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Taylor definitely playing in 2010, but where?

Even as Jason Taylor has so far done everything expected of him to get ready for the 2010 season, the question has curiously persisted whether he'll actually be in the NFL for his 14th season.

I've told you he plans to play, and now his agent Gary Wichard is confirming he plans to play.

"He has every intention in the world to play," Wichard told me moments ago.

Taylor recently had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder to clean up the area. He played with the shoulder injury the last few weeks of the 2009 season.

"He wouldn't be having surgery if he didn't intend to play," Wichard said.

So that should settle the question whether Taylor, 36 in September, has a desire to continue what is obviously a Hall of Fame caliber career. The question now becomes where Taylor will continue that career.

He is an unrestricted free agent starting on March 5 and neither he nor the Dolphins have committed to one another for 2010 despite the fact both sides obviously value each other.

Taylor would like to continue with the Dolphins assuming he has the ability to compete for a starting job and play every down. The Dolphins, looking for OLB help, will try to get younger at the position in the coming draft but still see Taylor as a solid player that can be part of the solution under the right circumstances.

That obviously doesn't guarantee Taylor will be in Miami. But it's a good start.

The hope here is that good start leads to a continued relationship because if the two sides cannot get together, I definitely would hate to see Taylor in New England or playing for Rex Ryan and the Jets, where the scheme might turn him into a 10-12 sacks guy.

Both the Patriots and Jets showed varying degrees of interest in Taylor last offseason.

That is not what the Dolphins need.

[News update: The Dolphins have re-signed OL SirVincent Rogers, who was in training camp last season.]

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JT has already gone on the record saying he would never play for the Jets, no matter what, too much bad blood... the Pats are a different story, if the Dolphins fail to resign JT, let the Belichek/Brady/Taylor lovefest begin (this might make my eyes bleed)

The good news is JT wants to play. Thanks for that, Mando.

The crap news is JT might end up with the Jets? Not good, Mando, not good.

Please re-sign him now.

I dont want him back to be honest!!!!I have said that many times. I love JT he was a great dolphin but i think he hurts us with his age and he is taking time from our young guys.

Stuff happens Carlito, guys change their minds. So I would be worried about JT going to the Jets. That would suck!

There is not a chance in hell that JT plays for the Jets...he has said numerous times how much he hates the Jets. Do you really think he would be welcomed by the fans NO WAY!!

Armando deliver good and juicy news and we will follow u on twiiter!

JT is a 1 down player

Again, if the only reason to keep a guy on a roster is so he doesn't go to another team in ur division, then that's a poor reason to keep him!!! JT, love ya, thks for the memories but if ur holding back a young kid from developing, be on your way

I don't really want him back either if he isn't at least open to rotating with other OLBs. No doubt taylor wore down as the season went on and that will only get worse next year. If Cam Wake is going to have a time, it will be now. Having Wake starting on the weak side is much more appealing option to me.

Waterboy - I DIASAGREE

JT will be another JP crying for playing time next year. Draft 4 lbs and be done with it

Maybe he can choreograph a dance routine for the fin cheer leaders....

Play Vontae Davis as a Hybrid LB on Passing downs

bobbyd12 - Who is JT holding back? If he goes our veteran player on defense will be Channing Crowder...IMO we need JT for veteran leadership and he can still play. They had him playing out of position last season and he still did decent. He was our best LB on the team last season!!

Waterboy - Seriously??

Armando writes one article about JT wanting to play next year and now everyone wants to BASH him....very interesting!

Waterboy - Just because we draft 4 LB's does not mean we will be better.

JT is holding back Moses and Anderson. Not to mention my friend Lionel Dotson from the Practice Squad.

A no, I am not serious about Vontae playing LB

If we are bringing in a lots of new young guys on defense in the draft, who will be the leader and captain of the defense? If Porter and JT are both gone, who will be the vetern leader? Nobody. JT doesn't want to be anywhere else but Miami. He took a huge pay cut last season to leave Washington to be down here because he doesn't want to be away from his family all summer at training camp. JT will come back for one more season, it will get itself worked out.

I believe even if JT does not go within the division, we will regret not re signing him and it will be the reason we either don't make the playoffs or win in the playoffs even if we make it there next season...

