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Taylor definitely playing in 2010, but where?

Even as Jason Taylor has so far done everything expected of him to get ready for the 2010 season, the question has curiously persisted whether he'll actually be in the NFL for his 14th season.

I've told you he plans to play, and now his agent Gary Wichard is confirming he plans to play.

"He has every intention in the world to play," Wichard told me moments ago.

Taylor recently had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder to clean up the area. He played with the shoulder injury the last few weeks of the 2009 season.

"He wouldn't be having surgery if he didn't intend to play," Wichard said.

So that should settle the question whether Taylor, 36 in September, has a desire to continue what is obviously a Hall of Fame caliber career. The question now becomes where Taylor will continue that career.

He is an unrestricted free agent starting on March 5 and neither he nor the Dolphins have committed to one another for 2010 despite the fact both sides obviously value each other.

Taylor would like to continue with the Dolphins assuming he has the ability to compete for a starting job and play every down. The Dolphins, looking for OLB help, will try to get younger at the position in the coming draft but still see Taylor as a solid player that can be part of the solution under the right circumstances.

That obviously doesn't guarantee Taylor will be in Miami. But it's a good start.

The hope here is that good start leads to a continued relationship because if the two sides cannot get together, I definitely would hate to see Taylor in New England or playing for Rex Ryan and the Jets, where the scheme might turn him into a 10-12 sacks guy.

Both the Patriots and Jets showed varying degrees of interest in Taylor last offseason.

That is not what the Dolphins need.

[News update: The Dolphins have re-signed OL SirVincent Rogers, who was in training camp last season.]

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JT was Miami's best linebacker by far last season. He would of had anywhere from 3-5 more sacks if he didn't have to set the edge on every play because Porter wasn't capable against the run because he is soft and a punk.

I would like to resign him. He is a leader and between him and Zach they are they best defensive players in Miami history as 1a and 1b. Anyone who feels he is stealing time from younger players doesn't know what they are talking about obviously. What younger guys besides Wake needs playing time? Porter was taking away from Wake not JT. Charlie Andrerson, Quentin Moses anyone? They aren't starters.

resing Jason Taylor for god sake he can play even at 36 and thru the draft pick someone younger who can learn from the Master JT. and no Joey Porter who can damege the younters.

Moses parts the Offensive Line like the red sea when he is given the chance to play

Keep Taylor get rid of Porter & Crowder bring in a rookie LB & Dansby!!! ENOUGH SAID!!!

Andy NJ and Luis Morales Puerto Rico are a YES...chalk 2 more up for the good guys!!! lol

And another --> KillerFin

Waterboy - I just don't understand your reasoning to not bring him back. What did he NOT do to not bring him back. He did not complain, did his job and did a darn good job for being asked to play out of position

Who the heck is SirVincent Rogers?

Nevermind, I looked him up on Google...

The guys he will be taking time from will be our rookie OLB thta will be drafted...... He is not going to be the same player he was last year

This is a YOUNG mans game... Resigning JT will go against everything we are trying to do right now which is get young and get our young guys playing time so when we make our push in two years it is with those guys. Not 36 year old players who will be gone for the big push to the SB...

A couple of thoughts:

First, my vote would be to keep JT as long as he doesn't have a problem being played the way the coaches want him to play i.e. sharing snaps, dropping into coverage, playing the strong side, whatever. If he's not totally on board with that then thanks for the years JT and good luck.

Second, did I actually read "Crowder is a great player.." in an earlier post?

Why won't he be the same guy. How do you even know the rookie will be good? He would be a rookie you know and Wake has not sold anyone as being a starter.

Right now who are our LB's as of March 5th?

Torber, Ayodele, Folsom, Moses, Walden, Wake, Crowder, Anderson

That is a list of 9 and you are trying to tell me Jason does not belong on that list. Who is better that should be playing instead of Taylor?

So far BOB is the lead for my you kow what list .

To explain my reasoning:

You can't put a price on the leadership and positive locker room force that JT brings to the table. Plus, I believe he can still bring it here and there.

WestVaFins - Teams don't win with an entire roster being young players...do you not understand that?

I AM ALWAYS - He didn't have a problem doing what the coaches told him to do last year and play out of position did he. Taylor had a C on his jersey for a reason --> CAPTAIN!! Needs to stay that way also!! Just because we draft a rookie LB does not mean he starts right away. Everyone competes and there is competition at every position and our front office loves competition...

JT will be re-signed!

Cheaper,Faster,Younger... Sounds like a wild week-end in Thialand....

Indiana is right about taylor and who we have at LB. You can't lose both porter AND TAYLOR . We have alot of holes.

Whats the time of the post NJ?

I AM ALWAYS... Exactly my point and I 100% agree. We will suck with a bunch of 22-27 year olds, because our 26-27 (or whatever the age) have proved not to be better than our 36 year old!! JT can still bring it!!

I change my VOTE TO SI

Bring back JT, I looked at the roster and the FAs available and they are garbage

I just dont think you all will be happy seeing one of your favorite dolphins ever look as bad as he might.

post at 2:49 pm by bob.

so what is the tally so far for this JT debate????? FOR/AGAINST

I lost count, my flip flop vote should not be counted. I think its 7-7 dead heat

SirVICENT is back, he got tired chasing Robin Hood

Waterboy - WOW, you came to your senses!! It is about time. I was wondering how many straight forward FACTS I was going to have to point out to you!!

someone new break the tie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waterboy - WOW, you came to your senses!! It is about time. I was wondering how many straight forward FACTS I was going to have to point out to you!!

