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Report: Wilfork franchised (bad for Dolphins)

Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork is apparently off the free agent market.

According to Tom Curren's twitter page, the former University of Miami standout has been franchised today. ESPN.com is reporting Wilfork received the non-exclusive tender, which means a team can still host Wilfork on a free agent visit, but would then have to pay two No. 1 picks for the right to sign the Pro Bowl player.

The Dolphins are not paying two No. 1 picks for Vince Wilfork -- or practically anyone else.

All this was an expected move. It was a move that I wrote would likely happen over the weekend.

But it still hurts.

Not only will the Dolphins not be adding an outstanding player, but they'll likely be playing that same outstanding player twice a year for the near future.

By the way, you better believe Wilfork will not be happy.

Bianca Wilfork, of Miami, has responded to the tag on her husband on her twitter page.

"The franchise tag has been applied. After six years of dedicated service, I do understand this is a business," Wilfork's wife wrote. "With that being said it is my hope that the tag is applied for its true purpose: For the purpose of alotting more time for us to continue our talks and be able to reach a long-term agreement. Only time will tell what the final result will be."  

The Dolphins search for a nose tackle, meanwhile, will have to turn elsewhere.



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NE 7, MIA 0.

We didn't see this coming at all .....

Looks like we get our through the draft.


It seems like we told people this hmmmm about 500 times since before the super bowl. How not surprising.



very interesting, but what happens if Wilfork holds out because he would be so ticked the Pats did this??

If so, Miami 14 Pats 7 lol

Im glad. I rather spend the money on Dansby

Solai and a Draftee can suffice for the next couple of years.

Id say sign Fergie to the league vet min. Start him out in the IR, have him fresh after week 6

I wasnt interested in Wilfork.........

There's a couple other nose tackles out there. Pickett is one from Green Bay I believe. Not sure if he'll get tagged too?

Whats everyone watching on tv tonight???????????
Change of pace question haha

why is this news? Everyone knew he's going to get franchised. Lets find our own Vince Wilfork in the draft

Doesn't necessarily mean that Wilfork isn't moving. Realizing that no team will give up two first rounders, the Pats could sign Wilfork, and then trade him somewhere for one first rounder, or something else, similar to what they did with Matt Cassell.

Actually, Daniel, there are no sign-and-trades in the NFL. The Pats tagged Cassel and then traded him to KC and they signed him to a new deal. The pats didn't give Cassel the new deal.

WestVaFins - Without a doubt it will be the show 24. That show is GGGRRREEEAAATTTTT!!!!

The other shoe will drop on this. Wilfork will be pissed he got tagged. Watch.

Breaking News: The Miami Dolphins are expected to release or trade Joey Porter during the 2010 calendar year.

Armando - That Patriots still signed him to some deal, just not what the Chiefs signed him too.

I am biased to share with everyone but there is a really good basketball team playing at 7 on ESPN lol!!!

MartinK - Thanks Captain Obvious!

Hey Waterboy, stay on the sidelines pal.
McClain is the best choice with the number 12 pick. McClain is polished and trained into the 3-4 defense. Williams, although talented, may NOT be ready immediately to com in as a starter. Plus there are additional options at the position in the mid-rounds to develop as well.

I'd rather draft the Michigan OLB if McClain is off the board. Sorry Taylor, still want you back!

Mando what is the difference you were saying something about Cassell what happened differently with Wilfork????

Mando - The Pats sent Seymour packing to keep Vince- We never had a shot - good news is there are good NT's in the draft and a couple of decent FA's - or we move to a 4-3?

On the bright side.. I think is weight will be a prob if not this yr more so within 24 months

Zaf - Move to a 4-3??? That may be the dumbest thing I have heard ALL day long. Are you freaking serious?

dudes on the wrong blog Indiana lol !!!!!

To clarify:

The Pats did not sign Cassel to a long-term deal and then trade him. There are no sign-and-trades in the NFL like in the NBA.

The Pats traded Cassel and KC signed him to a long-term deal.

The difference between Cassel and Wilfork is Cassel was a luxury the Pats could not afford. Wilfork is a necessity right now and there will be no salary cap in 2010 as it now stands.

But both were franchised????????

What did the Pats get for trading Cassel? He was franchised and is it or is it not required that a team must give up a 1st and 3rd for franchised player OR is the teams descretion as to what they want to trade a franchise tagged player.

Off the top of my head, the Pats got a second-round pick for Cassel. Teams can work out a trade for tagged and even restricted free agents.

Remember the Dolphins tagged Wes Welker and then traded him to New England for a second and a seventh?

Zaf, u don't hire Mike Nolan who has coached the 3-4 his whole career to change to a 4-3

Most of us knew this was coming. There was just no way the Pats were going to let Wilfork walk to possibly end up with division rival Miami especially for nothing except a possible compensatory pick. Now they control where he goes if he goes at all. It’s just smart business even if it does piss Wilfork off.

