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Ten issues facing the Miami Dolphins

The last month or so has been interesting because tons of stuff has happened with the Dolphins that have led to many notions of what is about to happen. Some of those notions are probably well-founded (such as Joey Porter is going to get cut) while others aren't.

I figured today would be a good day to address some of these flights of fancy based on what I know, what experience tells me and, in some cases, what is only an educated guess.

1. Joey Porter. He will get cut. The Dolphins need to get Cameron Wake into games and they can't have Porter being a "progress stopper." Porter cannot stay around as a backup because he'd be a locker room cancer in that role. So Porter has played his final game for the Dolphins. This I know.

2. Gibril Wilson. I was talking to a Dolphins source about Wilson and without prodding, he told me, "All I know is we can get rid of anyone we don't think can do the job without it hurting our ability to get other players." So that tells me the Dolphins are strongly leaning toward getting rid of Wilson if they haven't decided to do so already. A free safety is supposed to be the final line of defense and it seemed like Wilson was instead an open invitation to score touchdowns. Add to that the fact he didn't bring any game-changing plays to the table, and I think you get the idea.

3. Elvis Dumervil. ESPN's Adam Schefter, perhaps the best information man in the business, said during the playoffs that Dumervil would be on "Miami's radar" based on the fact former Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now Miami's defensive coordinator. Well, Salguero, a relative peon by comparison, is telling you this will not happen. Dumervil will not be a Dolphin in 2010. First, the Broncos aren't going to let him go. Secondly, Dumervil isn't an unrestricted free agent, but rather will be a restricted free agent. Third, the Dolphins will not pay multiple draft picks plus a huge contract for Dumervil when their list of needs is immense and the draft is the most viable way for filling those needs. So we'll see who is right on this one.

4. Brandon Marshall. The Denver wide receiver will be traded. And it will not be to the Dolphins. I'm thinking more likely it will be to a team like Chicago. That part is a guess. The trade of Marshall part of the equation? Book it.

5. Anquan Boldin. This is a totally different situation than Marshall. The price tag has dropped on Boldin and the Cardinals will be looking to get something for him this offseason because he's a free agent after 2010 and they've already identified a replacement for him in Early Doucet. The Dolphins like Boldin. He's tough. He's big. He is not a diva. Did he complain about his contract? Yes. He had a legitimate complaint. Does that make him a bad dude? Absolutely not. The Cards will probably ask a second-round pick for him. Somebody will offer a fourth. Depending on how high the selection, I'd say he could be had for a third rounder. Doesn't mean the Dolphins will do it. But they will absolutely discuss it.

6. Channing Crowder. Many of you on my twitter, which you should be following are asking if Crowder will be cut based on his agreement with Porter on several issues during their radio appearance this week. That is not Crowder's biggest concern. His concern should be having a great offseason so that next year he can start 16 games, which he has not done since arriving in 2005. Crowder finished fifth on the team in tackles last season. Fifth. He had fewer than half the tackles he had in 2008. It was a bad year for him. That's the type of stuff that gets you replaced, not a couple of sentences on one radio show. Bottom line: I think Crowder stays.

7. Ted Ginn Jr. Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, recently said Ginn has the makings of a No. 1 receiver, that all he needs is time to develop. Salguero the peon disagrees. Oh, Ginn has the speed. But he doesn't seem to have the temperment or quickness or hands to be a No. 1 receiver. Now, I would never question what's in a man's heart. But I've seen this guy run out of bounds too many times when he could have gained an extra couple of yards. I've seen him drop too many passes in pressure situations. And last year he he regressed rather than progressed. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid any more. I leave that to Marino.

8. Ronnie Brown. Many of you have asked if the Dolphins are going to re-sign him to a new contract. He is under contract for 2010 if there is no salary cap. And it is a virtual certainty there will be no salary cap. So I ask you, what is Miami's motivation for giving him a new long-term contract now? It seems wiser to let him come to training camp and prove himself (yes, again). It also seems wiser to get a better grasp on what the labor agreement is going to look like. Signing him to a long-term deal now is simply not wise. I assume the Dolphins recognize this.

9. Chad Pennington. He only works for the Dolphins under a strict set of circumstances: That he is healthy, first and foremost. And that he accepts that he is the backup to Chad Henne. Pennington is one of those guys that gets it. He won't be trouble as a backup. He won't step on Henne's toes. And he would bring value as an insurance policy against a Henne injury that neither Pat White nor Tyler Thigpen can offer. He is experienced. He is a great leader. But his return is absolutely, positively not done. I would say his return right now is 50-50 at best.

