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Why wouldn't the Dolphins trade Joey Porter?

I am still answering questions on radio shows and via e-mails about Miami's aborted effort to terminate Joey Porter's contract last week. And the on-going curiousity about that episode got me to thinking -- which is always dangerous.

After pondering this situation I've come to this conclusion: The reputation of the Dolphins front office is going to be tested here.

Follow me on this. We all know Porter will not be with the Dolphins in 2010, barring a natural disaster that somehow sucks every weakside linebacker except Porter off the planet. The entire NFL knows the Dolphins and Porter are done.

So Miami will cut Porter sometime between March 5 and March 10, when his $1 million roster bonus is due. And it will not raise eyebrows if Porter struggles to land with a new team for a bit, or signs with a new team for a contract that is significantly lower than the one he's currently under.

That is what's supposed to happen to a player with zero trade value.

But ...

If we have a figurative repeat of a Matt Roth incident, where Porter gets picked up almost instantly and signs for money that is as big if not bigger than what he's currently due, I'm going think something went awry in Miami's attempt to get something in return for him.

The fact is if there is a team out there willing to pay Porter what he's currently earning, the Dolphins should be able to extort cajole from that team a late-round pick, maybe a sixth or seventh-rounder, in return for Porter. If such a team exists, surely that team would be willing to part with what is uthought to be by some teams to be a meaningless pick to insure itself adding Porter rather than competing for him on the open market.

And talk about payback for the disrespect Porter's shown Miami the past five weeks? It would be perfect to send him somewhere of Miami's choosing instead of allowing him the ability to pick his new employer.

What I'm suggesting is that if interest in Porter is high enough for someone to pay him as handsomely as he's currently scheduled to earn, the Dolphins should be able to get something for Porter.

They failed to get anything for Roth by the October trade deadline last year and simply cut the player a couple of weeks later anyway. The Cleveland Browns scooped Roth up immediately and he started for them the remainder of the season.

I find it hard to understand why the Dolphins couldn't have gotten something for Roth before the deadline if they knew he wasn't in their long-term plans -- which he was not. I'm not saying they should have gotten a first-day pick for Roth. That wouldn't be fair. But a seventh-rounder or perhaps a seventh-rounder in two years is better than absolutely nothing.

And yet, Miami got nothing.

Those seventh-round picks, contrary to some philosophical beliefs, are valuable. Mark Clayton was an eighth-round selection once upon a time. Jeff Cross was once a ninth-round selection.

So sit back and watch the Porter drama unfold in a couple of weeks.

The hope is the Dolphins find a team such as San Diego, Arizona, Clevelend, or Buffalo -- where former Miami linebacker coach George Edwards is now the defensive coordinator -- that would be willing to part with a "throw-away" pick for Porter at the last second. That would be great work by the Dolphins!

But if the Dolphins get nothing and simply terminate Porter, watch the timing and reporting of the player's new deal. If the demand for Porter is good or if his new deal resembles the deal he currently has with Miami, the Dolphins got rid of a player at least one other team valued. And they will have gotten nothing in return.



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I think if anyone wants a shot at porter they will wait and take their chances. Can't imagine a bidding war would go too high anyway.

Your saying that cuz the Browns picked up Roth and he started for them that maybe someone will trade for Porter? ... its the BROWNS!!!

And Porter is worse off. He's more of a loud mouth now than ever AND declining skills.

Yeah thanks Dolphins for letting me go to a city that has a 90 degree turn in the busiest highway in the area and where the lake once caught on fire. I would of rather been traded to the Jets... on second thought, burning lakes aren't THAT bad.

f they say, we are trading JP and tell his agent, Joey starts shooting off his mouth and the trade is dead. You can't win with JP so tell him to screw off and leave. Wherever he goes he will have that special place in his heart for the Dolphins and he will try to intimidate or play the greatest game of his iife. Whatever Joey, just go awaqy.

Mando u went from "the 7th round pick is usually meaningless" to "those 7th round picks are valuable" all in the same breathe. Do u proof read mang? Im startin to think you feed us contradictory stuff on purpose.

You talk of a 6th or 7th round pick as a throwaway pick in one sentence, then in another sentence about the possibilities of getting a player like Mark Clayton. I don't think they are as valueless as you suggest.

Trading #55 to a team he might not like could be counter-productive, it might be viewed as vindictive - other players would see that. It's best just to be straight up. That's what I like about the Trifecta - players know or should know exactly where they stand.

In summation, Porter sucks, nobody likes him, but hopefully needs him enought to give us a 7th round pick.

