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Super Bowl Sunday live blog right here

Super Sunday!

It is here and one can only imagine a future Sunday such as this iduring which we are watching the Miami Dolphins in the ultimate NFL game. OK, daydream over.

It's about the Colts and the Saints today.

I have picked the Colts. They're the better team. I hope the Saints win. They're the better story. Plus, I love underdogs.

We will be blogging live throughout the day and game. I will be on here around 5 p.m. and we can start then.

Meantime, let me give you a few things to consider:

It is gorgeous here in South Florida, if you happen to be one of my readers from out of the area. And yet, this paradise I call home is under pressure from the NFL to improve Sun Life Stadium to bring it up to the NFL's standards.

That tells me the game might not be returning to Miami for a long time. As it stands, the next game up for bid is 2014. The NFL will award that game in two or three months and I doubt they will give it to Miami only months removed from our last game.

But there are other issues that suggest the game might not be back here in a long time. Seems the NFL wants a roof over Sun Life Stadium because it wants to guard against the possibility of rain here. The Dolphins have already put out designs for such a structure. They've given no price tag on the structure -- that has a hole atop it, by the way -- but it is clear they don't want to pay the hundreds of millions it might cost to make it reality.

As a taxpayer and football fan and someone not insane, I think the roof over Sun Life is a terrible idea and not just because it looks hideous.

Even if you forget that the Dolphins have a weather advantage in early season home games and a cover might negate that, even if you forget we are in a recession, I object to the idea because I refuse to bow to the NFL's hypocrisy on the issue.

The fact is Tampa will continue to bid on Super Bowls but the NFL has not asked that region to put a roof on their stadium.

The fact is the NFL cannot be so concerned about rain here on Super Bowl Sunday here while lifting the weather clause from its Super Bowl bidding rules to allow the new Giants/Jets Stadium (which has no cover) to bid on the 2014 game. 

(Super Bowls are by rule not to be played in areas where the average January/February weather averages below 50 degrees unless the game is to be played indoors. New Jersey fails on both counts, which is why the league conveniently lifted the clause this one time.)

Anyway, you probably don't feel strongly about this unless you're a South Florida resident. I am. I want Super Bowl's to continue coming here. It's a good thing. But we're good for them because this is a great place to be in February.

And that doesn't mean we should have to live up to rules no other region has to abide by. Period.

Anyway, one last thing before the live blog: I will be among the 16 panelists casting a ballot on the Super Bowl MVP tonight. At the right time, I will ask my twitter followers to tweet me their reasoned suggestions for MVP. I will take those suggestions into consideration in making my choice.

So follow me on twitter.


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Porter?we shouldn't even talk boutem

Wow.. Brees did a good Job there

Big time play...

Bobby12, Cant you do something like call your M.D.P.D and have this guy arrested for impersonating a line backer or something????

One arm baby I stand corrected

Armando, we know Joey Porter has the I.Q. of a kindergartner, but if he was trying to bash the Fins during the halftime show than I think Parcells would bring his man boobies slamming down on Porter's head. This would be the end of Joey, of course. No one could withstand those huge flabby pancakes.

The difference between good a great .. 7 points or three..

Whew! Need to keep it close. Finally a score by NO

Jared... Hahaha

Whats with the Stripes Music?

Beer rules give me bud!

Greer's return for New Orleans is probable. he better get out there before Peyton Manning comes back on the field.

Just whatched Stripes last week haa

This freaking movie is scarring the krap out of me

Mexican tortilla... Go eat a hot dog

Sanchez sucks!!!

HORRIBLE commercial by Mark Sanchez....worse yet, by a landslide. I think he was trying to be funny, it didn't work though.

He's an idiot.. Should have been eating. Hot dog as he did it then it might have been funny... Or an INS commercial

Casual fridays!!!! Hahaha

That's so tru about favre!!! Haha

Favre, Just not right.

Brett farce is cool don't care wat u say

Hahaha, oh man, that commercial with Brett as MVP in 2020 was funny.

Hyundai commercial..great

Joseph Addai has been the difference in this game so far. He is running really good.

I'm gonna buy a Hyundai

Vilma.. Absolute stud!

Wow he's human

Ginn cracks please.....

Garcan is human

I'd love to figure out a way to deport Porter

The Brett Favre commerical was classic. But I still can't spell hyndai.

With all these drops.. Maybe it's the stadium.. Hahahahahaha

Another Ted Ginn Impersonation....

I hate lost

Brees lucked out

1/2 time will suck,ol people dat ol should b sleeping

How sad to be Ted Ginn. Every stupid drop anyone in this town sees for the next 20 years will elicit a comparison to him. Teddy wears a big L on his forehead.

Hey The Who is a good band.. Better than ashlee Simpson.. Rats was horrible a few years back

Hate dat cracker

Gertrudys, The WHO Rocks, or maybe you would rather see Brittney spears lip sync something??

Dolphin42 i disagree with u... For the rest of time they will be compared to ginn... Man should never have done the fetal position in a football game.. Football isn't like a madonna music video. Ginn should quit now

One reason the Saints are in this game. they adjust instantly.

They are already double-teaming Freeney.

A y'all sorry for dissin ?

Gotta make adjustments if u want to be a winner

Agree CF....

Cfphinfan, how do you disagree with me? Looks like you are agreeing with me.

Cuban menace problem is I'm only 27 years ol,Brittany sux

I'm not.. Colts defense is Laying an eggg

Saw The Who some years ago. They had an orchestra for the Tommy songs. Great show.

Dolphin42.. Shhhhhhh


Blow me

No need for that.. Take the beer out of his hand... Three is your limit pal

Dolphan42 what if your mother was on this site... With such vulgar words

Gertrudys How about ashlee simpson then, she lip syncs.....

Simpson was horrible a few superbowls back.. Wow she was bad

That reverse by the Saints when Indy was on their heels made me wonder if Dan Henning took over playcalling for them on that play.

Impressive stat for Nola

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