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The situation surrounding WR Antonio Bryant

The story dates back to 2004. During a heated exchange in a Dallas Cowboys practice, tempers flare and WR Antonio Bryant flings a towel at coach Bill Parcells' face. Days later the player is traded to the Cleveland Browns.

That was over five years ago and there are reports Bryant and Parcells have patched things up. There are whispers the two exchange text messages.

And so, naturally, there are questions whether the Dolphins might consider Bryant as a free agent addition once free agency begins March 5. I don't know if the Dolphins will chase Bryant or not. But my gut tells me no.

But, but, but, but, Mando, Bryant is only 28 years old. And he's from Miami, having attended Northwestern High. And he's 6-1 and 205 pounds. And, and, and ...

... And he's an enigma, folks.

And I have yet to see the Dolphins reach for an enigma under Parcells.

Bryant has a couple of things going for him, to be sure. He is talented his career statistics speak for themselves. He's eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards twice in his career and has a career 15.3 yard per catch average. Even last season when Bryant was lessened by various factors, he averaged 15.4 yards per catch.

But ...

Did I mention the guy is an enigma?

I don't know the guy so I cannot tell you of his personality or character. But his history is not without blemish. After the incident in Dallas, he played two seasons in Cleveland and eventually landed a nice free agent contract in San Francisco.

The four-year, $14 million contract Bryant signed was less than one year old when the 49'ers cut him loose. Coach Mike Nolan and Bryant had issues with one another. Bad news for Bryant: Nolan is Miami's newly minted defensive coordinator.

Then Bryant was suspended by the NFL in 2007 and didn't play at all. The suspension was for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Bryant was eventually reinstated and landed in Tampa Bay in 2008. And he was dominant! He caught 83 passes for 1,248 yards and was, by most accounts, a solid citizen. It was such a good fit the Bucs put a $9 million franchise tag on Bryant for 2009.

And then the Bryant career roller coaster took a nose dive. Bryant had surgery to repair torn meniscus in a knee but was never really right during the season. He started only 11 games and caught only 39 passes for 600 yards. Obviously, Tampa Bay's problems at quarterback affected Bryant's productivity, but the team believes the problem extended beyond that.

Reports are the Bucs will not place a franchise or transition tag on Bryant, meaning he will become a free agent March 5th unless a deal is reached at the 11th hour.

So here we are. The Dolphins have an obvious need at wide receiver. The unrestricted free agent pool of wide receiver (check the list on previous posts) is shallow.

Do the Dolphins make a play for Bryant?

I say, no thanks. You say what?

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Those are the thoughts Im having too.

Perspective, I see what you are saying. I think he has the tools but does need a LOT of work. I agree that just getting the WR wont fix it all.

Lets not go after Antonio Bryant.

C'mon mannnnnn! Not even worth a consideration. He only silghtly raises the tide in our sea of WR mediocrity. Mando, though I tend to agree with many of you views, I'd have to respectfully disagree with you IF by saying his career stats speak for themselves, you are saying he's anything more than a little above average. We need the Marshall, V JAX, etc or we're better off just filling the other holes instead. Just my thoughts....

Parcells has spent almost 30 years building Champions and never has spent a first round draft pick or traded for a "big name" receiver..this horses"it that the game is somehow different today because two passing teams made the Superbowl goes agaist the facts that defense is why NO won this year and the Pitt Steelers DEFENSE won the year before...solid Defense, ball control and passing when needed still wins Championships

Read all about it! Hot off the press! Read all about it!

Dansby is a free man, with no strings attached, and our Dophins are in the hunt for his services. I can feel it can you?

Will post later today, out for now. Come on guys, let's try to keep this clean today. Remember we are all die hard Dolphin fans.

Here's a factoid: Bryant 15.4 yds/catch
Hartline 16.3 yds/catch

Great Post, bobbyd12.

Like i said, NO to bryant.

I say if the price is reasonable, give him a shot. Every final four team from this year had a player that was not looked upon as a key factor at the beginning of the year. The Dolphins need to get lucky and at wide receiver it is a better chance to take. There are wide receivers that surprise every year. The draft needs to be Defense, Defense, and more Defense. Like the Trifecta is going to listen to us anyway!

