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Ronnie Brown: Not interested in leaving Miami

Ronnie Brown will remain with the Dolphins in 2010 if, as widely expected, there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and players. In fact, I have reported to you previously that Brown and the Dolphins long ago addressed this possibility by writing in an option year to Brown's rookie deal.

The option, according to NFLPA figures which Brown confirmed for me last year, means Brown is under contract to the Dolphins for 2010 at $5 million if no agreement is reached. If an agreement is reached (highly unlikely), then Brown is unsigned.

So Brown is not even a restricted free agent this offseason. He's under contract if the option year kicks in.

Does it bother Brown, who will be entering his sixth season in 2010, that he's going to have to wait for unrestricted free agency?

"A little bit," he said this week on the final episode of the Ronnie Brown Show on 560-WQAM. "Just to see what may happen and just to see what opportunities I would have out there."

But in the next breath, Brown pivots to the stance he has taken and will continue taking until his contract runs out in Miami: He wants to remain with the Dolphins. He wants a long-term contract with the team.

Shocking, right?

"I want to make sure I'm still in Miami," he told host Orlando Alzugaray. "I don't want to go anywhere else. To be honest, I'm not really interested in leaving Miami so it'll be good if I could go on and get something done and stay here."

The problem for Brown is that the Dolphins have little motivation to get something done right now. They hold his rights for 2010 barring a CBA agreement that isn't likely to happen.

The running back is still recovering from the Nov. 20th surgery on his right foot to repair what was believed to be a lisfranc fracture. Brown is still not running and is being brought along slowly because, well, the Dolphins aren't playing any games for a while.

The problem for Brown and his representatives is that the Dolphins will be eager to see the running back prove he is completely healed from the injury before they commit to a new contract. Moreover, the Dolphins might be patient enough on the matter to wait and see if Brown can play an entire season without suffering another injury before deciding his long-term value.

Brown, you see, is supremely talented and usually effective when he's on the field. But he's sustained significant injuries in two of the past three years, including a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery in 2007. And since entering the NFL in 2005, Brown has never started all 16 games in a season. Even his 2008 Pro Bowl year when he gained 916 yards, Brown started 13 games.

So while Brown may be willing to commit to a long-term deal with the Dolphins -- like, yesterday -- the Dolphins have no logical reason to share that desire right now. 

[NEWS UPDATE: The Dolphins today took eight players off their injured reserve list -- a move required by the NFL for all teams. Taken off IR were Will Allen (left knee), Brown (right foot), Patrick Cobbs (left knee), Channing Crowder (right foot), Lydon Murtha (ankle), Jason Ferguson (quadricep), Chad Pennington (right shoulder), and Brennan Marion (knee). This doesn't mean all the players are healthy. It simply means they are able to take part in offseason OTAs, camps and other activities if they are healthy. Players on IR cannot practice with the team.]

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That's what I'm looking for: round and brown

I hope Ronnie stays

Phil the one who got bad news from the Doctor on the show...

He was telling his wife on the phone?


Cobra Kia... You would not last a second in front of Bill Ruger.... goof ball...
I believe Ronnie will get a 5 year deal out of Miami. I thought about a 3, but it makes no sense to give him 3 when in a 5 years deal his yearly numbers are less and that makes him easier to deal should the right situation arise or should he go down again for the season. In a 5 years deal for say 11 milion, we only take a 1.3 per year hit should he get injured. I cannot see Miami offering more than 12 to 14 million over 5 years to Ronnie. He is currently at just under 9.5 for his last 5. Not including bonuses and incentive money. Only one play was higher in 08... that was Smiley at 10 mil. Wich I have to say... has me still scratching my head.
I still believe the coaching staff wants Dan Williams out of the 1st pick. Sparano fell in love with this guy from what I have read... there is much to like. Guy is smart, big (not tall) big... and has the ability to keep two o-line guys busy. Still does not answer the NT spot... not certain that is in this draft.. I hope so... but am not holding my breath. I would like to know what the deal is with Patrick Turner. I know he had a bunch of knocks against him by the talking heads... I just want to know just what the deal is? USC guy...? Big? what..? cant catch? scared to get hit?... needs to shave? what the F#@$ is the deal?

bobbyd12, have you ever watched deadlist catch ?? if you haven't . you wouldn't know who is anyway.

LOL CM......


