Tate interviewing with Dolphins Friday evening

More in the latest-breaking updates from the Indianapolis Combine:

Aspiring scout Chris Cordero reports Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate will be interviewing with the Dolphins Friday night. He also has other nuggets.

From Cordero:

Tate mentioned that he will be speaking with the Dolphins tonight. Looks small but with a solid build -- reminds of Steve Smith and if he runs well will go in 1st round. Tate expects to run sub-4.5. If he were to fall to 2nd round would be a steal there.

He doesn't fit the mold of the big physical receiver the Dolphins supposedly want but is a playmaker as 
evidenced by outstanding stats in a pro-style offense.

Another receiver, underclassmen wideout Dezmon Briscoe from Kansas measured 6-2 and change and 
weighed in at 207. He expects to run in the 4.5 range. He says he has spoken to "many" of the WR-needy teams but wouldn't name them. He could be a nice 3rd-round pick for the Dolphins - but if he runs well he could go in the 2nd round.

Briscoe says he is friends and looks up to Dez Bryant and tries to take as much from him as possible since he is a great player.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn of Illinois is meeting with Ravens. He is possibily their No. 1 pick. He says he's a good blocker.  If the Ravens take him, it knocks one possible Dolphins 2nd-rounder off the board. If he runs well, though, he's a 1st round lock.

Benn said he talks a lot to former teammate Vontae Davis.

Update 2:30:

Dez Bryant, who has 9 3/4 inch hands, talked the media and apologized for misleading the NCAA about going to Deion Sanders house during offseason training. The visit itself was not a violation, but the lie was and he was suspended for the entire season.

"I'm back on track and ready to go," he said.

Bryant said he didn't think the suspension would affect his draft status but added, "That's not my call. My biggest regret during that situation? My biggest regret is just not telling the truth."

Obviously, Bryant has been "coached" to say these things. But at least he followed the game plan.

Update 4:30:

Bryant has a hamstring injury and will not work out at the Combine.

Check back often for the latest news and rumors relating to the Dolphins.


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They may be fine players but no way in heck am I chasing them in those early rounds...I would be busy culling OLB, NT, ILB or maybe S in the 1st 3 rounds.

That's why second tier TE's like Graham and Dickson make sense in that 4rth round on area.


Depending on who is working yes but what depends is mouth or hand.

A good call, just have to worry about DBs sitting on the routes, but I like it. Easy to just say draw.


Where do you think Gersh and Gron go?


That being said, Do the Phins attempt to resign David Martin and move Fasano back to his natural position or is Fasano and Nalbone our TEs this year???

Here is a simple question for WVA and Cobra. Best answer proves superior knowledge.

3rd and 13 on our own 6 yard line. What is the call?

Posted by: Bootang25 | February 26, 2010 at 04:12 PM

Hold on Boot, Let me Google it.....

Cobra, any response to my situation I presented?

Socrates Von Google!!! Good stuff cm.


soo then in your opinion do i win bootang because cobra like always fails to show any football knowledge. He says me and Indiana know more about donkey and farming than anyone but yet thats all he talks about. Soo who would you think knws more. also not fair because you and i have had many good discussions since i started posting here.

Cuban that's funny. Do they google football?

well regardless it is the weekend which means two days of not being on here and no work. YAY have a great weekend everyone... Go Fins!!!!!!!

BOOT, What's the score in your scenario, Iam going "Super Google here..."


"Let's run da Bumarooski" circa Bum Phillips 19whatever Google says.


Oh, I didn't say go TE in early rounds, but I see a huge dropoff after those two...Gresham mid second, Gronkowski third

WVA I gave Cobra a real easy one with Yao and got no response, and still nothing on the situation. I was expecting more, heck he could have said take a knee, and I would have been impressed. So I have to go with you WVA. Unless he calls the fumblerooskie, then he would win. Lol

lol well have a good weekend...

Cuban, we are down 42-3, and Cam Cameron is the coach.


I would run shotgun draw to ricky williams or ronnie brown

Good call Cobra.

Whay's the other team favored by????

feed the studs

Cuban, the other team is Detroit, and we were actually favored by 4. Of course, Stafford got hurt for them, and Culpepper now has 347 yards passing with 5 rushing TDs.

We need to get DEZ BRYANT that is all.

Dez Bryant has a hamstring injury. He will not run at the Combine. :.(



Yeah, those both would make nifty all around TE's but the 2nd and 3rd picks should help bring some dynomite back to the def hopefully.

If there was a suprise Off pick in either of those rounds I would think it would be a do many things RB like McCluster (3rd) or possibly a WR like G.T's D.T.(2nd) if his foot sitch causes him to slide into the 2nd?

They would have to be very sure that they can get NT help if they go OFF with any of the first 3 picks imho.


Do you think Gresham might sneak into the last 4 of the 1st round?

Mando, the oldest excuse in the book. This guy really proved he is not worth all the drama in that single statement.


I am with NJ PHIN,

Dez may be a great all around talent at WR. He too has his share of questions and speed/seperation is one along with character concerns.

At #12 I just can't see taking the risk. If you want to talk Georgia Tech's WR D. Thomas he is every bit the big body receiver and can be had MUCH later.

Just my 2 cents.


Lol. In the same situation I mentioned, I'd run a double reverse pass, trying to hit the tackle eligible player wide open.

Don't be surprised if we go for Dan Willams, even though #12 is a bit of a stretch. Cody is just plain fat and it seems to me Williams is leaps and bounds above Thomas. Are there any other NT's out there, that can play the 3-4 and be effective immediately, we could get in later rounds.

