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The failure of Porter's termination a concern

Every NFL team has a salary cap specialist. These people are highly educated, highly specialized sorts that normally have many degrees and many hours of training in all things NFL salary cap.

So how the heck could the Dolphins so royally screw up the termination of Joey Porter on Friday?

I mean, seriously, talk about adding stink to a pile of trash.

The club announced Friday afternoon it had terminated Porter's contract, ending three interesting years with the enigmatic linebacker.

Routine. After all, a handful of teams cut a handful of players last week with zero problems or issues.

But two hours after announcing Porter's termination, the Dolphins had to basically eat their press announcement because the NFL determined the termination to be invalid. Seems the Porter termination would have violated the 2009 salary cap as it would have cost more than Miami has the ability to handle in cap space.


And this one arose out of one of several possibilities:

A. Somebody in Dolphins management messed up when figuring Porter's cap acceleration as it pertains to 2009. This is hard to do because it really is a simple math issue. The responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist.

B. Somebody in Dolphins management didn't know or fully understand the league salary cap rules as they currently stand. The responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist.

C. Somebody wasn't fully up to speed on the Dolphins salary cap situation. Again, the responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist who is supposed to be able to recite the team's cap situation from memory if need be

D. Somebody in Dolphins management took it upon themselves to release Porter without consulting the team's capologist. The responsible party here would be whomever didn't work with the capologist.

Although it is possible, it is hard to fathom D. Somebody doesn't just get a hankerin' to cut Joey Porter one Friday afternoon and simply do it without consulting anyone. The Dolphins pore over decisions such as these (I hope) and plan the steps to carrying them out. One of those steps is typically to check with the capologist to see what salary cap ramifications the move has.

I'm more inclined to think A, B or C betrayed the Dolphins on this matter. And that points directly to new senior vice president of football operations Dawn Aponte.

Aponte is Miami's new capologist. She started only three weeks ago after Matt Thomas, Miami's capologist the past dozen seasons, left to go to Cleveland. Thomas was hired in Cleveland by former Dolphins president Bryan Wiedmeier, who left to go to Cleveland in January.

Aponte, incidently, came from the Browns.

Call it a capologist trade of sorts.

[Quick aside: When Thomas was hired 12 years ago, I quizzed Wiedmeier about the hiring because I had gotten wind of it through league circles. He couldn't understand why I would be curious because, as he put it, "Your readers care about players and coaches, not administrators." I mostly agreed with him and still do today, which is the reason I only reported Aponte's hiring on my twitter page which you should follow. But when the work of administrators drifts into the lane of competitive advantage, I become interested.]

So now I'm interested.

Friday's error -- and don't be fooled, it was an embarrassing one noted around the NFL -- will be glossed over by the fact Porter will eventually be released or traded as I've been reporting for weeks.

But it nonetheless calls into question not only how much Miami will miss Thomas, but also to what degree Aponte is reliable. I don't want to sound harsh here, but if she can't get the routine termination of a veteran right, how can we be confident she can maneuver the coming maze of capped-uncapped-possible lockout issues facing the Dolphins, and every team, the next two years?

The NFL's horizon is littered with uncertainty about labor issues. We don't know what the new rules will look like in 2011, but every team wants people in place that will gain an expertise on the new issues virtually on the fly.

How can the Dolphins have confidence they will successfully navigate and, indeed, master those new issues in the future when they couldn't successfully cut a player under the old system on Friday?   


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Armando, could there be an E, such as the organization knew and tried to sneak it through knowing they would have to pay him his bonus??? And do you know for certain the date he is due that roster bonus??? Multiple sources are indicating various dates, do u have a definitive answer?? Great job by the way, appreciate ur info

Great, we traded for an airhead capologist who doesn't know what the hell she's doing.

Mando, Darlington says bonus date is March 10th; you say it's march 1st.. Who's right?

Yes, could there be an E. Hey everbody, Joey is dangling on the hook and is going to be available to the highest bidder when it's legal to do it! Why not?


You have a wonderful command of the English language and articulate your points very well. Your gift is your "pen". I truely enjoy your articles.

Thanks for what you do.

i don´t believe that was an Error, this was on purpose to have the chance to cut him twice

I hope Aponte does not bring the issues the Browns had in their front office to the Phins.

I just find it hard to believe, especially with Parcells, that there was not an underlying reason to do this...but if it was a mistake then Dawn Aponte needs to step up and say she screwed up bigtime, but we will probaly never know for sure

Armando- This article is based upon speculation and your assumptions. I can't help but feel that you have a problem with the fact that a woman is the capologist. Your article has a very sexist tone. If we are lucky, the Herald will find a woman to replace you. Maybe then we will get some meaningful articles to read.


interesting thought...
if he is due a bonus on 3-1 and not 3-10 they would owe him the 1 mil either way.

If they have to pay him the 1mil I hope they hold on to him and cut him on the last day possible just to make him miserable.

