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The situation surrounding WR Antonio Bryant

The story dates back to 2004. During a heated exchange in a Dallas Cowboys practice, tempers flare and WR Antonio Bryant flings a towel at coach Bill Parcells' face. Days later the player is traded to the Cleveland Browns.

That was over five years ago and there are reports Bryant and Parcells have patched things up. There are whispers the two exchange text messages.

And so, naturally, there are questions whether the Dolphins might consider Bryant as a free agent addition once free agency begins March 5. I don't know if the Dolphins will chase Bryant or not. But my gut tells me no.

But, but, but, but, Mando, Bryant is only 28 years old. And he's from Miami, having attended Northwestern High. And he's 6-1 and 205 pounds. And, and, and ...

... And he's an enigma, folks.

And I have yet to see the Dolphins reach for an enigma under Parcells.

Bryant has a couple of things going for him, to be sure. He is talented his career statistics speak for themselves. He's eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards twice in his career and has a career 15.3 yard per catch average. Even last season when Bryant was lessened by various factors, he averaged 15.4 yards per catch.

But ...

Did I mention the guy is an enigma?

I don't know the guy so I cannot tell you of his personality or character. But his history is not without blemish. After the incident in Dallas, he played two seasons in Cleveland and eventually landed a nice free agent contract in San Francisco.

The four-year, $14 million contract Bryant signed was less than one year old when the 49'ers cut him loose. Coach Mike Nolan and Bryant had issues with one another. Bad news for Bryant: Nolan is Miami's newly minted defensive coordinator.

Then Bryant was suspended by the NFL in 2007 and didn't play at all. The suspension was for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Bryant was eventually reinstated and landed in Tampa Bay in 2008. And he was dominant! He caught 83 passes for 1,248 yards and was, by most accounts, a solid citizen. It was such a good fit the Bucs put a $9 million franchise tag on Bryant for 2009.

And then the Bryant career roller coaster took a nose dive. Bryant had surgery to repair torn meniscus in a knee but was never really right during the season. He started only 11 games and caught only 39 passes for 600 yards. Obviously, Tampa Bay's problems at quarterback affected Bryant's productivity, but the team believes the problem extended beyond that.

Reports are the Bucs will not place a franchise or transition tag on Bryant, meaning he will become a free agent March 5th unless a deal is reached at the 11th hour.

So here we are. The Dolphins have an obvious need at wide receiver. The unrestricted free agent pool of wide receiver (check the list on previous posts) is shallow.

Do the Dolphins make a play for Bryant?

I say, no thanks. You say what?

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I understand Parcells not liking diva receivers but it's getting to a point where Parcells needs to put that aside so that the Dolphins can grab somebody that actually scares other teams. No offense to Bess, Camarillo, Hartline, or Ginn, but those boys aren't #1 WR material.

1) Sign Dansby - solidify the ILB he is fast and can cover....so you can move him around to OLB too (causes confusion)

2) Draft a very good DE/OLB - for pass rushing

3) Draft a weapon but not at reciever (McCluster) someone like a darren sproles or chris johnson - wheel routes out of the backfield- no LB can hang with if he is fast enough also a nice compliment to the wildcat

3) Draft a TE that can stretch the field SPEED and HANDS - it gives defenses fits
how many times did our defense get burnt by good TE

4) We need a dominant saftey to assist Bell

More needs but that would be a nice start

Mando you are wrong about Antonio Bryant and Mike Nolan... Also, nothing is ever mentioned about the fact Bryant through something at Parcells after Parcells hit him with it first...

Then-49ers coach Mike Nolan says he mishandled his receiver and regretted the team’s decision to release him.

“He was the best receiver we had in San Francisco, in the time I was here,” says Nolan, fired by the 49ers in October. “Looking back on it, I actually made a mistake in letting him go. I think I put too much blame on Antonio, as far as his relationship with the quarterback.

“As it turns out, it was not all his doing. I blamed him for more than he should have been blamed for. There’s no question he was making more effort than I was made aware of. I truly regret that.”


He is OK but not worth the money he will get in FA. Good size, good speed but does not bring it every play and could be a problem in the lockerroom. For the right price I am all for it but he will be overpaid and that means he will not be a Phin this yr.

I do think we should get a #1 WR in FA or trade because of how long it takes to develop a WR coming out of the draft. They are behind most positions because of the offenses run in college. If we do draft a WR in the draft do not expect to much from him this yr and thats the problem we need a #1 WR NOW and a rook will need time before he can be a #1WR. I know Bill and Co will address this position so I am not worried like every one else seems to be.

Still can't find NUMBER 1.

Only take him if he'll play for a bag of peanuts and a corndog.