10. Jason Taylor. He is the antithesis to Joey Porter in that he doesn't go off like a cocked pistol ready to shoot everything in order to hit a small target. Taylor is more calculating. He was every bit as angry in 2010 as Porter because he was, in fact, platooned more than Porter. Taylor lost more snaps than Porter did as the Dolphins used third-down to get Cameron Wake and even Charlie Anderson more snaps. That made Taylor so unhappy he cooled on returning for 2010. Now, he obviously understands that if Porter isn't coming back, his chances of returning on a one-year contract improve. But the Dolphins are making no commitment to Taylor. And he, frankly, is making none to them. He'd like to be back in Miami if he's going to get an opportunity to rush the passer and play significant downs. If that's not the case, life will not end for Taylor. He will play somewhere. But to pretend to know where is crazy at this early stage in the process. 


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Thanks Armando, good to have someone with brains recap the state of affairs.

Too many nutcases seem to think we will trade for everyone on the trade block and sign every restricted or unrestricted free agent we need. The problem is, we would fill 5 needs, create 15 other needs and not have a draft pick until 2030.

11. hire a real nfl head coach to work with the buffoon we have so he quits jumping around and fist pumping like a twelve year old after meaningless field goals. absolutely ridiculous

Hey Armando, awesome right up! I agree on just about everything you said except for one thing. Jason Taylor will not play anywhere else. When someone gets a pay cut just to play close to home. It's usually a sign that they are desperate. I think he will sign with us indefinately. At least I hope. We could use his leadership.

Great work mando, I also believe Ginn is a bust...

Mando, you have a solid grasp on the affairs of the dolphins. I hope you are wrong about Clam chowder.

He is a bigger bum than porter. I would rather have the guy Parcels gives tickets and t shirts to play ILB than him. Cut clamming powder, buy him some sham wow's and send him to the underpass.

I think the correct move would be to keep Gibril Wilson but make him the strong safety. He cant cover anyone, but is good in the box against the run. Then you tell Y. Bell that he will be a situational player (dime situations) and go out and get a real free safety. That would be the best use of talent in my opinion. Especially with Bell's lengthy injury history and age.

I was out of town the last couple of weeks so i couldnt post anything, but i read all the blog entries and some of the comments so i could keep in touch with armando and his poster dolphin fans who i love dearly. Its good to be back...

What you have to understand about Ted Ginn is that he was once injured in an endzone celebration following a touchdown. The last thing this man wants to do is put himself in that situation again.

No seriously, it's one thing to disagree with Adam Schefter, but whatever Dan Marino tells me to think about Ted Ginn, that's what I think about Ted Ginn.

Another off-season topic that is important Mando is how the Dolphins handle the NT position. Do they bring Jason Ferguson back? Does Jason Ferguson even want to continue playing football anymore? Is Paul Soliai ready to contribute starter minutes in the NFL should need be? Personally, I think not. Finally, do the Dolphins have any shot at acquiring Vince Wilfork? Personally, I think not.

Fake GM,
No disrespect to your opinion, but are you nuts? The same Gibril Wilson that ran 30 yds playing pattycakes instead of bringing the runner down? You actually are suggesting making are best and most physical D-back become a situational player and giving his starting SS job to Gibril Wilson? Man, what are you smoking? Got anymore? I haven't gotten that f..ked up in a long time! LMAO!!!

You don't want to say it? I will, "Ted Ginn Jr has no balls whatsoever." If you don't want to get hit Teddy take up bowling. You have no business on an NFL field. Mark Duper benefited from 'development' as you say as did Mark Clayton but I never saw either in their entire career EVER get intimidated the way Ginn does.

First and foremost, get rid of the guy that when the Dolphins win the toss, always elects to kick to the opposing team. When we kick off, the other team scores and we play catch up for a good part of the game if not all of it. Don't just fire that guy, beat him up too. Or cut off an ear.

There is just no point in plugging Ginn.
What a waste, in fact every draft pick that year is gone.
I am hearing you on Chowder, but I wish he was gone. He is right there with and Ginn and Peezy in my books.
Peezy, you have no class and more importantly you believe you are better than you are. Buh Bye
And Sparano, calm down and get your head in the game. I like emotion but you are the control guy. Show it.

great article Armando

1.Totally agree on Porter. He's gone. The only surprising thing is that he has'nt been cut already.

