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Ronnie Brown: Not interested in leaving Miami

Ronnie Brown will remain with the Dolphins in 2010 if, as widely expected, there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and players. In fact, I have reported to you previously that Brown and the Dolphins long ago addressed this possibility by writing in an option year to Brown's rookie deal.

The option, according to NFLPA figures which Brown confirmed for me last year, means Brown is under contract to the Dolphins for 2010 at $5 million if no agreement is reached. If an agreement is reached (highly unlikely), then Brown is unsigned.

So Brown is not even a restricted free agent this offseason. He's under contract if the option year kicks in.

Does it bother Brown, who will be entering his sixth season in 2010, that he's going to have to wait for unrestricted free agency?

"A little bit," he said this week on the final episode of the Ronnie Brown Show on 560-WQAM. "Just to see what may happen and just to see what opportunities I would have out there."

But in the next breath, Brown pivots to the stance he has taken and will continue taking until his contract runs out in Miami: He wants to remain with the Dolphins. He wants a long-term contract with the team.

Shocking, right?

"I want to make sure I'm still in Miami," he told host Orlando Alzugaray. "I don't want to go anywhere else. To be honest, I'm not really interested in leaving Miami so it'll be good if I could go on and get something done and stay here."

The problem for Brown is that the Dolphins have little motivation to get something done right now. They hold his rights for 2010 barring a CBA agreement that isn't likely to happen.

The running back is still recovering from the Nov. 20th surgery on his right foot to repair what was believed to be a lisfranc fracture. Brown is still not running and is being brought along slowly because, well, the Dolphins aren't playing any games for a while.

The problem for Brown and his representatives is that the Dolphins will be eager to see the running back prove he is completely healed from the injury before they commit to a new contract. Moreover, the Dolphins might be patient enough on the matter to wait and see if Brown can play an entire season without suffering another injury before deciding his long-term value.

Brown, you see, is supremely talented and usually effective when he's on the field. But he's sustained significant injuries in two of the past three years, including a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery in 2007. And since entering the NFL in 2005, Brown has never started all 16 games in a season. Even his 2008 Pro Bowl year when he gained 916 yards, Brown started 13 games.

So while Brown may be willing to commit to a long-term deal with the Dolphins -- like, yesterday -- the Dolphins have no logical reason to share that desire right now. 

[NEWS UPDATE: The Dolphins today took eight players off their injured reserve list -- a move required by the NFL for all teams. Taken off IR were Will Allen (left knee), Brown (right foot), Patrick Cobbs (left knee), Channing Crowder (right foot), Lydon Murtha (ankle), Jason Ferguson (quadricep), Chad Pennington (right shoulder), and Brennan Marion (knee). This doesn't mean all the players are healthy. It simply means they are able to take part in offseason OTAs, camps and other activities if they are healthy. Players on IR cannot practice with the team.]

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LOL @ lips, Its a park down in the keys....

Waterboy - Can you confirm this report about Boldin with a link anywhere? Just curious, interesting information...

chalupa - Can you please type a little better English so your posts can actually be understood? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Also, if I want to give NJ a little bit of crap for s#!ts and giggles I can. I am not intending any harm or hatred towards him.

boldin hasnt been linked to any talks with miami. marshall more on miamis radar than boldin. but ahead of them both are k.walter, d.stallworth, l.moore. much cheaper options and miami has already talked about them according to profootballtalk.com

like walter but not a 1,but a great compliment ala welker

Mando on your twitter. I also read this morning capt. phil harris of the cornelia marie died from a massive stroke at the age of 53. " Deadlist catch " is one of the best reality shows out there. I Knew he wasn't going to make that long. he had alot of health problems. RIP Capt Phil.

No more than a 4th for Boldin. The market value has been set with an All Pro over 30 receiver with the Randy Moss to NE trade.

good show RIP

zona wont deal him for a 4th. zona isnt retarded like al davis. will take a 3rd to get him

Gerard - The 2010 season will start March 5th

where did we get gerbile from?

Obviously The Dolphins and Brown are Family and they both know it will work out fine if all is well with both sides on all accounts, But the Dolphins really need to concintrate on WIDE RECEIVERS and a Strong SECONDARY!!
This is what is going to make a difference to go to the superbowl, of course a Fantastic Panton Manning type QB, but that's neither here nor there, not unless it falls in our lap.
But it has shown in the past our guys do not know what to do when a football is thrown their way...your suppose to catch it and hold on to it and run, No one in the Dolphin uniform can do that....

brown has 2-3 good years left, no need to give him long term deal


whos panton manning

Most bloggers on this site, if they had their way would make NO MOVES....well then be happy with 7 - 9 every season and stop whining.
The DRAFT is not always the solution to everything because ALL TEAMS are drafting....In order to move up the standings, the TRIFECTA need to look for PRO BOWL talent somewhere...and they need it this year because after this year they will need to rebuild the running back situation...its getting "old and injured"
So they will definitly try via FA..although so far WILSON and WILFORD have been terrible terrible decisions by the Trifecta in FA.I also dont rate Fasano and he is mouth.So they are going to have to improve their FA work drammatically.
I beleive that Brandon Marshall for next years 1st and Ginn would get the deal done.Its worth it and we need it.
That would allow us to draft Spiller 1st then all defense after that.Rolle could also fall in our FA laps....
That is PRO BOWL talent and game changing stuff that i beleive would catapult us into serious challengers next year....or do little and stay at 7 - 9...!!!!!

bigalfy for GM!

spiller in the first round?!? and denver would do backflips just to get a 1 for marshall


The entire 'Rumor' has been based around to some guy named Barry Jackson, who says that "Two Front Office Dolphins personnel have contacted the Cardinals about a possible trade for the receiver once March 5 rolls around." The rest of the sentences in all the articles I've read are only previous 'Hearsay' and commentator's speculation.

