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Why wouldn't the Dolphins trade Joey Porter?

I am still answering questions on radio shows and via e-mails about Miami's aborted effort to terminate Joey Porter's contract last week. And the on-going curiousity about that episode got me to thinking -- which is always dangerous.

After pondering this situation I've come to this conclusion: The reputation of the Dolphins front office is going to be tested here.

Follow me on this. We all know Porter will not be with the Dolphins in 2010, barring a natural disaster that somehow sucks every weakside linebacker except Porter off the planet. The entire NFL knows the Dolphins and Porter are done.

So Miami will cut Porter sometime between March 5 and March 10, when his $1 million roster bonus is due. And it will not raise eyebrows if Porter struggles to land with a new team for a bit, or signs with a new team for a contract that is significantly lower than the one he's currently under.

That is what's supposed to happen to a player with zero trade value.

But ...

If we have a figurative repeat of a Matt Roth incident, where Porter gets picked up almost instantly and signs for money that is as big if not bigger than what he's currently due, I'm going think something went awry in Miami's attempt to get something in return for him.

The fact is if there is a team out there willing to pay Porter what he's currently earning, the Dolphins should be able to extort cajole from that team a late-round pick, maybe a sixth or seventh-rounder, in return for Porter. If such a team exists, surely that team would be willing to part with what is uthought to be by some teams to be a meaningless pick to insure itself adding Porter rather than competing for him on the open market.

And talk about payback for the disrespect Porter's shown Miami the past five weeks? It would be perfect to send him somewhere of Miami's choosing instead of allowing him the ability to pick his new employer.

What I'm suggesting is that if interest in Porter is high enough for someone to pay him as handsomely as he's currently scheduled to earn, the Dolphins should be able to get something for Porter.

They failed to get anything for Roth by the October trade deadline last year and simply cut the player a couple of weeks later anyway. The Cleveland Browns scooped Roth up immediately and he started for them the remainder of the season.

I find it hard to understand why the Dolphins couldn't have gotten something for Roth before the deadline if they knew he wasn't in their long-term plans -- which he was not. I'm not saying they should have gotten a first-day pick for Roth. That wouldn't be fair. But a seventh-rounder or perhaps a seventh-rounder in two years is better than absolutely nothing.

And yet, Miami got nothing.

Those seventh-round picks, contrary to some philosophical beliefs, are valuable. Mark Clayton was an eighth-round selection once upon a time. Jeff Cross was once a ninth-round selection.

So sit back and watch the Porter drama unfold in a couple of weeks.

The hope is the Dolphins find a team such as San Diego, Arizona, Clevelend, or Buffalo -- where former Miami linebacker coach George Edwards is now the defensive coordinator -- that would be willing to part with a "throw-away" pick for Porter at the last second. That would be great work by the Dolphins!

But if the Dolphins get nothing and simply terminate Porter, watch the timing and reporting of the player's new deal. If the demand for Porter is good or if his new deal resembles the deal he currently has with Miami, the Dolphins got rid of a player at least one other team valued. And they will have gotten nothing in return.



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So they could pay $1m for a 6th or 7th rd pick???? PAZ has a contender.

No team is going to trade for an aging blowhard with declining skills who is going to be cut in two weeks.

Mando you're not being realistic. If I'm, say the Browns, and I have a high interest in Porter, enough to sign him to a big contract, why would I make that public?? I would just wait until he's cut, make him the offer (which few other teams would do in my opinion), and get him for free draft pick-wise. Makes no sense to trade for him. He's not going to get much interest as far as a big contract from a few teams. One or two at the most. As a GM, I would rather pay more money than pay in draft picks.

I really love how everyone wants to spend other peoples money...all of u that want to pay Joey Porter one million f'u''cen dollars to "punish" him, why don't u open up ur wallet and pay the jerk..I believe Stephen Ross and the Dolphins have more important things to do, like perhaps, build a winning team, then pay a malcontent a million dollars...FU"K Joey Porter, cut him at 1201 AM March 5th

LOL @ bobbyd12

Know way they pay him 1 million for a 6th or 7th but either way it would be humerous to see and Joey would not be happy which would make the situation even better!

Excellent post, Mando. If the Porter gets picked up immediately or signed for big cash and we get nothing for our trouble, I will SCREAM!

Everyone saying Porter has no trade value don't really know. None of you speak with other teams. You guys are talking out of your holes.

I hope, as Mando writes, the Dolphins will try EVERYTHING to trade Porter first instead of just dumping him. Obviously, if it doesn't work, then fine.

But try at least.

We suck. But unlike many posters defending this Joey Porter fiasco, at least we know we suck.


