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Ten issues facing the Miami Dolphins

The last month or so has been interesting because tons of stuff has happened with the Dolphins that have led to many notions of what is about to happen. Some of those notions are probably well-founded (such as Joey Porter is going to get cut) while others aren't.

I figured today would be a good day to address some of these flights of fancy based on what I know, what experience tells me and, in some cases, what is only an educated guess.

1. Joey Porter. He will get cut. The Dolphins need to get Cameron Wake into games and they can't have Porter being a "progress stopper." Porter cannot stay around as a backup because he'd be a locker room cancer in that role. So Porter has played his final game for the Dolphins. This I know.

2. Gibril Wilson. I was talking to a Dolphins source about Wilson and without prodding, he told me, "All I know is we can get rid of anyone we don't think can do the job without it hurting our ability to get other players." So that tells me the Dolphins are strongly leaning toward getting rid of Wilson if they haven't decided to do so already. A free safety is supposed to be the final line of defense and it seemed like Wilson was instead an open invitation to score touchdowns. Add to that the fact he didn't bring any game-changing plays to the table, and I think you get the idea.

3. Elvis Dumervil. ESPN's Adam Schefter, perhaps the best information man in the business, said during the playoffs that Dumervil would be on "Miami's radar" based on the fact former Denver defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is now Miami's defensive coordinator. Well, Salguero, a relative peon by comparison, is telling you this will not happen. Dumervil will not be a Dolphin in 2010. First, the Broncos aren't going to let him go. Secondly, Dumervil isn't an unrestricted free agent, but rather will be a restricted free agent. Third, the Dolphins will not pay multiple draft picks plus a huge contract for Dumervil when their list of needs is immense and the draft is the most viable way for filling those needs. So we'll see who is right on this one.

4. Brandon Marshall. The Denver wide receiver will be traded. And it will not be to the Dolphins. I'm thinking more likely it will be to a team like Chicago. That part is a guess. The trade of Marshall part of the equation? Book it.

5. Anquan Boldin. This is a totally different situation than Marshall. The price tag has dropped on Boldin and the Cardinals will be looking to get something for him this offseason because he's a free agent after 2010 and they've already identified a replacement for him in Early Doucet. The Dolphins like Boldin. He's tough. He's big. He is not a diva. Did he complain about his contract? Yes. He had a legitimate complaint. Does that make him a bad dude? Absolutely not. The Cards will probably ask a second-round pick for him. Somebody will offer a fourth. Depending on how high the selection, I'd say he could be had for a third rounder. Doesn't mean the Dolphins will do it. But they will absolutely discuss it.

6. Channing Crowder. Many of you on my twitter, which you should be following are asking if Crowder will be cut based on his agreement with Porter on several issues during their radio appearance this week. That is not Crowder's biggest concern. His concern should be having a great offseason so that next year he can start 16 games, which he has not done since arriving in 2005. Crowder finished fifth on the team in tackles last season. Fifth. He had fewer than half the tackles he had in 2008. It was a bad year for him. That's the type of stuff that gets you replaced, not a couple of sentences on one radio show. Bottom line: I think Crowder stays.

7. Ted Ginn Jr. Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, recently said Ginn has the makings of a No. 1 receiver, that all he needs is time to develop. Salguero the peon disagrees. Oh, Ginn has the speed. But he doesn't seem to have the temperment or quickness or hands to be a No. 1 receiver. Now, I would never question what's in a man's heart. But I've seen this guy run out of bounds too many times when he could have gained an extra couple of yards. I've seen him drop too many passes in pressure situations. And last year he he regressed rather than progressed. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid any more. I leave that to Marino.

8. Ronnie Brown. Many of you have asked if the Dolphins are going to re-sign him to a new contract. He is under contract for 2010 if there is no salary cap. And it is a virtual certainty there will be no salary cap. So I ask you, what is Miami's motivation for giving him a new long-term contract now? It seems wiser to let him come to training camp and prove himself (yes, again). It also seems wiser to get a better grasp on what the labor agreement is going to look like. Signing him to a long-term deal now is simply not wise. I assume the Dolphins recognize this.

