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Ten issues facing the Miami Dolphins

The last month or so has been interesting because tons of stuff has happened with the Dolphins that have led to many notions of what is about to happen. Some of those notions are probably well-founded (such as Joey Porter is going to get cut) while others aren't.

I figured today would be a good day to address some of these flights of fancy based on what I know, what experience tells me and, in some cases, what is only an educated guess.

1. Joey Porter. He will get cut. The Dolphins need to get Cameron Wake into games and they can't have Porter being a "progress stopper." Porter cannot stay around as a backup because he'd be a locker room cancer in that role. So Porter has played his final game for the Dolphins. This I know.

2. Gibril Wilson. I was talking to a Dolphins source about Wilson and without prodding, he told me, "All I know is we can get rid of anyone we don't think can do the job without it hurting our ability to get other players." So that tells me the Dolphins are strongly leaning toward getting rid of Wilson if they haven't decided to do so already. A free safety is supposed to be the final line of defense and it seemed like Wilson was instead an open invitation to score touchdowns. Add to that the fact he didn't bring any game-changing plays to the table, and I think you get the idea.

3. Elvis Dumervil. ESPN's Adam Schefter, perhaps the best information man in the business, said during the playoffs that Dumervil would be on "Miami's radar" based on the fact former Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now Miami's defensive coordinator. Well, Salguero, a relative peon by comparison, is telling you this will not happen. Dumervil will not be a Dolphin in 2010. First, the Broncos aren't going to let him go. Secondly, Dumervil isn't an unrestricted free agent, but rather will be a restricted free agent. Third, the Dolphins will not pay multiple draft picks plus a huge contract for Dumervil when their list of needs is immense and the draft is the most viable way for filling those needs. So we'll see who is right on this one.

4. Brandon Marshall. The Denver wide receiver will be traded. And it will not be to the Dolphins. I'm thinking more likely it will be to a team like Chicago. That part is a guess. The trade of Marshall part of the equation? Book it.

5. Anquan Boldin. This is a totally different situation than Marshall. The price tag has dropped on Boldin and the Cardinals will be looking to get something for him this offseason because he's a free agent after 2010 and they've already identified a replacement for him in Early Doucet. The Dolphins like Boldin. He's tough. He's big. He is not a diva. Did he complain about his contract? Yes. He had a legitimate complaint. Does that make him a bad dude? Absolutely not. The Cards will probably ask a second-round pick for him. Somebody will offer a fourth. Depending on how high the selection, I'd say he could be had for a third rounder. Doesn't mean the Dolphins will do it. But they will absolutely discuss it.

6. Channing Crowder. Many of you on my twitter, which you should be following are asking if Crowder will be cut based on his agreement with Porter on several issues during their radio appearance this week. That is not Crowder's biggest concern. His concern should be having a great offseason so that next year he can start 16 games, which he has not done since arriving in 2005. Crowder finished fifth on the team in tackles last season. Fifth. He had fewer than half the tackles he had in 2008. It was a bad year for him. That's the type of stuff that gets you replaced, not a couple of sentences on one radio show. Bottom line: I think Crowder stays.

7. Ted Ginn Jr. Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, recently said Ginn has the makings of a No. 1 receiver, that all he needs is time to develop. Salguero the peon disagrees. Oh, Ginn has the speed. But he doesn't seem to have the temperment or quickness or hands to be a No. 1 receiver. Now, I would never question what's in a man's heart. But I've seen this guy run out of bounds too many times when he could have gained an extra couple of yards. I've seen him drop too many passes in pressure situations. And last year he he regressed rather than progressed. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid any more. I leave that to Marino.

8. Ronnie Brown. Many of you have asked if the Dolphins are going to re-sign him to a new contract. He is under contract for 2010 if there is no salary cap. And it is a virtual certainty there will be no salary cap. So I ask you, what is Miami's motivation for giving him a new long-term contract now? It seems wiser to let him come to training camp and prove himself (yes, again). It also seems wiser to get a better grasp on what the labor agreement is going to look like. Signing him to a long-term deal now is simply not wise. I assume the Dolphins recognize this.