Solid analysis Salguero. The Roth thing bugged me. I thought I was the only one and let it go. But it was weird when it happened, and remains weird now. Thanks for bringing it up. :-)

Fishheaveblows, talking out of our holes huh??? Explain to everyone there genius why a team would give up a draft pick AND pay Joey Porter 5 million dollars next year when they can wait and give up NO draft pick AND pay him less??NO GM in this league, even Al Davis is dumb enough to trade for him, well maybe you but I assume your not a NFL GM so the world is safe...

FLPD returned. I have not seen you in quite some time. Welcome back...

bobbyd12 - the reason a team would give up a 6th or 7th is to guarantee they get Porter and not get in a bidding war and lose him to another team.

I am not saying that will happen, because if it did it would of already took place BUT that is the reason why a team would do it.

They should have kept Roth for the last 6 games. He is a good fit on some teams and we may have gotten a 3 or 4th comp pick if he started for another team. It was a very foolish decision. We did not need to cut him.

Porter will be cut. Why trade, when he can be had for nothing, and signed to a much lower contract? He said he wasn't about the money. Why should he be? He's already got the bulk of his bonus from the Dolphins.
I hate saying this next thing, but it's true to a degree. His total tackles were low, yet he led the team in sacks, while his playing time was diminished. You can't believe some team like New England won't snatch him up, and use him as a third down pass rusher. He's like T.O., skills are slipping while the mouth keeps running.
There's more to this than just Porter though. Roth was cut, and is flourishing in Cleveland. We'll never get the real story there. Two linebacker coaches quit at seasons end without much fanfare. Pasqualoni overshadowed their exit as the sacrificial lamb of the year. While I agree that the defense sucked, should all the blame be put on the coordinator, when he was told to make a strong safety out of a free safety? Wilson did contribute quite a few tackles. Or to add two rookie cornerbacks and stir? We all knew these kids would have problems. The defense lost Allen early, and Ferguson soon after, both leaders on defense. How long does Sparano get to wield that big stick before Parcels admits his mistake? He got year one pass with the rookie tag. Cool. Year two, he made some game changing decisions that he couldn't deny. I'm beginning to wonder how much of these problems on defense have to do with him, and his inability to interact.

I don't know how we can assume Miami dropped the ball when dealing with the Roth incident. Isn't it just as easy to assume that they tried to get something for him but no one offered anything. That his agent may have possibly spilled the beans to other teams that the Dolphins were going to get rid of him no matter what and that if they waited they could save their draft pick and just repay the Roth team by giving him a similar contract to the one he had in Miami? Why do some fans always assume the worst possible scenario is the one that went down when their are a million reasons why something could've happened? Can't imagine going through life so cynically.

After his month long huffing and puffing routine with any and every media outlet, name me one GM that would offer something, other than a pair of worn cleats and a bag of balls. By not keeping his yap shut and keeping it in house, this guy ruined any chance of a trade. No gm would make a move on a guy that was forcing his own release. Its not like he is a young, potential franchise superstar like Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, or even TO in his prime. He is on the wrong side of 30 with a fat contract and declining skills. Who would even remotely risk that trade?

OK, Roth was a free agent at the end of this year, therefore no trades.

And before releasing a player, you can assure that the Dolphins spoke to every team to gauge their interest in a trade. A team just does not release a player just because they feel like it without doing their due diligence.

when the fins finally release porter is there any chance they can also get rid of the cheerleader we have posing as a head coach please? good players are not going to want to come play for a guy who calls timeouts on change of possesion and jumps around like a jackazz after lousy field goals

perspective - There is no way Porter gos to the Pats. After he has pubicly talked trash about their cheating and for what they did to him at the end of the game this year in Foxboro, there is NO WAY he goes to Patriots...

Now that I think of it, maybe we should try to trade him to the Pats. Nothing more would piss Porter off!! LMAO!!

Mando makes a good point about getting something for Joey if a team doesn't want to pay him more than he is making now. And ofcourse in that scenario we would have to assume the market for Joey is going to be high and everyone is going to ignore his loud mouth, aging body, and his inability to pressure the QB OR set the edge on the run. I just don't see it happening that way. I think the league has smartened up about the whole mess. What I do see happening is a small fraction of fans upon Porters release coming in here to scream about how the Dolphins blew it eventhough they have no clue what happened behind the scenes. By reading some of these posts you would think that the Dolphins were contending for a superbowl three years ago and had a bunch of probowl players and a lot of draft picks. What happened to being patient and building through the draft? We were all on board with it after 1-15 so what happened.

Indiana, I was using the Patriots as an analogy. The point is, someone will take a cheap flyer on him. And I've seen Bellicek do stranger things.