2. I'd be shocked if Wilson came back.The guy was awful.

3.Cant imagine Miami trading picks for Dumervil.

4.No way Miami contact Denver about Marshall. Although a quality Receiver,He's too much of a diva and giving up a 1st and a 3rd is something the Dolphins wont do.

5.If there's one Receiver the Dolphins will get,it'll be Boldin

6.Channing Crowder is'nt great but it does seem alittle strange how everytime he does'nt play.we seem to miss him on the field. Again,he's not great but i think he stays.

7.Sorry Dan,Ted Ginn is atrocious. He does nothing on a field that installs a belief that one day he'll be a true,elite NO 1 Receiver. Trade him like yesterday.

8.Agree with Mando. Not much of an issue with Brown at the mo.

9.Chad Pennington's a tough on. I'd be quite inclined to resign him then go into next season with Henne (NO1),Pennington (NO2) and Thigpen (NO3),then trade Pat White for a 2nd rounder cus he was a huge mistake.

10.Resign Taylor. We all know he's not as great as he used to be but he belongs in Miami. Also,his experience towards the younger guys is invaluable.

1.Totally agree on Porter. He's gone. The only surprising thing is that he has'nt been cut already.

2. I'd be shocked if Wilson came back.The guy was awful.

3.Cant imagine Miami trading picks for Dumervil.

4.No way Miami contact Denver about Marshall. Although a quality Receiver,He's too much of a diva and giving up a 1st and a 3rd is something the Dolphins wont do.

5.If there's one Receiver the Dolphins will get,it'll be Boldin

6.Channing Crowder is'nt great but it does seem alittle strange how everytime he does'nt play.we seem to miss him on the field. Again,he's not great but i think he stays.

7.Sorry Dan,Ted Ginn is atrocious. He does nothing on a field that installs a belief that one day he'll be a true,elite NO 1 Receiver. Trade him like yesterday.

8.Agree with Mando. Not much of an issue with Brown at the mo.

9.Chad Pennington's a tough on. I'd be quite inclined to resign him then go into next season with Henne (NO1),Pennington (NO2) and Thigpen (NO3),then trade Pat White for a 2nd rounder cus he was a huge mistake.

10.Resign Taylor. We all know he's not as great as he used to be but he belongs in Miami. Also,his experience towards the younger guys is invaluable.

Trade Pat White for a 2nd rounder? Ha! Yeah right.... keep dreaming!

In the article i read on the palm beach site Dan never said Ginn had the makings of a number 1 receiver but rather said his speed was a commodity and you had to get him on the field even if he is a decoy because opposing teams have to cover him.

#1 receivers dont curl up in the fetal position when a defender is within 5 yards of them

that is true carlito, but all dan said on the matter you have to agree with if he is on your team you need to have him on the field (even as a decoy) due to his speed.

Why do you say that carlito? Remember,when Pat White was drafted,alot of teams wanted him bigtime. The fact that White did'nt take to the field much means that i think Miami would'nt have any problems getting a 2nd for him.

Why do you say that carlito? Remember,when Pat White was drafted,alot of teams wanted him bigtime. The fact that White did'nt take to the field much means that i think Miami would'nt have any problems getting a 2nd for him.

Just by the fact Dan said as a decoy unlike last year when Armando, early in the season, advocated throwing the ball to Ginn as much as possible tells that he must not value ginns receiving skills much or he wouldn't have said decoy.

Mark I think that Thigpen would have more trade value than Pat White. I would agree with your first 2 qbs Henne and Pennington, but would say give White 1 more training camp to see if he can be developed or switch his position to a wide receiver he can't be any worse than ginn, at least he isn't scared to get hit.

we could get a 6th or 7th for pat white. he was taken 3 rounds too early. i think we should keep gibril as our strong safety and let him share time with Y.bell who is often injured. gotta give up a draft pick for boldin even a second rounder! we gotta decide whether patrick turner can play. sanchez says he can PLAY! all our receivers need vets to learn from. finally, sparano has to take the team back from porter!

I can figure out why everybody wants boldin. He is almost 30 years old and has been injured the last couple of years. He is better than what we have but how does it help if he is injured on the sidelines?