No way no how no thanks. He's already had problems with two of the people who run our team and then numerous mysterious problems with other teams AND the league AND injury issues? Could the red flag be waving any higher on this guy?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"The situation surrounding WR Antonio Bryant"

Is he anyway related to

Anita Bryant - "A spokeswoman for the Florida Citrus Commission, and nationally televised commercials featured her singing "Come to the Florida Sunshine Tree" and stating the commercials' tagline: "Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine."

Bryant made the following statements: "As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children" and "If gays are granted rights, next we'll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people who sleep with St. Bernards.

To this day, Bryant is reviled by the gay community who regard her name as synonymous with bigotry and homophobia.

With these blood lines I say no to Antonio Bryant as a FA signing.

Soiled :)


very good point on Bryant vs. Hartline

Ok guys I have to take my dog to the beach and play some b-ball and enjoy wonderful weekend weather. Stay classy Dolfans.

P.S. In my absence any question directed at me can be answered with the auto reply:

If Rolando McClain is on the board at 12 he will be a Dolphin, no questions asked.

everyone keeps talkin bout how this is a passing league so draft a receiver or trade draft picks for one. gotta look at the other side of that. for every draft pick we give up or rec we draft early thats one less defender we can put on the field to stop opposition passing attack.

I say def all the way. run the ball.. make it ugly!! thats BP kind of football


you're point about defense and ball control winning championships got me thinking. Ronnie Brown is good, yet injury prone will play one more year here, not sure about his future. Ricky Williams is retiring after next season. Cobbs is serviceable. Hilliard is good, not sure he'll be any more than a good back up. Do the Fins draft a running back this year?

No go on Bryant. We need a TE before a WR. for offense. I would love a star WR but it might not happen. Bryant is a risk. We cannot afford another bust (Wilson, Wilford, etc…) I am not saying wait to sign a WR until we sign a TE. But TE is a priority position.

The 2009 Miami offense was set up for Chad Pennington style; short passes and high completion.

1st problem happened in preseason when we lost TE David Martin. Double TE formation dominated the 2008 offense which we were going to continue in 2009. We lost a big part of that plan when Martin went down.

2nd problem… We lost Pennington, we lost our leader. Don’t get me wrong I love Henne and know he is the future.

3rd problem… Fasano was thrust into the top spot in 09 and fell short. To many dropped passes. The offense had to shift strategy during the year.

Now with Henne and his deep ball abilities we can air it out. There is still a slim chance Turner will do something positive in the red zone. We might actually be stuck another year with Ginn as our #1 WR (puke in my mouth).

As we know that Tuna will not give up draft picks for restricted FA, but our best best to upgrade at WR are to sign Miles Austin or another playmaker and give up picks. Or we sign Karlos Dansby and maybe even the Wilfolk from the Pats, then go after Dez Bryant. There are some other nice WR later in the draft, but as we know, WR take time to gel! We do not need enigmas like TO, Bryant, Ocho Cinco, or any other crybaby that will ruin chemistry. Neither the Colts or the Saints have Babies that ruin chemistry, so we dont need to either. We need to fill the holes on defense and try to find another solid WR and we can compete for a title. Remember Dolfans, despite what the critics say, most of the games we lost were because of obvious holes on defense, not because we couldn't score! We avg over 24 points a game, a solid defense would crave for that point production!

"And I have yet to see the Dolphins reach for an enigma under Parcells."


Wilford (FA)
Green (FA)
Wilson (FA)
Crowder (Resign)

No harm in bringing Bryant in if he can be had for a reasonable salary. Just don't stick with him for too long if he doesn't pan out just because you're embarrassed by having made a glaring mistake (e.g. Wilford).

Wish we could get Dez Bryant but I really doubt that. Maybe they surprise us. I think they trade down (if they can get a trading partner), get Williams and an extra pick. NTs, LBs first, WRs will come in the later rounds and will likely resemble all the other WRs already on the roster.

