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Taylor definitely playing in 2010, but where?

Even as Jason Taylor has so far done everything expected of him to get ready for the 2010 season, the question has curiously persisted whether he'll actually be in the NFL for his 14th season.

I've told you he plans to play, and now his agent Gary Wichard is confirming he plans to play.

"He has every intention in the world to play," Wichard told me moments ago.

Taylor recently had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder to clean up the area. He played with the shoulder injury the last few weeks of the 2009 season.

"He wouldn't be having surgery if he didn't intend to play," Wichard said.

So that should settle the question whether Taylor, 36 in September, has a desire to continue what is obviously a Hall of Fame caliber career. The question now becomes where Taylor will continue that career.

He is an unrestricted free agent starting on March 5 and neither he nor the Dolphins have committed to one another for 2010 despite the fact both sides obviously value each other.

Taylor would like to continue with the Dolphins assuming he has the ability to compete for a starting job and play every down. The Dolphins, looking for OLB help, will try to get younger at the position in the coming draft but still see Taylor as a solid player that can be part of the solution under the right circumstances.

That obviously doesn't guarantee Taylor will be in Miami. But it's a good start.

The hope here is that good start leads to a continued relationship because if the two sides cannot get together, I definitely would hate to see Taylor in New England or playing for Rex Ryan and the Jets, where the scheme might turn him into a 10-12 sacks guy.

Both the Patriots and Jets showed varying degrees of interest in Taylor last offseason.

That is not what the Dolphins need.

[News update: The Dolphins have re-signed OL SirVincent Rogers, who was in training camp last season.]

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Glad ya cleared that up ace; better motor.

I stand corrected.

Your welcome....

12 to 16 sacks my azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.no PLAYOFFS ,NO NOTHING .


I understand....

I read the LOVE.

Nothing But.....

Thank You, Po WT.We are all in the same HOUSE.Lets all remember we are BROTHERS.No Haters here.Keep it real.

Not a Hater..

Unless you are a Jet.

BTW, Its just PO....

JT would ruin a career of goodwill in Miami if he played even one season with the Jets or Cheatriots.

No Jet here brother.I do feel ya PO.So can't we agree its time to go YOUNG.


I'm all bout Young but don't cut your nose of to spite your face.

ALoco, its cut....

nose off to spite your face.

Typo. LOL



Spite = malice

ALoco? Whaaaaa?


Do any of you follow Armando on twitter?

I was curious how that works.

any info would be appreciated.

Enter the Dragon is cut on AMC....

No T I T S.....

What song would ya like?

If you're real pwt you will sing skynard or ccr

WOW! Who said anything about cutting.Truth is we already going young.Keep moving forward.I'm starting to feel the LOVE.

any one you really admire and love to hear , i am trying to get a sense whom i am talking to .

I would like to keep JT

bruce lee is the MAN .NO MEN LEFT LIKE HIM ,WE ALL SUCK .

LOL Carlito, I'm more AC/DC and Van Halen but Lynyrd Skynyrd will do...

Po White Trash,

Sorry about the misunderstanding last nite.

To everyone who says Jason Taylor is too old,

How old was Michael Strahan when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl ??? Too old to contribute according to you guys I guess...

I say bring him back for his leadership abilities. He mentioned last year he wanted to be a long snapper. If he can do this good then we have a team caption for special teams. He is still good rushing the QB and with Nolan coaching I'm sure he can use that to the teams advantage.

I think we can cut our long snapper and pay Jason that amount probably 2-3 million plus what a defensive specialist would make would pay 1.5-2 million.I believe he would stay with us for 4-5 million a year. Jason is the ultimate professional. He is probably good for 10-12 defensive plays a game and 4-5 plays for special teams as a snapper. Parcells and Tony are very loyal to their players.

Jason can still play and if a injury happens during the season Jason would be a great fill in for 8-10 games. How many positions does he have experience at?

True ALoco True.


If JT Stays do you put him back on the right side of the defense?


I personally would love to have JT back just to be able to watch him some more because players like Jason Taylor don't come around very often. Plus, I think he's still good for 8-10 sacks, and possibly even another 12-14 sack year if he's used properly.

No problem Ron, plenty of d o u c h e bags on this blogs who have no balls and hide behind many names...

Thanks though..

Good post Carlito.

Jason Taylor and Wake splitting time on one side and a rookie stud on the other side. Say goodbye to Ayodele and have Crowder and a rookie on the inside or Dansby and a rookie and say goodbye to Crowder as he is serviceable but certainly easily replaceable.

Captain has left the building.Peace out.

Back at ya C from G!


i do not think we go after dansby. he will want too much money. the phins are still in rebuilding mode and i do not see them breaking the bank. we can always hope for a diamond in the rough come april.


how much money do you think JT will want?

Hopefully just enough to not sign with the Pats….

Yeah, I agree they won't go after him, nor do I think they really should. If they do end up getting him however, I would cut Crowder in a heartbeat, so long as they draft someone like Spikes or Witherspoon...

spikes is an ilb, but, i think witherspoon is an olb.

I hope the pats do not franchise or transition wilfork. i understand that this year because of no cba likely a team can use both a franchise and a transition tag to protect against fa. wilfork would look good in a dolphin uniform... i just do not see that happening.

JT made 1.1 Million plus up to 400k more in incentives... At that price, he is absolutely worth it. Unlike Porter, he is a team player and not about to cause dissention - but the Dolphins need to be honest with him in how they plan on using him. He doesn't have full games left in his tank, but rotating in during passing plays for the first few quarters and keeping fresh for fourth would be great.

Never mind young or old, you just won't get a better player for that price.. and if he is put in at times when the pass is likely coming, he will get his game changing plays - sacks, fumbles and INTs. He has always been a playmaker.. and he was earlier this season until they used him on run plays and took him out on pass plays...

Am all for getting younger, but I kinda think we need to keep enough players to field an f'in team..

And by the way, excellent posts PO, ALoco and Carlito.


from what i remember back in the nineties we used trace armstrong the way you are suggesting we use jt next year if he stays.


good night all.

Ron and TN, weatherspoon is a 4-3 OLB, weakside, but is athletic enough to plug in at 3-4 ILB.

3-4 ILB . Not sure why that cut ff sorry

Back at ya Lips...

JT will be a Phin in 2010! I see only positive his leadership, experence, wardworking, and most important a playmaker.....

Derek in west palm beach, i'd like to know what the fuch you're talking about. Soliai ??? when did i talk about soliai and when did i say soliai to start ??. Are you dreaming things ?? show me the post ?? Do me favor please get a clue on who your taking about. thanks.

JT does not have to play all 3 downs to be a greayt player. He has to make the best of his opportunities, And be a leader and teacher. We will draft a OLB and let him learn from JT.

Po , you understand what ?? How chickenshyt's Like to come on here and hide under other people post names to talk Shyt ??? Like that low life douchebag that used ron burgany's name to take shots at me and you ??? That's a classic pu**y with no life. He wouldn't dare say a word to my face . I know who it is and he's the biggest nutjob loser you'll ever know.

Nice post NJ - way to change it up with your ending.. I thought you were going with a thanks for stoping by, but you went short with the thanks - instant classic!

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