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The failure of Porter's termination a concern

Every NFL team has a salary cap specialist. These people are highly educated, highly specialized sorts that normally have many degrees and many hours of training in all things NFL salary cap.

So how the heck could the Dolphins so royally screw up the termination of Joey Porter on Friday?

I mean, seriously, talk about adding stink to a pile of trash.

The club announced Friday afternoon it had terminated Porter's contract, ending three interesting years with the enigmatic linebacker.

Routine. After all, a handful of teams cut a handful of players last week with zero problems or issues.

But two hours after announcing Porter's termination, the Dolphins had to basically eat their press announcement because the NFL determined the termination to be invalid. Seems the Porter termination would have violated the 2009 salary cap as it would have cost more than Miami has the ability to handle in cap space.


And this one arose out of one of several possibilities:

A. Somebody in Dolphins management messed up when figuring Porter's cap acceleration as it pertains to 2009. This is hard to do because it really is a simple math issue. The responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist.

B. Somebody in Dolphins management didn't know or fully understand the league salary cap rules as they currently stand. The responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist.

C. Somebody wasn't fully up to speed on the Dolphins salary cap situation. Again, the responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist who is supposed to be able to recite the team's cap situation from memory if need be

D. Somebody in Dolphins management took it upon themselves to release Porter without consulting the team's capologist. The responsible party here would be whomever didn't work with the capologist.

Although it is possible, it is hard to fathom D. Somebody doesn't just get a hankerin' to cut Joey Porter one Friday afternoon and simply do it without consulting anyone. The Dolphins pore over decisions such as these (I hope) and plan the steps to carrying them out. One of those steps is typically to check with the capologist to see what salary cap ramifications the move has.

I'm more inclined to think A, B or C betrayed the Dolphins on this matter. And that points directly to new senior vice president of football operations Dawn Aponte.

Aponte is Miami's new capologist. She started only three weeks ago after Matt Thomas, Miami's capologist the past dozen seasons, left to go to Cleveland. Thomas was hired in Cleveland by former Dolphins president Bryan Wiedmeier, who left to go to Cleveland in January.

Aponte, incidently, came from the Browns.

Call it a capologist trade of sorts.

[Quick aside: When Thomas was hired 12 years ago, I quizzed Wiedmeier about the hiring because I had gotten wind of it through league circles. He couldn't understand why I would be curious because, as he put it, "Your readers care about players and coaches, not administrators." I mostly agreed with him and still do today, which is the reason I only reported Aponte's hiring on my twitter page which you should follow. But when the work of administrators drifts into the lane of competitive advantage, I become interested.]

So now I'm interested.

Friday's error -- and don't be fooled, it was an embarrassing one noted around the NFL -- will be glossed over by the fact Porter will eventually be released or traded as I've been reporting for weeks.

But it nonetheless calls into question not only how much Miami will miss Thomas, but also to what degree Aponte is reliable. I don't want to sound harsh here, but if she can't get the routine termination of a veteran right, how can we be confident she can maneuver the coming maze of capped-uncapped-possible lockout issues facing the Dolphins, and every team, the next two years?

The NFL's horizon is littered with uncertainty about labor issues. We don't know what the new rules will look like in 2011, but every team wants people in place that will gain an expertise on the new issues virtually on the fly.

How can the Dolphins have confidence they will successfully navigate and, indeed, master those new issues in the future when they couldn't successfully cut a player under the old system on Friday?   


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Mr. Miyagi,

If that's the case how come you NEVER see teams go ALL DEF with every pick?

The Saints went all OFF when they chose Rocky Williams and then gave all their draft picks away. (Absolutely Foolish from and injury standpoint alone)

You can't always hang your hat on old NFL adages as the game evolves.

Like the classic "You HAVE to RUN and stop the RUN"... Look at the Colts and the Saints... Neither is a rushing team and the Colts were atrocious, yet there they both were in the big game.

It's now a passing league. The rules favor QBs, passing and points as they think it sells more tickets to fans and creates more fan excitement.

If Spiller could not catch very well I would not even be thinking of taking him @ 12 despite his blazing speed and insane moves. I keep seeing Ricky on that wheel route down the sidelines and missing a few balls and wonder how much farther ahead Spiller would be on that patern. Not only that I believe he can adjust to the ball better as he has more dexterity and is less bulky.

Lastly, I have laid out adnausea that if we get 1 single Def FA... Be it Dansby, Rolle or Hampton someone of this nature that will be a big lift for the DEF before the draft.

Then in a scenario that went...
#1 Spiller RB OFF
#2 Spikes ILB DEF
#3 Thomas or Troupe NT DEF
#4 Angerer LB DEF
#5 No pick right now
#6 DEF X3 or BPA
#7 DEF or BPA

Don't you see that is only a 15% to 30% OFF draft? That's what people want is a DEF draft right? Why would you not take advantage of the depth and snatch the players were they fall?

