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Breaking down Miami's priorities this offseason

Wants. Needs. Must haves.

If you are a Dolphins personnel man or coach, you know what these words are about. If you are reader of this blog, you also know what these words are about. These words define the priorities the Dolphins put on their offseason moves.

A quickie tutorial: The must haves are the priority. The team must add talent at this position to function. The needs is next in line. The team needs to improve in this area, but it suggests there are bodies on the roster that can do the job -- although not at the optimum level -- to field a team. The wants? These are the greedy desires. These are the luxuries that can turn very good into great. Teams can make the playoffs without their wants.

So where are the Dolphins in their priority lists as the new league year looms March 5?

Ask Gary Horton at Scouts Inc. at ESPN.com and he believes Miami's priorities are 1. WR, 2. FS, 3. NT. Then he adds the team also needs help at OLB, ILB and OG.

Ask Salguero at, well, right here on this blog and I happen to disagree with Horton. I say Miami's must have is OLB, then NT, FS, WR, and ILB. 


I believe the OLB spot is key because the Dolphins simply don't have a lot of bodies at the spot and the ones they do have all are dogged by questions. We know Joey Porter will be gone from the team in 2010 as soon as the Dolphins figure out how to add and divide and are able to terminate his contract without screwing up the move as they did once already.

I digress.

Porter will be history and Jason Taylor, 36 in September, is an unrestricted free agent.

The Dolphins need to get younger at OLB, folks. And even if Taylor is re-signed as a stop-gap measure, the Dolphins need to get about the business of finding their future defensive star. In the 3-4 defense, the OLBs need to be stars. They are the guys who cause havoc. They are the ones the offense must plan around. They are the ones that can turn mediocre coverage on the back end into good enough because quarterbacks are either rushing their throws, or missing open receivers because they're on the ground or looking to avoid to the rush.

And so the Dolphins need to find a couple of those guys.

Cameron Wake is one of those guys, you say? Maybe. He showed how promising he is as a pass-rusher in 2009. But Wake has to become a three-down player to be the right answer. And he wasn't that when the season ended.

"I can tell you that's what I'm going to be, that I'm going to be a starter by next year," Wake told me when the Dolphins were packing their belongings after the season-finale. "But none of that matters. I have to do it. It's not about saying it. It's about doing it. I have to prove it to the coaches, to everyone. That's what matters."

Wake is confident he can prove it. But what else do you expect? We have yet to see it. So the Dolphins cannot simply be content in having Wake. Plus, there is a small issue of the strongside outside linebacker.

If Wake is going to man the weak side, the Dolphins need to identify a strongside linebacker. Taylor might or might not be that guy short-term. He definitely is not that guy long-term. Frankly, neither is Charlie Anderson, who is a good role player, but hasn't proven he can be a starter.

So do you understand that Miami must add OLBs just to field a defense? That means OLB rises to the level of a must have like no other spot on the team.

Many fans and pundits believe ILB is a must have but the fact remains the team still has its two starters -- Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele -- from the past two years. Yes, they both had subpar seasons in 2009. But they're signed. They're on the team. They're experienced. ILB is a need because it can use upgrading. But it isn't necessarily a must have, in my opinion.


Coach Tony Sparano described it as the "quarterback of the 3-4 defense," in that if the scheme's nose tackle stinks, the run defense will stink and the unit won't be able to stop anyone. The Dolphins have Paul Soliai on the roster as their best NT right now. Jason Ferguson, 36 in November, is an unrestricted free agent and he might or might not retire based on his recovery from a quadricep injury that shortened his 2009 season.

The drop from Ferguson to Soliai was precipitous. Horton describes Soliai as, "serviceable but not consistent," which is absolutely accurate. So the Dolphins must have a starting caliber player here. At the very least they must have a player to groom behind Soliai or behind Ferguson and Soliai. Obviously if Ferguson returns, the situation improves.

But if the Dolphins allow themselves to believe they can survive one more season with Ferguson and Soliai and think Ferguson will play all 16 games, they are deceiving only themselves. Nose tackle is a must have.


Gibril Wilson is not the answer. Period. He cannot cover and that matters only every time the other team throws the football -- which in today's NFL is about 60 percent of the time on average.

