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Super Bowl Sunday live blog right here

Super Sunday!

It is here and one can only imagine a future Sunday such as this iduring which we are watching the Miami Dolphins in the ultimate NFL game. OK, daydream over.

It's about the Colts and the Saints today.

I have picked the Colts. They're the better team. I hope the Saints win. They're the better story. Plus, I love underdogs.

We will be blogging live throughout the day and game. I will be on here around 5 p.m. and we can start then.

Meantime, let me give you a few things to consider:

It is gorgeous here in South Florida, if you happen to be one of my readers from out of the area. And yet, this paradise I call home is under pressure from the NFL to improve Sun Life Stadium to bring it up to the NFL's standards.

That tells me the game might not be returning to Miami for a long time. As it stands, the next game up for bid is 2014. The NFL will award that game in two or three months and I doubt they will give it to Miami only months removed from our last game.

But there are other issues that suggest the game might not be back here in a long time. Seems the NFL wants a roof over Sun Life Stadium because it wants to guard against the possibility of rain here. The Dolphins have already put out designs for such a structure. They've given no price tag on the structure -- that has a hole atop it, by the way -- but it is clear they don't want to pay the hundreds of millions it might cost to make it reality.

As a taxpayer and football fan and someone not insane, I think the roof over Sun Life is a terrible idea and not just because it looks hideous.

Even if you forget that the Dolphins have a weather advantage in early season home games and a cover might negate that, even if you forget we are in a recession, I object to the idea because I refuse to bow to the NFL's hypocrisy on the issue.

The fact is Tampa will continue to bid on Super Bowls but the NFL has not asked that region to put a roof on their stadium.

The fact is the NFL cannot be so concerned about rain here on Super Bowl Sunday here while lifting the weather clause from its Super Bowl bidding rules to allow the new Giants/Jets Stadium (which has no cover) to bid on the 2014 game. 

(Super Bowls are by rule not to be played in areas where the average January/February weather averages below 50 degrees unless the game is to be played indoors. New Jersey fails on both counts, which is why the league conveniently lifted the clause this one time.)

Anyway, you probably don't feel strongly about this unless you're a South Florida resident. I am. I want Super Bowl's to continue coming here. It's a good thing. But we're good for them because this is a great place to be in February.

And that doesn't mean we should have to live up to rules no other region has to abide by. Period.

Anyway, one last thing before the live blog: I will be among the 16 panelists casting a ballot on the Super Bowl MVP tonight. At the right time, I will ask my twitter followers to tweet me their reasoned suggestions for MVP. I will take those suggestions into consideration in making my choice.

So follow me on twitter.


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NFL has a huge set of BAL"S to ask Miami to put a roof on because some people might get wet in 70 degree weather then turn right around and say it's OK to play the Superbowl in New Jersey where it WILL be cold, miserable, maybe snowing in Feb...here's a big F U to Roger Goodell

Joey Porter is a guest commentator on the NFL Network for Super Bowl Coverage today.

Some observations (by Andy Cohen):

1) I don't want to go out on a limb here but in today's Super Bowl we will either see a shootout by Messrs. Manning and Brees or a tight defensive struggle as the defenses assert themselves.

2) Don't be surprised if Dwight Freeney overcomes his injury and makes a big impact in this game, unless of course the injury is too severe and it hampers his mobility.

3) Can you believe people actually pay me for my complete lack of insight and deliberate ambiguity? I mean, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read "Joey Porter is a guest commentator on the NFL Network for Super Bowl Coverage today."

I hope they team him up with Emmit Smith.

Now if I can only find my emmit Smith to english dictionary.

Soiled :)

LMFAO @ Nathaniel regarding andy cohen. Read it and thought that exact same thing.

Soiled , imagine if you teamed emmitt , porter and shannon sharpe. It would be an episode straight out of fat albert. Sharpe would be mushmouth. daba duba !! , daba duba !! , daba duba !!

Not sure if was mentioned Mando, but Brees' comeback was 1/100 according to Dr. James Andrews.