Like the kool-aid your sipping on, the Boldin studd is just a buzz. And his value is not 3rd round material.

Also he hasnt been a bit injured and two seasons ago was knocked out of the game and missed time with a brocken socket bone in his face. Missed time last year and is gonna most likely miss time this coming year. And it's not the dressing room-he is not a dressing room leader. Locker room is what your trying to say and he's not that either, asking for more money and demanding a trade.

If the Patsies got Randy! for a 4th, why in hell would the Dolphins give a 3rd rounder?

Boldin is not the player Randy Moss is and as a matter of fact I would be suprised if he ever get's another 1k yard receiving year.

Alfy my man it's cool that you like the Dolphins and all but your point is, well lets just say that you being nominated for the buffon post of the day two days in a row, merits you leaving the draft and player aquistions to the Trifecta. Cause if you were running the team we would have a continous slide of bad drafts and humiliation. The league would dub us division 1-a.

Carlito, thks I never heard of the guy or show, guess I'll check it out..

Derek in WPB stick to Tamarind Ave and you be ok but you out of your league in football talk


Do you think Parcells trades down or out of the first round to add more picks?

Po , he's the one that had 2 son on the boat. He's also the one that had a blood clot that moved up his leg and into his lungs. he was spitting up blood and had to leave the boat for awhile.

Carlito, check my 7:59 post, Guy with a Beard, smoker?


Its a great show... they deal with some crazy shyt... very entertaining and good to pass the time while there is no football.


Yep, thats the one....

That sucks....

Master plan
draft ilb 1st round
draft olb 2nd round
draft wr Demaryius Thomas 3rd
draft nt 4th
no pick in the 5th since we gave it away to kc
6th add depth oline
7th best player available.

people work on these boats for few month a year making 100,ooo-200,ooo catching king crab ,you have to be a strong guy to do that kind of work .

Just did a Google, thats him, that sucks...

He got to die doing something he loved.

Better than my slow death at the bank....

Cobra kai . what do you think of indiana dolphan .

that's right aloco . what do you think of cobra kai ??

Yea, I used to watch that one when they worked in oil field, I imagine working a boat job like that has to be really rough..I'll check it out thks

takeafterme, thanks for shedding some light on the draft. NOT !!!

who's cobra Kai ?

Indiana Dolphins is a noble donkey farmer

Do we have a winnerrrrrrr?

if you send pat white to work on that boat for 4 month he will come back a stud .

Yeah right Pat White wouldn't stand a chance in 60 foot seas

Jake Grove looks like he could be a crab fisherman

he be the one to count the crap.


I disagree Dolphins4life....so far you have not offered up any real argument...He had terrific figures last year...and YES he was injured the year before...but that was during a game in which he got crunched..does that make him injury prone???...no it doesnt!!!.the guy drops his shoulder and hits hard...and makes BIG PLAYS....a 3rd is cheap...with your logic we would be going nowhere fast...name the last NO1 grade wide receiver we have drafted in the last 10 years...NOT ONE..!!!

Heres our chance to get a very good player...he is way better than anything we have at present...even as a descending player he will get 1000yards and 10 touchdowns next year as our No1....

You guys deserve to remain in mediocre land....you think your smart..but you just dont get it...for me sometimes you pull the trigger and this one is one Id do in a heartbeat..!!

Oh and Im more than happy to accept any awards...we'll see what transpires

Have a good evening everyone...

Looking at the last 2 drafts, in the 3rd round around where we are picking this year, very few impact players. 2 years ago Steve Slaton and Jermichael Finley were taken in that area. Last year Mike Wallace and Lardarius Webb were taken. I am just posting this as a point of reference. I do know this is supposedly the deepest draft in a few years, and think good players are available later into this draft than usual. I post this only for info purposes, not saying what I'd do one way or the other.

Also only Mike Sims-Walker in 2007, and Jerious Norwood in 2006. Kinda revealing when you look at it.

bootang25 . Really ?? that's it in the 3rd round this past year. How about shonn greene , luis vasquez ( starting G fro san diego )., jerarrd powers cb indy , deon butler wr seattle, just to name a few.

These were guys taken in the 3rd round. you can't look at where miami is picking this year and compare them to picks from last year. this draft is much deeper. different year , different picks.