Please, please prove me wrong and bring in a speed guy with good hands.

And oh btw......the Saints are champs, not because they outscored the Colts in a shootout! They won because their defense held Manning and Co to 17 points and came up with a clutch interception late in the game! Defense still wins championships!!!!!!

Bryant just not dependable enough to sign as a #1. Brandon is correct about a 5th #2.

Perspective. I would be suprised if they draft a RB exactly for the reasons u state...Ronnie, Ricky, hilliard, cobbs, polite all will be here this year..To many holes to fill this year so worry about RB next year, if there is a next year, with the potential of a lockout so high let's fill the needs we have

The Saints weren't a scoring machine?? The reason the Saints were in the dam% SB is because they fielded a variety of weapons in the passing game with Brees tossing it all over the lot. Our wr core is the worst in the league...I would easily take Tampa Bays wides over ours.

No wr's who can seperate from coverage equals another year of snoring watching our boring offense. Take Dez Bryant and get lb's an a nose later in the draft. Clemons will be solid a FS and has more range than any one else on our roster.

if we cant get Boldin, or any other valuable WR, why not?

He is certainly better than what we have now, and he could open up the offense a little more. i mean you would think the guy would be mature about his profession at his age now.

He can be a nice patch for this year, if nothing else falls through. I rather have him than drafting a first round WR. At least he is experienced and the rookie maybe more of the diva and will take time to develop. Antonio is still young, a lot of experience, and Parcells i believe drafted him before.

Yeah perspective, can't see us going after a WR with those stats, especially when your rook WR is just as good. And when you include the trouble that comes with it? I thinks it's safe to say it won't happen.

Will forget Dez Bryant, not gonna happen with Parcells AND there is not enough NT or LB depth to be taking them later in the draft...unless u want "All u can eat" Cody who will be a huge failure if he don't get self control

I would say no to the Bryants. Antonio...Dez...

Bobbyd12 is right. Defense STILL wins championships. Had the dolphins had better defense we beat both the superbowl teams.
Carlito is right about building through the draft.
I say draft heavily for defense

Fins are gonna get a Proven WR and keep TGinn for his speed, with a proven WR opposite Ginn , he would get open more(notice i didnt say make the catches) but i think thats their plan for now.

MY Post reporting Dansby seeking 30 million for 3 years...not one comment thinks he is worth 30 million, and they are right...call Daniel Snyder one more rich guy on a bad team, let him pay

In todays NFL...who needs defense? You just out score your opponent! So..yes...the premium is on the offensive side of the ball.


I saw that article in PFW. The problem with it is, the guarantee part. I'd sign him for 10 million per year, providing the results were comparable to his past performances since he entered the league. I know, it doesn't work that way though. I will say, that proven veterans deserve the money more than first round unproven draft picks do though.

I'd pay Dansby $30 mill for 3 years if that includes his signing bonus. Heck, we paid Gibril $12 just for last year. You would be getting Dansby during his peak years and he is a prefect fot for this defense.


Dansby would fill a big need.

marv harrison still in the game?

Parcells drafted Mark Ingram Sr. with the giants - a WR - in the 1st round. Not saying it's gonna happen but let's take a step back and think; McClain is gone already - no one wants to trade up to our spot and Dez Bryant is available. If we haven't solved the problems at WR during the offseason (trade or FA) why not take this guy? He is going to show great at the combine - has a chip on his shoulder after the BS suspension because of Neon Deion Shoeshine Sanders - and is in all likelihood one of the Top 5 talents in this draft. I think he is better than Crabtree was last year and don't see the same level of divaness (is that even a word?) from him than Crabtree.

Dez is a playmaker and is worth the pick - whether or not it happens is up to Parcells - it'll be an interesting 2 months leading to the draft.

Yeah, Marvin Harrison is training with Fred Biletnikoff and Steve Largent. All 3 are planning a big comeback.

Yeah, Marvin Harrison is training with Fred Biletnikoff and Steve Largent. All 3 are planning a big comeback.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 20, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Thats funny, I don't care who you are.