Armando... great points here but I'm surprised you mention nothing of Vince Wilfork!?!?

Mando, can't argue with your list. But would add that although Crowder probably stays, it won't be for long. Lack of production, injuries and his little radio performance would be enough to get his job. But the fact is, there's no one else on the team who is at least as good. And that is a shame.

I think we all know this draft will be defense heavy and Crowder's replacement will be one of them.

anquan boldin is a stud of a wide receiver stong, doesnt mind taking the hit in the middle of the field,and can catch

but it would be as wise as signing ronnie to a long term contract

it doesnt make sense cuz he is always injured we need someone that going to play every game

GONE- Porter, Wilson, Ayodele, trade ginn,and crowder to the browns for a second or third round draft pick. If mcalain is gone buy the 12th pick trade down for brandon graham. Also can parcells stop tony from being such a cheerleader on the sidelines.

Come on seriously? You realy think that Chicago, who need ALOT of help, and lost some 1st round picks, will trade for Marshall? You think this office will invest in a 31 year old wr who always gets hurt in Boldin? LOL get bent!! I also think that Pennington will be givin the opertunity to compete, and will beat out HENNE for the starting role, because Henne has issues reading, and directing coverages, which will take him two, or three solid years before he gets it!! Armando, your info is ok, but realy all i see is your personal views. Taylor will be back, because i believe the best move for us is to trade crowder, porter, and Camarillo to denver for Dumerville, and Marshall, and ship them a second round pick as well. That makes alot of sense, Mike Nolan comming here makes a guaranteed pick up from Denver at least somone, and we would be foolish not to make that trade, or one like it.

Great post Armando - thanks !

Mcg, you're totally right.

Take Graham at 12. It's a reach, maybe. But he looked so great at the Senior Bowl. Then again, so did Pat White.

"ESPN's Adam Schefter, perhaps the best information man in the business"



Most Dolphin fans that don't understand the game, do not understand how Ginn was mis-used all last year. He can easily be an 8-12 td play-maker (not receiver but play maker - Punt Retuner, Kick retuner, Receiver, reverses). He will be another Welker in a sense that he will blossom with another team, if the Dolphins choose to let him go. Under the right utilization of Ginn, he can be a Desaun Jackson type of guy... Dolphins didn't allow him to be that.

Bring in a true #1 receiver that demands respect from defenders and you will all see the how it opens up the field for players such as Ginn to make the big plays they're capable of!

I see a guy like Ginn having an 8–12 td year by just filling that #1 slot with a #1 receiver that will get a lot of attention. Also allowing him to concentrate on returning punts and kickoffs and as a receiver short slants and deep bombs…. Its all about the timing of the plays. Look at what Jackson does in Philly – Ginn is the same type of player (unfortunately plays more scared).

If we can take care of this VITAL POSITION THIS OFFSEASON I would break down the calling for the receiver rotation like this: #1 receiver (Boldin or Marshall): 98% of the snaps (take out only for rest), #2 – Camarillo (50% of snaps but 100% on 3rd downs), Hartline (25% of snaps, used mostly in the redzone & stretching the field on post patterns), Ginn (25% of snaps - when the time is right to use his speed; deep bombs, short slants and reverses). SLOT Receiver – Bess (100% of the time!)


Mando, cheers! Now THIS is why I come to your blog, to get the inside scoop around my favorite team.
Fake GM, I'm not gonna castigate you like many posters do to opinions they disagree with. But I will say I couldn't disagree with you more. I'm not sure how you would put the ONLY Dolphins defensive Pro Bowler into a situational role. That makes NO sense to me. Plus, I think you might only be remembering the one or two nice tackles Wilson had all season, and forgetting the dozens upon dozens of muffs, slip-ups, poor tackling, mis-tackles and just downright horrible plays Wilson made. Basically, if the Dolphins did what you suggested, I think they'd be lucky if they won 4 games (and that's being pretty hopeful on my part). Wilson's best role on this team is as an ex-player.
Other than that, I agree with Mando about Dumervil, unfortunately. Cause I think he's a great player, but for whatever reason the Trifecta only like big giant players (even though plenty of teams are turning towards smaller, faster players). I think Brandon Marshall would be exactly what the team needs (even more so than Boldin), but wouldn't want to trade a 1st-round pick for him (and they'd probably ask that plus some). Boldin is a good start, but we need more (he's not far from his peak if he hasn't reached it yet, plus he's injury-prone too). Please no more talk of Ted Ginn, Jr. PLEASE GET RID OF HIM! I'd say he's EVEN more of a cancer on this team than Peezy because he's such a wimp. The Dolphins don't want to be known as sissies on the field, and he brings NO FEAR to anyone in the league. Crowder, Brown, Pennington, JT should all be kept for 2010. First, it's an upcapped year, they probably won't cost the team much. Second, that's too many holes to fill AGAIN, it'll be like going backwards. Third, if we get McLain, he'll make Crowder look much better (since he'll be making most of the tackles anyway). I don't have any problem with Ronnie Brown, I think he's a great back (and the ONLY person on the team that can run the Wildcat). He gets hurt, yes, that's his only downfall (but we have Ricky, Cobbs, Lex Hilliard to back him up). And Pennington speaks for himself (see Pat White get knocked the F*%k out in the Steelers game).