9. Chad Pennington. He only works for the Dolphins under a strict set of circumstances: That he is healthy, first and foremost. And that he accepts that he is the backup to Chad Henne. Pennington is one of those guys that gets it. He won't be trouble as a backup. He won't step on Henne's toes. And he would bring value as an insurance policy against a Henne injury that neither Pat White nor Tyler Thigpen can offer. He is experienced. He is a great leader. But his return is absolutely, positively not done. I would say his return right now is 50-50 at best.

10. Jason Taylor. He is the antithesis to Joey Porter in that he doesn't go off like a cocked pistol ready to shoot everything in order to hit a small target. Taylor is more calculating. He was every bit as angry in 2010 as Porter because he was, in fact, platooned more than Porter. Taylor lost more snaps than Porter did as the Dolphins used third-down to get Cameron Wake and even Charlie Anderson more snaps. That made Taylor so unhappy he cooled on returning for 2010. Now, he obviously understands that if Porter isn't coming back, his chances of returning on a one-year contract improve. But the Dolphins are making no commitment to Taylor. And he, frankly, is making none to them. He'd like to be back in Miami if he's going to get an opportunity to rush the passer and play significant downs. If that's not the case, life will not end for Taylor. He will play somewhere. But to pretend to know where is crazy at this early stage in the process. 


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I hope he turns out great WV but the arguement was about his trade value and the fact remains his trade value is not that high.

I think if penny will be a back up they'll keep him and let thigpen and white dual it out for the 3rd qb. My take is white will be cut at the end of training camp this year. Crowder stays but they'll draft 2 ilb's this year to compete with him. Aydole is gone but I think torbor sticks


I am on the side of giving him a chance. I have have seen some big turn arounds from year 1 to 2 in my day. I am hoping the speed of the game slows for him and he can get his arm back...the one he had in college. Heck, most folks said his throws/arm were the best at the combine amongst all qbs there. Maybe let him wear the gloves again?? Maybe it's a mental security blanket or something? With the run vs NE and his attempted run vs Pitt we know he at least has heart that Ginn is devoid of even though they are roughly the same size.

I 've watched pat white play all 4 years . I've also watched many qb's have great college careers that just didn't translate to the nfl. To sit here and just say someone is foolish just for the sake of it is simply foolish itself. Pat white was a great college player. It doesn't mean he will be good NFL player.

cut Porter and Wilson, keep Pennington and JT, trade White, Ginn for Bolden, sign Dansby and Rolle, trade down in draft, draft 1). Graham OLB 2). Cody NT 3). J. Jerry OG 4). J. Shipley WR 5). From trade down/ Ben Tate RB (6. C. Sheffield OLB 7). C. Thomas DT, Superbowl Baby!!!!!!

I am saying to judge someone of such a small amount of playing time is foolish as it would be foolish to listen to the intro of a song and decide it isnt a good song.


I think Penny is/was a pretty good QB but, when Henne came in, It saw apparent what they were talking about with his lack of arm strength/velocity.

He is a heady, gritty, admirable leader with superb timing. It is the longest of shots for him to come all the way back but I am glad he is trying anyways. Kosar came off the bench for so many years and was effective as a back up. Pennington will be under much scrutiny but at least he knows the routine...just all too well.

I doubt the Fins would give up on White after a second round choice investment so soon. I would be shocked if he is not on the team unless he is traded in a package deal. Hell, anyone should be for sale if the price is right.

Ugh....it makes me sick that crowder is staying. He is all talk. And I'm not just talking about the porter stuff. He is horrible. A ILB should have more tackles, make a huge difference....does anyone remember Zach Thomas? We need to be rid of him. And we need to be rid of this regimes thinking that expensive draft picks are so much better than proven players because they are young. I would give up a first for dumervil, a second for brandon Marshall, and a third for boldin and call it a great draft. U say it can't be that way....why can't it? Do u really think that the players drafted in those three round will prove as worthy as those three? The answer? Absolutely not. That doesn't even count that the NFL drafts pay scale is so completely broken...

