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The situation surrounding WR Antonio Bryant

The story dates back to 2004. During a heated exchange in a Dallas Cowboys practice, tempers flare and WR Antonio Bryant flings a towel at coach Bill Parcells' face. Days later the player is traded to the Cleveland Browns.

That was over five years ago and there are reports Bryant and Parcells have patched things up. There are whispers the two exchange text messages.

And so, naturally, there are questions whether the Dolphins might consider Bryant as a free agent addition once free agency begins March 5. I don't know if the Dolphins will chase Bryant or not. But my gut tells me no.

But, but, but, but, Mando, Bryant is only 28 years old. And he's from Miami, having attended Northwestern High. And he's 6-1 and 205 pounds. And, and, and ...

... And he's an enigma, folks.

And I have yet to see the Dolphins reach for an enigma under Parcells.

Bryant has a couple of things going for him, to be sure. He is talented his career statistics speak for themselves. He's eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards twice in his career and has a career 15.3 yard per catch average. Even last season when Bryant was lessened by various factors, he averaged 15.4 yards per catch.

But ...

Did I mention the guy is an enigma?

I don't know the guy so I cannot tell you of his personality or character. But his history is not without blemish. After the incident in Dallas, he played two seasons in Cleveland and eventually landed a nice free agent contract in San Francisco.

The four-year, $14 million contract Bryant signed was less than one year old when the 49'ers cut him loose. Coach Mike Nolan and Bryant had issues with one another. Bad news for Bryant: Nolan is Miami's newly minted defensive coordinator.

Then Bryant was suspended by the NFL in 2007 and didn't play at all. The suspension was for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Bryant was eventually reinstated and landed in Tampa Bay in 2008. And he was dominant! He caught 83 passes for 1,248 yards and was, by most accounts, a solid citizen. It was such a good fit the Bucs put a $9 million franchise tag on Bryant for 2009.

And then the Bryant career roller coaster took a nose dive. Bryant had surgery to repair torn meniscus in a knee but was never really right during the season. He started only 11 games and caught only 39 passes for 600 yards. Obviously, Tampa Bay's problems at quarterback affected Bryant's productivity, but the team believes the problem extended beyond that.

Reports are the Bucs will not place a franchise or transition tag on Bryant, meaning he will become a free agent March 5th unless a deal is reached at the 11th hour.

So here we are. The Dolphins have an obvious need at wide receiver. The unrestricted free agent pool of wide receiver (check the list on previous posts) is shallow.

Do the Dolphins make a play for Bryant?

I say, no thanks. You say what?

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No not him , might as well sign TO.

Why not sign to? He is old, but he still makes plays, and requires the attention of the safeties, and that's what we need. Wr Playmakers, not risky draft picks!!!

Maybe not to, but he's an example. Ochocinco, boldin, Edwards, cribbs, Vincent Jackson, etc....imagine what we could be with henne having any of those targets. No offense to anybody, but anybody that thinks wr is nor our biggest are of concern is an idiot. Why? It's simple. Did we have the worst lb core in league? Far from it. Safeties? Close to it, but no. Nt? Not even close. But we by far have the worst receiving core. I dare u to name a team that has worse.

you don't know what the hell you're talking about , now go to bed.

Now there's a canditate For NJ's list. Inimounts . please buy a clue !!!

yes yes yes! he is very good and will help us! we don't need a fs this draft! move will allen 2 free safty while clemmons developes! get ilb, olb, nt,te and a late ss to develope. then some ol to develope! nuff said!

sorry can't spell lol sleep well dolphans!

Who cares about Bryant and his excetricity and who gives a damn about TWITTER!!!!!!

Change the name from twitter to Miami up to the minute or something. I just won't tweet, unless my nutsack is caught on a nail.
Yes get Bryant. Good Wide Reciever and the price tag shouldn't be too bad. Only if his knee is fixed and everyone shuts up about getting a WR for at least one year.

I say whatever he did 5 years ago is old business. What he did 2 years ago is old business.

Bryant is only 28 years old? It seems like he's been around forever. They have to get someone at WR. If they don't take either Bryant (Anotonio or Dez), they'll likely have the same 1,2, and 3 receivers as last year.

Inimounts, the Chiefs and Rams have a worse receiving corps than the Fins.

So do the Browns.

And possibly the Raiders.

BTW, anyone who thinks WR is the Fins greatest need this offseason is a moron.

No thanks, NEXT!!!

