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The failure of Porter's termination a concern

Every NFL team has a salary cap specialist. These people are highly educated, highly specialized sorts that normally have many degrees and many hours of training in all things NFL salary cap.

So how the heck could the Dolphins so royally screw up the termination of Joey Porter on Friday?

I mean, seriously, talk about adding stink to a pile of trash.

The club announced Friday afternoon it had terminated Porter's contract, ending three interesting years with the enigmatic linebacker.

Routine. After all, a handful of teams cut a handful of players last week with zero problems or issues.

But two hours after announcing Porter's termination, the Dolphins had to basically eat their press announcement because the NFL determined the termination to be invalid. Seems the Porter termination would have violated the 2009 salary cap as it would have cost more than Miami has the ability to handle in cap space.


And this one arose out of one of several possibilities:

A. Somebody in Dolphins management messed up when figuring Porter's cap acceleration as it pertains to 2009. This is hard to do because it really is a simple math issue. The responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist.

B. Somebody in Dolphins management didn't know or fully understand the league salary cap rules as they currently stand. The responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist.

C. Somebody wasn't fully up to speed on the Dolphins salary cap situation. Again, the responsible party here would have to be the team's capologist who is supposed to be able to recite the team's cap situation from memory if need be

D. Somebody in Dolphins management took it upon themselves to release Porter without consulting the team's capologist. The responsible party here would be whomever didn't work with the capologist.

Although it is possible, it is hard to fathom D. Somebody doesn't just get a hankerin' to cut Joey Porter one Friday afternoon and simply do it without consulting anyone. The Dolphins pore over decisions such as these (I hope) and plan the steps to carrying them out. One of those steps is typically to check with the capologist to see what salary cap ramifications the move has.

I'm more inclined to think A, B or C betrayed the Dolphins on this matter. And that points directly to new senior vice president of football operations Dawn Aponte.

Aponte is Miami's new capologist. She started only three weeks ago after Matt Thomas, Miami's capologist the past dozen seasons, left to go to Cleveland. Thomas was hired in Cleveland by former Dolphins president Bryan Wiedmeier, who left to go to Cleveland in January.

Aponte, incidently, came from the Browns.

Call it a capologist trade of sorts.

[Quick aside: When Thomas was hired 12 years ago, I quizzed Wiedmeier about the hiring because I had gotten wind of it through league circles. He couldn't understand why I would be curious because, as he put it, "Your readers care about players and coaches, not administrators." I mostly agreed with him and still do today, which is the reason I only reported Aponte's hiring on my twitter page which you should follow. But when the work of administrators drifts into the lane of competitive advantage, I become interested.]

So now I'm interested.

Friday's error -- and don't be fooled, it was an embarrassing one noted around the NFL -- will be glossed over by the fact Porter will eventually be released or traded as I've been reporting for weeks.

But it nonetheless calls into question not only how much Miami will miss Thomas, but also to what degree Aponte is reliable. I don't want to sound harsh here, but if she can't get the routine termination of a veteran right, how can we be confident she can maneuver the coming maze of capped-uncapped-possible lockout issues facing the Dolphins, and every team, the next two years?

The NFL's horizon is littered with uncertainty about labor issues. We don't know what the new rules will look like in 2011, but every team wants people in place that will gain an expertise on the new issues virtually on the fly.

How can the Dolphins have confidence they will successfully navigate and, indeed, master those new issues in the future when they couldn't successfully cut a player under the old system on Friday?   


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This shows how startlingly stupid it was to allow Brian, and then Thomas to go. Ego's at Dolphin headquarters always reign supreme over intellegence. Pick 2 Wr's soon + why didn't we get Jones a quarterback/receiver?

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Carlito @ 9:24,

Might be a bit of a stretch but, I am not sure how far you can fall back and still get him? I think there a bunch of players from 10-25 that are of similar caliber. It's a deep draft so we will have see if the Fins can pull off a trade back or if they want to.

