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Report: Wilfork franchised (bad for Dolphins)

Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork is apparently off the free agent market.

According to Tom Curren's twitter page, the former University of Miami standout has been franchised today. ESPN.com is reporting Wilfork received the non-exclusive tender, which means a team can still host Wilfork on a free agent visit, but would then have to pay two No. 1 picks for the right to sign the Pro Bowl player.

The Dolphins are not paying two No. 1 picks for Vince Wilfork -- or practically anyone else.

All this was an expected move. It was a move that I wrote would likely happen over the weekend.

But it still hurts.

Not only will the Dolphins not be adding an outstanding player, but they'll likely be playing that same outstanding player twice a year for the near future.

By the way, you better believe Wilfork will not be happy.

Bianca Wilfork, of Miami, has responded to the tag on her husband on her twitter page.

"The franchise tag has been applied. After six years of dedicated service, I do understand this is a business," Wilfork's wife wrote. "With that being said it is my hope that the tag is applied for its true purpose: For the purpose of alotting more time for us to continue our talks and be able to reach a long-term agreement. Only time will tell what the final result will be."  

The Dolphins search for a nose tackle, meanwhile, will have to turn elsewhere.



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Can cover "smooth hips"

Cover the wide receiver.... HAHA thats kinda gross but

Likes to run down tight ends


Hit 'em hard and often

Yeah this is fun... Great way to end the work day lol....

I will have some very interesting news for everyone in a bit...

He can
Split the D Haha about 17 ways.......

I told you guys wilfork wouldn't be coming to miami for months. Dansby at 30 mil guaranteed isn't coming to miami either. DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT !!!

He can find the hole and plug tight spaces

Cards to release Rolle
The News
According to azcardinals.com, the team is expected to release free safety Antrel Rolle sometime this week.
Our View
This is a quick flip-flop. The Cards were working on an extension with Rolle, but are now going to release him to avoiding shelling out $4 million for his impending roster bonus. This will likely sour him on staying in Arizona and the big-play providing defender will become an unrestricted free agent. Expect several teams to target him, and for him to land somehwere outside the desert.

that was more if he was offensive player... i meant
he can

lead the d....

Cards to give Breaston tender offer
The News
According to azcardinals.com, the team is expected to make wide receiver Steve Breaston a first-round tender offer sometime in the next few days.
Our View
If this situation comes to fruition, Breaston would stand to make $2.946 million in 2010 and could earn a starting role next season. The Cards had to offer him a first-round tender to avoid him getting swept up by another organization. He's a talented receiver, but his fantasy stock will drop a bit now that Matt Leinart is under center instead of Kurt Warner.

Old news, but Rolle will want too much guarantee. probably 14 mill

They still have to eat the gebril's 8 million!

old news on Rolle Indiana

i think it was said a few weeks ago that they will not have to eat that 8 mill. He was paid guaranteed money up front... They will owe him nothing.. correct me if i am wrong though...

Send the Gebril to the CFL unless he signs for a 1 year backup money

Rolle wants his 12 million. I think he'll have to lower that expectation quite a bit before he gets a deal anywhere.

Did anyone hear the WHO DAT Toile story from the Dan Lebatard show?

Toile = Toilet

carlito , don't waste your time with rob in oc regarding mcclain.

NJ you missed a very good morning. The Brandon Marshall fans showed back up.... lol i know how much you like those guys.

Wilfork franchised..... really???? come on, saw this coming for awhile. he's not even a Dolphin, who cares


Yeah I know, cause he really should be a 2nd rounder right? lol

Well its almost time to leave work soo ill be checking out for the day. Had a blast today though... Wanna see some real basketball tonight 7 pm on ESPN. WVU will play those chumps from Connecticut.... Supporter the ole blue and gold. LETS GOOOOOO.............MOUNTAINEERS


I like men which is why I come here. Please email me if you wish to give me your gargantuan tool.

Between Rob in Oc's expertise putting McClain in the 2nd round and Indiana putting Spiller in the 2nd it shouldn't matter who we take in the 1st round! LMFAO

Im guessing texasblue is whoever just impersonated mando and got deleted... haha... gangsta

Didn't hear the toilet story. Only time I listen to 790 is when Mando tells us he's doing a show.