Big bummer. The 3-4 MUST have a good to great NT; we're in deep doo doo even if Fergie returns.

Eh, didn't really ever think the Pats would let Wilfork go...

We knew Wilfork would be tagged or a deal worked out so time to move on...

Mando, no doubt he's pi$$ed. Good luck getting 100% out of him this year.

Does the combine start tomorrow or did it start today?

Football is a business, Wilfork might be pissed but that's NE problem and he is still being paid BIG money for his services

Cocoajoe, it wouldn’t surprise me to see something similar to the Cassel thing. They trade Wilfork to a team who signs him to the long term deal he wants as part of the deal. That way the Pats control where he goes, they get compensation for losing a good player and they don’t have to deal with him being disgruntled or going to a division rival.


It starts Wednesday. If only the public was allowed to go I would attend. I believe it is invite only..??

Armando, are you invited to the combine and/or attending??

He will come to play guarantee that. Wilfork isnt that kind of guy...

Vic - Waterboy isn't all wrong here. There are some doubts about McClain - pass coverage for instance. Not my doubts, just what I've been able to read about him. I haven't watched film and won't be and Youtube only highlights the good stuff (unless it's Gibril Wilson video and then there is no good stuff).

So back to Waterboy's assertion: No way Williams is a #12 pick, but he is worth a later first round pick if the Fins can trade out of #12 and pick up an extra pick or two in the process. Not sure how many suitors there would be for that kind of a pick trade, but someone with more knowledge could answer that.

Antrel Rolle will be looking good in a Fins uni next year.

From the website I posted above:


Rob in OC,

Here goes one of those jarring hits you say McClain doesn't produce, this was in 08, his sophomore year.



Go to Wilfork twitters, its all good, he is not pissed. Stop spreading conspiracy theories!

He is not spreading anything. Wilfork has already stated in the past he would not be happy with being tagged...

McClain is not the pick at 12, the kid from Michigan will def be a better LB in the NFL

Ryan Pickett or Casey Hampton for Dolphins Nose Tackle!


Who is the next best prospect for NT in either the draft or FA? Can you give us some sort of list? Thanks dude!

Hmmm. Seems there are some realistic YouTube entries. McClain not looking so hot, if you ask me:



The Patriots have 5 defensive tackles on their roster. Four are listed as rookies. Ron Brace is the name we'll all recognize. I'd guess they keep Wilfork this year, while they develop at least two of the others. If Brace steps up, they'll be able to trade Wilfork.

Hampton is going to get tagged as well. Dan Williams is the next best option for us... But not at 12.......

Are you guys really basing an opinion on YouTube videos. You all realize it is easy to put together very positive videos amd very negative videos based on just one players entire career. No one can be 100% for sure on if this person or that person is worth the #12 pick. Let's all just wait and see what the brass pick and be happy with it. They get paid to study the players, so we got to respect their choice and deal with it.

Simple off season moves:

1) Sign Dansby on March 5
2) Sign Fergie to League Vet
3) Cut the Gebril and sign to 1 year deal to backup Bell
4) Say No to Mclain
5) Trade down in 1st round or take best available OLB
6) Cut Ayodele
7) Trade for Boldin
8) Sign Ben Watson
9) Tender Fasano 2nd Round Pick
10) Get TD a girlfriend Mascot
11) Change the cleat guy

As usual, you're wrong.
Great news. Wilfork is unhappy. We all know the Pats are not going to tender him a a long terms deal at his age. Big fat old guys, even if they are GREAT nose tackles, do not get better at this point in their careers. That is precisely why he and his handler...err wife are unhappy. If he were not franchised, he could finally get the 'golden years' contract, cash in, and underperform for the final 5 yrs of his career in some God forsaken place, like Detroit, where they dont care anyway. When the tag expires next year, his stock will have diminished and he wont even sniff that kind of money. Once this actually registers and he realizes he will have to actually sweat it out in mini camps come May, he will baloon close to 4 bills and you'll have one more disgruntled prima-donna ( http://sports.espn.go.com/boston/nfl/news/story?id=4932422 ) on their roster. Yeah baby.

I live in PHX, and I'm telling you, Dansby is not all that.. Dont get me wrong, he is a good player. He is one of the top cover LB's in the league (which would be nice for Mia). But he is NOT a big play guy. He's much like Crowder, but a little more athletic. Noone is sad around here to see him go. Dont get me wrong, it'd be great to see him in a Phin uniform (especially cuz we could fill different holes with the #12 pick), but he is not worth 30million, and he is not the type of LB you can have anchor a LB corpse in a 3-4. and you definately cant build a defense around him.. Nolan will play a huge part in weather he comes here or not, because he played him twice a year when he was HC in SF

Im all for drafting tiger woods to play ILB. After all: he can...
Lay the wood
Fill the hole

Anyone care to join me???? Fill in the blank

Plug enemy lines

No Indiana you buffoon, this is the only think Rob in OC responds to.

Has a knack the "mike" position

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