Good stuff Armando, but there are some people on here that think the phrase "locker room cancer" is offensive. I am not one of them if it is used as an analogy as you stated, but others do feel that way. Why they do is not something I know...

Nice connecting the dots on Marshall to Chicago. Cutler and new offensive coordinator Mike Martz will not want to add just Marshall but might go after Boldin too.

Great post Armando, so does Ginn stay or go??


I just have one question, are you serious about Y. Bell??? Good lord

Have Henne, Pennington, and Thigpen as the QB's. Convert White to a WR or trade him if you can LOL. White is a bust as a QB. McClain would be sweet in the middle. Get rid of Porter he is not a team player. We don't need an old mouthy OLB that won't come off the field when the coach tells him to. He proclaims he is the best OLB on the team. Wake got a small fraction of the snaps that Porter got because he wouldn't get off the field. He is holding the young guys back. Bye bye Porter you had one good year. Another bad FA pick up by the old boss Heizengia.

1. Agree Joey is gone.
2. Agree Wilson is gone.
3. Dumervil will not be a Dolphin at his high price tag(picks and a big contract), although it would be nice!
4. Marshall won't happen and I sure hope it does not happen.
5. Boldin very well could happen via a trade with Porter maybe??
6. Crowder needs to improve and stay healthy, but he will still be in a Miami uniform this coming season.
7. Ginn is not a #1 and has a lot to prove he can be one. I think he still stays on the team if we get a #1 receiver. I think his assets can be utilized more if he does not have the "I'm the #1 guy target" on his back. It is hard for a 1st, 2nd and maybe even a 3rd guy to take on that role and succeed right away, especially when not much talent has been around him. Besides playing with Henne, Ginn's strengths were his qb's weaknesses. His first year he had maybe 3 to 4 different qb's throw to him throughout the 1-15 season. His 2nd year Pennington couldn't use his speed to throw him the deep ball that much. His 3rd with Henne was well the first year for Henne and their chemistry. let's see what happens in their 2nd year of chemistry with another #1 guy on the field
8. Ronnie Brown is not going anywhere, for at least another season and no new contract will be given with the issues around the CBA.
9. Pennington is a 50/50. If a team gives him a shot to be #1 he is gone, but I don't think he will go anywhere else besides Miami as a backup.
10. Taylor I sure hope stays in Miami. He is a Miami franchise corner stone. If he is going to play it needs to be in Miami and no where else. He is a great veteran to teach the young guys and still be effective playing!

I agree that the best QB situation would be:

Henne (NO1),Pennington (NO2) and Thigpen (NO3).

I am not sure we can then trade Pat White for a 2nd rounder. I do think Pat White was a huge mistake. I don't think he has much or any value. I hope IO am wrong. I like the guy, but Thigpen is most certainly a better QB. In fact Thigpen could even be better than Henne!

