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How did Gibril Wilson feel on Super Sunday?

Your name is Gibril Wilson. You've just had a difficult season in 2009 with the Miami Dolphins.

You missed tackles to the point your pee-wee league coach called you to ask you what's wrong (true story). You didn't have an interception even though no less than four passes hit you in the hands throughout the season.

You temporarily lost your starting job midway through the season (for one game) only to regain the job but then lose it again the final game of the regular season. You had trouble in coverage. You had trouble communicating with the media to the point you seemingly gave up on the idea.

It was by any account a bad season because you know your new team -- the third you've played for in three seasons -- is considering dropping you like a bad habit to absolve itself of your toxic contract.

But, hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. You're not playing but neither is there any pressure on you. It's a time to forget the worries of a terrible season. So you sit down like 100 million other people to watch the game. Maybe you're hanging with friends.Maybe you're hanging with family. It is a good time for everyone.

And then the game goes to a commercial and the one below comes on the tube. And, hey, midway through the commercial you recognize yourself. And you're not the hero in this commercial, in fact you're the goat. And you suddenly realize that 40 percent of the televisions turned on around the country just showed what your 2009 season was mostly about.

Question: How do you feel?

Is it fair or unfair?

And are you more mad at yourself for putting yourself in the situation you did? Or are you upset that the NFL basically called you out as a goat on the play?

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I completely love the fact he was embarassed that bad. Playing that pathetic he deserves every bit of the redicule. Bye bye Gibril

Pretty much summarizes his season in that one play. Late and missing tackle. Cut him loose and move on. How bout antrel rolle. Bring back the local boy!

I saw the commercial as showing fans for all teams joining together to say "Wilson, you suck!"

Last thing I needed on Super Bowl Sunday was to relive that stunning collapse.

Cut him before you drop Joey Porter, just to make a point. :-)

Ouch! Very ouch baby...yeah!

The winner of the contest was announced on the previous blog.

hahahahaha....we have liftoff, cut the girbil

Nice job Armando!

WOW what a complete WHIFF!

Nice set up Armando, I would of loved to have see the look on G-Wil's face when he saw that commercial-classic!

What was he even aiming for. It's like he just fell down. I guess that what gerbels do LAY DOWN.


Saw the tie for the buffon of the day, yup have to agree!

Armando, awesome lead to the video. Perhaps after watching that he may just cut himself. I know I would if I were him! Actually, if I were him on that play, and I am just an average athlete, I would have made the play. Hummmm, maybe he should just cut himself.

Rob in OC

Read some of your post and yes they are too long and you can summize them to the point of readership attention span for this blog...10.7 seconds. lol
Just kidding but alot of fluff, however I do like your point about Charlie Casserly and Mario William's pick over Reggie, Reggie! who just posterized the hell out of G-Will. But in the end that was the right call Charlie made regarding Houston's pick.
However you picks have something to be desired: I mean Berry will be gone so why even mention him and was it Bryant or Spiller, both I think were you other options-not gonna happen, we still need to much help on defense.

LMFAO !!!! Thats F**KED UP BRO !!!!

Again I would have loved to have seen the look on G-Wil's face when he saw that commercial!

That was good, but he is a strong safety not a free safety and he was playing out of position all season. I put this on the trifecta for making the call to sign him to such a big contract and play him out of position.

Either way, he is not as good as Y. Bell at strong safety and he clearly can not play free safety so he needs to go. Just like Wilford, bad call.

How about a little credit to Reggie Bush and that jump? That was an incredible play that showed off his serious skills. When you watch this video in full speed, the angle Wilson took was not that bad, he just got jumped over. Reggie Bush has serious talent when his head is not too far up Kim Kardashian's rear.

Which "head" are you referring to?

Yah really just because Reggie Is a beast with mad hops doesn't mean u have to blame it on gibril.Reggie shouldn't of been his responseibility either a backer should of got to hom first

Armando: it's okay to take a vacation my friend. Seems to me you're shrugging off a super bowl hangover and struggling for material. G.wil's gotta go but that's just plain harsh!

