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Taylor definitely playing in 2010, but where?

Even as Jason Taylor has so far done everything expected of him to get ready for the 2010 season, the question has curiously persisted whether he'll actually be in the NFL for his 14th season.

I've told you he plans to play, and now his agent Gary Wichard is confirming he plans to play.

"He has every intention in the world to play," Wichard told me moments ago.

Taylor recently had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder to clean up the area. He played with the shoulder injury the last few weeks of the 2009 season.

"He wouldn't be having surgery if he didn't intend to play," Wichard said.

So that should settle the question whether Taylor, 36 in September, has a desire to continue what is obviously a Hall of Fame caliber career. The question now becomes where Taylor will continue that career.

He is an unrestricted free agent starting on March 5 and neither he nor the Dolphins have committed to one another for 2010 despite the fact both sides obviously value each other.

Taylor would like to continue with the Dolphins assuming he has the ability to compete for a starting job and play every down. The Dolphins, looking for OLB help, will try to get younger at the position in the coming draft but still see Taylor as a solid player that can be part of the solution under the right circumstances.

That obviously doesn't guarantee Taylor will be in Miami. But it's a good start.

The hope here is that good start leads to a continued relationship because if the two sides cannot get together, I definitely would hate to see Taylor in New England or playing for Rex Ryan and the Jets, where the scheme might turn him into a 10-12 sacks guy.

Both the Patriots and Jets showed varying degrees of interest in Taylor last offseason.

That is not what the Dolphins need.

[News update: The Dolphins have re-signed OL SirVincent Rogers, who was in training camp last season.]

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who said that Crowder was a great player? do you watch any games? yes he can tackle 5 yrds down the field... he was a better outisde linebacker than inside... he might be a good weak side but as the main man in the middle he lacks.. can not really cover and is often missing in the middle when the game comes down to it.. two yrs ago in the Texans game.. Shaub walks in for the touchdown.. and a few other games.. you can change coverage to make sure the middle isnt left open...

I say keep Jason you don't really have another good linebackers I mean wake might be good maybe and maybe not even though jason may not be the player he was , he still better that anybody on that team whether its linebacker or d end you know its true, You guys were such a hurry run Joey off now you want jason out too, don't make sense to me, I watched every freakin game last they can still play but LET HIM DO WHAT HE DOES BEST OTHERWISE HE WILL BE DOING IT AGAINST US HOW MANY TIMES WE GOT THATSH-T BEFORE WE WAKE THEF--K UP

Pricemaster , sorry to hear your broke. Need some cash ??? I 'll be moe that happy to lend you some .

Pricemaster is Broke????? WTF..

Taylor's gone---

blame it on NJ and his crew for their unending negativity about him.

I wanted to chime in on the JT thing. But by the time I read all of the comments, I had a headache. Please don't have kids and if you do, consider a burlap bag, a cement block and a bridge.

Taylor better be playing in Miami...he was our best LB last year.Taylor also brings a fire and leadership that we need on our young team.I think Miami would be stupid to let him go.I would just love to have him back.

LMFAO @ Joe.

I 2nd the motion.

What are you talking about ??? I Just Read NJ and His crew want Taylor Back. Gene e Yuss ??? TRY Jack A Ess.


I thought Sir Vincent quit last year (could not handle the big league)?

I think JT will be back and have 9 sacks rotating with th FNG's




What's Hokey???

hopefully mike nolan will save the day! i wasnt convinced jeff or tony know what there doing. the pat white pick still baffles me! coach shoulda suspended porter for the rest of the season but by then porter controlled the locker room. i liked the "fight" in the 2008 team even though they were less talented. the 2009 team disappeared at crunch time.

You put your right foot in
You put your right foot out
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about

Since waterboy doesn't work you should set up your own blog.

Oh boy, now it's like a crime to not want Taylor back...how much of this is just being nostalgic with the name and the player?? I remember lots of gameday blogs where alot of people here were criticizing Taylor's performance out on the field...now the years over and he magically became our BEST linebacker...I don't buy it, time to cut the last link to the past and proceed to the future...

Blazing Saddles on AMC, a great comedy....timeless...


Ron Burgundy,

BTW Po is a retard who loves to get insulted by NJ??
February 15, 2010 at 11:54 PM


NJ has never insulted me to my Knowledge.

Hope ya show up tonight..

Sign him. Not an issue. He is a Dolphin for life. Play him where he will be at his best. Platoon him in certain situations.
And sign Zack. He wants to retire a Dolphin. Sign him and show some class for a guy that gave everyone 110 percent every game.
In fact this board should have a sign Zack petition.

Good post Kindry


Waterboy, NJ Fin Fan whatever.... Solai? TO START??? I don't think so. He was average... AT BEST... on his snaps. He does not have any line penetration and did an awful job stopping the run. NT is likely the SECOND biggest need in Miami because of the inept skills Solai has shown. If we do not fill that roll this year, we better pray God J. Ferguson is able to stay healthy another season. As Far as JT goes, There is no down side of significance to bringing him back. If he can play well enough to land a job in NY or NE... there is NO reason he should not be playing here... what?... we that GREAT we can turn over good players to our rivals??? That's freakin stupid thinking. Particularly if done from the thinking of it holding back younger players. If a player is playing well... coaching will definitely have his Butt in there playing whether JT is playing or not.. JT is NOT going to get in front of that. So that excuse is not valid. JT brings more experience and leadership then all of the linebackers in Miami combined. What... we that good we can just say... Hit the road... we are better off with out you???
Once again Waterboy/NJ Fin fan....I don't think so!


Sign me up klndry. I've seen a few people talking about this. Is there some sort of an issue that they may not do this thing for Zack?

WHO'S ZACK ????????????


If Taylor is not signed by March 5 th when he hits the market, he won't be back

Never Mind Ron Burgundy,

Just a Major F A G G E T posting under your name.

Sorry Ron.

Guess you are on it tonight ALoco, God bless.

Good Post ALoco.



Resigning JT is a must. The guy belongs in Miami. Did anyone see how strange it was watching JT in a Redskins uniform? Just did'nt look right.

Jt is OLD and SLOW.Can't we just move forward ?

JT = Trace Armstrong back in the Day... (Late 1990's)

Keep him fresh till the 4th Quarter and unleash him.

If we can get em at the right price its a no brainer.

Any semi-old school Phin fans remember.

He would put the game in the bag. 1999

"Moments after Trace Armstrong slammed Doug Flutie to the turf, Jimmy Johnson slammed a box of Flutie Flakes in celebration. And his Miami players danced on them."

Hell Yeah.....

JT has a role to play.

Armstrong sacked Flutie with a jarring tackle that shook the ball loose, defensive lineman Shane Burton recovered and the Dolphins nearly trampled Flutie as they celebrated. The turnover clinched Miami's wild 24-17 wild-card playoff victory Saturday.

Any of ya'll remember?

JT can be that Guy.....

Look cut JT and JP.There both OLD.

Trace Armstrong 34 in 1999.

16.5 Sacks 2000 @ 35.

He was "OLD" too

Oh yeah F * C K JP.

curling is a good sport ,the us women just lost 9-7 to japan ,clean sport,no sweating ,no smells .

Good post ALoco.

Better than alot I read here.

good post po /

Back at ya...

I really think yours was the best though..


Trace Armstrong better player better motor.Thank You.

I feel the love here

dan marino better than all of them ,

I can bet anyone here, that JT if healthy and starting every game could have between 12 to 16 sacks, u heard it here first. haters!!

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