You, NJ PHIN and others are even more DEF minded so I said fine... Switch Spiller with Brandon Graham. I believe he will end up making more plays in the NFL than McClain by a large margin barring either getting hurt.

I wish when I watched McClain play I would be saying to my self, my gosh, this is the next Jr. Seau but he flat doesn't show up that way when you watch him play.


NJ Phin,

McClain is NO Pat Willis. They will never be confused for one another. Willis is already a great player in the NFL and McClain has yet to prove me wrong.

Again, I am going out on the limb against popular wisdom so if McClain ends up bing crazy good I will eat crow and apologize... If I am right, then what?

* Correction McClain will have to prove me wrong in the NFL.




Just watched video. Did not see McClain blitzing. He played a line zone on that clip and read the play. Was the spy for the draw, qb scramble and middle screen. Maybe I need to watch again. Passing situation showed his coverage skills. Defensing SEC offenses requires ilb's to zone the middle and act as a spy due to the nature of the style of play from the conference. It is similar with each school regardless of formation (I or spread).
Zone blocking power running in A/B Gaps and speed to the edges. QB pressure usually comes from outside and DL. In the SEC you have to protect the middle.

Question is did Saben use him the way he did because he could not pressure the QB or was he the best option to protect inside out regardless of down and distance.

I think McClain was best option every down to defend inside out and get pressure from other positions. Takes a special player to do that.

Mr. Miyagi,

Let me see if I can post links with times...he tried to blitz some in the clips I saw and was stopped cold... didn't even look like he tried to use his strength to power through which was disturbing...

Let me dig them up and post em...

Thanks for the look. It looks as though your a college game fanatic too eh?


This year Dolphins have special needs on Defense due to mistakes made last year. Problem in the secondary is that they let their fs hill go. He was the leader of that unit. I remember when he was out the secondary was, well, secondary. They won in 2008 due to turnovers a result of pressure and coverage. This group broke what was good in 2008 trying to make it great.

Now we are worse than we were in 2009 due to Fergy injury and pending retirement, regression in the lb core, no leader in the secondary and no depth at all 3 levels. If this is not fixed this offseason Miami may be only a 5-7 win team.

Thanks for the conversation Rob, let's continue.

Rob please post times. old man eyes old hard to see tiny screen.

I believe this was done deliberately by the big tuna to send porter a clear message. The tuna and only the tuna decides his faith.don't be surprised to see porter traded for a 7th rounder to detriot.

Mr. Miyagi & any other McClain fans.


This vid hones in on Blitzes and Awareness.

He only gets into the backfield on blitzes when there is NO contact with OL, TE or RB's other wise he doesn't even come close.

During the awareness portion in the whole second half of this vid he is either lumbering along trailing the play or being fooled with false steps on misdirection plays.

There are times one might possibly make a case for staying at home but not this many plays and looking at where he ends up trailing plays. Sometimes simple motion takes him right out of the play entirely.

He makes a few plays in this whole video..thats not what you want from a #12.

Where are the crazy explosive hits and big collisions that send the other guy sailing?

He mainly stacks guys and hold them straight up of slings them down.

He could not shed a block in this entire vid to save his life.

I'm sorry, looks like a lot of damning evidence to me.


I bet you losers have messed up an order at the piggly wiggly but did the day shift manager fire you your first day?

Let's figure out who made a mistake - and let us consider that aside from a little embarrassment, we didn't lose out on any opportunity here. Calling for her to be fired right off the bat without any facts is just not fair - considering she may not have had a hand in the error at all.

Thanks NFL...But where were you when we really needed you to invalidate bonehead moves like:
1)Taking Jamar Fletcher over Drew Brees
2)Chosing Culpepper over Drew Brees
3)Sending Welker to NE
4)Hiring Dave Wannstedt
5)Hiring Nick Saban
6)Hiring Cam Cameron
7)Sharing ownership with Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Marc Anthony, Venus Williams & Serena Williams

Oh noooooooooo, not the "capologist"! What ever shall we do!!!! The sky is falling!!!! This team will suck next year because of their bad capologist!

Mr. Miyagi very smart football fan from okinawa . Much respect from this dojo. Rob in OC type alot but can sum it up by just post 2 word. Heeee Haaaaw.

Rob in OC did you know that ILB is not a typical pass rush position in defense 3-4?

Mr. Miyagi & McClain fans


On this video from 4:20 on is "handling Blockers" and negotiating traffic.

If ANYONE gets on him with a decently solid block he NEVER sheds and goes on to make the play. His teamates made a few while he was in the area.

There so many times throughout this video his is lumbering along and looks to have a lax attitude after he believes the play is away from him. No way in heck it looks like he is running anywhere near 100% speed while giving chase on 75% of the whole video.