The trifecta should be able to get a 7th for a guy who had 17 sacks two years ago. Why let this douche go to the team of his choosing. Theres a double standard with how JP is being treated versus JT who is being taken advantage of cause hes a good soldier IMO.

If I'm not mistaken, if a team traded for Joey Porter, his contract would remain intact. If he's released, then new teams can sign him from scratch. I don't think JP can play up to the worth of his current contract.

What team is going to want to part with a 6th or 7th round pick only to have Joey become an instant headache by holding out? JP has also said that he wants to play on the west coast. If some team from the east trades for him, you know he's going to cause problems for them. You don't want to trade for a normal player if you knows he doesn't want to be there. You sure as hell aren't going to trade for Joey Porter if you know he's not going to be happy from day 1.


Hate to say it, but this front office is dropping the ball. Matt Roth was claimed by 5 teams on waivers. The Browns got him because they had the worst record. So your right, Miami could of got something for him. And what did Roth do in Cleveland? How about 5 sacks in 4 games, and great reviews from all in Cleveland. One writer saying "I wonder who's dog Roth ran over to get ran out of Miami". Everyone knows the kid can play. Anyway, Roth was way better against the run than Porter, and I dare say, a better pash rusher at this point in his career. I'm really starting to wonder about their decision making down here...

Who Cares?

Just cut him.

You are totally nuking this Joey Porter thing. He can't play anymore and he's a problem in the lockeroom. Cut him and move on.
He's not worth all the ink you are giving him.

I don't know if I completely agree with that line of thinking Mando. Sure, we would hope all 31 other teams would consider a sixth or seventh rounder a throw-away pick, but you made the argument they hold value, and rightfully so. I'm guessing the other organizations realize this too...why give away a pick that could potentially hold great value for a player in decline that is a lock to be a locker room disruption somewhere down the line? I think teams will be more than willing to risk not getting him signed to their club in order to keep their picks. Sure, he may get the same money, if not more with whoever he signs with, but will that be any different than other years? Subpar players get atrocious money they don't deserve all the time, and with what will more than likely be an uncapped year, I'll bet we see him sign a one-year deal worth more than he deserves...again.

Armando, you're clueless...Porter has ZERO value.

cut him now, move on...

I can't believe you guys have forgotten that Roth was still on the pup list at the trade deadline. They tried to activate him on time, but weren't allowed to by the league. Roth didn't come off until a week AFTER the trade deadline was up.

League rules won't allow players on the Pup list to be traded, because the league sees that as trading damaged goods. What would you have the team do?

If a team truly has interest, they would offer up a pick to secure him for his current salary, rather than get in a bidding war with other teams on the open market.

As far as Porter goes if we were to trade him you would have to find someone willing to accept his contract and give up a pick; however, most teams would require him to rework his contract, and if he didn't like the team he could kill the trade by refusing to rework it. Cut him and be done with it not your business what another team decides to pay him since no one is going to accept the contract and a pick the way things are currently.

Now Matt Roth as tree mentioned was on the pup, out of grace with management, and was never an outstanding player despite that some people were enamored with him when we traded him and cite his numbers in Cleveland. His career numbers are not that spectaclar even though for the most part he was a DE not LB but in 5 years he has 139 tackles 46 assists 16.5 sacks 6 pass defended and 6 forced fumbles. We needed the roster space and he was trying to get a contract thus his actions last year.


No offense... but as of late you have been just a tad "Petty" about a few matters. Most concerning Porter thankfully. First..The "Mistake" of cutting him prematurely... and indeed, it was a "Mistake" ... But, nothing more... I failed to see your point when questioning the "Capologists" capabilities as a whole. I am certain she spent some very uncomfortable moments in front of the check signers... and I am certain she will be much more careful in the future. It is obvious the goal was to just bounce the guy ASAP... and in that frame of mind she failed to do "Do Diligence", as I said... It may have been an uncomfortable moment for us fans... Can you imagine how uncomfortable Mr. Ross and Mr. Ireland made it for her???... Now, you are questioning why Miami is not shopping Porter. I too would like to see Miami garner SOMETHING for Porter. But, not knowing the entire story, I believe any assumption concerning why they have not, should wait until we all know just what has occurred between he and the Management. We still do not fully understand the Roth thing. But, would imagine whatever Roth did that would allow Miami Management to completely ignore his run stopping contribution in 2008 was pretty damn bad. Teams just don't say "Hit the road" without a reason. There is a players union... and they will want to know why their guy got the proverbial boot. Apparently, once told... the players union had no objection to Roth's dismissal without a public trial in Miami... so.. as I said... there HAD to be a damn good reason. Trouble being... You, unfortunately, don't know any more then us, unless you do and are not saying out of a promise or otherwise. Nevertheless... I still hope Porter can garner a 6th or 7th... I seriously doubt it. I do not doubt he will play for another team. Mouths can talk their way into anywhere... but then will be asked to back that pie hole up with on field performance... and unless he has been playing "possum" here in Miami for this entire past season... he will fall short of expectations will be, and just as quickly as he arrived... will be a part of the.. "I was once great and now I'm nothing club"... Either way... We all desire him out of Miami...WITH THE QUICKNESS IF POSSIBLE!!!