Theres not much usually in that round anyway....get Boldin


Why do you keep saying name one reciever the last ten years, then you have said the last five. Give me a break, it's cause of ineptness by prior regimes that have made the Dolphins the laughing stock of the league, till December of 2008 when we hired Bill Parcells and co. Now even the experst such as Bill Cowher (who knows a thing about winning SB's) and other have said we are not that far away from making a serious run.

Don't forget it has been only two season removed from when we whent 1-15 and it was because of those previous coaching regimes(idiots) that had made us the laughing stock up until last two years. I must admit no one in their right mind thought we would go 11-5 and win the division. Not you nor I and the experts had us winning 3 games. That is how bad our talent was and that is what a guy like the Tuna can do for a franchise like the Dolphins.

A few of those were picked ahead of where our pick was NJ. And I prefaced it with I was only using as a point of reference. And I said I know it is the deepest draft in years. It had nothing of my pinion in it.

Nah !, not at all . just jason taylor

Jason Taylor was a 3rd round pick.... duuuuuuhhhhhh

damn you beat me to it... by a matter of seconds...

Powers is suited for a cover 2, Indy was a good spot for him. Deon Butler or Anquan Boldin? I'm just saying there are many misses in the 3rd round, as with any round.


I misunderstood...

I thought that you were one of the loons who seem to be all hyped up that the dolphins have already given their 3rd round draft pick -- and that Bolden will be flown in tomorrow to meet Chad Henne...

The whole PLANET agrees that the guy would make a positive difference.
(We can all "envision" the guy running out of the tunnel.)

But with all due respect to Barry Jackson, a 'phone call' doesn't excite me, (cause, they occur 365 days a year) unless its March 5th...and a 'journalist' is reporting that "a Deal has been agreed to in Principle by both parties."

Otherwise -- its Smoke Screen season. I'm not holding my breath yet.


If I close on that Beach House then you are welcome to join me and the 15 Topless French Girls that I'll be hanging out with.

But for now...I've got to grab a shovel and do my driveway again.


I would be very happy if Boldin became a Dolphin, but I also wouldn't be upset if the Dolphins didn't get him. I just think a 3rd and a player is very steep.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Master Plan

Rd 1 : Draft that good guy from that good team

Rd 2 : Draft that guy thats good, just not as
good as the first guy from that good team

Rd 3 : Draft a clone of the first guy(copy
degridation so not really as good as the original)

Rd 4 : Trade pick and our dead weight for that guy thats really good that alotta other teams want
Rd 5 : Draft a rookie of the year

Rd 6 : Draft the diamond in the rough, you
know that guy from that small school out west somewhere

Rd 7 : Trade pick for more Cow Bell

Cut Jimmy Buffett
Cut Dark Sith Lord Joey Porter

Release Channing Crowder...for he has fallon to the dark side as well

Release Doug Henning so he can co-star with Paul Pasqualoni in the upcomming Golden Girls reunion movie.

Thats my 2 warped cents

Soiled :)

I VALUE draft picks. I value depth, I value competition at every position. So I wouldn't be big on trading away a 3rd for a lot of players.

I would be happy with a 4th for Boldin.

I am still haunted by the pictures of Rex Ryans gunt/fupa I saw today. Very disturbed about his lack of belly button... Very confusing, but I don't want to know...

Carlito I would do a 4th in a heartbeat. Just really worried about a 3rd and getting burned. I would love of we could offer a 4th and maybe a conditional pick the following year.

I love how all these wanna bes want boldin to be our number and that a 3rd is a logical trade and one we should make , but what if he's injured what if he has lost a couple of steps with previous injuries and age then what ? I'm going to come back on this blog and see everyone tearing up the dolphins for trading for a 30 year old , injury prone , and diva reciever

That's sad about Capt Phil from Deadliest Catch. My wife watches that show every season.
Back to football. I like Boldin, but would not be giving up draft picks this year when there is great deal of talent coming out. Would not give up picks for Marshall either. Just would not do it.

Bootang , now your spinning in regards to my post and 3rd round picks. I gave you more guys in the 3rd round and now your telling me this guy is better suited for this d and that guy is better that the other guy. c'mon man.

carlito , 4rth round sounds right. moss was had for a 4rth rounder for crying out loud/

You named 2 other players. I NEVER said I'd offer a 3rd. I knew if I posted that people would read it the wrong way

I'm not on here to say who is right and wrong, you guys can dothose arguments.

I would even be down for a 4th and a player or a 4th and a late rounder next year

jrcdn . right on , good post.

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