Someone said,"They should have kept Roth for the last 6 games. He is a good fit on some teams and we may have gotten a 3 or 4th comp pick if he started for another team. It was a very foolish decision. We did not need to cut him". #1 Roth was a free agent at the end of the season. #2 Who wants to keep a guy on the team that lies to his coach and to the management about an injury and then walks around the training facilities pouting and acting like a cancer. I just don't understand how that helps a team. And I REALLY don't understand this man love for Roth, a player who screwed our team over by lieing, a player that had no respect for the team that we have all loved for many years. Good luck to ole' alligator arms in Cleveland, I hope he pulls a groin again and then Sallys around for 8 weeks riding a bike. Or better yet maybe he can help them to a 1-15 record like he helped the Dolphins. For christs sake how in the hell did this guy become a martyr.

I agree NY besides he isn't even an above average player looking at his career stats; his highest number of tackles (solo + assists) came in 2008 when he had 53; that is not a high number of tackles to deserve such love.

dead mans curve, 90 west, through d'town cleve. good luck roth. hate it , but i bet he's a bad a** with the clowns.

Agree with NYS and KYPHIN, enough with the Matt Roth love in.

why would anyone trade for a player who has been cut once and is only on the roster due to a violation of the rules? they know he will be available without compensation as soon as we are able to cut him again.

we got nothing for roth because he was on the PUP list and the trading deadline ended one day before he could go off that list, do your homework dude, you get paid to write stuff like this...

Boring blog today as is this story. As fans I do not believe we really care what happens to Porter or where he ends up. Hearing his name and reading about him is getting old. Let us know when he is officially gone via trade or cut, but until then, NO PORTER talk...

The Roth thing was a big mistake as well. Even if he could not be traded if he had remained on MIA's roster through the end of the year they would have recieved a compensatory pick more than likely, assuming that he performed as he did for Cleveland.

Mark in toronto is correct . Paz is the early favorite for the list. Indiana dolphin is in 2nd for actually thinking miami can still get something for him. LOL !!

This mando article is just a space and time eater . Slow news day. Miami already cut the guy once but teams are going to trade a draft pick and take on his contract for a guy they know is going to be cut after he was cut already ??? QUE ???? C'mon armando.

Hey NJ, every player in the NFL has trade value or they wouldn't be a player. Just because Porter ran himself out of town does not mean he is worth something via trade if Miami found the correct team.

Also, I never said we can STILL get something for Porter? Where did I state that? I may have stated it would nice to get something or wish we could still get something, but I obviously know we are not.

I did explain how we could get something for him if we were able to do so in a miracle chance.

Maybe you should vote yourself for first...HAHA

You Just did !!! and on your earlier post addressing me. Congrats , you just took the lead. LMFAO !!!!

I am going to use 2 teams just as an example. Let's say both Dallas and Jacksonville both want Porter. Obviously in an uncapped year Dallas could and would outbid Jacksonville. SO IN RETURN, Jacksonville offers Miami say a 6th or even a 7th round pick for Porter which would guarantee them to get Porter and not have the need to get in a bidding war with a high paying owner in Jerry Jones. That is why Porter does have trade value still.

I am not saying that is going to happen. All I am stating is that is the only chance we would end up getting something for Porter. Understand what I am saying first before you open your mouth with dumb voting which means nothing.

By the way, who died and made you boss anyways? I do think it is funny how you somewhat act like this is "your blog" and you seem like you are God on here. You do make good points and have good things to say usually, but most the usual people that have sense on here make good points and have good things to say as well.

Cheatriots love signing old men like Porter and Junior Seau.

I am a little perplex too Armando: you told us a few days ago that JP had absolutely no trade value, now you say (after we cut him!) that someone could bait?

Anyway, I remain convinced that someone who's had 9 sacks in an off year must have some kind of value.

NJ, Just because I state we should be able to get something for him or that he "may" have trade value does not mean that I think we will get something for him. All I was doing is stating the way we could get something for him

To dolphono

Don't read...


I'll follow you on Twitter, if you follow me on Twitter. Is it a deal?

Some observations:

1) If Cole Porter and Irving Berlin had been only lyricists, they would go down as two of the greatest lyricists of all time. If Porter and Berlin had been merely composers, they would go down as two of the greatest popular composers of all time. The fact that they wrote BOTH lyrics and music, magnificently so, is testament to the genius of these very different men - Porter, the sophisticated, mid-Western aristocrat, and Berlin, the poor Jewish immigrant with no formal music training whatsoever.

2) My wife wore a particular undergarment for me on Valentine's Day, and I'm still thinking about it.

3) Did you know that Don Shula's Baltimore Colts once MISSED the playoffs, even though they only had 1 loss during the entire regular season? (They finished 11-1-2.) It was alot tougher to make the playoffs back in 1967.

4) Jimmy Stewart had a doctor spray his throat with something that made him hoarse for that final, magnificent fillibuster scene in "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington."