I have been under the belief all along that this was a stroke of genius. Some team will take the bait, and give the phins a 7th or maybe even a 6th for Porter.

Argh, now Armando is talking about Roth. He was on pup list and then a free agent who was out of favor and NOT producing for us and apparently not interested in playing here anymore ...

Explain how we could have picked something up for him?

Youcn't discount the fact that we have some headstrong know-it-all people we call the trifeca that want to send a message to Porter and Roth while sending another message to every other player in the process.

i'm glad we got armando holding management accountable by asking the tough questions the fans want answers to. parcells wont talk,ireland is afraid to and sparano toys with our intelligence by asking us to not believe what we see on the field. he always compliments the player on his progress(ie. wilford,roth,porter) as he signs their pink slip! we will never know the truth about the roth situation because they wouldnt allow him(roth) to speak to the media(team rules). he said he wanted to talk.

I believe they're sending a message with both of these players. They won't tolerate disruptive behavior.


I think you're reaching a bit with this one!! Its gonna take a miracle for the Phins to get anything in return for Porter!! There aren't any Cam Moron head coaches in the league right now!! You remeber when the Moron and Randy "Full of IT" traded for a concussion prone Trent Green when he was on the verge of being released!!! The mishap last week will negate any chance of getting anything for Porter!!! Although with no cap I see alot of teams willing to pay Porter nicely ,but those teams won't be foolish enough to give up even the most worthless pick for this over the hill LB with a HUGE EGO AND MOUTH!!!! Furthermore would you want a guy on your team telling your young guys to "sit down and wait their turn" or do you want a player that is going to push the younger guys in the direction the team is headed???

Who cares what Sparaono says about players to the press, he needs to get these guys to continue to improve whether they suck or not.

It's easy to armchair QB.

The current management and coaching staff has been vastly superior to anything the Dolphins have had since Shula left. I could care less if they completely messed this up or not, they have my full support and I think they've done a fantastic job. Knocking the Jets out of the playoffs a little over a year ago and then sweeping them last year was just icing on the cake.


cajole? Pulled that one from the thesaurus.

Porter has no value, he's a throw away and no one gives up a pick AND pays 5 million to him next year..unless he is thrown into a deal as an afterthought, let's forget about this guy who produced one good year in Pott and one good year in Miami..

March 5th can't come quick enough


Amen to that.

7th round picks have no value? Remember that Devone Bess was undrafted.

Can we stop talking about these 2 losers Roth and Porter already.

Roth was a Benedict Arnold to the Dolphins franchise. he made up injuries and virtually killed any trade value he once had. Sure 5 teams put in a waiver claim for him. What did they have to lose? He was on a low paying expiring contract - it was essentially a 5 week tryout. Getting a draft pick out of them was an entirely different prospect altogether.

Porter has shown such disrespect to a franchise that made him a wealthy man but has continued to hold the franchise that threw him out like yesterday's trash at the peak of his career (Steelers) in such high reverence. Screw both these losers and let's not mention them ever again.

These guys are garbage, addition by subtraction in both cases.

Teams won't trade a pick no matter how low for a player with a mysterious injury who couldn't get on the field much (Matt Roth).

Teams also won't trade a pick for a bigmouth who will only not show up, holdout and pout. Porter has a lot of money which means he has the leverage against a trade.

I could care less that they are not going to get anything for Hoey Porter... just get him out of here, this is what the uncapped year is good for, cutting dead weight, not overpaying for average talent.... Joey Porter has killed any trade value he previously had, which wasn't much if any.

He is the definition of what the trifecta calls a progress stopper not to mention he is pathetic against the run.

Right on Mark in Toronto... what he said!

Porter is worth a 3rd round pick. Otherwise, he should play here next year.

I don't understand any of this. The Phins have shown their hand. The rest of the league knows he's going to be cut. Why should anyone want to give up a draft pick of any number for this fool?

Paz, little early to be hitting that crack pipe hey??????

PAZ has to be NJ's early favourite.

Mark in Toronto, how's that global warming thing working out for u in Toronto???