LMAO @ Carlito . maybe mcclain should go in the 3rd down.

Well there you go. This is why I didn't want to discuss Wilfork in the Dolphin's future plans. Lets hope they go after Karlos Dansby and concentrate on getting a monster OLB with the first pick.

westvafins , looks like i missed nothing on marsahll. he's not comimg here.

Henne evolving into franchise QB
February, 22, 2010 Feb 223:20PM ETEmail Print Share By Tim Graham
HenneIn a weekly feature, Scouts Inc. addresses key offseason questions for ESPN Insiders. At the top of Monday's list is whether Chad Henne really is the Miami Dolphins' quarterback of the future.

Matt Williamson, my favorite scouting analyst out there, believes the Dolphins are set at quarterback.

[Henne] is tough, intelligent and built well to take a pounding. He has a very strong arm and will threaten a defense at all levels.

At this early stage of his career, he can act as a game-manager-type behind a good offensive line in a run-first offense that can control a game on the ground. But Henne is more than that, and he will only get better. In the final five games of the season, Henne eclipsed 300 passing yards three times. However, in his last six games, he did throw 10 interceptions -- far too high of a number -- but he also attempted 233 passes in that stretch, which isn't the Dolphins' recipe for offensive success. Remember, this offense is devoid of pass-catching difference-makers, which put a ton of stress on a first-year starter behind center.

Henne enters this offseason as the clear starter, and that preparation time should do wonders. Now it is on Miami's personnel department to get its promising young signal-caller another viable weapon or two.

Williamson wrote a couple of features for the AFC East blog last week while I was away. He rated the division's defensive backfields and took a look at the division's lack of tight end talent.

Is anyone surprised? Come on Wilfork was never coming to Miami...so can we get past this.

Sign Dansby, Rolle and switch draft picks with Dallas for Austin. Dallas needs a LT and Parcells and Jones have work deals before, switch the Dolphins 12th pick for Dallas's 27th for Austin, the Dolphins get a receiver and Dallas gets a LT. Very easy. Use the 27th for either a NT or OLB. When you figure out what it would cost the Cowboys to move up 15 slots in the first round...it makes sense.

Jed, did read all of them , they were very imformative.

I sorta like that pete

You make no sense . is anyone suprised ??

fishypete, you think swapping picks with Dallas is enough to get Austin?? Highly unlikely...

carlito - I didnt think Rolle would actually just be released. I was not sure about his status...


That's some of the most ridiculous stuff I've EVER heard!! The Dolphins are not going to sign Dansby AND Rolle, so everyone let's stop the foolishness!! It's not in the budget, they are not worth it, other teams will be trying to sign these guys, driving the price up!! I actually think it will be a stretch that they will sign EITHER guy!! And all this stuff with Dallas. Why is Dallas trading Austin and why are we signing him? He's a restricted free agent, so there is a chance Dallas is going to owe him BIG bucks. Why would Dalls move Austin. Who is going to catch balls for them next season. They can't count on Roy Williams. I don't see how any of this makes any sense. Anyone else?

NJ.....nice to have you aboard!! Can you bring any sense to these conversations?

fishypete - It has been pointed out to you that Austin will cost us a 1st and a 3rd since he is RESTRICTED. What part don't you understand about that?


This draft is very deep...Trading down this year would make a lot of sense...

Wilfork was NEVER coming here anyways. He would have helped us a lot but there are other ways to skin a cat. Solai is not the answer. He's a backup and nothing more. Don't know much about Pickett and I think Hampton would be a short term answer. I expect Hampton will get franchised also. I think we might be looking at bringing Fergie back and drafting a kid to replace him in the second or third round this year.

LT just got cut, not Dolphins related but big story.

Can somebody please tell me what's goi g on? I see propel talking about Brandon marshall being in the fins uniform? I'm at work all the time and havnt heard anything about it. Is it legit. Or just wishes. Thanks.