Armamdo, I usually agree with you on most issues, but not this time. I think Antonio Bryant is a solid #1 WR, which is exactly what we need. When it comes to the draft WR is as much a crapshoot as QB, so if we can land a proven guy who is still relatively young in FA, then we have to jump at the chance! And unlike Boldin, Bryant won't cost us a draft pick.

Also, your comment about Mike Nolan and Bryant is misleading because it is only half the story. After Bryant was booted from the team, Nolan realized he greatly over reacted, and had made a huge mistake. He desperately tried to get Bryant back because he knew Bryant was one of the best players on the team. Unfortunately for him, he was over ruled (by either the GM or owner, I forget which). So, there is actually no bad blood between those two, and Nolan may even be lobbying the Fins to pursue Bryant based on his high opinion of the guy.

Don't forget the Raven's best signed WR for next year is Stallworth.

Wow, that's sad that we would even contemplate signing that con artist player. all teams he has played for he signs a big contract and then he sucks, why do you think the Bucs are not signing him and they need receivers. God I would sign T.O before Bryant. I hear Henne is pushing for Braylon(head Case)Edwards since they played together. Sign B Marshall we need speed and a big name receiver(dream - Marshall and Boldin lining up for the Phins and Henne)

I'm getting sick of heaaring exactly why the Dolphins and Parcells won't be making a play for the top receiver's available, lets consider what we are hearing......
No 1 Brandon Marshall - Too divaish for Parcells
No 2 Vincent Jackson - Cost too many draft picks, that goes for the above also
No 3 Anquan Boldin - Draft picks again and possibly injury prone turns 30 next season
No 4 Antonio Bryant - Bad History with Parcells and now Nolan
No 5 Dez Bryant - Parcells wont sign a receiver in 1st round

For christ sakes who the hell are we supposed to get then, between Parcells not likeing Divaish receivers and giving up draft picks we're screwed, looks like more Tedd Ginn guys, he's not a diva but wait.....yeah thats right he cant catch the ball either.
Its time Parcells took a chance on getting this club the player to help put them back at the top.

I think you are right, Mando. However, Bill took a chance by keeping Ricky around. Talk about an enigma.

Canfin, you're a know nothing idiot, and probably have never played a team sport. For one that has, the locker room counts. Yeah, I know you know more than BP.

Sign the man up already!!

Mike, I'm an idiot, really!!! Played team sports for 20 years so I know what a locker room cancer can do, my point is I don't believe any of the Receivers I named will be that cancer and if we are to get better and win we will need a top receiver.
What's your solution then, I'd love to hear it!!

All I know is like canfin I am sick of the parcells thing. I am sick of the belief that we can find a diamond in a ruf mentality. It isn't working let's not forget Ernest. Miami needs to make a big play or I will lose all confidence in the tuna factory. They better not go after Bryant that would be another good intentions bad judgement.

I 100% agree with you Canfin. I'm tired of just getting by every year.


Oldenglish, so , ur sick of the Parcells thing??? I guess it would be SOOO much better to go back to the Cameron/Wandstadt/Saban way because that worked out SOOO well for us??? All Parcells has done is build winners everywhere he has gone with his strategy, please, leave the football GM decisions to the experts

I think BP thinks he can still win with a good defense and running the football but as Armando has stated a few times, this is a passing league, we have a potentially good QB, go get him the tools to succeed instead of sticking to his outdated principles and hindering his progress.
The hated Jets aren't afraid to take a chance on players and get what they need and guess what, they were in the championship game last year after we beat them twice in the only two games Ted Ginn actually showed up for.
It seems like year after year this team does nothing with big trades, FA pickups and being aggressive in the draft seemingly content to plod on and it can only get us so far, the last good trade that paid off was the one that got us the 2nd round pick we used on Henne.
I expect more of the same again this year but I hope I'm wrong

Well everyone Knows BILL.

He always draft LBs well he didn't draft one yet.

Every year he's leaving well he's still here.

Last year everyone up here said LB but he went CB. I bet most thought thought LB in 2nd and he shock us with WHITE (ok still don't understand that one) but we thougt 1 of those three were going to be a LB and we get 2 CBs and a back up QB.

So we can speculate all we want and I think it's good to guess but we don't know but let's keep this going because now all we have is eachother to lean on.

It's us aginst the WORLD!!!!!!!!!

By the way we are closer to the SUPER BOWL than they say we are.