Bobby, it's been an extremely mild winter by comparison. I've only had to shovel the snow from the driveway once this winter (although I might have to do it today) and we haven't had many mighty cold days. Still the average Floridian might find it unliveable up here still. We find ways to manage, haha.

well this article is really going to NJ over the edge as much as he states Porter has NO trade value. I have said all along we should be able to get something for him (if Miami front office did their job right), but only time will tell...

Mando has already written a few times that there is no way the Dolphins could get any trade value for Joey Porter, even before Hoey's super bowl week trash talk fest... I get the feeling its a slow news day in Dolphins land...

Matt Roth's post above: "Yeah thanks Dolphins for letting me go to a city that has a 90 degree turn in the busiest highway in the area"
-LOL!! I almost killed myself on that turn driving through Cleveland once! It's under an overpass to boot! Ridiculous.

Coldest winter down here since 1920's, strange year I guess...

I have been saying to anyone who will listen Porter has late round value..."10 sack players don't grow on trees"...how many players have 27 sacks the last 2 seasons? not that many.
As for the Roth debacle...the "Trifecta" blew it...

Once again... concerning Roth. Being let go... or Booted the way he was... you can bet there was a good reason. As I said above, there is a players union... Teams do not just get to "kick guys to the curb"... there must have been a damn good reason... or the Players Union would have cried foul the moment Roth was cut... Porter is outta here for being a loud mouth jerk... Roth?? Well... none of us know just yet... but sooner or later someone will blab.
As far as they are both concerned I am ready to hear something different about the Dolphins for a change... I would rather someone tell me about how the paint is drying in the locker rooms then hear this shyt over and over...

Mando logic:
7th graf: late picks are meaningless
13th graf: 7th round picks are valuable

Mando was right the second time around. No one in his right mind would have given anything, anything for a guy who was an obvious free agent even before he napalmed the bridge.

I share a dog park with a senior personnel man for a very successful NFL franchise and the most prominent NFL writer: both have told me the Porter mix-up was no big deal. (A quick goog of the zip code in my email address lets Mando know who I'm referring to).

I love the message the front office sent to ALL disgruntle players on this team. You don't want to be a DOLPHIN? WE DON'T NEED YOU! AS for trading Porter?. Obviously there are NO takers for a malcontent.

roth basically played like a pro bowler after we let him go, porter has zero trade value. nobody will give up anything, they all know he will be cut, besides porter is an aging lockeroom nightmare.

Derek, I'm with you on that one.

Mando, since the combine is next week, shouldn't you be starting a blog dedicated to draft prospects or free agents. heck, you could do one a day and have it carry us right through to the draft.

Anything would be better than discussing players that refused to play for Miami or ingrate low life, no class thugs that made a fortune just because they were blessed with a god given skill but will surely blow it away within 10 years after leaving the game because they have grade 1 smarts.

YES!!! Another blog about Joey F'ing Porter. You see, dreams really DO come true. Ugghh.

If Porter has/had any trade value I presume the front office thoroughly explored that prior to trying to release him the first time. If not that's very troubling.

I still think we should keep Porter, suspended him, fine his salary away and bar him from the practice facility.

No salary cap this year = perfect opportunity to teach that idiot a lesson. Maybe I'm vindictive, but somebody needs to put him in his place and it makes me sick that he's getting his way after what he's said / done.

Yes Mando, I second what Derek wrote, can you start blogging about the draft. I wish the Dolphin's front office could trade you to Cleveland for one of their optimistic beat writers, your negative point of view on everything Dolphins is annoying.

Jay, no worries, life itself will teach Joey the biggest lesson of all.

Jay - I have said that same thing. Pay him his 1 million roster bonus and keep him on the team. He will screw up some how or run his mouth to give the Dolphins a reason to fine and/or suspend him. That would teach that bum a lesson and be quite humerous to see happen!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

I say we put our foot down once and for all.
Stop with all the cut Joey Porter/Trade Joey Porter talk.
Pay the man his contract, keep him on the the team.

Them inform him his team duties have changed.

Make Joey Porter a bathroom attendent.
Not an attendent in the owners suite or luxury suites I'm talkin where the common man goes.

Imagine finishing your business then washing your hands only to have Joey Porter hand you a moist towelette and a spray of cologne.

Yes it would cause us to use up a roster spot
But it would be worth every penny of his contract I say.

And imagine the message it would send to the other players.

I would love to see the look on Channing Crowders face since he recently got a new deal.

Soiled :)

the only way they get something for porter is to pay him the 1 million and wait it out. I think they might do that.

This is a mess.

I thought Parcells was smarter than this .....

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