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Ronnie Brown: Not interested in leaving Miami

Ronnie Brown will remain with the Dolphins in 2010 if, as widely expected, there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and players. In fact, I have reported to you previously that Brown and the Dolphins long ago addressed this possibility by writing in an option year to Brown's rookie deal.

The option, according to NFLPA figures which Brown confirmed for me last year, means Brown is under contract to the Dolphins for 2010 at $5 million if no agreement is reached. If an agreement is reached (highly unlikely), then Brown is unsigned.

So Brown is not even a restricted free agent this offseason. He's under contract if the option year kicks in.

Does it bother Brown, who will be entering his sixth season in 2010, that he's going to have to wait for unrestricted free agency?

"A little bit," he said this week on the final episode of the Ronnie Brown Show on 560-WQAM. "Just to see what may happen and just to see what opportunities I would have out there."

But in the next breath, Brown pivots to the stance he has taken and will continue taking until his contract runs out in Miami: He wants to remain with the Dolphins. He wants a long-term contract with the team.

Shocking, right?

"I want to make sure I'm still in Miami," he told host Orlando Alzugaray. "I don't want to go anywhere else. To be honest, I'm not really interested in leaving Miami so it'll be good if I could go on and get something done and stay here."

The problem for Brown is that the Dolphins have little motivation to get something done right now. They hold his rights for 2010 barring a CBA agreement that isn't likely to happen.

The running back is still recovering from the Nov. 20th surgery on his right foot to repair what was believed to be a lisfranc fracture. Brown is still not running and is being brought along slowly because, well, the Dolphins aren't playing any games for a while.

The problem for Brown and his representatives is that the Dolphins will be eager to see the running back prove he is completely healed from the injury before they commit to a new contract. Moreover, the Dolphins might be patient enough on the matter to wait and see if Brown can play an entire season without suffering another injury before deciding his long-term value.

Brown, you see, is supremely talented and usually effective when he's on the field. But he's sustained significant injuries in two of the past three years, including a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery in 2007. And since entering the NFL in 2005, Brown has never started all 16 games in a season. Even his 2008 Pro Bowl year when he gained 916 yards, Brown started 13 games.

So while Brown may be willing to commit to a long-term deal with the Dolphins -- like, yesterday -- the Dolphins have no logical reason to share that desire right now. 

[NEWS UPDATE: The Dolphins today took eight players off their injured reserve list -- a move required by the NFL for all teams. Taken off IR were Will Allen (left knee), Brown (right foot), Patrick Cobbs (left knee), Channing Crowder (right foot), Lydon Murtha (ankle), Jason Ferguson (quadricep), Chad Pennington (right shoulder), and Brennan Marion (knee). This doesn't mean all the players are healthy. It simply means they are able to take part in offseason OTAs, camps and other activities if they are healthy. Players on IR cannot practice with the team.]

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westva go play in the snow with your goats. Maybe you can give one phone call to indiana and he can bring his donkey.

WOW the drink Iam currently drinking(Pina Colada) Looks strangely like snow....hahahahahah ENJOY THAT WEATHER NJ....


Something we both agree on is that Morgan will not be an OLB. He has a DE's frame and movement skills.


You go to the Fish House yet?

$5mil is a very fair price for both sides for next season. Lets hope RB has a big year without injuries and the fins re-sign him to the deal that would make him very happy.

Ok back to football... I just saw two mock drafts that had us taking sergio kindle. Cant say i was real stoked about seeing that.

Ronnie Brown is one of my favorite Fins. His attitude is what sets him apart from many others in the NFL.

That is not to say I don't feel he could massively improve his game simply by staying healthy. It's kind of fate, kizmet or star alignment but he definitely is getting the injury prone label and rightly so. He is a 235lbs battering ram and goes through or over people many more times than around them.

I think he will want a long term contract but until he delivers a season of 15-16 games I doubt they will sign him to a long termer. With the looming muck that is lack of a CBA and potential lockout in 2011 I think most teams watch, wait and franchise or transition tag guys they want to keep locked up.


On Arizona radio, Fins talking to cards on Boldin....yeah buddy


Kindle is very young and has big upside. he is talented and can bring it.

At #12 I would prefer a motor always on guy though.

I believe if they want Kimble they should trade farther back as he should be able to be taken later on.

If they trade back at all I would most want Brandon Graham. I feel most teams will have a had time bootlegging or running wide to his side. That is exactly what the Fins need help with.


Is it warm anywhere?Somebody paint a picture,cause all I see is snow.


When can teams start trading for players? Do teams have to wait until Free Agency begins or can teams trade now?

Good stuff Waterboy...keep up the updates if there are any.

I like Bolden. If they snag him for a 4rth I think it would be awesome!

Bolden?WATERBOY you better not be kidin

I'll be going down to john pennekamp on sat morning so I'll be having lunch there sat afternoon..

I dont know much about kindle but havent seen anything much about him...

Im with you i like graham and spoon i guess i just dont know much about kindle is why i prefer them.

i was wondering the same thing about the trades.

Kindle is a finesse rusher who disappears.I do NOT want him with the 12th pick.2nd round sure but he'll be off the board by then.