I'll give my prediction of indy 34 NO 27 before i'm out. I want NO to win.

With ya NJ, want New Orleans to win.
Think the Colts will take it though.

Porter hasn't wasted any time trashing the dolphins on NFL network. I can't wait for that guy to be outta here.

I don't care who wins,as long as it isn't the Colts.

You're boring Armando. Who's going to blog during the super bowl?

My prediction NO 37 - IND 34

Mando, read your (other) article on the Goodell's blackmail attempt. And you're right, the roof thing is wrong on so many levels, it's laughable.

Is everone so afraid of Goodell that they can't pull him aside and explain a few things to him?

I predict whoever scores less points will lose. Ready for a job at the NFL network.

42-31 Saints.

38 - 31or 34 Colts.

Colts D will make a few more stops than Saints D.
Colts O-Line is better than Vikings and will protect Peyton. Gotta go for the Colts.. Peyton is a class act.

38 - 31or 34 Colts.

Colts D will make a few more stops than Saints D.
Colts O-Line is better than Vikings and will protect Peyton. Gotta go for the Colts.. Peyton is a class act.

Covering part of the Stadium with cement is not going to create victories.

A roof will only cast weird shadows on the field of play that might potentially impact games. (not to mention...lower the quality of TV Coverage.)

Besides... the Dolphins are an outdoor team. They are striving to be a very tough team.
STADIUM should be built with Sculpted Concrete and S T E E L -- not some strange flat deck and 'Artsie' support-cables.

The rumor is that several 'uber-wealthy creeps' complained about getting rained-on last time. ...and as usual they want the general population to fix it. -- not much a reason to destroy the environment that the home team plays in. Football in a container is not the answer.

The funny part is that a roof won't change the distance of most seats from the field (even with 'Lower-Ring enhancement'.) Joe Robbie's Stadium is known throughout the country as one of the poorer venues to view field-action. (Roof or not.)

...and (as our gracious Blog Host has mentioned...) Why would anyone want make it less hot in SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER?

Miami can resolve their 'rain-phobia' by installing some sort of hi-tech retractable tarp over the fan area (it would cost less.) Besides - We all know that an extended Superbowl drought will eventually galvanize the 'community' in favor of funding a new Stadium anyway -- or at least that what national Sports Statistics from the past thirty years show.

Totally agree with your stance on Joe Robbie...the league is really beginning to lose my respect in many matters. Here's to a Colt's victory and a score producing the most winning squares!

" 38-31 or 34 colts" . LMAO @ tnpfinfan. when one makes a prediction it's with 1 score not 31 OR 34. that's 2 chances to say you got it right. It doesn't work that way . :)


good idea on the awning for the fans... Personally if I were to fly down for a game and get rained on I would not care. NFL can blow hard all they want. If Jets Medowlands gets a SuperBowl who would want to go. I hope if they get one it would be a strike year! lol

All tah needs to be done is to add more seating close to the field to increase noise from the 12th man.


it works that way in Tennessee.


If you want the exact pick you will have to call my guaranteed service... 1900Joeysux

Will any of the players from Colts Saints realistically be available in FA?

41-24 Colts.... Aints don't score as much as everyone thinks

What's Freeny status?

Maybe our Stadium needs a big screen TV in the Middle of the field like Dallas? We could place retractable umbrellas from it. lol

Saints 34 Colts 31


As for where the super bowl is played, Goodell is prodding billionaires (his bosses) into spending their money. Risky business. Although I do like the idea of the domed stadium. It would benefit the owner in the long run. But, it is his decision.

Goodell has shown himself as a phony gangster thus far. His proposed rule changes have turned the game into a joke, the curious reffing with no recourse, is a joke. Now he wants to get into the stadium construction business? Goodell can lick my bag.

shaggy,,, tell us how you really feel. lol :)

I think "Sun Life Financial" (which will always be Joe Robbie Stadium in my heart), old though it may be, is one of the most asthetically pleasing stadiums in the NFL. I would hate to see a roof flopped over it. Just my 2 cents.

