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Ronnie Brown: Not interested in leaving Miami

Ronnie Brown will remain with the Dolphins in 2010 if, as widely expected, there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and players. In fact, I have reported to you previously that Brown and the Dolphins long ago addressed this possibility by writing in an option year to Brown's rookie deal.

The option, according to NFLPA figures which Brown confirmed for me last year, means Brown is under contract to the Dolphins for 2010 at $5 million if no agreement is reached. If an agreement is reached (highly unlikely), then Brown is unsigned.

So Brown is not even a restricted free agent this offseason. He's under contract if the option year kicks in.

Does it bother Brown, who will be entering his sixth season in 2010, that he's going to have to wait for unrestricted free agency?

"A little bit," he said this week on the final episode of the Ronnie Brown Show on 560-WQAM. "Just to see what may happen and just to see what opportunities I would have out there."

But in the next breath, Brown pivots to the stance he has taken and will continue taking until his contract runs out in Miami: He wants to remain with the Dolphins. He wants a long-term contract with the team.

Shocking, right?

"I want to make sure I'm still in Miami," he told host Orlando Alzugaray. "I don't want to go anywhere else. To be honest, I'm not really interested in leaving Miami so it'll be good if I could go on and get something done and stay here."

The problem for Brown is that the Dolphins have little motivation to get something done right now. They hold his rights for 2010 barring a CBA agreement that isn't likely to happen.

The running back is still recovering from the Nov. 20th surgery on his right foot to repair what was believed to be a lisfranc fracture. Brown is still not running and is being brought along slowly because, well, the Dolphins aren't playing any games for a while.

The problem for Brown and his representatives is that the Dolphins will be eager to see the running back prove he is completely healed from the injury before they commit to a new contract. Moreover, the Dolphins might be patient enough on the matter to wait and see if Brown can play an entire season without suffering another injury before deciding his long-term value.

Brown, you see, is supremely talented and usually effective when he's on the field. But he's sustained significant injuries in two of the past three years, including a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery in 2007. And since entering the NFL in 2005, Brown has never started all 16 games in a season. Even his 2008 Pro Bowl year when he gained 916 yards, Brown started 13 games.

So while Brown may be willing to commit to a long-term deal with the Dolphins -- like, yesterday -- the Dolphins have no logical reason to share that desire right now. 

[NEWS UPDATE: The Dolphins today took eight players off their injured reserve list -- a move required by the NFL for all teams. Taken off IR were Will Allen (left knee), Brown (right foot), Patrick Cobbs (left knee), Channing Crowder (right foot), Lydon Murtha (ankle), Jason Ferguson (quadricep), Chad Pennington (right shoulder), and Brennan Marion (knee). This doesn't mean all the players are healthy. It simply means they are able to take part in offseason OTAs, camps and other activities if they are healthy. Players on IR cannot practice with the team.]

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ha thank you waterboy. somebody in here was wrong about that proving the one thign he said about football today was wrong which also proves that he clearly knows nothign about football and is no more than a pest in here.

Nah...I don't think anything can happen till the first official day of the new season (March 5th?)


I am trading cobbs because we will hire a FA RB/KR in my masterplan
I am trading thigpen because i am resigning penne as backup QB, with Pat White # 3

We will get late round draft picks that we need desperately for depth at DT, Safety and CB

As for sheets, he could even break the 49ers roster when they are thin at RB and gore was hurt.

Cobra kai. indiana say to be no Disrepectful fo no reason but he be disrepectful to NJ and others like bobbyd12 and say to keep panties on to other person.

Carlito, He was created from a great danes tightly coiled poop..

nobody would trade for cobbs, plus he helps us alot

If he helps a lot, would the crappy teams be interested?

and pat white is worthless, thigpen or pennington is the backup so white at best would be a number 3 which means if he comes into game henne cant go back in. white is worthless, bad pick

Cobbs is'nt going anywhere. Sparano loves the kid

Oh forget it, sheets has a better avg per carry than RB and RW... 1 carry for 5 yards. He is s keeper!

Westva and waterboy both wrong. No trades until march. donkeys

I'll be going down to john pennekamp on sat morning so I'll be having lunch there sat afternoon..

Posted by: cuban menace | February 10, 2010 at 03:34 PM

I read it three times before I realized you did not say: I'll be going down on john pennekamp

Keep in mind, John Pennekamp sounds like the name of a dude... anyhow - what a weird read that was until I got my eyesight fixed. I must still be reeling from the Rex Ryan pics.. and btw LMFAO at Fat F*CKS GONE WILD.. hahaha

Chalupa do you think Indiana have more donkey or westava have more moonshines and mountain goat?

I just confirmed at NFL.com that no trades can be presented to the NFL until March 5th but they can be "concluded" with the teams prior to.

what is the donkeys thing i must not get that?


I am glad I could bring some humor to your day, especially if its at Rex Ryans expense

and can cobra make a complete sentence????

Westva is very slow but it ok Waterboy know much less football to even him.