The Dolphins thankfully have youngster Chris Clemons waiting in the wings. Clemons seems to play fast and is confident. "My job is to come up with interceptions," he told me once last year.

Of course, no one has any idea if he will or not because he was only a rookie and not ready (in the coaching staff's estimation) to replace Wilson, who was terrible. So we have no idea if Clemons is the answer.

If he's not, the Dolphins must have a player ready to take over that is ready because putting Wilson back there again in 2010 is an invitition to more big plays. And in case you're wondering, Miami's defense yielded 40 passes of 25-yards or more in 2009. The free safety wasn't responsible for all of those, but he collected more than his fair share. The free safety spot must be addressed somehow.

Now you guys understand I want the Dolphins to add playmaking wide receivers. I want it badly. Simply, this team will not be a legitimate contender until it is able to throw the football with consistency and you can't do that without quality wide outs.

The Miami braintrust, winners of Super Bowls in the 1980s and 1991, may not agree. Maybe they believe a good running game and solid defense and avoiding mistakes can still bring you a Super Bowl title.

And to that I respond that eight of the NFL's top 10 passing teams made the playoffs in 2009. If you can't pass, you can't win. It ain't 1991 anymore. The rules have changed. The game has changed. You have to throw the ball or die in today's NFL.

But alas, I recognize a WR is a need. It is not a must have. The Dolphins have receivers on the roster. Some are even reliable, if not dynamic. Can the Dolphins win games with their current corps? Yes. Can they win championships? No way.

That makes WR a need. An obvious one. But not necessarily a must have.

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NJ Phin Fan, talk about putting words in people's mouths, I never said anything about a 1st. Are you lacking reading comprehension skills?

The earliest I ever put him at publicly would be a mid second. Are you reading things that aren't there? Is this the Da Vinci Code or something?

Whatever man, I don't have time to debate things that I didn't even say to begin with. Justify it to yourself however you want, doesn't change my life any. I know enough that not all your assessments aren't exactly accurate.

Also Mark , i NEVER and i MEAN NEVER !!! said miami shoudn't consider NT in the first round. That's straight out untrue. I'm about defense. As far as dan williams , we still don't know if he can play NT. I 'm positive he can but nobody knows yet. Also i didn't say williams was only about speed . I said i haven't seen a dt/nt pursue and chase qb and rb's from sideline to sideline with that kind od speed ina along time. Stop putting words in my mouth will ya. c'mon man

General Observation,

I like Dan Williams as a DT and I think he is a good player. In the last 2 years he has 53 solo tackles and 2 X as many total tackles when assists are added in.

He added a whopping 2 sacks in 09 and 1 sack in 08. I feel like his main job will be to "Clog" and not really penetrate at the NT spot anyways. I feel the Fins get better value If take a tru NT and bigger clogger in Mt. Cody as he can be had later in the draft and may even work better if you are talking mainly clogging up the middle of the Def so the LB's can make the tackles. Heck even Cam Thomas and Troupe are two big guys that should clog well and be had in 2-4rth round range.

That would free up the Fins to take another shot at a stellar athlete in round 1 that might change a game or a stud OLB that may change a game with a sack / strip turnover as we have seen so many times this year from great DEF's.

Just a thought.


LMAO @ Mark . I SAID LATE 1ST- 2ND ROUND , !!!. YOU JUST SAID 2ND ROUND !! no di vinci code

Come on NJ, seriously, you laughed at me when I said his power was similar's to casey hamptons and then in the senior bowl, he continually bull rushed the top rated guard from Idaho right into the QBs face, showing his awesome lower body power.

But whatever, I know what you typed and perhaps something is lost in translation when you type things out because your point has to be made in a paragraph or two. No worries, I do enjoy comparing notes with you and you seem like a good guy. You just aren;t right a 100% of the time, nobody is. Least of all me. After all, I was extremely high on Arrelious Benn at the start of the year and he fizzed out large, it happens.


Mark , same goes for me about you. No problems . I enjoy talking to you . By the way , who was that one telling you about benn in the beginning of the year ??? LOL !! j/k :).