5) I don't think Armando is going to follow me on Twitter, so I won't even wait for his response.

" well this article is going to really set NJ off the edge.......... I have said all along we should be able to get something for him " posted by Indians dolphan at 9:34 am. "I never said we can STILL get something for porter " posted by Indiana dolphn at 12:24 pm. Your word not mine. You're a liar or you don't read what you write, Now don't cry . You have taken the lead. :)

the list is made of nj first
po w t 2nd

where is ron burgandy 2 put you in your place.
are you gonna stay or run 2 mando,like a snitch.

im from ny/nj thats how we talk round here

INDIANA , WHAT ???????? what was that on your last post at 12 :32 ?? Are you kidding me ??? You're the winner for today .

I said we SHOULD be able to get something for him. That does not mean I think we will. Like I said before, if a player is in the NFL they all have trade value or they wouldn't be playing in the NFL. Now, since Miami didn't play their cards right to get something for him does not mean he does not have trade value because we screwed up. Try actually understanding what I post.

Winner of the day NJ.....

I'm not too impressed by how the trifecta have handled the Porter and Roth situations. To recap, Roth comes to camp, lies about what ails him, pisses management off and he's put on PUP list, he's on it for most of the season, he comes off, plays sparingly and poorly and we cut him. Porter has an off year, claims he was misused, is unhappy with being subbed and is subsequently benched for a game and then asks to be moved. Seems to me the trifecta puts emotion and their personal feelings ahead of what's best for the franchise. That's not how the best teams do things. I'm a big fan of the trifecta and the job they have done here but they do have some shortcomings. And I think it comes from Parcells. I've argued with guys on here about this before but guys like Roth and Porter still have SOME value. If this was New England Belicheck would have gotten SOMETHING back for these guys. The correct way to handle the Porter situation was to have worked the phones up until the time that free agency happens, perhaps even pay him his bonus and sit and wait until you get the offer that you want. To do things the way they did it smacks of immaturity and pettiness and at the end of the day does NOTHING for the organization. DON'T tell me Porter has NO value. Once he's cut, three or four teams will go after him and pay him close to what he made this year and with the extra motivation Porter will have a decent year. Don't believe me?......watch and see!!

Every NFL player has trade value. Just because a team does not get value out of a particular player does not mean he has no trade value. Now you or I who don't have the talent to play in the NFL, DO NOT have any trade value because no team would want us.

Hey winner of the day, NJ, what part of this don't you understand??

winner, winner, winner



IMO...Roth quit on this team because the team brought in Taylor and pushed Roth aside. Roth was a good linebacker!

What exactly is a Twitter ?

yeah im a knowitall egomaniac but i already know that,see im from ny/nj

thats how you beaten up smart @ss
now go hide then snitch biatch

trade him to zona porter and a 3rd or 4th round pick for boldin right armando?!

On Roth, who would trade for a guy who had a mystery illness all summer and had to be put on the pup? Porter age, mouth and play will keep any team from paying big bucks for him not to mention he will not play for a team he doesnt start for, why would you give up a pick for a guy if you are not sure he will be happy on your team when you can wait talk to him in FA then decide if hes worth signing.


I don't think Porter has any trade value at all. No one wants the remainder of his contract and even more no one wants him. He is a loud mouth with declining skills. I see him signing on somewhere late as an injury replacement.


Good to see you post again, it's been a while since I had seen you on Armando's blog.
I agree with you analysis regarding Roth.

I don't understand, mind you that I think Armando is nit-picking a bit, that we would even be in a position to get anything for Porter is every team in the NFL would no that: A. Peezy is a disgruntled player and the Dolphins regime would most likely dump him for saying anything anti Dolphins. B. That he can be had for far less than what he would have been paid this coming year and the team that picked him up would have saved a draft pick by not trading for Peezy.

He just has no trade value and this is something Armando pointed out a few weeks ago.
I think that the organization just as soon would let them go to avoid dealing with problematic players knowing that a given NFL team would see them being cut soon enough.

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Hope some day I take NJ's Place at #1

Then I shall die Content.

If Porter had any trade value, which I highly doubt, it went out the window the day he was on the Jim Rome show.

Who's Joey Porter?

Dolphins Front Office = EPIC FAIL.

They can't even cut a player without screwing it up. Christ, how can you expect them to actually pull off a trade. This is the same genius mind you that brought in Wilford, Wilson, and Pat White in the 2nd round. Yes even in the offseason the smelly fish bring smiles to NFL fans across the league.

That's exactly what I am saying all along. Get a seventh rounder and send him somewhere he doesn't want to go. He will probably try a Favre to get out of it but the last thing we do is let him go to the jets and patriots to face us twice each yr. His days r behind him but every good athlete can bring a good game against an old team

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