That's straight up mean dude.... take down this post down.... hahaha NOT. Maybe it gives G Will some motivation for next year, that's if Parcel and the crew keep him!

Just reinforced how bad he played. Time to renegotiate that contract or cut him.

When is Porter getting the axe Mando?

Wildcat 54 are you seriously defending gibril. To be sure I would have to go back to the tape to see what d Miami was in. But from what I remember the backers got sucked on some misdirection and the free safety was the last line of defense and he failed like he did far too often. Good ridance

Big deal, anyone can jump over a Gerbil.


Thanks for the heads up...hard as heck for me to minimize but I keep tryin. I appreciate your input D4L.

The reason I mention Berry is to let the bashers know I am not some out of touch, Off crazed maniac. I always speak in terms of what I would do unless I clarify it by saying what BP & Co will do. I think Berry will be a huge star in the NFL so I am identifying the most talented player imho. He happens to play DEF.

I think Spiller has mad talent as well and feel like it is a mistake to simply look past him simply because the DEF needs more help by most public opinion. I think the proof is such that the OFF hasn't arrived either. No one is confusing us with either SB participant on OFF.

I think Spiller will prove me right when the lights go on next season. I am also not jumpin on th McClain bandwagon. Just because the guy is big and can run pretty well doesnt make him an awesome football player. I think most are mesmerized by McClain's dimensions and the fact that we have glaring needs at ILB means he can automatically be "the" player. I don't believe he will live up to the hype.

I would take Sean Weatherspoon or Brandon Spikes over McClain. Just going by what my own eyes see and making the tough call not to ride with the herd.

Mark my words...every pick will not be defensive and I dont know why people say it will be crazy if the Fins don't take 4-6 straight DEF picks??? That's just the wrong way to think about it to me. You take the best player as you need to hit on stud players...not cut your successful draft chances in half by limiting the drafted players to DEF only.

FA Dansby LB DEF.

If they pick the best player on either side at #12 (If he's there that will be Spiller to me) then that still leaves 8 more picks to shore up the DEF. That would be 9 new players on DEF plus CJ Spiller to spark the big plays and get field position on OFF. That is still a crazy DEF minded draft.

LB Dansby
#1 RB Spiller
#2 LB Brandon Spikes
#3 NT Cam Thomas
#4 S Major Wright
#5 No pick right now
#6 DE/OLB O'Brian Scofield
# Best players available with the other picks

That's a ton of DEF!!! Many Fins would have to be traded or let go to make room for most of these picks.

I am just making general comments and most are not directed to you D4L, talking mostly in general.

Alas... another notso short post.


I didn't think much of that play when it happen. It looks pretty sick in super slow motion though. That sad part is, that wasn't even in Gibril's top ten worst plays as a Dolphin.

So if the Phins take Spiller what do they do with Brown, Williams, and Cobbs? You are only going to carry 3 RB's.

REALLY? is that all you have in the off season Armando (Chipmunk Face)?

No one will trade for Williams. He is only playing 1 more year. You may get some trade for Brown but I am not sure maybe a 2nd rounder at best because of the injury issues. Cobbs seems like a great all around player and the coaches love him. So who is going to take the fall if they draft Spiller?

There was nothing wrong with his angle - and the as is highlighting an outstanding play by bush like they always do - not average ones! Waaay to harsh!!!!

There was nothing wrong with his angle - and the AD is highlighting an outstanding play by bush like they always do - not average ones! Waaay to harsh!!!!

Did Gibril(why would a mother name her kid this)Wilson even touch Reggie???

Ya his helmet hit his right quad. At about 4 feet off the ground I'd say. Bush did an Olympic standard hurdle!

trev also goes by Gibril


There's nothing worse than having a bush make you look like a fool in public.