The Miami Dolphins do not play under a roof, they play in the sun, rain, heat, and slightly cold just like god intended...

Who's got the guacamole?

I got it Carlito with hme made salsa out of the garden. Awesome.

Damn !! . i got indy -2 NO - O in my super bowl box . PS. Tnphinfan , yeah they are a little slow in TENN . LOL !! :)

NJ< a little slow?.. we are mucho slow:)

Yuo guys up north.. how much snow did ya'll get?

its simple mando if the colts win its manning. and not for all the reasons you think. If he wins the super bowl and the MVP these suck ass patriot fans up here will be flustered. Now what can they say to make brady seem better then payton. What one super bowl please brady screened passed his way to a championship in 2001. so please for me and all other fans up here who hate the pats do it for us.

LOL @ tnphinfan. I need a final of indy 12. 22 . 32 or 42 with NO 10 , 20 . 30 or 40 and drinks are on me .

Northern NJ and NYC got nothing !! thank god.

Mando... Do it for TN too (Peyton MVP if Colts win). He is a Demigod around these parts.

each qt also with 1ndy 2 NO -0

Roof it!

The early season home field advantage has been exposed as myth over the past few seasons.

Mando - - you're sitting in an air conditioned press box while the fans on the sun side are dropping from heat stroke.

Besides, the more critical floor is the distance the seats are from the field, and the (resultant) flat angles of the site lines.

Blow it up, and build Reliant Stadium here---trust me, it's much nicer.

Wild Turkey is in order.

31 Colts 28 Saints

NJ, we need to get the guys from the blog to all fly down to Miami for a game next year. Would be awesome!!!

Tnphinfan. that would be nice. Ok . im out !!! Have fun everybody . Don't drink to much. Tommorrow is monday. :)


Put together a ticket package for us on the blog for a game next year. Would be fun to meet each other and what better place than at a Phin's game?

So nice of nfl network to give Joey Porter a forum to trash the Fins & to destroy any miniscule trade value he may have had. F him, and F them!

Makes me wish Sapp hadn't been arrested.


Football is not meant to be played indoors.

Reliant Stadium, Lucas Slude Stadium, Arizona --

Put on some Sunscreen on and D E A L!

Nate Jones on the supposed divide in the locker room over Porters benching.
"There was no siding with Joey vs. the coaches at all," Jones said. "That's silly. If anybody's even thinking that, that's nowhere near true. That has nothing to do with the next guy. The next guy plays for the Dolphins.

"He doesn't play for Team Joey or this team over here. He plays for the Dolphins. That emblem is bigger than Joey, Sparano, everybody. That's what Sparano preached all year, and that's what we abided by."

I'm here a little early folks. I'm sitting on the 40 yard line for the Super Bowl. What a life!

Anyway, Mel (AKA Kenny) I don't know why the NFL selected me as an MVP voter. Just did. Probably same reason you come to this blog all the time, you knobhead.

I wouldn't mind the Super Bowl in NJ if the Dolphins were in it while Jets fans were sick to their stomachs watching it.

By the way, Adam Schefter is hearing from the Saints that Sean Payton asked Bill Parcells to talk to the Saints Saturday night but that out of respect for the Mannings, Parcells declined.

So if Parcells thinks so much about respect how do you think he feels about the way Joey Porter has conducted himself this week?

Big Tuna has got to be seething about Porter.

Don't rub it in Mando.....

Dwight Freeney is playing
Posted by Evan Silva on February 7, 2010 4:36 PM ET
NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports that Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney (ankle) will play Sunday against the Saints.

Colts president Bill Polian leaked the news to La Canfora.


Why would Parcells speak to another NFL team, don't you think thats a conflict of interest issue? Respect for the Mannings... whatever...

The good thing is we don't have to wait in line to take a leak...

I can't see the Dolphins playing under a roof in Miami. Now that the Marlins will be out, a bit of remodeling would be OK to get seats a little closer to the action like in the OB

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