9. Chad Pennington. He only works for the Dolphins under a strict set of circumstances: That he is healthy, first and foremost. And that he accepts that he is the backup to Chad Henne. Pennington is one of those guys that gets it. He won't be trouble as a backup. He won't step on Henne's toes. And he would bring value as an insurance policy against a Henne injury that neither Pat White nor Tyler Thigpen can offer. He is experienced. He is a great leader. But his return is absolutely, positively not done. I would say his return right now is 50-50 at best.

10. Jason Taylor. He is the antithesis to Joey Porter in that he doesn't go off like a cocked pistol ready to shoot everything in order to hit a small target. Taylor is more calculating. He was every bit as angry in 2010 as Porter because he was, in fact, platooned more than Porter. Taylor lost more snaps than Porter did as the Dolphins used third-down to get Cameron Wake and even Charlie Anderson more snaps. That made Taylor so unhappy he cooled on returning for 2010. Now, he obviously understands that if Porter isn't coming back, his chances of returning on a one-year contract improve. But the Dolphins are making no commitment to Taylor. And he, frankly, is making none to them. He'd like to be back in Miami if he's going to get an opportunity to rush the passer and play significant downs. If that's not the case, life will not end for Taylor. He will play somewhere. But to pretend to know where is crazy at this early stage in the process. 


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Damn !! It sounds like pat white is westvafins lover , agent or relative. take your pick ??

Ginn has had at least 1 different QB each season. He gets an offseason with Henne and 1 last shot with the Fins.

Also, I see B. Marshall going to the Pats for Moss and one of their many 2nd round picks. Makes me cringe but that's one of my biggest fears this offseason in the division. Pats always pull a fast one on someone.


I never could quite figure Crowder out. I never liked his attitude nor his play making ability. It dawned on me yesterday he is very immature. He's like an 8 year old in a mans body. I hope they dump him - Torbor is way better and a bigger play maker.

Bolden for a 3rd might work.

JT learned his lesson with the Redskins he either plays for the Fins or retires.

Gerbil (sic sic and siccer) needs to go - a swinging door for 20+ yard TD plays.

We need to shore up ILB early in the draft.

Saints beat Colts!

Ok. Let's trade Pat White and Joey Porter in a three way trade with Indianapolis and Houston for Nanning and Andre Johnson. We could also prob get Troy Polamallalaluwhateverthefuckhisnameis from the Steelers for Gibril Wilson. Oh and send Crowder to San Fran for Willis.


LOL right back at ya. Do you think that with as much success (when executed) as the WC has already had that hard headed BP & Co give up after one injury riddled season??? I think you are the one that is a tad over zealous with the scrap the WC mantra. I know most teams in the NFL would want us to shelf it so that we could be more predictable.

BP absolutley prizes draft picks and to hang up an entire offensive scheme after an early 2nd round rookie QB could not come in on limited snaps and crush the NFL is kind of ridiculous. I believe the WC will be alive and kicking by the time the regular season comes around. Maybe they draft RB/FB Toby Gerhart or RB LaGarrette Blount in later rounds to keep hammering away from WC formations?

If Henne starts cutting down on the picks I think he could end up becoming a damn good QB. That would create more of a reason not to run as much WC.

Nanning ?? is he good ??

That's a scary scenario inFINcible.

How long until the season starts? Geez, I'm already jonesing for the season and we haven't even played the SB yet...

Rob C. if anybody is overzealous about the WC and it's Importance , it is you my friend. How is the wilcat working in INDY and NO . How is all the teams devoting ao much practice time to stop them and they stillcan't do it. This illusion that teans will have to practice for the wc and it will take time from practicing for the rest of the offense IS BS !!!! The wildcat is nothing more than a #'s game. There's more blockers than defenders vs the run. The offense is all about playmakers and miami simply doesn't have enough of them. The tuna have made mistakes in the draft and fA , you learn from them and move on.