Just another move by a racist team to diss a brother.


Mando,s article is not sexist. The person that screwed up happened to be a woman. He makes valid points in the article, especially, since she came from a disorganized organization- the Browns.

Armando sounds like your giving the big three a pass here.
In defense of Aponte, this issue with Porter has been season long and I would have thought some off season plan would have been thought out before he started running his mouth during SB week, that behavior alone didnt cause this release.
NO one else in this teams front office figured this out either!

Come on Spike...

Just do the right thing!!!!!!!!!

Spike Lee, get lost with ur racist BUL"SH"T, no one here cares what u think about ur "brother"..go make another crappy movie

I agree this move is puzzling. Who knows who is truly responsible, but how does this happen? Let's hope the brass does a lot better in the draft and free agency this year.

To the clown saying this blog is sexist, you sound like one of those gay dudes that cries hatred whenever someone disagrees with their lifestyle.

This WOMAN plays in a hardball world and if she can't handle criticism for screwing up, she should get out. The rules are the same for her as they would be for a guy.

Mando's never said Porter's bonus comes March 1st. Where did that post come from?

Mando, good point regarding Ms.Aponte's competency. It's scary she could not get a simple thing like this done. Wonder what they're paying this twit?

Hopefully John is joking...because the issue here isn't anti-woman. It's anti-Cleveland. Seriously,if someone we trusted leaves, why on earth should we hire someone he rejects to replace the person he takes with him? Particularly since he took the guy because he DIDN'T trust the person in the job...umm, which would be the person we just hired? And if that sounds convoluted to you, that's because it is. Hard to understand and even harder to justify. Especially when the resulting "trade" itself results in such a terrible...umm, result. Okay, try that again: she's not good enough to stay in Cleveland, but she's good enough to replace her own replacement? And then she screws up? Nahh, this has nothing to do with her being female, this has to do with her not being good enough to keep her prior job. And PROVING she's not good enough almost immediately in this job.

Guys, don't pay attention to John at 11:32, his last name is Aponte.

Way to come in there Carlito...We can always count on you to calm the masses with your humor!!!

This message is for anyone who thinks this blog is racist or sexist… shut the hell up, get a life, and stop writing you dumb @ss BS. Football is not about racism or sexism. Its about WINNING. Trust me if a purple woman who make love to female cats could kick 75 yard field goals, any team in the league would sign her.

Once again u hit it right on the head that was my first reaction as well. Now that I know she is a new hire it isvery concerning especially from the browns who can't get out of thier own way.

Maybe she is the reason the Browns couldn't work out Josh Cribbs' contract extension... food for thought

Carlito, I smell a rat and its name is Aponte.

I wonder if she has the ovaries to own up to the mistake? or as Al said it was no mistake.

I agree with John, there does seem to be an undercurrent of sexism in Armando's post...Aponte has only been on the job for three weeks, yet management had to have had some type of plan for dealing with Porter weeks ago (probably as early as they signed Wake or after he got suspended for one game), so the focus of any criticism should be placed on the big three MEN who take a serious pass from Armando...I don't think its coincidental that the central target happens to be the only one without a penis.



How about this for an "E" -- they must have been analyzing the ramifications of releasing Porter long before Bryan Wiedmeier left for Cleveland. How could they not have?

In fact, I'm guessing that they have a standard file for each player ready for the Big 3 to look at at a moment's notice in making such decisions.

So the mistake could have been from the old guy (or an underling) or one of the Big 3 rather than the new woman.

Either way, my guess is that someone dropped a number somewhere or ignored a date, as in "this is the scenario after March 1...".

How could any capologist ignore that the cap is still in effect until then? That is one of the biggest factors in each team's planning this year.

But regardless, Mando's base point is right...not a real bright moemnt for the franchise.

If we supposedly have the greatest minds in football "tuna anyone" why do we keep making stupid mistakes. I know he proably did not have any say in the hiring but seriously. Why would we take any thing from Cleveland? Hello when have they ever produced an intelligent decision? I am growing less confident in the dolphins management everyday. Now we are on the cusp of a history making year and we have an idiot ( male or femal) I don't care. Get rid of the idiot. Before we get really screwed. WAKE UP MIAMI. GET OFF THE DAMN BEACHES. We should be really fired up this year. A team we bet twice last year almost made it to the superbowl. Man I am really disgusted with the mangement. We can blame it on saban or cam or Dave. But that was years ago now what's going to be the excuse this year. Another tuff schedule. Really I'm sick of the excuses shut up an win or stop talking about how good u are.

Will... go find Grace and have a good cry!!!

You leave my wife alone. She has a learning disability and is doing the best she can. Give her 3-4 years and you'll barely notice a few mistakes.


Please refrain from posting about genitalia. We are talking football here

Johnny Aponte, hilarious

johnny, 3-4 years or 3-4 weeks?

