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Ronnie Brown: Not interested in leaving Miami

Ronnie Brown will remain with the Dolphins in 2010 if, as widely expected, there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and players. In fact, I have reported to you previously that Brown and the Dolphins long ago addressed this possibility by writing in an option year to Brown's rookie deal.

The option, according to NFLPA figures which Brown confirmed for me last year, means Brown is under contract to the Dolphins for 2010 at $5 million if no agreement is reached. If an agreement is reached (highly unlikely), then Brown is unsigned.

So Brown is not even a restricted free agent this offseason. He's under contract if the option year kicks in.

Does it bother Brown, who will be entering his sixth season in 2010, that he's going to have to wait for unrestricted free agency?

"A little bit," he said this week on the final episode of the Ronnie Brown Show on 560-WQAM. "Just to see what may happen and just to see what opportunities I would have out there."

But in the next breath, Brown pivots to the stance he has taken and will continue taking until his contract runs out in Miami: He wants to remain with the Dolphins. He wants a long-term contract with the team.

Shocking, right?

"I want to make sure I'm still in Miami," he told host Orlando Alzugaray. "I don't want to go anywhere else. To be honest, I'm not really interested in leaving Miami so it'll be good if I could go on and get something done and stay here."

The problem for Brown is that the Dolphins have little motivation to get something done right now. They hold his rights for 2010 barring a CBA agreement that isn't likely to happen.

The running back is still recovering from the Nov. 20th surgery on his right foot to repair what was believed to be a lisfranc fracture. Brown is still not running and is being brought along slowly because, well, the Dolphins aren't playing any games for a while.

The problem for Brown and his representatives is that the Dolphins will be eager to see the running back prove he is completely healed from the injury before they commit to a new contract. Moreover, the Dolphins might be patient enough on the matter to wait and see if Brown can play an entire season without suffering another injury before deciding his long-term value.

Brown, you see, is supremely talented and usually effective when he's on the field. But he's sustained significant injuries in two of the past three years, including a knee injury that required reconstructive surgery in 2007. And since entering the NFL in 2005, Brown has never started all 16 games in a season. Even his 2008 Pro Bowl year when he gained 916 yards, Brown started 13 games.

So while Brown may be willing to commit to a long-term deal with the Dolphins -- like, yesterday -- the Dolphins have no logical reason to share that desire right now. 

[NEWS UPDATE: The Dolphins today took eight players off their injured reserve list -- a move required by the NFL for all teams. Taken off IR were Will Allen (left knee), Brown (right foot), Patrick Cobbs (left knee), Channing Crowder (right foot), Lydon Murtha (ankle), Jason Ferguson (quadricep), Chad Pennington (right shoulder), and Brennan Marion (knee). This doesn't mean all the players are healthy. It simply means they are able to take part in offseason OTAs, camps and other activities if they are healthy. Players on IR cannot practice with the team.]

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carlito . me too .

Health is the only issue with Brown. Brown has many talents, power running, receiving, and running the wildcat. If he did not get hurt this yr we would of been in the playoffs.

I'm back Alfy

Also Boldin's has Hammy issues and missed time for it.
Also look at the player's such as Marques Coltson (7th round) or look at guys like Miles Austin and Davon Bess both undrafted rookie free agent who The Tuna ended up getting.
That is what the Tuna does he finds gems.

You can hang onto the fact that Tuna signed Ernest Wilford but the most profound thing about him is his HUMILITY and ability to know when to CUT your losses when you have made a mistake-and he does not make many periode.
He puts the team first and what is best for the team now and in the long run.

I'm out have a good night Dolphins nation!

In Parcells I trust!

Boldins hammys didnt stop him racking up over a 1000 yards this year and 84 catches...who was our best receiver huh?...YES Colston,Austin etc...but how many have Miamai drafted that worked??....NONE..!!

Hartline will be an awesome 2nd receiver...really good player, but we need PRO BOWL type talent...Im not saying Boldin will be a probowler but he is at that level...he is a legit NO1...much better than BREASTON this year...YES Tuna is a good talent evaluator...but WHITE,MURPHY,TURNER,NALBONE etc tell me that he does miss on many...they ALL do...thats why a 3rd for a legit No1 is GREAT BUSINESS....look at his previous years...great numbers...he may teach GINN the meaning of BALLS...a crunch player...only got hurt on the field on a crunching play...he is very very durable indeed...