If anything , miami will only keep the WC when they're in the red zone area.

indy and NO losses were more based on defense than the WC.


While that may be a possibility I believe that it would not happen with B. Marshall to Pats for Moss + a 2nd.

Moss was complimenting V. Davis and saying if you keep at it you will be a good player. You are just coming into the league and I am just leaving. Moss is into the twilight of his career and it's hard for me to see him playing a long time into his 30's. I don't think he was ever a longevity minded guy. I think he will step out as soon as he shows the slightest decline.

With how much time McDaniels spenta round Moss in NE I think he knows this. Maybe 2 x second round picks and possibly a later one like 5-6? I just don't see anyone trading for Moss. It took a Super Bowl caliber offense, Tom Brady and the quest of ring(s) to motivate Moss. His heart was questioned last year...Denver won't trade for him imho.

Jb ?? Little slow ?? i said how's the wildcat working FOR indy and NO.


Being the peon that you are, lol however...Dont ever disrespect Dan the man Marino regarding your statemnt that you leave the kool-aid drinking to Marino. You lost some respect for saying that statment at least with me. so he thinks that Ginn can still be a #1 reciever, I like you disagree, but if Dan Marino say's that, who knows a thing or two about football and the Wr position, that's cool.

Anyway, regarding Crowder I think he is a gonner, I'm just hoping we get something for him and not just cut him. Contract's to be terminated are: Crowder, Wilson and Porter will get cut. There has been talk of Pennington going to Arizona, because there is no faith in Matt Leinart.
I do like your analogy of Porter being a cocked pistol reADy to shoot everything in order to hit a small target.LMAO good one Armando good one!!
Word is your boy Peezy now wants to go to SF? The niners have the 16th pick, I was wondering if there is any talks of trading down with the niners and picking up another pick or two, throw in Peezy and Crowder for good measure. This draft will be Line Backer Heavy! For the Dolphins and I hope it starts with a player who blew me away this past week at the Senior Bowl and all week long at practice, Brandon Graham, who will make crackers out of QB's this coming NFL year. I know that Fins where in hot pursuit last year of Dansby and I hope they still get him this year. Now that with another good ILB or two, by the time the draft is over at least three line backers would have been selceted by the Tuna and the Trifecta.

HENNE will cut down on the picks when we get guys in there that run the right routes and can catch the ball rather then letting it bounce of their hands into the defenders! White should be a keeper. No he doesnt look like an NFL QB, but he is an unbelievable athlete that they should have the guts to utilize in a different position. We know for sure he has great hands and would not use his speed to get out of bounds.

"How is the wilcat working in INDY and NO ."

"i said how's the wildcat working FOR indy and NO."


I can't believe the fins are still so old.

Wow , you are slow !!! LMFAO !!!!

1. Joey Porter. I agree he's gone. For all of those saying they can't let him win keep in mind he was gone anyway. His public fight doesn't matter to him. The Dolphins were going to let him go anyway. He knows that and that's the point of the public attack. That way he can say he wanted out not that he was tossed. Reality is known in the league.

2. Gibril Wilson. I don't know that they get rid of him with Nolan here. Maybe some different coaching and schemes make for a better player. Personally, I want him gone. If they can find a better player which I definitely think they can, then bye bye. That's one good thing about the uncapped year.

3. Elvis Dumervil. Man it would be awesome but I agree it's not happening. Denver is NOT going to get rid of Cutler, Marshall, and Dumervil in two seasons. The fans would burn down Mile High!!! I think the Dolphins will be looking at the draft to address this. IL BTW, Lamar Woodley from Pitt? I think he's unrestricted.....something to think about.

4. Brandon Marshall. NOPE....'nuff said

5. Anquan Boldin. I like his style of play and think the Dolphins receivers would all benefit from having him take attention from them. If he could be had for 3rd that would be heaven. I just don't see it happening.

6. Channing Crowder. I think he stays but is on a short leash. They are looking for his replacement and he knows it. It's all on him.