Indiana, agree with the majority of ur comments, disagree on Taylor, I think he is gone and if it comes to giving up draft picks for Boldin, don't think that happens either

all this get rid of ginn talk is foolish and if next season pat white starts going down instead of taking the big hits will he be considered soft too!! besides ginn who else has true speed?? we have 3 wes welkers on the team and as i stated before wes had like 70+ catches without a touchdown to end the season!! is that production?? if we can somehow get a true wr with size and speed to go along with what we already have then we should be fine. we are trying to hard to get rid of player without having players to replace them with. porter can go,akin can go, i say keep taylor and wilson. like mando said, a free safety should be the last line of defense, and if you played on porter's side of the field which wilson did, you'd probably get caught looking too. wilson might not be the answer but thats where the best man wins the job(clemons or culver). who knows if we get lucky and find a smith or davis!!! the weakest part of the defense was the LBs and no channing was not the problem!! not comparing channing to ray lewis, but ray lewis would look shitty playing next to porter and akin. i predict 2 LB's with the first 2 picks,then a nt,a wr big and physical,hopefully jimmy graham next and 1 more LB. the only way i see them grabbing o-line help is if we trade down and grab extra picks. defense will be the theme!! go dolphins

1-Trade Porter to Cleveland for a future 7th. rd. pick., or hold him in hopes of something similar to Taylor taking place. It's possible. Letting him win will set a bad example.
2-Wilson is as much as done.
3-They won't trade for Dumerville.
4-Marshall could be playing in Washington. Shannahan.
5-Boldin? Worth a 3rd. He wants alot of money though.
6-Crowders future is clouded. If they get McClain, and he plays lights out, Crowder could be expendable. Maybe they could put him and Porter in a deal together.
7-Ted Ginn is a supply vs. demand player. He will likely get another year as a return man and situational receiver. He's not reliable though. They just need a speedy replacement. Tobad Turner is m.i.a.
8-Brown is great when healthy. He needs an injury free year.
9-Pennington would be a great back up. I have a feeling he'll land in Arizona. He's better than Leinart.
10-Taylor should get another year.

bobbyd12 - I would argue Taylor with you for sure, but maybe that's because he is one of the greatest Dolphins of all time and I don't want to see him go anywhere else, just like I didn't like to see Thomas leave or Taylor the first time. As for Boldin and draft picks, a mid rounder would not be a bad option but no better then a 3rd. We have enough players we could trade to them. Wilson and one of our LB's for Boldin. Or a player and then a 5th, 6th or 7th depending on performance of Boldin. They can get it done.

phinsfan from birth73 - agree with you on Ginn. I don't think we should dump him, but we can't keep him as our #1 receiver. How you think he would do next to a Reggie Wayne or Randy Moss type player? You say keep Wilson??? Are you F'in serious? For what reason do you think that? He did nothing for us and was a FA bust IMO...

i like boldin but all this talk about trade for boldin is crazy!! can we really depend on injury prone boldin!! will he be there at the end of the season for us?! there are plenty of wr in the draft just as tuff,fast,and have great hands not to mention younger. i would rather draft golden tate or the kid from georgia tech than waste draft picks on boldin. just saying

Fins from birth73,

You're on Point!

I get so tired of hearing that we "NEED" Ginny on the field due to his speed. It is a waste of available player on the field, a waste of a roster spot, and not to mention a waste of time. Do these morons think that there aren't any other speedsters out there that can be picked up/drafted that can actually catch a ball or take a hit without running out of bounds? As for Crowder the bum, Parcells has a history of letting bums go that stay hurt and can't get their ass on the field. Hopefully, he will stick with this philosiphy and dump or trade his ass. It would be great to pick up a few more draft picks to get some players that are hungry instead of content with being whipped like a b tch.

phinsfan from birth73,

You're on Point!

Great post Mando.

A third round pick for Boldin would be amazing! That would be at least one position off our collective chest for the draft, for a fair price.

That way we could focus on LB (ILB and OLB) and a solid NT prospect on draft day. If we ditch Wilson, maybe a late round FS pick up, with Clemons seeing if he can handle the job.

"And with the 12th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select_________... from the University of ________." Oh lord I can't wait for draft day! That will give us something good to talk about, not all this BS trade talks and unrealistic scenerios. March needs to come sooner than later also.