YES Tuna finds GEMS....Boldin is a GEM...

can you tell me how long it took austin to get IT?and bess aint that great

Dont get me wrong......Id go Brandon Marshall for next years 1st and Camarillo...in a heartbeat...youd fix WR for 6 years....and I dont think BM is a cancer...what..?...everyone who says boo is a cancer???...NOT....hes just a STUD..theyve all got swagger...thats good...he has confidence...harness it..fluff him up, make him feel important and let him loose...would you prefer a weak player (Ginn) who is afraid of contact but is such a sweet boy???....Wake up

Boldin or BM...either...but Boldin for a 3rd plus is GOLD..!!!!

Boldin would be a nice add,but we need a NT

draft is gonna produce 2yrs down the road

Bolden is very very durable ??? marshall for next year's 1 and Ginn ??? marshall is not a cancer ?? Bwahahahahahahahahahaah ! , please stop . bwahahahahahahaahah , my god my sides are killing me , bwahahahahahahaaha. i can't take it anymore .

Yeah I agree stupid post how do you miss most of the last 2 seasons and become durable , how does a player kicking footballs in the air at practice not cancer wow , and how bad do you have to act to be suspended for a win and in game in the last game of the regular season ?

Its always a fun night when NJ bust out the "bwahahahahahahaha"

any ideas?GM's

No Boldin is not durable but thats because he doesnt run out of bounds like Ginn who hasnt ever missed a game with injury. Give me Boldin.

Bolden for a 4rth and 1 of our 3 6th round picks . If not , time to move on.

I have a feeling this is going to be quite the offseason... I mean, usually, the Dolphins news seems to die out.. but with this blog, and the variety of blog posters (from full blown retarded to knowledgeable) - I am going to enjoy the next few months as we rebuild through the draft and perhaps pick up a player or two in a trade or FA..

I think your being unfair...Boldin has NOT missed MOST of this season....look at his numbers...1024 yards and 84 catches...4 tds...last year yes he was injured..DURING A PLAY..!!...yet he still had 12 TD's or so...cmon..my turn to bwah ha ha ha.....

Numbers dont lie..Jncrdn...your clueless pal..!!....Boldin has displayed that he is durable....its different if he has been crunched...he is a very durable player...Ginn would not have tried that catch at all....

I think people are a little to critical of Brown for being injured. The way Piscatelli tackled him and rolled over his foot, just abouy anybody would have been injured. Also, when he injured his knee he was doing something not natural to him... tackling someone after an int. If we see him drop like Anthony Gonzalez did, then we should start to worry. Otherwise, I think its just bad luck and the life of a rb willing to drop his shoulder.

Can you give us boldins #'s for the 2 playoff games that arizona played in this year ??

I love Ronnie Brown.I know the Fins are concerned about his injuries & understandably so but he is one of our best players. I think they should see how he does next season & hopefully he stays healthy for 16 games,then sign him to at least a 1 year deal.Most running backs seem to fade at 30 and he will be 30 in 2011,so keep him here for now.I actually don't trust the Fins because the past couple offseasons Ronnie has been involved in trade discussions. Even this season;I was watching Monday Night Countdown when we played the Jets,and Mortensen claimed the Fins were interested in trading him to the Browns for Edwards or whoever.Hopefully,the Fins will stop worrying about his injury riddled seasons and let him come back from the ankle or foot injury and help our offense.Stop getting rid of the few great players we have on the team.And apart from Jason Taylor, Chad Henne &Penne,Ronnie is my favorite players in a Dolphins uniform.

That's what i thought. No answer. that's because he missed both games being what ?? Injured . Thanks for stopping BY :)

The winner for today is audio assassinz with bigafly a close 2nd ( only because he said i was smart LOL !). Glen Kamp and jon tied for 3rd . Honorable mention goes to jet fan ( self explanatory ) and indiana dolphan for being himself.

dont you have anything better to do all day long.
no wonder usa is going downhill.
a land of mcmorons.