Veteran leaders:
Offense : Brown, Williams, Carey, Smiley etc

Defense: Bell, Starks, Allen

Rex Ryan's FUPA - EXACTLY, great point. The veteran would be Crowder, not bashing Crowder, but that would not be a good thing. He even needs a veteran next to him. BTW, what does FUPA in your name even mean??

JT is like your first Girlfriend. Hard to let go

One thing of note that bothers me about the LB position that everybody seems to forget.
Ireland and company have spent the past two seasons UPGRADING the linebacker position and have failed to come thru with any talent, having said that what makes us think that task will be completed this year?
Here is a list of linebackers that have been brought in and it can be agreed that every one is not starting material and usless. Name one of these guys that would start for any top 10 team on defense in the N.F.L.
1. Traded for Akin Adele
2.Quinten Moses
3.Reggie Torbor
4.J.D. Folsom
5.Erik Walden
The same goes for defensive end. Everyone is talking about we need to pressure the Q.B. with a pass rushing specialist. Didn't they use thier first pick in the second round on Merling? EVERY wideout was on the board at the time he was picked and they did'nt take one.Kendall Langford? do any of these ends show any promise over two years? Not at all!
Mark my word when the Phins pick at #12 they will pick somebody never heard of and like all of the other drafts we will be saying who's that!!The phins are done with Parcells and Ireland unless somebody can pick one player they have gotten either F/A or the draft that has been a total game changer.
Crickets is all I hear because thay haven't done that yet....

He has been a great player for us our team is just moving in a different direction right now...

Bell - secondary veteran and a good one!
Starks - really, what has he proved so far as being more than average? I like the guy an all, but he has not been a STUD yet. Just the average DL IMO...
Allen - may not even be a starter?

Who will be veteran for LB's

FUPA stands for ryan's extra fat pouch created when he puts a belt on. Fat upper p***y area

Teams do not win with every player being young...need the mix and match of veterans and young guys. We need to keep JT.

Why would we get rid of our most productive LB from a year ago?

@ Indiana

Really Starks??? The guy should have made the pro bowl!

Veteran LB - Clam Chowder: Big mouth and loved in the lockeroom. With a good NT and a better ILB by him, he will be back to 2008 form

Most productive LB per snaps was WAKE.... Mathematically confirmed by various media outlets

I just dont want JT to embarrass himself for staying a year too long...

Crowder is a great player but lacks the leadership material. He is loved in the lockeroom but not looked up to as a leader and mentor.

VOTE SI for JT or VOTE NO for JT, lets start


Fanball.com is stating that Miami could target Antonio Bryant. Very interesting??

Only reason Jason doesn't come back is if they aren't going to line him up in passing downs and someone else with a chance at the ring will (and, of course, Katrina gives the OK).

Whats up with the cold nights in South Florida... cant wait till march

Depends on who in on our roster come preseason. There is this prevailing mindset that JT is a game changer. He is not anymore - evidenced by the past 3 seasons. That and the fact that he is not signed means he is not a tradeable commodity.

Old guys:
1) Typically go off a cliff performance wise
2) Get hurt.
3) Retard the devepment of younger players.
4) Ok im getting into opinion here - well i already was opining in item 1 but hey you read this far sucka...
... You dont want older players "mentoring" or "coaching" younger players... - they are usually competing for snaps, $ and pride, and if they arent, they are washed up anyway. I want my coaches 'coaching', not some guy that wears a tutu on TV. No - I want a bunch of young crazed dogs who listen to there coach and will run through a wall for him.
... let him be Belichiks old dude.

Dear Mr. Salguero

" I want to hit 3,000 followers by the weekend and I need your help."

I want to get to 500 bucks by March first to pay the rent and I need your help.

Maybe I'll follow you on twitter if you will maybe help me reach my goal.

About Jason Taylor
I'm a big fan of keeping him with us
But my Jersey say's The Miami Dolphins not The Miami Jason Taylors.

If JT wants to be a Dolphin I'm sure he can help make it happen.

If he's signs with another team well then its always been about the money.

Please JT don't give me this crap I just want a shot at a championship.

Soiled :)

Thats 3 NOs and 1 SI

I'm not an expert but why did it just feel like Miami doesn't know how to use our players right. I love JT but at his age he must be put exactly where he feels right. Porter is done. He's talkin smack just to sell himself to another team. Crowder is Not great either. Wake is the new era. And whom ever we draft at LB. Ginn sucks, period. My opinion guys!!! Just talkin crap.