You have to sign Bryant. He is better than ANY of our receivers, period. You'll be able to get him for a 1 or 2 yr deal. Stop worrying about how much money a player may cost, it's not your money, it's the owner's. As Fans we want every valuable player possible to be signed by the team, especially in an uncapped year. Sign Bryant and T.O. to 1 yr deals and see who can possibly handle that with Hartline, Camarillo and Bess running underneath. It would be a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Get a grip people. Do you really think Miami would have been any better in '09 if they had a stud WR? They need to get better on defense. Once this defense is completely rebuilt to last for 5-6 years, then we can add the missing pieces such as WR. Assuming Ginn, Bess, Hartline, and Turner don't all improve.


Sounds like you should be a redskins fan. You and Snyder seem to be looking through the same rose colored glasses.

"...If you guys were smart you would try to sign Bryant for a lesser amount...

Antonio can be a great #2 at the very least and a solid #1. Great hands and solid speed, size, and routes, he's far better than you have now."

Posted by: Brandon | February 20, 2010 at 10:20 AM

Some of the best sense I've seen in this thread, and it came from a Buc's fan.

Bryant would give us an at least a plausible #1, even if he wouldn't be the stud in our dreams (how many of those guys in the league right now...about a dozen, maybe another half?).

None of the others make sense cause they are either not a #1, even bigger headcases (no way Parcelles signs Marshall), can be franchised (total stopper) or would cost too much in a trade (with the only possible exception to that being Boldin).

Not saying we should sign A. Bryant, but if the price is right and Bill can put up with him, it's at least an option.

The others are Boldin, Dez Bryant, draft some lotto tickets and wait till next year.


Not your money. Quit worrying about the owner's pocket book. Not to mention, this is actually fiscally responsible. A Boldin move would cost you draft picks plus a huge contract extension for him.
Bringing in 1-2 WR's in free agency for 1 year deals that are clearly better than any of our existing wideouts allows you to focus your 2010 draft on loading up on Defense, especially in the first 4 rounds. Take flyers on WR, RB, TE and OL in Rounds 6/7 with the 5 picks we have in those rounds. Dan Snyder....I think not.

LMFAO @ JUST BECAUSE . First of all , Mark ingram was drafted by george young who was the vp/gm of the giants while parcells was the coach. Second , ingram was drafted 28 overall 23 years ago ( 1987 )and on real good giants team that had just won a super biowl( 86). Wr was a luxery pick for a team that was stacked at almost every position. He turned out to be a average wr. Because the giants took wr ingram 23 years ago by another GM the dolphins might take dez bryant ??? HUH ??? LOL!!!


I wish you were making the bigger argument of getting BRANDON MARSHAL or VINCENT JACKSON.

Does it really matter that they are RFA? It would cost us a 1st & 3rd round pick.

If we end up drafting Dez Bryant (which is a TOTAL gamble) it will cost us a 1st anyway. How many 3rd round picks in the last 5 years are on our starting roster now?

I am hoping we trade Pennington to a team that is looking for a true mentor (Wash, Detroit, Buff, Seattle) If we can get a 3rd for him, then I's say, lets PULL the trigger for a top rate WR.

Another question, if this is a UNCAPPED year, lets TAKE ADVANTAGE of it, sign 3-4 big name players and FRONT LOAD their contracts so that it WONT effect the cap when it is reinstated. S. Ross has the money and wants to win,

In 2-3 years, i would HATE to look back and say, MAN, we should have made some moves in the 2010 offseason!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE make a case for this. Or at least make me understand why this is NOT a good idea.


You mentioned earlier fella that none of us really know how Patrick Turner will turn out.

My concerns are that we all know the Dolphins are not blessed with the best Receivers and yet the guy still could'nt take to the field.

I'm just trying to put things into perspective. If Turner was drafted by the Colts,Patriots or Cardinals,obviously he would have had a very hard time getting on the field due to these teams having already elite WR's but the fact that the guy could'nt dislodge a Camarillo or Ginn worries me.

Discuss buddy...

Marshall,Dansby,Wilfork would be great pick ups.