Not sure if this has been talked about but in my opinion, the ideal draft scenario to play out for the phins is to trade back and take one of the OLBs, whether it be Kindle, Pierre-Paul, Graham, or Jerry Hughes. Also, although it is admittedly very unlikely to happen, If we get a 2nd rd pick in a trade back, use one of our 2nd rounders to draft another OLB and the other on the BPA between ILB, WR or NT. The only way we draft a S in the first 3 rounds is if Earl Thomas slips.

Dear Mr. Salguero

My Dolphin Football thoughts

People say we need a NT...Is Soliai maturing as a player/Man he did have a couple of good games if I remember right. Is this the year the light turns on ?

LB's - I'm sorry but we went from Zack Thomas to Channing Crowder.

Question Fans....How many of you own Channing Crowder Jersey's ? If you do are you a close family member ?

Dont feed me Filet Mignon fall all those years then switch to chopped liver and tell me its good.

WR - Any NFL player at the age of 30 or older is playing on borrowed time...with rare exceptions...No Bolden from Arizona for me....no soup for you.

I hope the x' and o's people of this blog will forgive me for infringing on there territory

Soiled :)

Now hear me out....Rd. 1: Pierre Paul Rd2: Spikes ( might slip due to subpar combine? )Rd2: Arrelius Benn (big upside, bad illinois Qb) Rd 3: Navorro Bowman

I know this scenario will almost certainly not play out for a number of reasons, but would anyone else be stoked about this or something similar??

I agree with HCH our draft is going to be filled with defense. I´m not sure about the order but ILB,OLB,NT with the first up.

I have a feeling we are going to go WR in the late rounds to try and find a hidden gem.

C,TE and FS are also to look after in the draft.

NJ PHIN, @1:28pm

Classic lines from your post:

As far as dan williams , we still don't know if he can play NT. I 'm positive he can but nobody knows yet.

It was just a chuckle... NO need to answer it.

I am with you on the NT being tricky enough that frankly, not all big DT can stomach. We have a guy on the team that is big and athletic but don't even want to be a NT in McDaniels.

I like Dan Williams but I would go OLB Graham in first and target Cam Thomas or Troupe later to get more value.

Cheers NJ PHIN,

Ron Burgundy -

A DE with first pick, WOW?
Spikes in round 2, ok?
WR in 3rd, ok?

How is our NT, entire LB and FS problems solved with your thoughts posted?

Rob in OC - McDaniels did get into some off field trouble didn't he? That may cause some problems...

On a side note about Solia. How many games has he even started in this league? Not very many and everyone wants to give up on him with very few starts and experience. Was Wilfork dominant as a rookie or within his first few starts? I am not saying Solia is our future, but I am not writing him off like everyone is. Do we keep him if we draft Williams or another NT? If so that will still be a competition up for grabs IMO...

Indiana Dolfan -

Pierre Paul will be an OLB
Spikes upgrades ILB as much as McClain would IMO
After Earl Thomas,and obviously Berry, there's really no FS worth taking in first 3 rounds, and same goes with NT. Ideally, I would I would love to get Dan Williams, Rolando McClain and Earl THomas....but we both know that's not going to happen

Perhaps Myron ROlle in later rounds? and the big DT from Duke ?

and the entire LB corps is solidified if we draft Pierre paul, Spikes and Bowman...

Thoughts on Kyle Vanden Bosch pick up?

Indiana, depth at the NT is key. Even if we pick Williams or Thomas, Soliai still will be key in our defense. He wore down towards the end of the year, and I think a lack of true depth really played a role in that. I like h, and keeping him fresh is key in making sure he plays at his peak level.

Ron B @ 1:48,

I have no major problems with some of that.

I think Pierre Paul is a ultra raw but very athletic kid. He looks kinda like Jason Taylor as a tall, lanky guy running around making plays. I like Graham a bunch better though. he put up vastly superior numbers at a much bigger school.

Spikes in the Second would be fine for me. I think he hits hard and fills the gaps well.

The Benn Pick I would grab the next NT out of Cody, Thomas and Troupe in that order. NT will be a huge need if Ferg can come back 100% and really what is 100% at his age anyways? Get younger and grab a new NT at 3.

Hard to say if LB N. Bowman would be around into the 4rth. He is solid enough to take a shot at then.