T/Y HEAT. I hadnt heard much about him.

Rob in OC:

Turner gets to spend the off-season, hopefully, getting some strength & bulk in the Weight Room...

The 'not being able to get off the line' stuff makes me worry about a possible Toughness issue.

If I were him I'd be working hard on my hand / arm combat skills.

Year 2 will give us a much better e-val.

Kindle is strictly either an outside linebacker (4-3 and 3-4 schemes) or a third pass rusher at the next level. He looks very disinterested in playing physical football and is a finesse player without many pass rush moves, which is why I am not very high on him as a prospect. I think he has a lot of potential as a 3-4 rush linebacker, but he is a raw prospect. I’m worried about his game intangibles. Kindle is a projected 2nd round pick but like I said a team will take a chance on him in the 1st round.

How big is turner????

nfl .com has it at a third round pick still worth it we need Boldin

good stuff heat.. thanks...


Have fun at Pennekamp, but FYI there are much better places for seafood in upper keys...

So I missed a lot last blog after I left and now I missed this new post... Time flies when you're actually working..lmao. So what' s this blog going to turn into in about an hour? Something always gives

Enrique in one hours we will be talking about Westva goats and Indianas donkey farm

6 foot 5....but Lanky!

I am not sold on Kindle either... he is way too much of a project for the 12th pick

ronnie brown will never get a long term deal from miami. hes signed for this season and he would have to stay healthy entire season for miami to even consider bringing him back. guy is always injured, we need dline and oline help. draft defense.

Man with that kind of size i hope he can figure it all out.

Boldin for a 3rd plus a player is being anticipated as the price the cards want. Fins looking hard at the deal. Hiccup is new boldin contract after 2011

6'5" 220lbs of non starting clay... lets hope he gets molded into a starter in 2010.

Great GMs, take guys like Brown who is at the apex of his career and trade them when their value is at the maxium. I don't really see any team out there that would be willing to give up a first or second for Ronnie but if there was I bet the Dolphins would pull the trigger.

Nothing against Brown, he's one of my favorite Dolphins but this is a business and his value will never be higher. Next year he will be looking for the big payday and as an UFA we will either pay him or watch him go to the highest bidder. The time for a trade is right now.

cobra kai - No one is fighting with you. We are here for the intention to discuss football. Try not being so disrespectful and at least discuss football if you are going to talk.

his value will never be higher than right now??? are u crazy, hes coming off a season ending injury and hasnt even started running yet. he has zero trade value


Did you see Rex Ryan flashed his gunt/fupa at a Florida Panthers game? I saw it on sportscenter and I am just regaining my sight. The strange thing is, he looks to not have a belly button... Can you confirm that Rex Ryan was created in a lab?

If you missed it you can catch it on the next volume of Fat F*cks Gone Wild.

Whatever Indiana dolfan just said, but I would add: u heard me biatch

Brown could have trade value. To think he has zero trade value is kind of insane...

I'm just reading but agree with Indiana....talk dolphins

Waterboy can you tell us a story of your first Donkey relations?

Waterboy.....Cobbs is a keeper!

it was with your madre Donkey Kai Espinoza

here we go

Cobbs can be traded for a pick, he was a FA discard until we found him

he has been told that three times today but is not interested... I said earlier that we dont sign brown to a big deal. let him play this year and either earn his contract. or we franchise him after next year and then trade him kind of like waht new england might do with wilfork...

I know that Sanchez of the Jets said that Turner is going to be a great receiver in the NFL. I'll take Sanchez's predictions over the other experts saying that he will not!

Indiana did you have earthquake last night?

Bol...wait for it.... din

Victor the only thing Sanchez know is hot dog and sausage and fat coach not who going to be good receiver. He can't even find recievers on field and always throw intercept how he to tell who is good in the future?

Best blog post award.....

"Groves isn’t injury prone, he just gets hurt alot."

waterboy in no position to give out awards. this like Gibril Wilson telling Ed Reed to work on coverage

Sooo we never got an answer when can trades begin must they wait for free agency or can that start now?

Westva in march. don't you know anything about football or you just make moonshine and farm mountain goat in snow

R Brown stabilizes the offense....period....

all this he gets hurt and he needs to play a whole season...what rb plays the entire season anymore?? which is why most teams have a stable of rb's...williams got hurt too by the way...leaving only hilliard (who shows great promise) and sheets

waterboy ... why would u cut sheets (a player Parcells obviously had his eye on) and/or trade cobbs and thigpen (players who have NFL game playing time)? who are u getting back in that trade??

the Dolphins are on a good pace to change their identity on offense and defense .... this upcoming draft will solidify everything

Trades can be done now, if players involved have a contract signed and/or not on IR.

So Boldin can happen this week.

Cobra no one in here is arguing with you and im sure everyone here would like for you to find another blog to be counterproductive on. I must tell you though when you type you leaving out many words and it is incredibly hard to understand you.

water boy, tell us a good story .

Fish House is the shiznit!!!! Have the Key Lime it's the best I ever had and you might see Jimmy Johnson!

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