On one pass play they slow motioned it a second time and he did not tip the ball... I guess you get credit for close.

Many times he engauges Off players only to get into his own little battle while the ball carrier goes right by.

If anyone believes for 1 second that in the NFL he won't run into way more tenacious and proficient blockers then think again. I am afraid anytime someone blocks him you won't see him again until after the play.


Rob. I only viewed 1st video did not see second.

After watching the send video his blitzing look designed to blow up a screen or draw a few time. others he overloasded and timed gap blitz. other blitzes where he look manhandled were either he was picked up or used to allow for a stunt overlap type play. Bottom line... MClain Blitzes were successful due to over all pressure and penetration. Sometimes a blitz creates opportunity for the other parts of the D and is designed to occupy blockers and read and react to middle stuff like screen, draw, shuffle pass etc.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but, is that not the ILB job to protect the middle 1st (read and react)?

ILB in 3-4 is stop run shoot gaps captain of defense and only sometime pass rush. Learn you football or face consequence of make NJ say bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha to you

Mr Miyagi how much cost for one little tree for make dojo look better?

Cobra Kai, please come to my dojo.

you and i could blend our style and create an invincible discipline!

Hee Haw one of my favorite childhood tv show.

Cobra Kai

1st little tree is free. my gift to you out of respect of father's honor.

Next time NJ, come to eat at you restaurant, please, mention my name and send good fortune.

Mr. Miyagi sound like good deal. These poster lack discipline

Tuna is so P.Oed at Joey(38 I.Q. Tested)Porter he didnt care. All he wanted to do was have the Pleasure of cutting Porter twice....LOL, You da man Tuna....And the Beutiful thing is he Knew that Mando would write this story blaming Dawn Aponte, Mando You got Played brother... LOL..

Anybody who rather have Brandon Spikes at ILB to Rolando McClain need to be caned maybe lectric shock on wire matress like rambo with bamboo shoot under finger nail

cobra kai

please watch rob's video. mcclain does look lost at times and unable to shed blocks in open field.

still #1 on my board. must look at full body of work not individual plays that speak to one persons agenda.

Brandon Spikes is a green-horn Crowder.

Brandon Spikes run like his feet is cements. I would like his eye poking skills against Jets and Pats. If Brandon Spike was in onside kick pile in super bowl believe he would get ball with eye poke ball bunch and hair pull moves

Mr. Miyagi and Cobra,

Did Zack Thomas Blitz from his middle linebacker spot to occupy blockers?

Does it make any sense to have the smaller faster LBs occupy the bigger, stronger Off lineman while the slower DT's with no head of steam try to get to the QB? we are not talking the stunt game where a DT tries to occupy 2 Offensive guy while the other DT or DE loops around looking for a hole thats different.

One of my favorite plays that Giants ran in the SB vs NE and that I have seen teams use from time to time is when Torbor (as a Giant) faked the blitz from over center in his ILB spot. At the snap of the ball he started to back pedal while both DT's took their guy wide towards the DE. Torbor quickly reversed field and got to Brady for the sack!

Generally most teams run screens to the right or left side. If you are going to tell me that each and every time he was engulfed and taken out of the play it was all part of a grand master plan...I'm not buying it one bit.

Cobra, if you "Shoot gaps" you are GOING THROUGH THEM! The video shows a whole bunch of times he tried it and got swalled up and taken out of the plays.

There were a couple were he timed it well and penetrated but only when no one touched him.

The difference between Brandon Graham and McClain is Graham is defeating blocks and winning his matchups vs OL, RB chips a ton of the time.

The reason why teams ran on the Fins last year was greatly due to buys not getting off of blocks. Also on the wide run plays JP, JT or whomever they had in a the time not recognizing run and getting outside leverage to cut of the ballcarrier to force him back inside to the rest of the Def. That is a very great skill that Brandon Graham possesses. That and his ability to get pressure on QB's and get into the back field is why he should be the pick.

Heck, Big school pedigree, played vs good comp, produced in college, produced in Senior Bowl MVP, Ross & BP big on Michigan grads and had success with Jake Long. Why not Brandon Graham?


top 10 on my draft board for Dolphins needs:

1. Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
2. Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
3. Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
4. Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri
5. Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan
6. Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.
7. Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson
8. Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
9. Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
10. Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno St

Not holding my breath except for #1

Mr. Miyagi and Cobra (still think you are using fake names but anywho, whatever turns ya on)

Spikes does have a mean streak... ABSOLUTELY! You want a choir boy for a rugged position like that??

Ray Lewis is involved with Murderers and will probably be a Hall of Famer...whats your point?

Like I said before... McClain wins the footrace and then is too late to tackle with false steps, and getting tied up on blocks... (face palm) Yeah, McClain is your choice all right. I am praying that he goes before #12 or that the Fins pass on him.

PS I thought you favored the Bonzai tree for your dojo's? Hai, wax on, wax off! Sand da floor!