I am not saying one bit that pat white is going to be a great quarterback im saying does he not get a chance or just because he didnt get much playing time to prove himself then he sucks then i guess. Thats what people on here are saying except a few.

West virgina , what do you think of OL selvish capere

sad thing is that if we get rid of Taylor he'll go to the patsies & Pennington will go back to the jets Pennington should get to stay & mentor & Taylor can still play even better than a younger Crowder & Anderson!!!

I think he looked awful at senior bowl week, didnt have a good game. Watched him play all year long and didnt think we had an NFL player on our line including him. Kind of like our award winning center from a few years back Dan Moses probably not good enough for the NFL.

But i guess he could develop into a solid back up lineman in the league if he wanted to work for it. I just dont see it really.

west virgina. good job. i also agree with your analysis on capers.


There are a few reasons why you don't trade all your draft picks for older, established players.

1.) Typically, its a young man's game. Bodies heal faster before 25 years old than after.

2.) After the 1st two rounds the drafted players become much more reasonable price wise. I hear ya loud and clear the 1st and even 2nd rounds are paid outlandishly for someone that has never done the job in the NFL. With the no salary cap looming the money thing will be less of a concern moving forward unless a new CBA can be signed.

3.) Talent evaluation is a tricky thing...even after you see them play in the NFL. Jimmy Johnson used to preach it was just as hard to have a FA reach his potential compared his last team when you see how much of a raise they typically get to jump to the new team. Is Albert Haynesworth worth the 100 million they paid him? Was Jason Taylor the LB they thought they would get when they gave him the millions to jump ship?

I totally agree that we need better ILB play...period! Of your list I feel Anquan Bolden is the most likely to be a Fin as I think AZ will lower it's asking price some. I think like Mando said, a 3rd may end up being the price that gets it done.

On Pat White: The early pick was bad enough but the thinking behind it was/is the real problem. Although the company line was he was drafted to be a starting QB (a lie) he was brought in for the WC.

It was flawed logic to believe the WC would be a bigger part of the offense. And to me, that's the worst part. You expect the people running the team to have a clear vision of where the team is going.

I think the WC still has a place but it's foolish to depend on it. Maybe Parcells realizes his mistake, we can only hope.

I wont lie thought i dont know about OL that well. It was not a position i ever played nor is it one that i really have an eye for but i know we had problems on our OL at WV this year and if you got one NFL linemen on your team you dont have the problems we had this year but my guess someone will take a chance on him.

I have been on this blog before and said that i do not believe Pat was a second rounder. I do not think he is a starter but i do not think the guy deserves all the crap he gets when we really are yet to see his full skill set and his full potential. But on the subject of quarterbacks what does everyone think about Jarrett Brown from WV, i will say i think he throws a beautiful ball just never quite know where its goign and as big and as fast as he is he runs like a young school girl.

DC Phinatic!

Way to Rep the Fins!! We're all on the same team here!


The WC was a huge part of our offense early on in the season. I think it is VERY personnel based like most offenses. Without Peyton Manning their offense is much less deadly. When RB Brown went down, he is the linch pin to make that offense go as PW has not come around.

Did you see WR Brad Smith play a little WC QB and burn the Colts with it? That's how they envisioned Pat White adding to the depth of things they could run from that formation.

Relying on ANY ground attack for your primary yardage is extremely difficult in todays NFL. The rules favor the pass. When you do fall behind, as any team (i.e. Saints, Indy, Chargers) will in some games, you need the pass or the P.I. to get you back into it.

Hey West, you better grow some thicker skin, it's only going to get worse if they continue to play White. It may be unfair but (as said earlier) high pics that don't produce, get a lot of heat. All you have to do is, look at Ginn. Get it?