Canfin, the Jests were in the playoffs because two teams laid down for them at seasons end, it wasn't that long ago so I think u would remember...They also have six or seven less draft picks for what they gave up for Sanchez, whose already got two bad knees and their star reciever who drops as many as he catches...There as good as there gonna be, no better

Amando don't forget the Wilford experiment. Took a 4-something mill chance on him. For the right price, taking a chance on Bryant may b a free agent bang. ONLY for the right price of course :P

To all of those saying that the Dolphins need to be more aggressive in free agency and argue that they must sign every available option or Parcells and co are blowing it:

Teams are not built through free agency. They are built through solid drafts. Free agents are often over paid and under perform on their new team. A guy like Bryant has too many problems physically and mentally and is a mediocre receiver to begin with. He has worked with both Parcells and Nolan before so they know him well. Trust me, they are not ruining this franchise by missing the boat on some bum of a WR. A franchise is ruined by trading high picks for guys like Aj Feeley and Daunte Culpepper and mismanagement of draft picks

Ted GINN is the man I said it last year and this will be my last year on that wagon but I'm riding it till the wheels fall off.

they say you have to give a WR three years before they start to get it.

I already know what most of you will say but I'll let you say it before I tell you why he will get better.

As fans the majority of us miss the fact that we have NO CLUE what we need...People screaming for WR?? What if the coaching staff feels Turner is ready and will take on that role?? FS, why?? What if Clemons is ready to take over...Again, we have NO CLUE what the Dolphins need because not one of us is in the Trifecta

Oh, Salguero, says Parcels doesn't know what is going on in pro football today? I don't think he said that or thinks that.

Don't sign him. We don't need a sometimes player with question marks. We should try for someone a little more together, and Draft one in the middle to late rounds.

Carlito, 100% correct, that should be the post everyone here needs to read over and over because it don't get better then that!!!

With Parcells, anything is possible. He is known for maintaining relationships with his former players, although, it seems he was traded before they ever developed one. Bryant is coming off an injury interrupted season where it seems he was overpaid. I doubt Parcells reaches out here, unless it is with heavy discounts. Is this the receiver Parcells used to refer to as a girl in his press conferences as psychological motivation?
Now, the Dolphins have Ginn(relatively priced), Camarillo, Bess and Hartline signed. Plus Turner, who they can't give up on until he gets a chance to play. I know people want Ginn cut. Something tells me he gets this last year though. They should be concentrating on defense in free agency. A nose tackle and linebacker could prove costly, if they were to sign a Dansby and Wilfork.

If they can get Bryant for cheap and then another quality #1 or even a #2 WR, then our offense is solid, maybe throw in a TE too! We just need to trim the fat off the team, we have too many role players at the WR position and defense and not enough starters. Trim it down and spend the money. Especially a NT!!!!

Perspective, good post

Why does a receiver have to be a first round pick or a pro bowl player to be successful? Austin was undrafted. Colston was a 7th. rd. pick. Garcon(Colts),the one that beat the Dolphins, was a 6th. I don't think Parcells wants to spend big money on a receiver unless he believes he'll be the last piece of the puzzle, which doesn't seem likely this year.

the only bryant we should get is dez

We need a playmaker now!!! ,what we have just
ain't cuttin it.Parcells needs to swallow
his pride and find one ,either trade ,
free agency or draft, this is a Quarterback
driven league,and we need a homerun now and then ,sign Bryant,trade for Boldin,or draft
Benn,Thomas,or Lefell ,and if Mclains gone
and Bryants there then snatch him up.

No one seems to be thinking on the price tag side of it here. We have $156 million wrapped up in the O-line alone and its not even finished! It is one of the most expensive lines in the league. I think he will settle for so so recievers because they do not demand alot of money. How many high profile recievers has Bill Parcells had and maintained in his past at NE, NYJ, NYG, DAL!!!! If Miami's defense steps up with Nolan as DC and they stay healthy, MIAMI WILL BE TOUGH! Alot of ifs though...hahaha good luck

The O is fine. For the people who didnt watch Miami last year, our D was much worse than our O. We arent one WR away from the SB. We need to fix the D and see IF Turner and Ginn can finish their evolution. Hartline is becoming a very, very good WR also. Henne is no Peyton so why would we make this team like Indy??

We need go getters all around this team defense is soft and no real solid playmaker on offense tired of this goody soft football s@#% around here dolphin players and coaches seem to be on vaction lets play south Florida football and bring in UM old defensive line coach who coached Sapp and Brown toughness thats what we need ohh yeah and some heart!

I would rather sign Bryant on the cheap than send a 3rd pick to Arizona for Boldin. A potentially very good player will be there for the taking in the 3rd.