If we get Graham and somehow nail Dansby down then I would change your Bowman pick to RB Ben Tate. He has good hands and I was very impressed at his blocking prowess at the Senior Bowl. He reminds me of a faster, bigger version of Kevin Faulk. He can do everything pretty dang good.


Ron, Vimce Oghabaase would be a good late round guy to take a flyer on. He doesn't get brought up a lot, would would provide youth and depth at the nose.

Rob in OC, I love Graham too, but I don't know what it is about JPP, although very raw, I feel like he will be the next Demarcus Ware. Not at 12 though, we must try to trade down whatever we do, unless Bryant falls to the spot. As far as NT goes, I agree with you that if Cody is still there, grab him. However, the others in my view have as much value as Oghabaase, who will likely be around later and would be a great value pick as Bootang25 pointed out

Indiana Dolfan,

Yeah, I am ALWAYS amazed when players fight with their wifes and gorlfriends with so much riding on things... wow. I hope he doesn't get suspended by the NFL for games. I think he got the do it again and your gone speech from the Fins Brass.

The flat fact of the matter is, if they had more impressive players along the Dline I think they would let him go. I mean they had Roth as a good developer at OLB and let him go for lie/contract whatever issues.

At the end of the day they are human being which is why Cops, Politicians, Clergy all get busted for the same stuff sometimes..drugs, spouse abuse, rape or shooting people off duty.


I don't know much about Ben Tate, I'll check him out though because I belieive a RB will be drafted, though I would love for it to be Gerhart...

Adewale Ogunleye is a UFA. Other UFA to note:

LB Aaron Kampman
WR Muhsin Muhammad (maybe decent veteran but doubtful)
WR Terrel Owens (I know no divas and the history with Parcells, but talent is there)
DE Ryan Denney
S Mike Brown (questionable, but better than Wilson?)
S Roy Williams (another questionable player)
NT Casey Hampton
LB Gark Brackett (still an option)
LB Keith Bullock
DE Jevon Kearse

Just looking through options, so what do you guys think on the above options. Do the Phins go after any of them??

I wish there was Europa League where guys like Sperry, Sheets, White could play during the summer and improve their game

Indiana Dolfan,

As for Kyle Van Den Bosch... I have admired his play for a long time. I wish he would have been grabbed by the Fins when the Titans got him coming off injury from AZ years ago.

I think his age and injury concerns keep him off the Fins roster. Unless it was a bargain basement thing they may bring him in for a look. he doesn't have ties to South Florida Jason Taylor does so he wont try to set a bargain price.

Good thought though...nice rock to turn over.


Indiana Dolfan, I'm a big fan of Kampman and Hampton; those are the only two I would want. Love Ogunleye, but not in a 3-4 D. Roy W...better tackler than gibril but possibly even worse in coverage....Hampton's too old and Kampman will be too much money unfortunately...

Wow, 100% on the money. There's really not a lot to add to that. The WR issue worries me because as I know the team badly needs a number one, there's that line that Parcells always uses, "a WR has to be available, we can't just fabricate one". Between the CBA and other needs being more important at the draft, I don't see the phins getting a #1 playmaking WR unless they get really lucky in the later rounds OR Pat Turner somehow miraculously learns how to get off the line of scrimmage in the offseason. Don't see either happening so I feel it would serve the team better to build up the defense in the early rounds and use a late round pick on a RB with potential. RB will be an issue for the Dolphins sooner than we think and they need to start looking now. They can still make the playoffs without a #1 WR as Mando pointed out and then the following season they should go all out to find their guy.

Just to clarify why I believe 2 OLBs will be taken in the first 3 rounds...that's what they did last year with the CBs and OLB is "possibly" a bigger need than CB was and a very deep OLB class this year..

Through the draft or FA:
1. ILB (FA or 1st pick)
2. NT (2nd round if Williams or lower)
3. OLB (1st or 2nd round depending on ILB and NT situation)
4. WR (FA or 3rd round)
5. TE (Whenever)
6. OLB (3rd round or lower depending on WR)
7. OG (Low round)

FS is okay for one more year with Gerbil. If he sucks in camp, Clemons or Culver should be servicable if not excellent.

RB is okay for one more year with everyone healthy again. Trading Ronnie for a 2nd rounder might be worth it though. He's only got a couple more peak years left. Pick up another RB in the draft then.