Hey Johnny haven't seen you since the Aponte reunion in 2002! Hows it going? That half-wit, slack-jaw wife of yours still trying to play with the big boys?

you are all nuts. Yea it is racist since she is white, sexist since she's a woman, singlist since she is married, etc. She messed up. Simple.

We wanna report something. But we cain't.

Dueches! Trifectas! Mobs!

Will, I'm afraid we won't be attending anymore family reunions. Everyone keeps bringing up the time my wife got drunk and was playing some kind of drinking game involving a cucumber.

Johnny Aponte,

I think you need to check your veges... I was there... it was a zucchini.

Clearly, the maturity level is really high here (perhaps junior high?), which of course supports the idea that Armando knows his audience well.


Now that he has thrown Joey under the Bus, Armando now turns his attention to the new capologist.

Let's keep track: Armando hated Nick Saban and wrote articles against him where the puppet fan base attacked Nick, Joey Porter and he use the might of his keyboard to garner support from most of you puppets who just agree with whatever Armando (The Drama Queen) writes......

People Armando has an agenda; if a coach, player or management doesn’t let Armando have a scoop or refuse to talk to him other than what is required he attacks them from his bully pulpit.

So when Joey gets 20+ sacks next season for some other team...and "IF" Miami have another average season he will question the management for dumping Joey and making the Dolphins an average team.

The guy is a serious drama queen. He doesn’t respect the privacy of the team and if they tell him their plans he would tell the whole world. Some things are Private Armando. I look forward for your day of termination. One less drama queen in the Miami media.

Why don't they just cut a few other expiring contracts to make room for Porter's release? Cutting Torbor would save $1M with his bonus accelerated, and Ayodle would save $3M, that should be more than enough room to cut Porter. Listen just because those guys are warm bodies at LB, doesnt mean we are better off keeping them. I have a feeling Parcells will be drafting a couple LBs early anyway.

Love what marky says below

"I mean, seriously, talk about adding stink to a pile of trash."

The stench will be in Miami long after Joey is gone!

Will, go paint da fence


man who stand on commode lid get very high on pot... we all know what you standing in.

Mando. Quite being so damn negative. If we go 11-5 next year and make the playoffs, you will still think Parcells and crew are worthless. I think you might be a secret Jets fan or something. lighten up, we've come a long way from the joey harrington cleo lemon days.

markeyh, you have the intelligence of a doorknob.

Armando has an agenda and so he got rid of Joey Porter? Could the fact Porter sucked plus was ripping the team for two weeks have something to do with him getting cut?

Armando hated Saban? You mean he hated the guy who said, 'I will not be the Alabama coach,' and a few weeks later was the Alabama coach?

Dude, you are the most stupid joker on this board. That, by the way, leads me to wonder why you're on this board if you hate Mando so much?

Obviously you want to know what he's got to say and have been reading him for going back a long time. So what's YOUR agenda, dullest tool in the shed?

cody son, i think you have facts mixed up. Mando is no Parcells hater. He understand Miami on right path.

markeyh sounds like a little bi tch. Go cry on somebody else's blog you douche rag.

JOey Porter got cut cause of Mando?

Props Mando!

Can you please go to work on the Gerbril Wilson issue please?

waste too much time fighting.

much work to be done.

combine right around the corner.

It is possible that this is a calculated move by the Phins.
What if they did this to send Joey a message?
What if it was a mistake, then they would have a scapegoat ie new capologist. The Capologist was not up to speed after only 3 weeks, regardless whether its male or female.
Just wondering.

Sound analysis Mando. Would love the Dolphins to explain what happened Friday. Of course they won't.

They're kinda like the Obama administration in that they never admit a screwup.

TN, an earlier post sugested it was done so they could cut porter twice in public.

interesting theory.

I think it is just oversight by new staff.

So markeyh, what would you have Mando do? Pretend Aponte didn't screw up and embarrass the organization?

Sportswriters get paid to give us news and the good ones give us their take on it. If you want dry uninteresting news, you might be in the wrong place.


We are truly sorry you had no positive male role model in your life. However, you did have an overbearing mother who took away your manhood. This has nothing to do with maturity, it has everything to do with the fact you are a feminized male. Sorry bud… go n play with your VA JJ

" If we are lucky, the Herald will find a woman to replace you."

Dear Mrs. Salguero

"I'm more inclined to think A, B or C betrayed the Dolphins on this matter. And that points directly to new senior vice president of football operations Dawn Aponte."

First year under contract and takeing plays off already or does she hate Joey Porter ?

Will the Tuna be looking to replace her in the draft ?

I hope they draft that chick from (insert collage name)she has mad accounting skills.

All the hot chicks will be gone by round 2 so I would not trade down to get one in later rounds.

We are looking to get younger right ?

Soiled :)

How about possible F....The Dolphins just wanted to send a message to Joey and a few other Dolphin players...and didn't care if they had to wait till March to do it...I'd say the message has been received.

I do find it a bit suspect that our previous cap person goes to Cleve and we take their old one. What's up with that?

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