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Report: Wilfork franchised (bad for Dolphins)

Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork is apparently off the free agent market.

According to Tom Curren's twitter page, the former University of Miami standout has been franchised today. ESPN.com is reporting Wilfork received the non-exclusive tender, which means a team can still host Wilfork on a free agent visit, but would then have to pay two No. 1 picks for the right to sign the Pro Bowl player.

The Dolphins are not paying two No. 1 picks for Vince Wilfork -- or practically anyone else.

All this was an expected move. It was a move that I wrote would likely happen over the weekend.

But it still hurts.

Not only will the Dolphins not be adding an outstanding player, but they'll likely be playing that same outstanding player twice a year for the near future.

By the way, you better believe Wilfork will not be happy.

Bianca Wilfork, of Miami, has responded to the tag on her husband on her twitter page.

"The franchise tag has been applied. After six years of dedicated service, I do understand this is a business," Wilfork's wife wrote. "With that being said it is my hope that the tag is applied for its true purpose: For the purpose of alotting more time for us to continue our talks and be able to reach a long-term agreement. Only time will tell what the final result will be."  

The Dolphins search for a nose tackle, meanwhile, will have to turn elsewhere.



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cocoajoe , when wilfok gets fined big pay checks for not reporting or holding out , he'll be more that happy to come back and play for NE. MONEY !!!!

LT getting cut is not good news... I could see the Pats going after him.. Hopefully he'll sign with someone in the AFC West to try to stick it to the Bolts

What's so shocking and upsetting about this? I think this was all but a given that Pats weren't going to let him walk considering.... And Fins were certainly not going to give up 2 #1's for Wilfork...very talented but on the wrong side of 29. Fins need to find a NT to develop in the draft. There are 2-3 possibilites out there.

Sign Dansby if they must but not for 30 million.

cocoajoe , when wilfok gets fined big pay checks for not reporting or holding out , he'll be more that happy to come back and play for NE. MONEY !!!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 22, 2010 at 04:33 PM

I don't think he'll go as far as missing paychecks. I think he's smarter than that. But I can see him dogging it every chance he gets.


Is Wilfork pulling a Julius Peppers ?

Don't tag me I'm done here ?

Soiled :)

Mcclain should be a first pick, no question about it .

Still wouldn't be suprised if the pats trade him for high draft pick outside of AFC West. A lot of they're players are getting a little long in the tooth and they want to get younger in the draft. They did it with MC and RS and not done yet.

I meant AFC East

No surprise here..

Hopefully he will be a locker room cancer and play at a lower level next year.

2 first rounders for Wilfork. How about Ginn and that other twit Saban picked at 15? If you don't pick in the top 5 it can be a crap shoot. I would give them the 2 and take that monster in the middle. He is worth at least 10 touchdowns.
Then I would sign JT and another linebacker. Big friggen deal, two first rounders for a proven star.
Forest is over there with the trees Mando.

no way he's going to be a cancer , HE WILL BE A GREAT PLAYER IN PATS UNIFORM .

Cancer Go! A cancer! He is already hanging out at the all you can eat buffet.

FAS had a good run today.

He is gonna eat him self into free agency.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Follow me on twitter as I failed miserably in my attempt to reach 3,000 followers by the end of the weekend. I gained some 160 followers last week but fell 20-some followers shy of my goal. So help me to stop sucking."

Reasons Mr. Salguero needs followers

1 - Has a $20.00 bet with Kim Kardashian on who has more fans.

2 - So he can tell the IRS he is a cult leader and should not have to pay taxs

3 - Wants to be more popular then Jesus and The Bealtes

4 - Once he hits 3,000 followers he sends out the collection plate to gather enough funds to move his blog to Jones town.(don't drink the kool aid)

5 - Phase one of removing himself from the physical world.

I'm not sure why you need all those followers Mr. Salguero.... But I will not be part of all this Monkey Shine.

Soiled :)

Soiled got ya pegged Mando. Good luck with the tax thing! Oh, and the 20$ bet.

carlito @2:17,

Great one tackle clip!! You are the only McClain supporter that actually answers with some real footage of what you think he is about. I was starting to think that McClain didn't have it in him.

Is it fair to say that McClain, with his body of work, should have a few more of those violent hit vids running around? ANY player of his stature should/does have a big fan base. There should be more posts than that one Soph tackle you brought to light, shouldn't there be?



Jimmy Jam @ 2:32 gave a couple of vids of McClains actual long game footage and didn't like what he saw. Is he looney too for seeing actual game footage and not liking what he saw?

All footage doesn't lie as it is what the person actually did in college. Heck, if the player is that good there should not be much questionable footage at all. Guys like NJ PHIN and B12 get so full of their own predictions and "sticking to their guns" that they say intelligent things like, "Hey I never need to watch any actual game footage for review, I was a huge fan and already saw or went to the Bama games."

So reviewing actual pointed game footage is not as beneficial as simply reflecting on the game you went or watched on the tv and recollecting via memory? Huh?

carlito you have answered the call to bring some real game footage to the table. NJ PHIN and bobby12 simply spew hate/belittle posts towards anyone that doesn't agree with their beloved McClain choice.