JB, the best possible guy 2nd round on is Cam Thomas, IMO

Bootang!! Not the "Jumbo Elliot Special"... We don't speak of that play on this Fins blog.



I always love the fact we are included in the 2 best Monday night games ever. My favorite Marino stat is from that game against the 85 Bears

In the 6 games prior to the Miami game, the Bears had given up a total of 29 points. Miami's points at halftime: 31

Briscoe's cousin, Harold Dorrell Briscoe, is widely acknowledged to be one of the fastest people in the state of Louisiana.

Do you think if you Googled Gibril(Why did you name me Gibril mom?) Wilson his picture would be of Reggie(Mr. Kardashian)Bush leaping over him?????

I see the same thing Boot. It seems a bit thin for the true NT in regards to depth. I have been leaning towards Kindle for the first round, but of late I think the best bet would be Williams. Fergie just isn't going to make it through a full season IMO.

Joe, Has that been confirmed by the La. state prison system????


For sure that undeafeated 85 Bears Mon night game is one of the most electrified games I have ever watched. I just remember the excitement and am certainly glad the New Fins did it for the Old Fins. That and the recent NE 18-1 have been the most serious threats ever to the 17-0 Fins in 72.


Rob , did you look into wr carlton mtchell ?? I gave you info on him and told you to check him out ??

Dan Williams seems to be the best Defensive choice at 12. If the Fins go offense, it should be Spiller. I think that happens only if there is a trade for a Wr involving Ronnie Brown.

I just read that Sproles wasn't offered a contract by the Chargers. Does anybody like the idea of this guy running back kicks for us next year and playing some spot duty, maybe as a third back. We could sign him to a two or year three contract, assuming he doesn't want too much money. He's a pretty dynamic special teamer.

Isn't all the drug rumors and losing him to the other side of the tracks going to affect the draft status of Donnie "Briasco"?

Who ever thought a DEA agent could run that fast as to play WR?

Cheers on a punchy Fri afternoon.

Most important .... pay the price and get Dansby at ILB and A.Rolle at Safety. They fills two needs ...... then, here is the draft

3. trade for BRANDON MARSHALL, WR ..... also give them Pat White. Denver wanted to draft White last year


6. Barnes, WR Bowling Green
6. J.Graham, TE from the U
6. Kafka, QB NW (very quick feet)
7. 2 picks .... BPA

JB, Dan Williams is one of the 2 guys I want more than any other at 12. I believe you bring big Ferg back, but we need a good 3 man rotation at the NT position.

Rob, I was just about to turn 2 at the time of the 85 Bears game, so I can't say I watched it live. I have seen it a few times, as my uncle who got me to be a Fins fan has a copy of it. Amazing, everything that was at stake in that game.

I am off to work all, may post later, but look forward to the fun parts of the combine starting tomorrow at 10 am.


I have not, sorry. In the blurr that is blogging it got back burnered... I will do it shortly and get back to you to confirm.

Lotta snow for you eh bud?


Boot, Who is the other one?

OC, So much snow and rain I want to punch Al Gore in the nose...........

Well, it took me all of two days to get on and then off the Dez Bryant bandwagon. Hammy? Oh man, I needed to be convinced more and I'm not. let someone else take the risk with this guy. Didn't Terry Glenn have a hamstring problem when BP called him she?

Very impressive outing by Les Etats-Unis today in hockey. The Finns are no joke. If Canada beats Slovakia today - who also aren't a joke it will be the most intense hockey game watched by the nation since 2002. Both countries want revenge. it will be awesome, hopefully Canada comes through tonight to make it happen.

To all of you afraid of 'divas" let's be clear:
The top doctors, regardless of specialty are divas, so are the top lawyers, so are the top business people, so are the top chefs, top salespeople, so are the best looking women etc.

(You have to trust me on this because none of you are qualified to interact with the top people in any profession with the exception perhaps that you might have met the top repo men.)


I'm coming around to your way of thinking....Williams fills a big need on this team. He would be ideal for the NT spot and although I'm not THAT familiar with some of the other options I think he's better than any of the other guys. It would be ideal if we could ttade back but I'd be OK if we get him. I like this choice better than taking Kindle at 12. I just hope that if we take him that people don't complain. He's not the SEXY pick here!!

Mark, It was a groin strain and The tuna couldn't figure out how a "Girl" got a groin strain.... that was always my favorite tuna moment...

I'm still on the Dez Bryant bandwagon. He's not my first choice at 12, but if he's there, even Tuna has to consider it. The guy is just too talented. If he was in the draft last year he would have been ahead of Crabtree and Heyward-Bey. 34 inch arms???? Thats how he can make all those catches in traffic! 6'2 225? yes please

But Price, if you act like a diva dosnt that make you look like a h0mO ????

Question now becomes does Denver get rid of one diva as"hole, Marshall to use their first pick on another diva as"hole Bryant??? Maybe they just keep Marshall because they know what they are dealing with...

Cuban, why even bother with a dill like PM?

I don't think I would ever look at a doctor and call him a diva. God complex, yes, but never a diva.

Ya I know everyone wants a wide receiver. "BUT" more importantly we still need to develop this somewhat soft D. I'd go for a LB or a DT before anything. Then see is you get a good receiver in the second round.

keep dreaming everyone, Barry wont be there at the 12th pick. He is a top 5 pick with out a doubt.

Sorry to ruin everyones Christmas in April : (

My top 3 hopefuls at 12 are:

1. Rolando McClain
2. Dan Williams
3. Dez Bryant

honorable mention to Eric Berry if he somehow miraculously falls to 12, but dont see it happening.

This way you address a major need ("must have") and also get the consensus best player at that position of need.

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