Craig miller , you're doing a fine job yourself. I've couldn't said it better on both of your posts. Bravo !!

This is a big year for Parcells and co... Another 7-9 season will make them no better than Johnson, Wannstedt and Saban...

fishypete - Or the Cowboys can keep their #1 WR for years to come or force a team to give them a 1st and a 3rd instead of just trading picks. Get F'IN real dude!!

Fever, you are just as dumb for agreeing. Of course the idea is nice if it was actually realistic. This isn't Madden where any trade and pickup can happen, seriously!!

Bootang25 - Big story...WOW!! I didn't think they would just cut him. The off season is just starting to heat up, VERY NICE!!

How much do you guys think LT will be wanting? I'm not saying Miami should sign him, just a debate question

Ur nutz.. they're right, it would be surprising if we got EITHER Dansby or Rolle. But i'd be surprised if we got either because they will be coveted by alot of other teams. And theres a 0%chance we get Austin. Why's everyone even talking about it?? We could get Vincet Jackson for the same price, and he's probably a better fit then Austin, and we arent going to get him either. Can we all please quit even talking about Miles Austin??

We can't afford another Pat White and Patrick Turner in rounds 2 and 3...

Posted by: I AM ALWAYS... | February 22, 2010 at 02:14 PM

Could be. Being a rabid Dolphin fan I hate them only a little less than the jets. But you have to admit, they're pretty good when it comes to personnel.

AZ Phinatic - I agree if we are going to give up a 1st and 3rd we can get someone better than Austin. Not putting the guy down or nothing, but he could be a 1-2 year wonder and not a stud for years to come. To say it would be surprising that we get either Dansby or Rolle is not really accurate. Surprising would be us getting both, but not only one. Both those guys positions are a NEED for us, so it wouldn't suprise me one bit if we landed one of them no matter how many other teams want them...

Don't be surprised if LT ends up in New England. I'm not certain how much he has left but I think he would like to take another run at it and maybe stick it to his old team. I see him in a role similar to the one Fred Taylor played last year.

LT is old and not worth much Indy, his last 2 seasons have been injury plagued....

He will come to play guarantee that. Wilfork isnt that kind of guy...

Posted by: WestVaFins | February 22, 2010 at 02:14 PM

Maybe but he put it out there a while back he was not going to be happy if he got tagged.

We're talking BIG money for either of those guys Indiana and I'm not sure after last off-season that the trifecta will go that way. I'm just not sure either one is REALLY worth it.

AZ Phinatic it's nice to get a local perspective on this. I've been saying for awhile now that Dansby is a good, not great player. I can't see the trifecta paying this guy $8-10 million a year. It's good to hear from someone who watches this guy on a daily basis up close realize that he's not all that....

LT is old and not worth much Indy, his last 2 seasons have been injury plagued....

Posted by: cuban menace | February 22, 2010 at 04:22 PM

The Chargers also got away from the "run game" IMO and did not utilize what they had either, which may have cost them the past few years. I could see them targeting Spiller if he is around, but a RB becomes a great need of theirs IMO...

Well I am out for now everyone....PEACE!!

No Wilfork, bad news but nothing game-changing. Was likely to happen anyway. Now that means we'll need to spend at least one pick on a NT (doubt there's anyone worth getting as a UFA). But look fellas, we can spend 90% of our dough on defenders that will still get beat by the Brady's, Manning's, Brees's of the NFL. OR, we can do what lots of us have been saying for awhile now, and beef up our receiver/TE core, and maybe WE'LL have one of those imposing offenses (like Dolphins in the past) that could put big points up on anybody. And I'm not talking about Brandon Marshall (even though I think he'll be a great asset to whichever team he lands on, don't believe the hype that he's some big problem player). But there are others that would help us a lot and wouldn't cost too, too much. Here's the thing, Sparano is an offensive coach. I think he can get the offense where it needs to be way sooner than Nolan can get the "d" where it needs to be (there's so many holes to fill). And if we go another year without anyone for Henne to throw to except Ted Ginn, then we'll all be ready to jump off our roofs come end of next season.

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