Ronnie Brown Sucks ... Period. How many 1,000 yards plus seasons has Ronnie had since being a Dolphin ?? Maybe 1 ? Ricky Williams whos 32 YEARS OLD going on to 33 .... ran for over a 1,000 yards AND ... he steped up to the plate after Brown went down. The only reason why the Dolphins resort to the the "wild cat" offense is because Ronnie Brown can't step up in a standard offense. So they instilled this offense to get some sort of production out of him and boost the running game. Ronnie Brown, was the number 3 over all pick in 2005 ... and lets face the truth, .. he has NOT lived up to the hype. If anything, the Dolphins should teach him how to be an effective blocker and make him a fullback. Ronnie Brown does not have the speed to be a halfback and even less a tailback.

Sign him long term or trade him for a 1 and a 2 draft pick or a very good veteran WR

Trdae brown I'm sure San Diego would tade for Mr Jackson and a 3rd pick

If not pay the man!!! and let's ride this thoroughbred to the big game

Bolden for a 4th and 1 of our 3 6th round picks


Im sure Arizona will agree to that...NOT

Bolden for a 4th and 1 of our 3 6th round picks


Im sure Arizona will agree to that...NOT

NJ I agree with you on Boldin...I think our 4th and one 6th is a good deal for both teams.I think we have to go after Dansby hard in FA if Arizona lets him go.I love Demeco Ryans but the Texans will make sure they keep him.

Ronnie belongs in Miami...I'm so happy he will be back.I hope Miami signs JT as well...I thought he was our best LB last year.JT is just a leader for all our young talent.

Sign Brown long term. Foot will heal. Versatile player who made the WildCat work. Meanwhile focus on getting a strong safety and a nose tackle as #1 and #2, find a wide receiver in free agency or as #3, from there it is linebacker and tight end. Not too many holes to fill with a single draft and free agency. No reason not to resign Jason Taylor. Let Porter go - unhappy guy. Resign Ferguson just get a backup to spell him and to eventually replace him.

This is great news! That means we can concentrate on building the defensive side of the ball through the draft and we’ll wait until next year’s draft to address the RB position once everything is said and done with Ricky. But imagine if Ronnie stays healthy the whole year and we have the same success we had running the ball last year with Ricky (I don’t see why not), the O-line will have one year of chemistry under their belt and so will Henne, it will open up the field so much for the passing game. That’s why it’s so damn important to get that #1 receiver this Offseason. Honestly, take a look at our offense – we have enough weapons to be an elite offensive group except for that #1 receiver, we’re one player away!!

When they’re on top of their game, I would say the O-line is one of the top 5 O-lines in the league and will continue to get better – every starter should be back next year. Our RBs have to be the best group in the NFL some teams don’t even have a backup that’s as good as our 4th string guy (Lex Hilliard) – every one should be back next year. Our TEs are damn good blockers, a crazy good receiving TE like Gates would be nice but we’re solid if Fasano comes back. And we already know our receiving problem; it can be simply solved by just filling that very important #1 role, it will make our receivers that we already have that much better! On Offense, we're one player away!!

Our D is a different story; we need to dedicate the whole 2010 draft on building the Defense of the future!!

CJ Spiller will be a human highlight reel. If he's available at #12 and Miami passes on him; they'll regret it for years. The man is a Stronger version of Chris Johnson. A superstar in the making.

Ronnie Brown is the franchis. Period.

Every game they played they were at least in the game till the end. If they were just a little bit better they could have won more games than the saints and colts.

The thing about Ronnie brown that nobody wants to admit is that he is a completely different back when he runs the wildcat. He runs harder, hits the whole quicker, and is explosive, but he us a little less in all of those categories in a standard formation. Why? Nobody knows. But I'll tell u one thing. We need offense. U guys can harp defense all u want, but u need to look at the superbowl. Offense rules the day. But if u want to talk defense, then we can. The most important part of any defense these days in no longer the d line. It's having someone in the secondary that makes qbs quake. Revis, sharper, reed. And a middle linebacker that controls the field. So, playmakers on offense, and all that on defense. And we have none of it. What we do have is a running back along with Ricky that can run up and down the field in wildcat formation. Let's stick with it, get a couple wr and let henne do the rest.

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