Sparano talks up dudes and then kicks them in the groin.. see quotes leading up to the release of Ernest Wilford, see quotes about Pat Turner, see quotes about Murphy... see quotes about the australian punter they hired in camp to compete with Fields.... come on dudes, its smokescreens with the Fins Front Office

Can someone from Westva have 2 teeth together or for every tooth in they head it required to have one missing?

cobra kai , i think indian have more donkey because he cry like donkey all the time. Ha !he ! ha ! he I ha ! he ha !!! westva . he drunk all the time on he moonshine then play with his donkey ( no there something wrong with this )

cobra kai, are you being steoreotypical?

Waterboy you so stupid a coach do not talk bad about player on the team to media. This destroy trade value and morale of team. When was last time someone ask a coach about player and he say "this guy is really bad, we going to cut him soon." It simple business for a man but very difficult for a donkey.

Porter for Boldin please oh pplleeaassee

Waterboy I dont have a typical stereo. My girlfriend buy me ipod last month.

Have to go have fun talking farms and livestock

seems you have donkey fetish? did your mamma let the donkey loose from the stable while she was breastfeeding you

zona would never deal boldin for porter, get real. porter has no trade value, he will be cut soon.

Ok I have to go, but let me explain before I leave. Waterboy you are a donkey because your are AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ for brains.

Aloco you can please take over in my absense?

I think cobra is a child... And seeing as how you make fun of me being from west virginia i notice you do not have the capabilities to make complete sentences or to make comments that can be easily understood. hmmmmm might you be my neighbor???

poor grammar and sentence structure cobra.....

Aloco you can please take over in my absense?
Posted by: cobra kai

Anyone one to take time to correct the above sentence?????

Jus like the skins didnt give a second rd pick for taylor.

chalupa - I was not disrespectful to NJ. I was just asking his opinion on someone who claims himself to be such a "college guru". I don't say useless comments in every one of my comments like Cobra kai. When did I disrespect bobbyd12? Panties in a bunch comment is a joke...even if I was to be disrespectful I would find a differnet way then asking if thier "panties was in a bunch"

lets talk football.

what draft pick would you give for boldin.

I would give my 3rd...
This can can start off the bat, how many 3rd rounders start ASAP? see Pat Turner

Just got in from round 2 of shoveling. Some funny stuff. LMFAO !!

Indiana no need to explain yourself to anyone in here.

I would be fine with a third but somehow we need to pick up another pick... not sure how but we need picks in the first 4 rounds to sure up a shaky D.

Armando should allow for mods on this board, keep the illiterate trolls away

Waterboy - I would not give any draft picks for Boldin. With no CBA in place draft picks are much more valuable this year because the lack of FA on the market. We could give a player for Boldin and I am not sold on us even getting Boldin. He is older and out of his prime...

after seeing the D collapse at the end, I wouldnt be pissed to see all first 4 picks go Def.

where are you guys seeing the latest info on boldin? all I saw this morning was PFT article. is thre more info out?

on shovel 3 in PA

radio station in Zona claims fins have already offered a 3rd and been talking for a while

Rob in oc , yes we do agree on derrick morgan. Morgan is a DE in the 4-3 system . He never was a olb and i don't think he'll ever be a 3-4 olb. Alot goes into be a olb and morgan is missing many of those qualities. It's huuuge !risk taking a shot at a De like morgan and hoping he makes that transition.

skins deal for taylor much different, jt was still playing good and is known for being great in lockeroom. plus they were dealing with daniel snyder and he wasnt dealt for a player. porter could never be traded for boldin or even john doe for that matter. everyone knows hes being cut and hes washed up and a bad lockeroom guy.

Porter is a bum and should be cut ASAP.

thanks waterboy!!

boy this will be a long offseason... just got an email from Ticketmaster with a 50% off deal for FAU owls basketball....

pat turner, another bad parcells pick

Porter will be cut because even teams willing to take him will think he should get a pay cut.

What exactly is missing NJ, all I've heard is an opinion and too much size which was wrong and lack of coverage which goes with all DEs that are converted to a 3-4 like blog darling Brandon Graham so that really wasn't a revelation. Did Jason Taylor look like a LB when he first started there? Heck does he look like one now? he gets the job done though. So did Matt Roth and Shawne Merriman who are the same size. Robert Ayers drafted by Denver last year is also the same size and looks like he could play.

Indiana you lie . you disrespectful TO NJ and call him name cause he no answer you , then you call him overrated and phony and other names like he no know football,

Please continue to keep us updated Waterboy. Lets hope we get Boldin


im out... hope fins make some cuts tomorrow.

A 3rd rounder for Boldin is an overpayment. I say 4th at best. Besides, I'd rather have the draft pick myself. This year's draft is deep and we could get more value for the pick than for a player like Boldin. Don't get me wrong, I do like him but he's not the only piece we need on offense. We need a TE who can stretch the field and our young receivers should be able to get better.

pay no attention to the double and triple posters they are azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzezzzzzzz

What's the first day (date) that a trade can take place??

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