Speaking of White, put his ass at WR or dump him. He sucked as a QB. Jeff Ireland needs to clean up and stop drafting bums or find a personel guy like Parcell's son-in-law and dump Ireland's butt too. It was a huge mistake to draft White that high, if they can't realize that then we are doomed for years to mediocrity.

my thing with wilson is this, wilson played on the softest side of the field(smith and porter). porter brought nothing to the table as far as coverage and run stopping abilities(barely produced rushing the passer), we all know smith wasn't the most physical of CB, which is a shame for his size!! if am a free safety i shouldn't have to worry about rb and te all game and to a certain degree making sure smith tackles his man. if wilson could roam like the other free safeties maybe he produces more. we are the only team with a free safety constantly cover te and rb, instead of assisting tackles and covering the deep portions of the field!! get better LBs and the secondary will fix itself. hell will allen could play safety when he returns,why waste a pick on a free safety when they are in-house! if thats not the case then we have bigger problem than we thought!! oh yea you put ginn with any elite wr and he will show the funk out

Jamillion, just because Ted Ginn has the same body type as D Jackson doesn't mean he can be used the same. Jackson was a RECEIVER in college, and a damned good one. He's a true football player. Ginn is a track athlete who turned into a special teams player in college and got some WR snaps too. That's not the same. He doesn't have Jackson's vision, his route-running ability, his hands, his grit, his football prowess, his toughness. He's nowhere close to being able to do what Jackson does. He's not even in his league. At best, Ginn is an overpriced special teams returner, that's it. I mean, what is it you guys see in this loser? 'Cause he had two good returns last year (among a zillion where he runs right out-of-bounds or crumbles on the 18yd line when the first tackler blows on him)? His one good catch in the Jets game? I mean, one game, he helped his team in ONE game. And for that, you're willing to give less snaps to whom? Davone Bess (the real Wes Welker-type player on this team)? Camarillo (has more guts in his pinky than Ginn has in his whole body)? Hartline (probably our #1 receiver in '09)? Dump this piece of trash. Dump him now. Sparano always talks about the RIGHT 53 players. I hope they're not going to waste a spot on Ted Ginn (just like I hope they don't waste one on Pat White, but I don't see them getting rid of him just yet). But, all you Ginn lovers, please tell me (besides the Jets game) where and when Ted Ginn actually helped his team (as opposed to hurt his team). I'm an open-minded guy, so please, set me straight!

I don't think that anyone in their right mind can come up with a scenerio where Ginn helped the team out besides the ones you mentioned. If so, just like you, I'd love to hear them...

man,my god, why cant pat white get the benefit of the doubt in this room. all these ppl in love with henne are seeing fool gold!! dont get me wrong i like henne b/c he's a dolphin and thats the only reason, but not to long ago what had henne ever did in college to make you think he would succeed! the same way he played in college is the same way he plays now!! can we count on him to win big games for us(he NEVER beat ohio st.) case in point take the last 3 games of the season-win 1 and we are in(he couldnt do it)! white whole career has been about winning, give the kid a chance and a handful of passes dont mean he cant throw either. and no im not saying he's a future qb star but these kids today dont come from nfl style offenses so it takes time for them to adjust to the pro game

phinsfan from birth73 - I can agree with you on covering the RB, but how often did he really have to cover the RB. As for the TE when he is going down the middle of the field 20 yards or more that is his job to bust him in the mouth and make that player think twice about coming down the middle. No one we played was scared of attacking Wilson, because he was terrible. Look at the Colts game on the first play of the drive...couldn't tackle Clark or run him down in the open field? Look at the Saints game when Shockey basically carried him on his arm for an extra 20-30 yards. Even some of the deep balls Davis and Smith got burned on should of had help over the top from the safety, yet Wilson was not helping...

Great post Armando. Thanks. Would you address the Vince Wilfork possibilities. How much would it take to sign him? Also, do you think Y. Bell could switch to FS? He seems to be fast enough.

Agreed cleeuw. As long as Ross is willing to write the check, Boldin for our 3rd works for me (and I think the chances of it went up with Warner retiring).

My guess is Jason will play in MIA next year(and be willing to take a lower contract to do so) or retire. This is his permanent home (LA thoughts seem to have popped down) and he's close enough to the end that moving makes no sense, especially to Katrina.

Ginn's proven he's not a #1 wideout, but he's got a future on this team as a KR and long yardage option. He doesn't seem to flinch/drop/spaz-out on the deep routes. Maybe it's the glimpse of defenders running at him, rather than after him, that causes the problems. Just need to readjust our expectations of him to what he is.

No offense Mando, but the rest is pretty self-evident so long as they don't reach a CBA (even if not to all on this board).

If our defense had played more than a single half of football the last three games we probably would have won all three. Not saying you're necessarily wrong about White. I also think we need to give him a little more time to see if we have anything with him but Henne helped us win big games over the Jest and the Patsies.

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