Isn't this fun???????

And did I mention how much I love it when this blog is about football and not a he said/she said account of the goings on in the front office? In my opinion this is when Armando is at his best and it's what always keeps me coming back for more, no matter how many times I say I'm leaving for good!

Ron Burgandy,

I like Toby Gerhart a lot as well. I think he is an amazing runner for what he is... which is an athletic enough FB to be a RB.

As the Fins wont get rid of Ronnie in 2010.
Ricky is a go for this year.
They have a kind of similar type runner in Hilliard at the moment.
They have an outstanding FB for short yardage in Polite.
Lastly I think range he will go in the draft 3-4 will be prime NT, LB and or FS rounds. That's when the DEF depth will play into landing a player(s) whos value more fits the round and bargains can be had.


Casey Hampton isn't too old. His game relies on strength and at 31 next year, he will be in his prime. All depends on the length of the contract. Great pickup for 2 or 3 years - won't be any good beyond that.

COuld be a consideration if the administration doesn't want to draft Williams with their 1st pick.

Rob in OC,

I absolutely agree with all points on Gerhart except for him being a FB that can play RB. I believe he is a pure RB, and IMO the best one in the draft. Think about what team he played on. If he was at Bama, his numbers would have been astronomical, better than Ingram's for sure. ( Wait a minute, his numbers already were better. Why didn't he win the Heisman again ??)Unfortunately, there's almost zero chance of the trifecta using a pick on him because like you said, where he will go is where we will be upgrading NT, LB, and or S. However, I think it would be a great pick, for as talented as Ronnie Brown is, he is yet to stay healthy a full season and Ricky obviously doesn't have much time left in the NFL.

Bold prediction, and I'll probably end up being dead wrong on this, but I really do believe Gerhart will be a top 5 RB in this league for several years....

Another RB who might be worth a look in the later rounds is Demarco Murray of Oklahoma

Indiana Dolfan,

Of your list of FAs the ones I feel could help the Fins and thus would be possiblities in this order:

NT Casey Hampton (Pitt will franchise or tag him I think)

LB Keith Bullock Been at it a while but is still probably an upgrade from the players we have currently. Stop gap type for a year or two and could buy the Fins time.

LB Gary Brackett Not sure he is what BP & Co look for but I think he has some game. Crowder can tackle when healthy and he and Brackett would be an upgrade from Akin and Crowder...I just don't see the Trifecta going after him. The Colts Def is based of much different attributes than the Fins.

Overall I think Dansby would be the best fit but will also draw the biggest fee, most likely.

The others I don't see going to the Fins due to divaness, bad fit, or not enough upgrade to merit a change.


Mark in Toronto

You are right about Hampton not being too old to play. However, I think he's too old for the Phins to give him a big FA contract. I wouldn't mind it though, he's an excellent player.

Waterboy @2:13,

Yeah the closing of that league was a bummer. Not so much cause i watched but for the great farm system it provided.

I feel if that takes root eventually we are pulling huge Guards from Poland and LB's from Norway.

Too bad.


Ron B @ 2:21,

True they have double drafted before to cover a position i.e. V Davis and S Smith.

Could be a good call.


Mark in Toronto and Ron Burgandy,

Hampton will be 31 and we have Ferguson at 35?

If they follow similar paths and Hampton plays as long as he can that'a 3-4 years. That is even better than a 1-2 year stop gap imho. I don't think age will end up being what stops the Fins. I think it will be Pitt tagging or resigning him.


Ron B,

I will have to research Demarco Murray some more and I will get back to you on him.

As late round RB possibles Oregon's LaGarrette Blount is a big, 245lbs, fast for his size RB that has had some brushes with authority. That will make him fall till probably 4rth round on. I see him like a VERY poor mans Baltimore Ravens RB Jamal Lewis. He was a big back with skills and a checkered past coming in so he slipped some in the draft. Lewis has basically been on good behavior in the NFL and has been productive. Lewis has ripped off some huge days.

If they end up restocking RB late he, along with Ben Tate would be good places to start. I think Tate is even more versatile, faster and has better hands which are a must in todays NFL.


good posts Rob in OC .

Jonathan Dwyer | RB
Thats the back to keep your eye on, second round or third but would be a perfect fit for Parcells and the Dolphins.