The count: a lot of yes and maybe 3-5 no's

I am a Man that will not be overpowered by emotions vs cold hard facts

Lets do this like sportsnation does... FANISH or FOOLISH to bring taylor back. If he was never a dolphin and had spent his time somewhere else. Coming off the season he had and at age 36 do you want him????????

I just dont think you all will be happy seeing one of your favorite dolphins ever look as bad as he might.

Posted by: WestVaFins | February 16, 2010 at 04:17 PM

What makes you think he will look bad. He showed no signs of looking bad or wearing down and WAS OUR BEST LB LAST SEASON. A player does not go from being the best to the worst in just a few months or not someone of JT's caliber...

Only bad thing that could happen is season ending injury and that could happen to anyone, rookie, 5 year player, 10 year player, WHOEVER!!

I would take him in a second if my team had a GLARING need at LB like Miami does. Especially if he wanted to play for my team like JT does. This is a no brainer WestVa...

Latest Mock Draft on NFL.COM

12. Miami Dolphins
Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

Joey Porter's eventual release and Jason Taylor's uncertain status makes acquiring a top-edge rusher like Kindle a must for the Dolphins.

Indiana i have read countless things about JT stating he wore down throughout the season... And another long hot summer in MIAMI and then the full stretch of the season you think he is going to produce???? Come on... You are all just huge fans of him and dont want him to go somehwere else for his final season...

Interesting new mock draft. I guess that may shut up all the NT position and solidy the keeping of JT. We need LB's in a bad, bad way!!

We need them but not him.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He may of wore down, but he still brought it every Sunday. That is the difference with a player like JT. He will bring heart and passion to a team, teammates and a locker room...

NT in the second round : The dude from Penn State
or Dough Boy Cody!

WestVaFins - Who you going to get that is a proven LB as JT? is that 5th rounder we may use going to be as good and replace our LB's?

wow.. I read these comments and honestly cant believe how these readers dont have a clue.. JT is a play maker. period. when played properly in the right position he makes plays.Game changing plays. Besides the fact that Jt deserves to go out a Dolphin.. Our fans seem to have a very short memory

He may be in two years because he gets these reps now... Taylor is not what we need... We need youth and him gone will give our draft picks the opportunity to play... he is going to want to start and play every down... so once again we hold on to the old guy because we THINK he can cut it and then our rookies suffer from lack of playing time. I wonder why none of our other LB's have gotten any better?????

WestVaFins - On this blog only I have lost a lot of football respect knowledge for you. You have always had mostly god things to say, but I believe are dead wrong on your JT thoughts. How many people you need to disagree with you to jump on our correct bandwagon? Waterboy already realized he was wrong...


With that logic, bring back Marino. JT is on the decline, I say resign him because he is much better than any one else on the roster. Not because "he deserves" to go out. This is not a non-for profit organization

Proud fan read closer..... JT was a great dolphin and everyone loves him. I personally just do not think he is someone we need at this point in time. We are trying to get young and get young guys experience that way when we have all the pieces finally in place everyone is ready to move forward together at a very high level not two years from now getting their first reps and then we are right back here. All because we want to send JT out as a dolphin and what shoudl be our superbowl push in two years is then put into a 4-6 year plan......

WestVa - So you want us to suck for another year or 2 with young unproven LB's? Seriously man, get with the program. The other LB's have not gotten better, because they are not that good. DUH!!


I will not say anythign else today it is finally quitting time!!!!!!! Everyone have a nice evening and hope to have some more fun tomorrow!!!!!!

Waterboy - He does deserve to go out a Dolphin, just like Zach Thomas (who will be resigned for a day) but he also deserves to be re-signed because he is our best LB we have and that will stay the same no matter which LB we draft...




WHITE- good pick if you are set at other positions... not in year 2
TURNER - 3rd rounder??? come on
FOLSOM- this guy was going to go undrafted...are u kidding me
NALBONE- another REACH.... PS material???

I am out as well WestVa...later! See everyone tomorrow

Come on guys its not 5pm yet

keep jt, put him in on passing downs like he was supposed to be playing in 2009, i guess everybody forgot about that, he played almost every down and was paid pennies by pro standards. yes he got upset when they took him out (on passing downs), i don't believe thats what he signed up for. i hope he goes to new england and gets his ring and says the h-ll with the dolphins and thier so called fans!!!

The Jets will not sign JT.
The jets will sign Joey Porter.
The Pats will sign JT.

The Jets will trade with us for Channing Chowder

After the Phins beat the Joey porter and the Jets for the 2nd time next season Mando will ask Joey something like, "How does it feel to lose to your old team the Dolphins?"
Joey'll say something like, "Mando you and all of your broke a s s blog fans can go f u c k themselves".
Fat Rex is really going to be angry when he finds out about that.

How Fat is Rex Ryan???

I think keeping taylor at the right price and in the right role is where we should be heading. He may not be a 3 down lb but he is a playmaker and should be put into position to make plays. That means we need some young stud to play well on running downs to give JT a breather so he can be fresh in the 4th quarter.

He is so fat...

It takes two posts to answer.

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