He seems to be climbing a bunch and with a solid combine I could see him in the top half of the round 1. Was MVP at the Senior Bowl, made a ton of plays at Michigan. Has a nose for the ball. Has an array of pass rush moves. Kind of like Jared Allen as to look at him you wouldn't think he would be a beast to stop but you will have your hands full all day. Hustles down plays and doesn't quit after one move if he gets stopped. Adjust well to runners trying to get outside of him. Remember there is a premium put on any player scouts feel can get to the QB and I think he can.

I think he has great potential as a disruptive force for many years.

I look forward to drills they will put him through at the combine.


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Who's fault is this?Good bye bill it was nice you were here.Do you think bill is gonna be led by a girl?Or listen to or belive after this?This is the worst thing to EVER happen to the Miami Dolphins.

I read info concerning Joey's termination date on ESPON a week or more ago. Said 3-10. I believe it was in Jon Clayton's blog.
I believe Al may be on to something, a chance to fire his bad self twice.
You wonder if Joeys big mouth could actually be a contract violation, and the Fins could use that as termination?
Guess not, as long as the the guava brain heading up the players association is holding the cards.
"Dr. De" has no prior qualifications for his job, and is, most likely going to lead the players in a work stoppage in 2011.
This could be avoided if the players association agreed on a moratorium of these OUTRAGEOUS contracts for guys who have NEVER played a down in the NFL.
The owners, in turn could pledge millions to the retired players benefit funds, especially those guys in the 50's 60's and 70's who are nearly crippled.
Maybe increase the cap, to allow veterans to stay with their teams, increase players with "tenure."

Relax Mando.

If she has only been with the Dolphins for three weeks, I can understand a mistake. It takes a while to know every ones name in a large organization much less all the cap numbers and situations. I would give her a pass.

Doesn't make a difference to me. Anybody new to an organization makes mistakes. Better to have a small screwup now than a big one later. Armando get a life will you.


I'm going with Mando on this one people. To say the capologist (and I don't give a flying f*&% if it's a woman, man or beast) has only been there a few weeks is a copout. THAT'S HER JOB!!! She's done it before in Cleveland. This is a new organization, but the same damn rules. All she needs to know is how much the Dolphins are under the cap, that's it. I think the people trying to give her a pass are sexist (doubt they'd give a man a pass). And Jim, to say that it's just a mistake by the "new guy" is waaaay too nonchalant buddy. If the Dolphins want to be an elite team then EVERYONE in the organization needs to do their job to the fullest. We don't need any weak links in the chain. Plus, you're telling me this capologist wasn't given a heads up that her first job would be cutting Joey Porter? Please, Bill Parcells was born at night, not last night! I'm scared that we have Cleveland's capologist too (not a very good team, and EXTREMELY CHEAP!!!). They don't even want to pay their ONLY playmaker. This doesn't bode well Mando, please do more to uncover the deal with this woman, to see if she's really reliable and can do the job. Oh, and I read Spike Lee saying it's a racist move, dude, get a life. I'm black and think that's totally crazy, THIS IS BUSINESS!!

I'm with Mando on this. This was an embarassement. I don't get too hyped up about this stuff usually but this is cause for great concern. Coming from the Browns organization is not saying much.

My option E) is this: they KNEW it would be invalidated but did it anyway just to piss off Porter!! Make him think he was gone, onlt to make him dangle a few more weeks. I like THAT option...

relax armando.the sun will come out again .

Everybody knows there's two things women can't understand...sports and math.

who's to say she messed up? and really who cares if she did? did it cost miami draft picks or a cap penalty? her job is to crunch the number's and make them work. it's the organization's job to give her the information needed to do her job. obviously it wasn't up to par. some have said it's bad she came from cleveland but really look at what she had around her in the front office? your only as good as the people around you. maybe she shines in miami around parcells and co. maybe not. like other's have posted at least give her time to learn how miami does things.

I myself think likewise: "I do find it a bit suspect that our previous cap person goes to Cleveland and we take their old one. What's up with that?"

maybe miami gave them our capologist in turn for cleveland's cap person and cash. Ross is always looking for a way to recoup money he spent to buy the team.

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