Got dog it ppl.. GROW TH (BLEEP) UP! So times it takes others longer to mature... this kid didnt have nothing growing up and then all of a sudden he's getting 200,000 checks a week. i dnt support his behavior in any way.. but the last few yrs he's been clean.. cnt go anywhere looking backwards MANDO... Are u judged on your poor cuban background.. are ppl still calling u that poor cuban kid.. Heck no.. so why dnt u look at ppl the same way ppl look at u.. by what u are doing now.. funny how u ppl always look backward on ppl lives like they did it yesterday.. wouldnt u think it was stupid if u and ur wife had a conversation and u told her u and a buddy had a threesome with some random chick in college, and she packed her bags and divorced u.. you be looking like what the hell just happened..my point being the past is the dang past. We need a receiver i wouldnt care if he had a 12 pack before the game, if he went out there and caught 10, 11, balls for 100 plus 14 out of 16 weeks, give me that guy. not a guy like ginn who never gets in trouble and soesnt show up on sunday's.


Let's get some perspective before we comment. As for Nolan:

“He was the best receiver we had in San Francisco, in the time I was here,” says Nolan, fired by the 49ers in October. “Looking back on it, I actually made a mistake in letting him go. I think I put too much blame on Antonio, as far as his relationship with the quarterback.

“As it turns out, it was not all his doing. I blamed him for more than he should have been blamed for. There’s no question he was making more effort than I was made aware of. I truly regret that.”


Secondly, Hartline better than A. Bryant at this point in his career? Are you serious? the guy has played like 10 games and has about 20 catches. Bryant has 2 years over 1,000 yds. I like Hartline, but he has to establish himself in the NFL to be considered better than an already established and productive receiver. I think he'll get there but he has to get his feet wet.

Third, if you read my post I suggested filling the glaring WR need through readily available FA's allowing you to focus the majority of your draft on Defense to fill the rest of our needs. The WR isn't the biggest need, it just fits a needed piece into the puzzle.

Seacrest out......


I'll leave your thoughts as they are, and will just say, you're entitled to your opinion. And obviously, they differ from mine. So be it.

Hartline has alot of upside and he looks like a hardworker. He has a chance to be very good, a track guy so you know he has the speed, the question is can he put it all together the jury is still out on that.

I think Bill Parcells would sign the Devil himself if it helped him win. Bryant is a quality WR who is better than anything we have. Signing him would free up a draft choice to select one of our other needs, especially if we can get him on the cheap. I believe too much is made of this good citizen stuff, the last I checked, LT wasn't exactly a boy scout under Parcells. The league is full of thugs and hoodlums, so are the colleges, that's just the way it is. I don't think you're ever going to win a Super Bowl with a squad full of choirboys!

mando great story. Good to see you finally got deep into something.

Go for Bryant, just not this one..Dez Bryant. He's younger, faster & has a chip on his shoulder because he had to sit out a year.

Seacrest out? Really? Is this the Lifestyle channel blog? LMFAO

**Stop that you silly goosey loosy you. Jezzuz Chrizzt**

Biggest Dolphin fan you hit the nail on the head with this statement "I don't think you're ever going to win a Super Bowl with a squad full of choirboys!"

Also Dwayne Coleman, best post on here, loved it!!

Before you write off Bryant...recall another veteran receiver with a checkered past that turned out quite well for the Dolphins -- Irving Fryar. I say roll the dice. Henne needs a go-to receiver today.

Sign Bryant and TO

Get bryant not Antonio but Dez a younger guy with something to prove he'll make the plays

We will be in 3rd place for many years to come in the AFC East with no weapons out wide. G.C....Ginn...Turner..Hartline were are all wr's who wouldn't start for any other team in this league. They are slow footed...blue collar...possession wr's who have zero ability to stretch the field or get y.a.c. Dez Bryant is a freak...these guys don't come in the league every year like Moss and B. Marshall.

Defense alone will not win a championship...if you can't score points in this league you can't win consistently. The Fins can't score points and struggle mightily to move the football ...game in and game out. Painful team to watch on offense with this dink and dunk passing game mixed with lots of inside runs.

Wasted pick in Pat White attempting to run a gimmick offense to hide the lack of skill position talent. We are firmly behind the Pats and Jets with zero playmakers on offense...aging rb's and garbage te's mixed with an over paid o-line.

Anyone ever notice every free agent or player that wants to be traded always will bring the dolphins in to the conversation.They seem to never land in Miami-when was the last trade that brought a starter to the phins(NOT NAMED RICKY WILLIAMS)?And who was the last big name free agent signed(not to many guys left-better get him Joey Porter)?

Get rid of one headache (Porter) to sign another...NOOOO!

We need a #1 WR no matter what. I doubt we see the trifecta give up any draft picks outside a 3rd or so (Boldin) - We have 3 similar receivers that are good that we can trade for a 3rd or 4th so if we have to make the move for Boldin and sign him for 3 years with an option lets do it and gamble on a later round WR pick. I still see us trading down if all the big names are gone and possibly drafting Spiller.

Get him. We need someone that is a threat.


BUT....Nolan also said that cutting Bryant was the biggest mistake he made while in SF and he wished he wouldn't have done it.

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