For the record & for what it's worth, my comments earlier were not to bash Pat White I actually still have hope for him.

I was "bashing" the notion of some that White has high trade value, and that teams were, and still would be, clamoring to get him.

And does anyone recall how NE played Wannstache into trading up to jump NE's position by one pick in order to "snare" Carey from them, only to see NEng the draft Vince Woolfork!!!, who they wanted all along.

I suspect similar gamesmanship with regard to the Fins "stealing" Pat White from NEng--in other words, a strong possibility we got played again. NEng might have wanted White later, but not at a high no.2.

I am thinking within another year the wildcat will be very complex and that pat white will be a big part of it. I think behind Ronnie though that josh cribbs is the best wildcat quarterback in the league.

WV , brown has a real strong arm but needs work in all the other areas. Very Raw,

I really wanted us to take advantage of Cribbs' discontent, and the Browns' awfullness & stoopidity, by trading for Cribbs at trade deadline.

Alas, the Browns only make dumb moves to benefit the Jets, and Holmgren is too smart to part with Cribbs now.

Rob , the wildcat is primary a run based package. LOL !

Scrap the wildcat !!

Cocoa the kid didnt get to play how much more simple could it be. Had he played more snaps and have the same horrible results then everyone would agree. I do agree that pat has very little if any trade value. I would make this argument for any dolphin. If you dont get the chance to succeed how are you supposed to succeed. Standing on the sidelines and then entering the game to throw a pass and then right back out. Im sure that is sooooo easy to do when you have never had to do it before.

you cannot get in a rhythm standing on the sidelines. you go in and out of the game sometimes merely to just hand the ball off. how could you ever be ready to do anything in that role?

I love top 10 lists.

SCRAP THE WILDCAT! Or choose to run it correctly, which means MODERATELY and with the RIGHT PERSONEL!


Your last post is absolutely correct, you can't develope any rhythm going in and out of the game; thats why I say SCRAP the WILDCAT! The Fins already have their QB, now let him develope! And if Pat White has or will have any value, he will have to develope like many other QB's have in the past, by riding the sideline and getting partial snaps at practice. Remember that Aaron Rodgers never played a down and look how he developed. Henne learned a lot from Penny, and now Pat White has to do the same.

Rob, can't disagree with 'ground attack' vs. passing game. And that's just another problem with Parcells old school thinking.

And you're right: Ronnie Brown made the WC. Any way you cut it, White was a mistake.

I think that sounds like wonderful advice.



Good call on the wildcat being a run based package. Although we really got it going during the games vs the Jets and Colts... wow that killer t.o.p.! Too bad it's an overated stat today. Tony Dungy said he doesnt even look at t.o.p.

What makes the WC so difficult to defend and somewhat viable to run is the Def's have to take so much time to teach their guys to defend it in the short span of week during the season. Im all for unothodox if it's effective. As soon as Brown went down, the WC could barely get out of its own way. It's extremely personnel driven.

The arguement going forward is will the fact that they flop in and out of the WC impede Henne's development as a "progress stopper"? As a former player in HS any player would say if you give me more reps coach, I will get the better results for ya.

It is very hard to say which route will be the most effective but unless Pat White or Thigpen come on strong in the WC package I say it will ahve to start taking more of a back seat to a conventional style offense. I thought Henne did a yeoman's job of bailing the WC out when it had numerous negative plays after RB's injury.

When WR Brad Smith runs the WC for the Jets it looks doable as his arm and football savy are fairly high. With Ronnie Brown it's doable as well cause he is pretty good hammer and the unbalanced formation allows for more blocking coming off the ball.

To tell you the truth, with RB coming off another injured year, Pat White needing more time to develop than maybe they had hoped... I don't know that they won't back burner the WC more in 2010. If they end up with a mauler like G Iupati or G John Jerry the running game should be that much better.


other than the fact he was a second rounder which i said i disagreed with how?

HOW IS WHITE A MISTAKE?????????????? Posted by: WestVaFins

How about FS, LBs, NT, WR, and TE?