Slow motion makes that play look worse than it really was...gibril went to take the guy out by the leggs and he just leaped for the TD..problem isn't the play itself.. Problem with gibril was he never seemed to make the right decisions about how to approach the key plays.. Always a step late or out manned by the opposing player...I still think u give him a second year.. Guy had his worst season of his career..wanna bring in insurance go for it.. If he takes a pay cut.. I would keep him

Yeah, I have to agree with Trev on this one, that's a bit harsh. Gibril had massive OL blocking him on that play, he did ok just to get around him and have a shot at Reggie. His angle was ok on the play, he would've been able to knock most ball carriers out of bounds before the pylon. Problem is, Reggie is not like most other ball carriers, he's a freak and he just made a HUGE play!!

Don't get me wrong, I think Gibril was just terrible last year and hope he we find a FS who can play before training camp. But that particular play was more about Bush making a play than bad tackling by the Girbil.

BTW CJ Spiller? Are you stupid, blind or a Jets fan?

Would love to know who's call it was to make him play fs

LOL! Mando, that was cold (but I love it bro'). Good job callin' these fools out. I mean, aren't they embarassed making so much money and SUCKING that bad? But, is Chris Clemons THAT raw that he couldn't fill in better than that? Yes, I'm sure he would be out of place a lot and not that great in coverage (because he's inexperienced, not due to talent), but wouldn't the experience have been good for him this rebuilding year (that just passed)? After we lost the 1st 3 games, I think he should have been put in. Gibril, can't say it was nice to know u, but don't let the door hit your ass on your way out guy. Ciao!

You know, I saw that commercial and my first thought was "wow, sucks to be Gibril Wilson". I won't miss him.

Gibril Wilson personally made it more painful to be a dolphins fan than any other person on earth

I saw the commercial, and said that was him. All year. He deserves much worse. He's a very rich man for being horrible at his job.

Spiller, Bryant, and berry are the playmakers around when we will draft (I love henne, but if for some miracle Bradford is available we need to grab him) ...and what does this team have little to none of? PLAYMAKERS. all u people saying we shouldn't have grabbed up cribbs suck.

Bradford... really? lmao

If Gibrel(Why mom?Why?)Wilson was in the real world of business he would have been a executive with Enron, that's how much he s ucks..

Carlito, What about my boy Ted(hands of stone)Ginn, does he make the list??

Who was that WR that carried GW on his back for like 15yds? I remember the embarrasing play but not the team or player.


Don't know what list you are talking about, but if it is a list of Dolphins players that are disappointing, he is near the top.

It was Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, Donald Brown, just to name a few... there are more... many, many more

Dallas clark wasnt it or or you talking about when Gibril caught a ride on jeremy shockey??? which one would you like???

Jeremy Shockey, there's another one...

If there was a national league or professional sport for piggy back riding, Gibril would be MVP

Gibril Wilson personally made it more painful to be a dolphins fan than any other person on earth

Posted by: carlito from golfito | February 10, 2010 at 06:43 AM
This one...

He looked like he was catching a bus when he was riding shockey down the field...LOL..

Guys can we say that Gibral(Mom why did you name me this)Wilson is the Ted(No nut sack)Ginn of the defense but with out the family entourage??

Gibril is much worse than Ted Ginn. Although he might become better in coverage by falling on the ground in the fetal position as the WR or TE runs by him, at least there would be a chance to trip the guy why he fell before he goes for the 80 yard touchdown.

LOL carlito, LOL...

That was a phenomenally athletic play by Bush - one of the most electric and athletic players in the league (though he hasn't put it all together).

JY, You are correct, he took off from the 5 yard line, that's 15 feet of airborne greatness, and that's not the only time this guy has been airborne, Ask any one that follows Notre dame, he did the same thing to them but he took off from the 6.....

What commercial was this? The Reggie Bush commercial?

Reggie Bush is the most over-rated Saints player, by the way....

I dont think the point was that reggie isnt making a great play because he is the point was merely to bash G Wilson who is complete garbage. If you like reggie and have all the episodes of the kardashians on your tivo we apologize we are not making fun of your boy but just trying to show how bad G Wilson was.

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