Its VERY possible that the Dolphins are doing some Smoke Screen stuff as they begin to posture themselves for the Draft. (They've been a SILENT organization up until this point and there's no reason to believe they suddenly want to help the world understand what their plans are.)

My advice for 'This time of year' would be "Don't believe anything that you hear and only HALF of what you see."


lol,very good


You have now reached elite status, love the new competition.

You have taken busting chops to a whole new level.

You have my full support!

LMFAO @ bigafly. It looks like he's today's winner as well.

Thank you my man PO !!!. Bigafly is now the undisputed king but it's still early.

The only news I care to hear about until the combine is that Wilson and Porter suffered severe injuries from them being hit in the a s s by the door on their way out.

that's not nice po .

Some times I let my hate get the best of me....

what about crowder po ?


Untill we get something better....

Seems like when he is out of the line up Our D sucks even more.

He can shut his big(cant back it up)mouth this year though.

Hope the sub is Tasty.....


What's happened to this blog? Are mental hospitals doing a early release these days?

They let me out Joe.

Geez Aloco...

I'm getting flashbacks to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

Only cause I could not pay though, cause i'm PO.

parcell & organization would be crazy not 2 resign rb. true he has been injured 2 of the last 3yrs,but if it wasn't 4 him. no way we win the afc east 2 seasons ago. can you say "wildcat".

LOL Po. Hey, I agree. Crowder's just like one of those girlfriends you keep around until you find one you like better.

Could not of said it better myself Joe.



Yeah...and he got his legs folded back behind his head!

(...after getting blindside/Jacked from Leon Washington (Jets) and Steve Smith (Panthers.)

Two people in contact with the Dolphins said last week they would be very surprised if Miami pursues a trade for Brandon Marshall -- Denver says it might keep him, and Marshall wants to stay -- but they could envision the Dolphins offering a draft pick (third round or later) for Arizona's Anquan Boldin.

Miami Herald

What's bread budding? Ohhh, you mean bread pudding. You know you really should work on your English. It makes you sound so 3rd world.


sign peppers no way carolina pays 20 mil to keep him for this year. we could move him him to strong side backer and set him loose.then rotate jt and wake @ weakside. trade down to get williams. with extra pick grab lafels or gilyard they should be available in the 2nd rnd.then ,their are many linebacker prospects after the 2nd rd to choose from.also, we missed on sharper last year. he only signed for 1 yr with saints make him an offer he cant refuse and lets take the conference by storm next year enough of these 2nd tier free agents. saints probably dont win superbowl without sharper this year.

they need to hurry up and get rid of brown too! when are they going to cut porter's sorry ass, along with many others?


whats the usual compesation for moving down in the draft? lets say from 12 into the 20's

peppers career is close to ending, dont need him. and the wildcat wont be used much next year

No prob Aloco. Have dive trip planned for Bonaire in April and might stop in Costa.



I could "Envision" a beach house on French Riviera!

Glenn Kamp has now moved into 2nd place behind bigafly . It's close.

Bigafly!!! Daily winner AGAIN!!! YEA!!!

Bolden had over 1000 receiving yards this year with 4 touchdowns and something like 84 catches..and people say he had an average year.!!!..previously his numbers were way higher..he is a legit NO1 receiver with about 3 years left in the tank.That would give us time to gromm Pat Turner and maybe another project...Boldin would be well worth a 3rd rounder, even a 2nd...hell we wasted a 2nd on WHITE...it really is a no brainer and would help Ginn as well....TUNA will make this deal because its SO OBVIOUS that it needs to be done...other than that BM for draft picks is still cheap...you guys realise we have wasted 5 previous draft picks in earler years and still have NO REAL no1 Receiver???...it aint that easy to pick them...PAY THE PRICE..Get it done and solve the frikkin problem for 3 to 5 years with either Boldin or Marshall....
Hell...the defense can still be upgraded with the many other picks we have...

Or we do nothing and stay around 7 -9 next year with our fingers up our azzes watching other teams win Superbowls...

Tuna will make the move I beleive...NJ...your a smart guy...but with your thinking we would be 8-8 for the next 5 years....

CocoaJoe, Costa Rica now has a woman President, that country will be FU"Kd up very shortly!!!

A good idea to make sure Brown is healthy again before you give up the dough!!! White is a waste & so is Ginn!!! time to clean house get rid of the junk... that means you Gibril!!! GO FINS 2010!!!


7-9 coming off 11-5 can only be considered a disappointment. But given the injuries suffered at key positions and the difficult schedule, I'm willing to look at the glass half full.
I believe the organization is going in the right direction and is looking to build a team that will be a contender for many years.
Clearly there are still many needs. And we have to expect that some players will not pan out(Gibril Wilson and Ernest Wilford come to mind). But, if we have established a dominant offensive line, a qb that will help us forget the past 20 yrs., solid cb's, throw in a couple defensive linemen and a coach with brains and balls, I think the Fins future looks bright (regardless of the new name of their stadium).

No way Parcells gives up a second for Boldin, not in a million years, not gonna happen..I would be suprised if he gives up a forth


nothing will help ginn, get rid of him. boldin misses alot of playing time with injuries and he wants way to much money. and pat turner blows.

Old Man Al-Loco, she was just elected dimwit...And ur all CAPS really is getting old, have ur grandkids take off the CAP button

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