Why is everyone forgetting about Antonio Bryant the WR from Tampa? I would love to see the Phins sign him and pick up Mcclain in the 1st round. Dumerville is only good at rushing the passer, if Wake was in every down i GUARANTEE he would have the same amount of sacks as Dumerville..

Heres what i think.
Pick up Bryant, Pick up Stallworth(cut Ginn PLEASE) so our 5 recievers would be Bryant,Stallworth,Hartline,Bess as a slot and Camarillo.

Draft Mcclain(replace sorry Ayodele)
Crowder is a Mediocre (at best) but for right now i would keep him until next year's draft. Trade Porter and keep Taylor.

Draft the FS from FSU, the road scholar in the 2nd round.(bye bye Shi**y Wilson)

Bring back furgeson but rotate him with McDaniels(that guys HUGE and with some time in the offseason to get the hang out the position he would be decent)


Porter is gone. Wilson is gone. Pennington is gone.

JT will stay.

Ginn will take a big step forward next year.

That guy from FSU is not a second rounder in my opinion and white has no reason to be let go. Ginn isnt going to get cut. Soooo only a few holes in your plan.

Rob , that exactly my point. You said that the NFL is more of a passing league yet the wildcat is a run based package ONLY exploiting the fact that there are simply more blockers than there are defenders vs the run. Miami needs to go back to a conventional run game while implementing a better passing attack to open that run game. It was just a personel thing because the OL couldn't get anything due to the lack of a passing attack . With henne their now , i think maimi needs to scrap the wilcat and stop taking henne off the field and messing with his rhythm.

Thigpen is a total freelancer. He can only look good that way and will never be a consistent winner. White was doing EXACTLY what he was coached to do, and if you review all his plays for the year you find he had only a few (2 or 3) chances to throw without someone about to kill him and that he made the right decision on the runs every time. White is a much better freelancer than Thigpen and he showed he can play within the system. As White gets more experience he will be significantly more dangerous and productive than Thigpen could ever be. Plus, I expect next year we'll see more of White involved in other aspects of the wildcat such as wide receiver or as the wild-cat (man in motion).

I completely agree one hundred percent NJ. We have no need for the wildcat any longer. Are offense is getting better and the last thing we need is Henne not out there and getting out of rhythm.

D. Stallworth on miami ?? Are you NUTS ????


Good point you bring up whether to scrap the WC or not. I am hoping that decision becomes very obvious by the time the 1st game rolls around. Who's healthy will play a part, who we draft and FA's will too. I don't see Parcells scraping anything that he has put so much time, effort and draft picks into very quickly. The fact that they drafted PW and run sooo much of it that it's beyond a gimmick play status in Miami says that he is pretty commited to making it work.

I am not going as far as proclaiming PW a bust. He struggled mightily in 09 to say the least. As zillions of guys have shown much better after 2 or 3 years in the league... with more opportunity (as WVF pointed out), maturation, development, becoming more familiar, added strength and weight Pat White can too. That said, his start was very auspicious.

I agree with many that say that PW may have been available later but that is from a hindsight point of view and is always 20/20. Maybe NE or other teams effectively floated rumors of interest or maybe they were genuine...we will never know. When a team has Brady it's hard to believe they are serious about taking a QB in rd 2 when Brady still has quite a few years left most likely. It's always amazing to go back through every draft and seen what players you could have drafted in each round after you see them perform on the job in the NFL a couple of years.

White is too fast and too smart to not be incorporated some way in the game.

I agree white had a bad year but can't label a bust. needs to bulk up a little I agree. give the kid time. most rookie qbs take time to develop.

LOL @ ROB, just how many draft picks did miami invest to the wilcat for it NOT to be scrapped ??? 1 pat white. :) I gave you the reasons why miami put in the wildcat on my above post. Lack of personal in the passing attack to open the running game. Teams didn't fear miami's passing game at stacked 8-9 men in the box making it difficult to run. HENCE the wildcat was born. You get a good passing game going , you won't need the wildcat. ie NO and indy.