It's the Po Po....run! LOL

Sup man!

Sup Rob in the OC; see ya hangin in there. Combine next week!

Any McClain fans care to wager on whom has the better 225 bench press for reps at the combine?

McClain is a beast afterall...


Oh yeah Po,

We gotz ta hang in dere. The veteran bloggers try to push a fellow Fin fan down but the truth shall set us all free.

I feel like time will vindicate many of my convictions about what I see of actual game footage. My only hope is that I get to watch McClain be average on a team other than the Fins.



Time will tell. Like your spirit.


My gosh what a suprise seeing Wilfork get tagged eh?? Haha.

In every post I had mentioned NT I said NE wont let him come to a division foe... I mean tons of people were saying the same thing so no revelation there.

I'm hoping the Trifecta has a plan to get at least one FA in this order...

OLB/ILB Dansby

NT Hampton

WR Bolden

S Clark

So much is made of the $$ Dansby wants. In ANY negotiations you always start high so you can barter down to what you end up getting. I seriously doubt (after Haynesworth) that even big, deep pockets Snyder would hand Dansby close to that coin...especially guaranteed.

The looming 2011 lockout as the owners try to break the NFLPA's might will play in contract negotiations i.e. no gauranteed long term deals.


After the Pat White pick, I have no idea what moves the Trifecta are gonna make.

I profess not.


The move has had a negative spin placed over it but, it has to run it's course (3yrs) to be considered a true buster pick. I would be very suprised if Pat White didn't look a lot better growing from his rookie season lessons.

He may end up going down as a wasted pick but, I won't label him that until he is gone or year 3 has come and gone with similar results.

Terry Bradshaw, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning all took 2 or 3 years to get up to speed. Those teams are all glad they gave those players the room to develop. Pat White has a very intriguing skillset, enough to get Parcell's to take a chance.

I especially like the fact that he saw live game action (although it was odd placement at times) that should help him in the long run.


I use White as an example of their Unpredictability, not as a verdict on White.

No one will read this..but I'm just glad we are getting rid of "BIG MOUTH" Porter

Every one knew that was going to happen, it makes the most sence. The problem is Wilfork is pissed off because he wanted to test the market and I have a feeling he will demand more than the pats will pay. It is not bad for the Phins at all because there are other NTs in FA and a few good ones coming out in the draft. Wilfork is not happy and that is good for the Phins.

1. Sign Dansby
2. Sign Ferg
3. Cut GWilson and never let him back on the roster again unless he pays us back some money
4. If McClain is there take at #12
5. he McClain is not there trade back and take best value
6. If we pick McClain trade Crowder for a 3rd and Aylodele for a bag of grass seed to lay down after base ball is over.
7. Trade for Marshall
8. Sign BWatson
9. tender Fasano for a 2nd rd pick even thiough it will not happen
10. Fire TD and any girlfriend he may have
11 Give towel boy a raise he did a great job this yr and should of been team MVP.

To all the brain dead fans....the asking price is up to the team. It starts with a first and third rounder...but it can wind up being ANYTHING or nothing....players and different draft picks...now do you understand? Does anyone watch the draft or just talk crap? How many "deals" have you seen...how many teams traded away first rounders of their next season to move up in the present draft. Anyone remember what the DEAL cost for Manning? Now again, if Dallas really wants a LT...and they know they have to move up to at least 12...don't you believe it's worth it to them to trade a player for a player? Before last season, no one knew Austin...he did nothing, but Parcells knew him because he tried to acquire him two years ago, from Dallas.

Rob, are you saying wager who has more 225 reps between McClain and Graham? Becase then I would suffice it to say that you have never worked out, or been near a gym. Not meant as a slight, but a simple deduction. One guy has 31 inch arms, on a little over 6'0 frame, while the other is 6'4 (though I don't know McClains exact arm length) What I am getting at here, who do youthink would have an easier time pushing 225 through the air for more reps?The guy with longer arms, or theshorter arms. I have relentlessly studied McClain, taking in everything I can. Who do I compare him to? Ironically, i see a lot of Karlos Dansby. McClain is more polished, and technique wise ahead of where Dansby was coming out. I am not as high on McClain as i was, but that is not to say I don't think he should be the 12th pick, he is still on my short list. But factor in just how much difference arm length plays in the bench press, because it really does play one.

Pat White needs to start wearing gloves. If you go back and watch the footage from the combine, and yes this is where multiple teams fell in love with White's "Passing ability", he was wearing gloves on every throw.

As a running QB its difficult to hold onto the ball and gloves provide that extra umph. Just look at Kurt Warner if your in doubt about it helping White's Passing.

Parcells, if you're reading this, please, for the love of all that is holy, please, draft two NTs and two OLBs with your first four or five picks. Oh, and please sign Antonio Bryant. His presence will only make Hartline, Ginn, and Bess' job easier, thus producing more. Thank you, Oh Tuna.

I Love You,


as a cane i'm sad... but we could do better w young talent behind wut we have

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