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Taylor definitely playing in 2010, but where?

Even as Jason Taylor has so far done everything expected of him to get ready for the 2010 season, the question has curiously persisted whether he'll actually be in the NFL for his 14th season.

I've told you he plans to play, and now his agent Gary Wichard is confirming he plans to play.

"He has every intention in the world to play," Wichard told me moments ago.

Taylor recently had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder to clean up the area. He played with the shoulder injury the last few weeks of the 2009 season.

"He wouldn't be having surgery if he didn't intend to play," Wichard said.

So that should settle the question whether Taylor, 36 in September, has a desire to continue what is obviously a Hall of Fame caliber career. The question now becomes where Taylor will continue that career.

He is an unrestricted free agent starting on March 5 and neither he nor the Dolphins have committed to one another for 2010 despite the fact both sides obviously value each other.

Taylor would like to continue with the Dolphins assuming he has the ability to compete for a starting job and play every down. The Dolphins, looking for OLB help, will try to get younger at the position in the coming draft but still see Taylor as a solid player that can be part of the solution under the right circumstances.

That obviously doesn't guarantee Taylor will be in Miami. But it's a good start.

The hope here is that good start leads to a continued relationship because if the two sides cannot get together, I definitely would hate to see Taylor in New England or playing for Rex Ryan and the Jets, where the scheme might turn him into a 10-12 sacks guy.

Both the Patriots and Jets showed varying degrees of interest in Taylor last offseason.

That is not what the Dolphins need.

[News update: The Dolphins have re-signed OL SirVincent Rogers, who was in training camp last season.]

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Lips , fooled you HUH ??. I threw a curveball

Cody can be the whole draft....the man is a tub of lard....bad move to get him..his knees will be gone in a few years having to carry that weight....

Funny how people critize Cody's weight. The kid weighted close to 470 in HS. Then in Junior college they got him down to 400 lbs. Then Saban made him get down to 360 lbs. I don't know if he can play at 340-350 lbs. I doubt Wilfork or Minnesota's NT play at 340 I believe they are closer to 400 than 340 as listed. I think their are 4-5 players in the NFL that are NT that are close to 400 lbs and they have very good run defenses.

Time to move on.

I was swinging for the fences and just watched it go right by ;)

Cody is not only heavy, but put on like 20 pounds in 3 weeks prior to the biggest interview of his life. He cost himself MILLIONS of dollars so he can eat whatever the hell he ate...

What makes you think that he will suddenly find discipline? You see him getting an endorsement from Jenny Craig?

The kid will have life long weight issues.. and probably be featured on some A&E show about ex college football players that need a construction crew to help them get from the kitchen to the toilet.


Lips , you also might see cody as a regular on " biggest loser ".


How? How does JT "hurt us"? Think hard. Is it lack of ability? Lack of desire? Lack of leadership? Lack of production? Cost us too much? Now remember what he did when he was on the field. Pasq"wallys" defensive scheme thought it was best not to use him on all paasing downs, so his sacks suffered. Guess the age thing is the answer. If I was Cris Carter, I would say to you: Come on, Man!!!!!!!!!!

Ha Ha a huge LMFAO at NJ...again...read my post NIMROD...I applauded Rob in ORANGE COUNTY...yeah, you heard it...and Im from Australia...DILL..!!...a dill is a not clever man here in OZ...thats you mate..!!

Posted by: bigalfy | February 16, 2010 at 05:30 PM

Listen fool NJ


Yep...a dill...sorry NJ...thanks for stopping by....anyone for a Fosters????

If u get mad at people on a blog you are obviously an idiot

And fuc$ the Jets

Doplan3456, Nobody is mad at no one. Just pointing out who the buffoon(NJ) is. bwbababababa


There are many in the group that are part of the anti NJ crew. Sick of being mistreated by a buffoon. aka gen rowe @SS, The crew is getting larger...anti nj crew

Your not only getting mad at someone from a blog but your acting like a bunch of whiney crybabies

dolphan5361 nobody is mad, getoverit thanks for stopping by:)

Derek in west palm beach, i'd like to know what the fuch you're talking about. Soliai ??? when did i talk about soliai and when did i say soliai to start ??. Are you dreaming things ?? show me the post ?? Do me favor please get a clue on who your taking about. thanks.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | February 16, 2010 at 09:44 PM

Dolphan what do you think of this guy? Sound like a whiney baby. Get over it

U sound and write like one guy. ron vino and ron wine ??? aloco ?? u sound like one guy talking to yourself and being a sourpuss. Anyhoo....

Only a puss says "anyhoo" What are you a f'king owl?

manzana stop picking on dolphan 5361 just because he love NJ

Ha Ha , jackazz many- me thought he was going to come here and keep himself entertained by starting fights but there's nobody here. Looks like he will have to keep himself entertained in other ways like playing with himself.

JT should remain with the Dolphins. He has at least two good years left in him.

I have slept on it and still do not think we should resign JT sorry to all his worshipers in here.


its gonna be a mistake if we let JT go , he can obviously still play at this level and still be productive

Yes, everyone will be happy. But is a 36 year old guy the right fit for the 2010 Fins?

Hopefully the perpetually overrated Jason Taylor can go play somewhere else.

Jason Taylor should definetly be brought back. He still has the talent and speed.He is a team player,a better run stopper than ever. Would probably be the Dolphin's best linebacker, including Dansby. What are you guys smoking.


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