Hey, all of you "Ginn Bashers" lighten up. This guy does not deserve all of this scape-goating. Just give the guy a chance to prove himself with a proven QB; and not a one year QB either. Maturity, and consistency is the key for the Dolphins.

Hard work is the Dolphins mono. Lets get rid of the cry babies, then keep the real men that will fight to win games like Jason Taylor. Randy Starks, Ronnie, Ricky, and Y'Bell.

D. Stallworth?? wth? yeah, not so much.


Definietly a good point about getting Henne in or out of rhythm. I am thinking the PW pick was to get a guy that has some deadly movement skills that also was a viable passing threat(in college). If you can get those two working it would create the ultimate double jeapoardy for Def. PW's arm has not shown up in the NFL yet and his size is prohibitive as well.

The more conventional route may serve us better but, I do like the identity the offense can create if the run the WC successfully. As you stated scheme and personnel should dictate that success or lack there of.


i suggest the dolphins trade porter and a late round pick for Rolle. someone previously mentioned trading pat white for a 2nd round pick but i doubt anyone would give anything higher then a 5th if lucky a 4th

Just another point to make about the wildcat, one of the selling points is how teams have such a short time to prepare for it seeing as it is an unconventional offense. I think this positive is somewhat mitigated by the fact that we have to use our own practice time to make it effective. That practice time could be used to, say, work on our passing game or our conventional run offense.

I'm really back and forth in my head on this subject. I like the wildcat as an ocassional play but would prefer to see our running game flourish out of more conventional sets.

I'm also phinfan from birth73 and stop the madness. call me.

I love all these trades.
nobody's gonna trade for porter because he's not worth his contract. plus teams know he will prob be cut.
don't see PW traded either.

I don't know if I care to know what follows from someone who writes, "awesome right up". But here goes my opinion for what it is worth. I think you trade White, bring back Pennington, get rid of Porter and Crowder and then make sure you sigh Ricky Williams. A few good free agents and a couple of trades and we are at 10-6 next year and in the playoffs.

Stop the madness , we already know you're phinsfan from birth73. You were a dead giveaway in the way you write when you talk football and the way you finally signed in blue.

Getting rid of pat white does nothing for the dolphins. They are not dismissing their second round pick from last year just like that. WHY IS EVERYONE SO HELL BENT ON JUST TRADE TRADE TRADE. Lets just trade all of our players because clearly everyone in the league wants our players and we can get what ever someone in here thinks they are worth. From what i can tell trades do not happen all that often in this league and when they do it is not the same team getting rid of everyone who doesnt produce. Its based on needs and what trade value people have. Which most the people you all want to trade have no trade value. Please someone wise these people up to stop this stupid talk of trade trade trade its not going to happen. PLEASE LISTEN.... The miami dolphins will most likely make no trades but more of FA pickups. This is ridiculous to have to read every single day trade this guy he sucks trade this guy he sucks. IF HE SUCKS THEN NO ONE WILL WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day.

thank you westVafins!!!! all these trade talks are getting out of hand. alot of madden players on this blog

Very good points, Armando. I just hope Parcells and Co. really looked at the playoffs and the Super Bowl and realize that football has changed into an air game. All five playoff teams (Colts, Saints, Vikes, Cards, and Chargers) have a lethal air attack. Hope Parcells realizes that the slow, methodical running game is one-dimensional and insufficient. Last year's draft was a clear indication that they saw no need for an air game. Let's hope they realize they were wrong and go after a serious WR this time. Love Boldin! He's just awesome to watch and he would fit into their "no-diva" policy well. Yeah, I know a lot of phans question his age and injuries. But we asked the same questions with Pennington when he came on board. His leadership and intangibles really helped us last year. Perhaps Boldin can give our QBs a legitimate weapon they need and spread out the defense for our slot receivers, running game, and wildcat.

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