Yeremiah Bell was the leading tackler on our team last year. That right there tells you everything you need to know about the 'wants' 'neefs' and 'must haves.' I believe in the Tuna's "draft in twos" philosophy. With the talent at DT and LB in this draft, I pray for something like this:
12: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
43: Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama
73: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida
107: Pat Angerer, ILB, Iowa

Prediction for 2011 draft in twos? OLB and Offensive Guard.

I'd rather beat NE 45-42 than lose to NE 3-0. Defense does not win championships Mando

Thanks Arche!

I will try to post when I can and answer as many posts of the posed questions as I can if I have knowledge or or an opinion of the players.

I really appreciate you going to bat for me the other day.

Even though I slip into battle mode ever now and then and do crack a joke or two, I like to keep it on as much healthy Fins banter as possible. We are all thirsting for a SB Championship but, some posters prefer the caustic "you suck, you don't know anything" approach.

I actually think that is a rather comedic angle as EVEN with the Parcells and Polians, from the Spielman's to Mewsome's, Kiper's, to Ex Players, to the local grocer or hair dresser... at the end of the day, everyone should admit they are taking their best, educated guess.

An educated guess that is typically rife with upbringing, biases, favorites, life experience, knowledge, lack of knowledge, the big inside tips some get or say they get and of course the whole kit and kaboodle.

Fun times! Draft season is always a way to wash away some warts with the magic elixer of help in New Incoming Talent! Hopefully, really, really good talent.


I'd rather beat NE 45-42 than lose to NE 3-0 Mandoofus. Defense does not win championships.

Ha Ha a huge LMFAO at NJ...again...read my post NIMROD...I applauded Rob in ORANGE COUNTY...yeah, you heard it...and Im from Australia...DILL..!!...a dill is a not clever man here in OZ...thats you mate..!!

And im happy to win awards, I like them.And I did love the Burgundy brothers..they were hilarious and trashed you bigtime...Wear it brother...

To Rob in OC....theres about 100 fin fans in my neighbourhood alone...we all get together and watch it all on FOXTEL from my joint...we LOVE the Phins...i fell in love with them via the CZONK...ha ha....big following down under and one day Im comin over with real aussie beers and we can drink to our boys health...you to NJ as Im sure your a good guy..!!!....alfy...OZZZZZZZ

I agree with you on everything BUT WR. I think Miami CAN win with the WR's they have, what they NEED is a pass catching TE. One that strikes fear into defenses going down the seam. Sure Indy has good receivers, but they actually look a lot better BECAUSE of Dallas Clark. New Orleans has Shockey who despite being a pain in the ass is a good pass catching TE. This is what Miami lacked this year. I thought Fasano would develop into that, but he hasn't.

However the fins fill the roster, they NEED to draft the best player regardless of position. If that means drafting an OT or CB or QB so be it. The holes can be filled through free agency but the draft should be about getting a star that they can build around. We've seen the mistakes of the wanny error, I mean era, with using the draft to fill holes. The fins should've drafted Vince Wolfork even though they had Tim Bo instead of Vernon Carey, a need.

Rob who are yo talking to , there'e nobody here. there was a new blog hours ago . FYI , arche is not real , He's is a troll named aloco. lol. you a pretty slow and new to this blog.

bigafly , you sound like a 10 year old. they laugh at anything. ps you deserve those idiot awards. lol

Ron Burgundy,

BTW Po is a retard who loves to get insulted by NJ??
February 15, 2010 at 11:54 PM


NJ has never insulted me to my Knowledge.

Hope ya show up tonight..

ROB IN OC . " Kobra kai is a Donkey without a tail w/ big teeth. " POSTED BY ARCHE AT 11:48 am. this is your great admirer . He's nothing but a troll. We know you like to hear yurself talk but be careful who your talking to. lol

Po . bigafly thought ron or fake ron was actually funny because he was taking shots at NJ. I don't know who is a bigger imbecile fake ron hiding behind real ron's name or bigafly.

I figured it out, I'm a bit slow today...

Thanks though.

Keep Drafting, stay away from the free agents. JPP in the first round baby!

Spovo must be NJ...cook my lunch and keep flippin burgers...!

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