Get rid of Fergerson,Akin,and Greg

I say go for Brandon Marshall. If anyone can straighten him out It's Parcells.

will allen busted DUI


"Assuming Ginn, Bess, Hartline, and Turner don't all improve."

Bess and Hartline are good already but not fast. How much can you really improve your speed?

Turner is obviously as worthless as Wilford or he would have been given at least a shot in a game or two.

Ginn is the only one who might improve. He has had three years to show that though and I don't see it. You can teach better route running - but it's hard to coach the lazy out of a player. You can certainly teach fundamentals of catching a ball. But you cannot coach fear out of a player or instill courage. That is up to the player and is a hard mountain to climb if you lack courage to start with.

So, I see that Ginn can be a #2 IF he can learn to catch consistently and stop being so lackadaisical about his route running (but that's been a knock on him since college). He's going to have to learn to take some hits. But, I can see him on obvious passing downs, paired with a decent #1, so the coverage is drawn away, using his speed to burn a corner. Fix the hands issue and use him only for sideline catches and you've got something in him. I really hope they don't use him on kickoff returns next year. He had the one great game but was very pedestrian before and after that and didn't show the great vision of that game again.

West coasr kid . To give up 1st and 3rd round picks for a wr is insane. SD isn't going to let jackson go anyway , he's their 1st off season priorty. Marshall isn't coming here either because parcell's hate dealing with cancer's and nolan can't stand him either, the sooner you get this out of your head the better you'll feel. Also how can miami TRADE PENNY when he's a UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT ???.

Do you mean how parcell also straighten out porter , he can do the same for marshall ??

All of our WRs have one thing in common they're young and inexperienced. Thats good in one way and bad in another. Get a vetran one way or the other. I would even be happy with Nate Burleson who is supposedly on the trifecta radar. The higher pick in the draft TE not WR. My wish is Dennis Pita from BYU , he reminds me of a better blocking version of Owen Daniels. That would help the Fins more than another rookie WR.

aside from the drug problem he doesn't sound that bad according to your post, Mando.

If there's no other available FA WR...
If he doesn't cost a hell of alot...
if he's matured, which usually happens around 28..

get him.

Could we use a top notch WR? Yes
Is it our top priority? No

We need to address defensive needs preferably in the draft.


Hartline is better than Bryant. It's not my money, you're right. But that doesn't hamper my thought process when it comes what the team needs are. A wide receiver will not get this team to the promised land this season. Defense is what is needed to keep the building process on track. The Dolphins scored about 24 pts. a game with what they have. I don't see how you can possibly think that adding some one that has been traded by Parcells, and cut by Nolan is a cure all.

New blog up!!!

again delusional dolfans fantasizing about boldin v.jack and guys parcells is not going to spend money on. byrant makes sense because he'll come very cheap. and parcells does'nt like ego driven wr's period. he'll come to miami on a performanced incentive laced contract period. t.o. really delusional foolish dolfan t.o. is the reason parcells is in miami. you people really know how to dream boy. it's like the guy who always calls up sedano show telling a.scheffter about the lions trading the dolphins c.johnson. dream on delusional dolfans dream on!!!!! m.williams out of the cuse 3.rd.rd keep an eye out on this kid !!!!!

I say if the price is right take him.

If only Ginn can work on extending his arms while running and trying to catch a pass and go to hands school we would be okay. Also, I still believe in Patrick Turner.

Kindle over Graham!

I say only if the price is ideal...for us. Bryant won't like it, but if that's the case, he can go play for the raiders or rams. Miami won the AFC East 2 years ago and barely made the playoffs last year. Does he care about money or does he care about winning? I don't know.

That's not to say Miami should only offer him peanuts. The slow development of Ginn and Turner is not something we can just sit on. Camarillo is NOT a #1 or #2, and Bess is better than him as a number #3. Hartline gave me the impression he could be a superstar if he keeps improving, but his limited speed will anchor him at #2. I think Hartline can be the best #2 in the league within 2 years given what he showed us as a rookie.

And as for Parcells not being into enigmas...does the name Ernest Wilford ring a bell?

No Thanks!!!

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