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Indianapolis Combine update: Golden Tate interviewing with Dolphins Friday evening

More in the latest-breaking updates from the Indianapolis Combine:

Aspiring scout Chris Cordero reports Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate will be interviewing with the Dolphins Friday night. He also has other nuggets.

From Cordero:

Tate mentioned that he will be speaking with the Dolphins tonight. Looks small but with a solid build -- reminds of Steve Smith and if he runs well will go in 1st round. Tate expects to run sub-4.5. If he were to fall to 2nd round would be a steal there.

He doesn't fit the mold of the big physical receiver the Dolphins supposedly want but is a playmaker as 
evidenced by outstanding stats in a pro-style offense.

Another receiver, underclassmen wideout Dezmon Briscoe from Kansas measured 6-2 and change and 
weighed in at 207. He expects to run in the 4.5 range. He says he has spoken to "many" of the WR-needy teams but wouldn't name them. He could be a nice 3rd-round pick for the Dolphins - but if he runs well he could go in the 2nd round.

Briscoe says he is friends and looks up to Dez Bryant and tries to take as much from him as possible since he is a great player.

Arrelious "Rejus" Benn of Illinois is meeting with Ravens. He is possibily their No. 1 pick. He says he's a good blocker.  If the Ravens take him, it knocks one possible Dolphins 2nd-rounder off the board. If he runs well, though, he's a 1st round lock.

Benn said he talks a lot to former teammate Vontae Davis.

Update 2:30:

Dez Bryant, who has 9 3/4 inch hands, talked the media and apologized for misleading the NCAA about going to Deion Sanders house during offseason training. The visit itself was not a violation, but the lie was and he was suspended for the entire season.

"I'm back on track and ready to go," he said.

Bryant said he didn't think the suspension would affect his draft status but added, "That's not my call. My biggest regret during that situation? My biggest regret is just not telling the truth."

Obviously, Bryant has been "coached" to say these things. But at least he followed the game plan.

Update 4:30:

Bryant has a hamstring injury and will not work out at the Combine.

Check back often for the latest news and rumors relating to the Dolphins.


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A. Hernandez weight was also only 245 to go with being 6-2. he's to small.


I'm reading some of your past post's.And friend you have a real good FOOTBALL MIND.Me not yet,I'm still very young but eager to get there.ONE DAY.

Ilook at it this way

there's many players I like but if you look at need we need a wide out

I like WAKE and MOSES and we can speculatebut we don't know how good they are becase they didn't play often.

As for BERRY he might become great maybe not but we already have CLEMONS and he just might develope into something great.We just don't know but we can all assume one way or the other.

Now how many of you think any of our WRs would even be a #2 on what teams.

FERGI can be3 resign and yeah he's older than darkness but when he plays he holds his ground.

PORTER and TAYLOR older than FERGI but are capable of doing well.

What WR are you comfortable with.I know all of you are best friends with the GOODFELLOWS but we have Know idea who they will pick.

As well as we don't know who will drop or rise.

So with that said I WANT DEZ BRAYANT He trrained with DIONN SANDERS and it showed in his performance.

I'm not sure about the guys any of you like but when I see his stats and watch his highlights he looks above and way beyond any body else.

Tired of all of this snow in JERSEY.


Well said ALOHA,I to would like to get DEZ.But it looks very hard to do he is the best WR on the board.Guys i would love to get him.My real concern is NT.

About CLemons,this guy is going to be great.He is fast and plays hard.I say he will shine this year.


All that snow all the time is terrible I'm sure.Nothing like that over here.It should warm up over there soon right?

JC , me too

NJ I think Mitchell will go in round 2 and would have no problem with the phins taking him. Any opinion on Demaryius Thomas will he slip past round 2 because of his broken foot or is his stock still late 1st early 2nd?

What about Major Wright from florida? He was solid and he played sparingly. He oculd be a solid DB.

Wright could be a good late round pickup. He is strong against the run, held his own agianst the pass. He could compliment our young secondary.

Briscoe will be a steal if we can land him. Big time talent

I have been reading these posts for a couple of weeks now and although I agree with some, I think we are missing an easy fix at the safety position. Ed Reed is 5'11" and 205 is a ballhawk, and decent against the run, we have a corner who is 5'11" and 205 is a ballhawk and a devastating tackler. Move Davis to the vacated safety spot (RE. Girbil) and the returning Will Allen is our corner opposite Smith.
With our #1 pick we take the game changer that we need with CJ. Spiller, check some tape on this guy, would you not give up a #1 for Chris Johnston? Spiller fills 3 holes, RB that can take it to the house on any given play. Spread him out in the slot or in motion, and talk about a mismatch, try to cover this guy with a LB or S. Kick returner this guy can light it up on KRs. Allows us to dump or trade Ginn if anyone will take him. Take the best NT available with our #2 and then with our #3 we go for Jacoby Ford Spiller's teamate at Clemson.
Instantly we go from a very mediocre to slow team to one of the fastest in the league. The draft is so deep in quality defensive players this year there will still be great value later in the draft for D players. Speed kills and those Clemson boys have speed to burn. Scoring is what the NFL is all about these days so let's start scoring, keep the ball on offense and keep our D fresh.
Go fins

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