Another point to consider here is Henne. Yes he was fairly impressive in his first year as a starter. He needs work though. Fans will hate this analogy, but it's true. Sanchez threw his interceptions early in the year, Henne threw most of his at the end. One was progressing while the other was regressing. We all know Henne needs to work on his touch passing. While it was more apparent on his short passes, his deep ball also needs work. I seriously doubt a #-1 receiver will be able to compensate for this just yet. Hartline excelled because Henne throws a nice intermediate ball. That is in no way meant as a shot at Hartline, I love the kid, and he'll make alot of people smile for years. Just making a point regarding the desire everyone has for a top flight receiver at this point in time.

Kevin Walter is a unrestrictd FA he also made some plays for houston but that probly had to do with andre Johnson


You are right and wrong in the Henne Sanchez analogy. In the beginning of the year both were QBs that had a strong running game to help them out. Henne was learning faster than Sanchez at that point.

After Ronnie went down, so did the WC and Ricky wore down fast. Henne was the main weapon and he was bound to throw ints. When you have games where a rook starting QB has to throw over 50 times...there will be ints. Sanchez on the other hand wasnt allowed to throw very much at all. When the final game was on the line...he threw an int.

We are a run first team and thats not changing. It worked well for NY(they lost the last game because of a lack of weapons). It worked well for us when Ronnie was still playing. We dont need a stable of #1s cause they just wont get used. Henne may want one but that doesnt mean he'll get one. Just depends on the price and value. Oh and Austin was a late draft pick so maybe we should go low.

I don't like WR's because every good one is a primadonna. see the paradox mando?? if we don't risk getting an 'enigma' or a crybaby, we're stuck with great guys but decent WR's. So when will Parcells and Co. take a risk??


the reason Henne through more int's later in the season is because they were constantly playing catch up and passing alot more and the running game fizzled out towards the end of the year


I seem to remember a guy named Peyton Manning did something similar in the biggest game also. Your point on the running game is a valid point though. But, interceptions are usually from bad decisions. I'm not saying Sanchez is going to be a better quarterback in two years. It was meant for the point of where they are right now, and how a #-1 receiver would be to this team next season. Does the investment pay immedite results, or would it be better to wait until Henne is ready?

Also, when the Jets realized Sanchito was a turnover machine, they really reduced his number of pass attempts

You dolphin fans are blind! You think your WRs are bad... look a few miles to the north at the Bucs. If Bryant leaves that gives the Bucs Maurice Stovall (RFA) and Michael Clayton as their top two returning pass catchers. It doesn't get any worse than that.

If you guys were smart you would try to sign Bryant for a lesser amount. No, you don't pay him a ton but it is better than giving up compensation for Boldin, Jackson, Marshall, or Dez Bryant.

Antonio can be a great #2 at the very least and a solid #1. Great hands and solid speed, size, and routes, he's far better than you have now.

Yes I agree the Defense needs work and it will no doubt get it, Karlos Dansby would fill a fair hole there and maybe Clemons developes however a No1 receiver we don't have on this team but there are some we can get and if anyone thinks we can muddle through this season with the crop we have then dream on.
Henne has no faith in Ted Ginn and why should he, the first of his interceptions against New Orleans, a perfect TOUCH pass by Henne is bobbled by Ginn to Sharper who gets a pick 6 and swings the whole momentum of that game.
Imagine having to face another season of that knowing that he will be crucified by the same fans that are saying we can find a No1 next year in the draft.
Imagine how many more games we would have won this last season if those botched Ginn plays that cost us were caught by a true No1.
Yes we need defense but its obvious we also need a No1 receiver and we have the chance to get them both this offseason IMO

If A.Bryant is the best fa wr then why not follow the bucs lead and sign him to a one year deal, if he behavies and produces then see about a long term deal or franchise him for a year and see how year two goes. We need to come out of free agency with either a #1 wr so we can use the draft to try and fill holes at ILB, OLB, and DT. If we don't get a #1 wr in fa then we need to sign Dansby so we can use the draft to fill holes at OLB, DT, and WR. For the people that have V. Wilfork on the dolphins fa list forget about it, NE is not going to let him just walk in fa. They will franchise him if they can't get a long term deal done, so as much as it would please me and every other dolphins fan to upgrade or DT and weaken NE's at the same time it's just not going to happen.


The Dolphins have 4 solid number 2 receivers already, the last thing they need is 5 number 2 receivers.

number 2 not meaning poop in this context

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