7. Ted Ginn Jr. Wow....That's almost like saying BOMB on an airplane. Just don't do it! I want to think he can finally do something but he just regressed too much this season. If a player like Boldin came here then it can take pressure off and that would be a huge for him. He's just not a pressure player. In the long run I think he will be and want him replaced.

8. Ronnie Brown. I agree not an issue right now. He can be great if not so often injured but the injuries are a problem. Hopefully causes the trifecta to have to think with a great season.

9. Chad Pennington. A player I think brings terrific value to this team and should be brought back if he will accept a backup role. I think the team wants to move forward with Henne but he would be a gigantic backup. I want him back as a player and a future coach.

10. Jason Taylor. He is completely different than Porter and I hope they can work something out. I'm all for a youth movement but think experience and mentoring is needed. Jason Taylor provides both and loves this city and team. I think a year or two and he can retire happy.

Rob in OC
NJphinfan is right in respect to the wild cat and that was deployed in order to get their two best and only playmakers in at the sametime, Brown and Williams, but your right in that teams had to practice against it and needed to figure it out. That gave the Dolphins offense to incorporate a more traditional offence and allowed Bess, Camarillo, Hartline and to some degree Ginn get on the same page with then Pennington and Henne, who cause of a stronger arm was able to throw down field more but it also helped that Brown was hurt and they had to go more traditional.

it doesn't matter what you type, right? only whats in your head.

you might say "I think the colts will win"

but after they lose what you meant was "I think the saints will win"

you say someone is slow because you typed "this"

but really you typed "that"

you must be sloooowww

typo: time to and offense


I am definitely not some crazed, rabid Dolphin fan that is spouting "WC or bust!". You have rightly noted that N.O. and Indy have different personnel than we do... the insanely good QB (check), the above average OL (check), the myriad of receivers / TE's to kill Def's with (check).

You are 100% correct. If we ever have personnel that mimics the Saints or Colts caliber I say we can run a conventional offense all day long too. We just happen to be quite a few pieces shy at the moment.

Miami's game plan against Indy in particular was run to perfection. As jb pointed out the Def needed to make a stop or 3 to change the final outcome of the game. Or one could argue score more when we had the ball would do it too.

I also don't believe it's all illusion that teams would have to take time away from practicing against conventional offense if they also need to study and practice vs the WC... there are only so many hours in a week.

You are dead on the $$ that Miami doesn't have enough playmakers on Off. That is why ruling out one dynamic, explosive and fast football player were he available and a trade back strategy couldn't be accomplised would be fine with me.

If Pat White settles and get's his arm back we should see why the WC is not simply a running formation. It's still a big if and he needs to step up a ton from year one to year two.

I am definitely AM crazed and rabid Fins fan... I just believe that there is still "meat on the bone" as Coach S. says reagrding the WC.

Would you agree that with the amount of times Miami ran the WC it is beyond gimmick status?

Finfanrod. lamar woodley isn't a free agent period. Restricted , unrestricted or anything.

OK checking in later...Go Colts I have a cee note at minus 5 points!
Here we go Colts here we go! Sorry big easy' but you gonna lose should be fun thou lots of points scored Super bowl party here we come!

By the way next year with more progression from this Dolphins and a much easier schedule is it realistic we go 11-5? And make the playoffs? I mean we had the hardest schedule last year and narrowly lost to the two SB teams playing on Sunday. Call me a optumist but hey you have to believe! So I say my fellow Dolphins fans do yo beleive?

Rob , im glad somebody with a half a brain knew what i was saying when i said how is WC working in INDY and NO. Then , i try to explain it by saying the WC " for " indy and NO and not the WC against indy and NO. I guess some people are little slow. nothing wrong with That.

I'm out . later.

NJ Phin, I think I was thinking of Larry Foote who played for the Steelers and then went to the Lions. I remember reading recently (profootballtalk) that he would be unrestricted this year. I could be wrong. But thanks for the clarification.

Ginn will be back and prove a lot of people wrong! He was playing much better towards the end of the year.Taylor will be back as well and more effective with Porters departure.