Rob in OC Zack Thomas play middle lb in 4-3 this is comoplete different position. DUHHHHHH I say to you sir. Why do you have write so much for be wrong all the time?

Rob in OC please listen to smart poster like NJ, Miyagi, Cubans, Carlitos, Soil Bottom, Po Whites, and even aloco for understand football better so you can comment with more knowledge and less word

Rob. McClain ILB. Graham OLB.

different position... different responsibility.

thank you for conversation.

Must meditate.

Have nice weekend.


No matter...when you send a middle backer on a QB Blitz in either scheme you are looking for ONE thing to happen. A blown up QB that has to scrape himself off the turf.

If it's a run Blitz they are suppose to flood all lanes with Defenders and stop the run...in case it's not a run it reverts to #1.

There are differences in duties for ILB in 4-3 and 3-4 but the Blitz results are suppose to be the same.


Mr. Miyagi @ 6:15,

Just so I am clear is that your overall wishes for the #12 pick of you think they are coming out of round one in that order?

They all look to be 1st rounders except Sapp, Benn and probably Matthews. Any of those 3 guys could sneak into the late 1st though imho.


I hope so Mr. Miyagi, I hope so.

Mr. Miyagi @ 6:20,

You are correct different players and positions and with JP getting the axe both of need...

We will have to wait and ponder...

You have a good weekend as well.


PS "Hey, where did you get that belt?" "J.C. Penney $2.98." Lol

Crickets chirping...

I'll catch up to you Fin fans later.


Finally we can talk now that Rob has left and take with him all his bad draft info

Good evening Dolfans...

any one get cut this afternoon?

There's only one thing i want to know about this Aponte chick:
How does she look?
Does she go down?
Can you turn her over?

Cobra, you and mr miyagi are spot on about McClain.

Cobra kai and Mr Miyagi. Forget it . I tried to explain to rob on the previous blog about the concepts and responsibilities of the ILB in the 3-4 vs the MLB the 4-3 and were all in vain. To base a scouting report on a couple of 5-7 min videos on youtube is totally irresponsible and asinine. I watched every alabama game on watched every defensive snap on the guy and he's a great all around LB. McClain reminds me and many many scout agree of patrick willis. Mcclain's is a better student of the game and studied more film that wiilis used to do in college. He 's also a more vocal leader than willis was when he was coming out of college. Mclain would instantly upgrade this defense and will be a captain in 2-3 years. You watch. If gets chosen ahead of miami , it will be a huge loss and a disappointment. Anybody who wishes so is completley lost.


I want to know if Ms. Aponte has a nice a s s.


what do you mean? Are you saying NJ is Rob?


If the Dolphins want a woman to replace Ms. Aponte, I volunteer.


mark is suggesting you are playing with yourself on this blog.

why would one do such a thing... and in public.

I just checked the photo: Dawn Aponte is smokin...

" I watched every alabama game on watched every defensive snap"

And thats why I'm takeing the kids and leaving you.

Mrs. NJ

Soiled :)

Oh... sorry Mark. I am a little slow. My mind is not functioning. I have been triming trees this afternoon trying to get the plantation ready for spring.


Reading these comments proves to me Dolphins fans are the most stupid people on earth. Some of you guys seriously believe the team wanted to screw up cutting Porter?


Have fun in lala land losers!

Maybe we can get a Capologist from Dallas for a 7th and Ginn

Soiled , very funny but no Mrs NJ . I'm not married. Watching a game for 3 hours leaves me with plenty of time to have fun. You see where i'm from things are open late and some are open 24 hours. I know when we go out around 11-12, you're coming home from places that are closing up for the night where you live. thanks for your concern

NJ, cobra, pricemaster, mr miyagi

I still think you are correct with your assessment of McClain. He is the top linebacker on my charts too. ILB,OLB and NT are so critical for us I would have to group them as equal need. Based upon value I would place these players as potential pick at #12 based upon availability.

1. Rolondo McClain
2. Dan williams
3. Sergio Kimble

Who would you prospect as #1 based each position listed above?

Mouth . i love williams and mcclain but i woudn't touch kimble.

mark ,

I promise you I am not NJ. I am Mouth of the South formerly known as TNPhinFan. I changed my post name because there is a TNFinfan (fin with and f I was PHIN). We were getting confused.

I live in Tennessee near Nashville.

Mouth , that isn't even mark. it's a fake. i'm glad you changed your name . No we know which is which from tenn.

I am sorry NJ I meant to type witherspoon. I had him in my word doc as 1st olb and kindle as 2nd and graham as 3rd. I must have cut and pasted the wrong one. Thanks for the heads up. after you hit forty the eyes get blurred, especially, after pruning little trees, shrubs etc all day. FYI I like Navorro Bowman over spikes. I just hate the gaters.

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