Waterboy - I like Wake, but if he was used as an every down LB that we need there is no way he would of had been most productive. It is players like Wake and some of the other LB's (who couldn't cover) that were not good which made us put JT in coverage when he shouldn't of been

How many times to JT drop back to cover? I dont remember any

The only joker that tried was Ayodele and Clam chowder and both look horrendous.

Now JT was quite good against the run... Wake might be questionable, but we need to pressure the QB

Why does Taylor have to be an every down player? None of the other linebackers are. He's better than any of the outside guys right now. Sorry Peezy. Wake and Anderson are both situational. Moses is one of the luckiest people on the team. The team doesn't ask him to do alot, and he is very accommodating. Jason Taylor should get another year. That's not sentiment, just reality. He's still a good player, team leader and teacher.

Also, I am starting a campaign for SOLAI to start at NT

Remember JTs TD against the Jets? Go watch the play and not tell me Solai can be a stud.

He played hurt the last 4 games of the season.

JT the teacher???? where do you get this info?

Porter doesn't have it no more! He will not pull a M Roth. Nomatter what team.

Waterboy, I like Soliai, his being hurt and no real depth wore him down towards the end of the season. I still think we need at least 3 bodies at that position, and believe it is one of the biggest priorities for this team.

SOLAI- Starter
Draft Fat Man Cody- Rotate
Mcdaniels / Fergie- 3rd man

Pat White will go from the outhouse to the penthouse this season....

Waterboy - You know I am a yes. Soiled is a yes. Who are your 3 no's?

Also, cold nights in Florida and ready for Spring. Come here to Indiana and you will really want Spring to come HAHA!!

As I agree your jersey does not say Miami Jason Taylors. He does want to be a Miami Dolphin, but do the front office want hi is the question? We all know from his experience away from home when he played with Washington that he does not to play anywhere but Miami...

Waterboy, Whats in that cooler your drinking????

Oh yeah i love FUPA'S on women, not big ones, but little pouchy ones, not to flabby either just enough to have a sexual curve leading down to the promise land, of soft velvet wholesome goodness. :0) SO good so nasty, so right.... Oh yeah back to football, yes we need JT, because even though he will be 36, he still is 6.6?? LONG arms, commands double team, and game planning, plus he has seen every coverage in the game, not to mention was his first year playing OLB, and he was hurt. Wake will be special, and we will acquire Dansby from Cards. The big issue is, do we trade for Marshall????

Mark in Toronto
3 No

How do you heat your house in Indiana? I have some plug in heat fans here, which are quite crappy

Waterboy - JT was dropping in coverage quite a bit actually. That is why he was playing out of position and the reason he was doing that because sadly every other LB on the team was worse in coverage and not as good as pass rush (minus maybe the younger Wake, but he don't have enough experience to justify that)

Do I heat my house? That is a stupid question and I don't answer stupid questions...

Cuban sounds like a yes, but just assuming. This will be an interesting vote.

If you don't want JT, who is the better replacement or upgrade?

News Flash to Wake Lovers (Like ME) the dude will be 29 next year... SO he better get better as and overall LB

NOT DO YOU... quite snippy reply

I want Anderson or a draftee to step up.

I think keeping Taylor one more year will be just like back when Shula kept Bob Matheson instead of a young buck at LB, and we actually cut the kid. The kid went to the probowl as a rookie with the Falcons and old #53 ended up on injured reserve that year and we didn't make the playoffs.

I forgot the young guys name, Old Age, but basically it comes down to this, you keep the old guy, you don't know how long he'll last, you go with the young guy, you don't know whether he'll be any good or not. BUT if the kid looks promising and he makes things happen when he's on the field, man I gotta go with the youngster.

The kid I'm talking about kicked ass all preseason long, he raked, and 53 was barely able to find the defensive huddle. To me it was a no brainer, to Shula it came down to loyalty and friendship, and neither one brought us a SB trophy.

It's going to come down to a numbers issue, my take, go with youth, if you have an injury during the year, then sign a veteran off the waiver wires. There will be plenty of them there.

JT dont make us break your heart by trying to come back........

Holy Crap, SIRVICENT is back... No need to draft OG help now!

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