"Little slow ?? i said how's the wildcat working FOR indy and NO."

this is called explaining. it's not called ripping another guy for my being a dumbass who cant type.

Anybody notice that since all this crazy stalker/ stop the madness drama going on, there is no Aloco?

There should be no wildcat without Ronnie.

George Edwards has left the Florida gators after one month? What the heck... Mando what's the issue here

I just found out George Edwards left the gaytors to become defensive coordinator with the bills... We should have two good offensive games against them this year... Guy couldn't cut it as a linebackers coach.. And what's up with all these uncommitted jerks taking a job and leaving weeks later... This isn't xbox... Wow they are an embarrasment to coaching and profesions in general... Nobody gets to do this in the real world

A WR is a must...if it is Boldin..then Im fine with that...but they absolutly MUST tackle this issue...not via the draft where it will take 3 years to develop a No1 eceiver to the point where they are at Superbowl level....NO..!!...We need the No1 TODAY...this year....Boldin is not ideal as he is 30 and has injury, but he will do the job for the next 2 to 3 years....by then our WR corp should be mature.

Im lost with the thinking behind the PW pick at 2nd round last year...it was a definite LUXURY pick and a pretty expensive gamble....wow a 2nd pick for a maybe on the Wildcat....Pat isnt a NFL level QB...or WR...or RB....so what exactly is he..??...at what will Pat White excel and justify his pick??
Parcells may have a lot of "ESPLAININ'" to do on this one...

My Draft pick is SPILLER at 12
Then Weatherspoon, Graham, and you can work the rest out according to whats left on the board....

FA should acquire BOLDIN and Dansby and Rolle...

Also I say that I VERY HIGHLY rate Thigpen....dont trade this guy...I think he is special....alfy from OZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Mando great post, have no disagreement with anything I read.

Yep Carlito, have noticed.

Good point carlito . aloco has a method to his madness.

OK Guys the Menace has arrived...Whats new??

Nothing big CM.

Bills are a joke!



The carlito and aloco show!

Hope you got to taser a Jet fan today for resisting arrest. LOL

Am on a train, sitting next to a babe, on my way to Ottawa to watch the superbowl with some friends from my home town(Montreal).

I guess that is new - I don't often travel to Ottawa, by train no less, and usually I get stuck next to a 90 yr old chatty lady or 450lbs of seat spillage.

450 is a pleasant women to watch eat

Isn't it amazing that when the menace arrives so does aloco ??.

No PO,calm day on the Island,everyones getting ready for a snowy nite....

Good scenery out the window lips, or just snow?

Stop thinkin those dirty thoughts, I 'll think em for ya.....


Oh well, can’t have a perfect day every day....

getting rid of Ginn will come back to haunt us....he will go to jets or patriots and return kicks for tds..HE WON THE SECOND JETS GAME PEOPLE....also remember what ginn did to revis on the bomb@LANDSHARK.....

too many people want to give up on players a little too fast....ask teams about kurt warner after the rams' run.... oh yeah, what have the rams done since???

sign ronnie to a 2 yr deal, he is the mvp of the team and we all saw what happened after he got hurt...henne threw too damn much....

porter done, wilson done, taylor done...get used to the idea

we are going young and hungry..... not overpaid with tv interview tactics for teams buying old players

It is too dark to see past the glare... But now that we are past Kingston, am sure there is snow


Should be in sunny south fl. but was unable to get the week-end off but the Cuban will be with his peeps come Tuesday morning... Thanks to some delusional jet fans....

boldin is a no-brainer for a draft pick...he is better than any 2nd rounder and most 1st rounders easily

make it happen DOLPHINS...


I can see it now. In 3 years, the player Arizona picks in the 1st or 2nd with that boldim dolphins pick is in the first of hisany probowls while Bolden is working for ESPN.

He is NOT worth a high pick. Maybe a third but with the depth in this draft some great third rounders will be picked this year.

Right Lips. 4th a no brainer, 3rd? Not sure. 2nd NO!

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